Press Briefing

Press Conference of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte

Event Press Conference
Location Heroes Hall, Malacañan Palace, Manila


Thank you. Just sit, sit down.

For the longest time, not really compelled but constrained to do the talking now because as President I have to really be a part of the solution and not the problem. I just had a Cabinet session and I told them of my explanation to the public about the whole thing.

Ito I decided late last night and my orders are: One, that I am demanding the resignation of Faeldon immediately. Second, that I am calling for an investigation to be handled by the Ombudsman.

Anyway, the records are there. It’s very clear. The law is plastered all around and it’s just a matter of an interpretation which to me really is quite equivocal. It can be a subject of so many misleading construction of the sections that are at odds apparently dito sa Section 1 of the law itong sa Good Conduct na batas and Section 1 and Section 3.

Apparently, this was a law in 2014 and they decided to make it operative I would say maybe in 2015. Tingin ko lang because you know you have to publish the laws and everything. From my experience as a President, those are the lag time that it would take for a law to be implemented.

So one is that Faeldon has to go because Faeldon disobeyed my order. But the night before, on 21st I think of August, tinawagan ako ni Secretary — ni ano ni Senator Bong Go. Sabi niya, “There’s an offing problem.” “What is it?”

That itong apparently it was found out because high-profile kasi ang mga na-release: Sanchez and of course ‘yung sa Chiong. I’d like to address myself also to the ‘yung naiwan, those relatives who are grieving until now. Ma’am, kay Mrs. Chiong because she said, “Ano ba itong batas mo?”

Hindi ko po batas ‘yan and it was implemented not during my time. It was started. And it went on without really a clear-cut policy or direction even on the law itself kung sino ang mag-pirma or who will grant with finality ‘yung those who are enjoying their liberty now. Walang sino ni nagsabi magpunta doon sa Secretary of Justice neither Office of the President. We didn’t even know that there were already releases under the law because everybody was presuming to be the correct interpretation.

And it started apparently way back in 20 — at least 2015 I would say, ‘16 tapos ako na ang nag-Presidente. So nandiyan ‘yung batas.

With Faeldon out, I am ordering all who has had the opportunity to be in that committee, all of them are with the BuCor, to report to me and to the Secretary of Justice.

In the meantime, I will not suspend them but they will be investigated. Diretso na ito sa Ombudsman. There’s already a prima facie case. There’s an admission that they will remiss in their duties. As a former prosecutor tama na ‘yun, that is — that would establish the prima facie.

Then I would address myself ‘yung lahat nakulong at na-release sa batas na ito, 1,700 of you, you surrender and have yourself registered with the BuCor. I will give you 15 days liberty provided you make yourself available anytime that you will be called for investigation to have a recomputation or if there’s an investigation of corruption, that you cooperate fully.

If you do not, then beginning at this hour, you are a fugitive from justice. And that you will be treated as a criminal who is evading the law, and well you know things can go wrong. If I were you, mag-surrender na kayo to the nearest police or military detachment wherever you are now because I do not need to have a warrant. I will just order them and I take full responsibility for this. And all consequences connected with this decision will be mine and mine alone.

I am ready to be investigated and I’m ready for an impeachment. And I’m ready to resign if warranted. But that is my decision and that is mine and mine alone. So anybody acting upon my orders will be treated as exercising good faith.

Now there is a law as relayed to us in the Cabinet meeting by Secretary Guevarra that when you are released based on a wrongful interpretation or a faulty construction of the law, you can be arrested anytime because you have to serve your sentence fully as the order is null and void.

There is a hiatus there kung sino talaga ang mag-pirma. So I am taking over all the investigations and delegate it to the Secretary of Justice. Lahat ng anumang committee ‘yan whether it’s board, pardon or anything, it will pass to a committee. I know that it is an added burden to the already overworked prosecutors and employees. But I would like to ask your permission to join me here because we are facing a problem.

Nandiyan na ‘yan. Ako ‘yung Presidente. So there’s a fire burning. Eh kung sino — hindi ako magtanong kung sino ang nagsunog. Eh bumbero ako, pupunta ako to put out the fire. In this case, not really to put out the case but to have it investigated thoroughly and the best way to do it is really for the Ombudsman to take over.

As I said, no need for affidavits because the records will show — the records rather would show na there has been a wrong committed and maybe corruption given the propensity of ‘yung 1,700 including ‘yung nagpatay sa Chiong sisters pati ‘yung sa Sanchez. Iyon ang mga high-profile na galit ang tao. Galit ako pero…

Gusto ko silang patayin kaya lang wala namang opportunity. But given, I will execute them. No problem. As a matter of fact, I can take their place inside the Muntinlupa.

Kaya kayo mag-surrender kayo. P***** i**, bantay kayo. I can… Nag-compute ako, sabi ko kay Dominguez kung may pera siya. Sabi ko I would need about sabi ko 1 billion 700 thou — million — 1 billion 700 million. Sabi ko na, “maghanap ka ng pera.” ‘Pag hindi 1 million per head kayo dead or alive.

Ako, preferably — you know my predilection. Bakit pa ako — bakit pa ako p*** gagastos para pakainin kita? Bigyan mo ako ng problema, makalayas kayo ulit, problema na naman. Tapusin na natin ngayon.

So hindi ako maghugas ng kamay. But ‘yung mga relatives, wala ho ako dito. Wala — ni wala nga Secretary of Justice na ‘yung — siya ‘yung nagsu-supervise ng BuCor, all the penal institutions, mga bureaus, NBI, kanya ‘yan under the Department of Justice.

So ito, rearrest for all and the military and the police to in — maybe three days, I will decide if I put up the… Sabi ni Dominguez, magnakaw pa raw siya ng pera. Wala siya — mahirap naman 1 billion hanapin.

I have placed 1 billion per head — 1 million rather per head. Dead or alive. Mag — kung mamatay ka, medyo makamura tayo kasi hindi tayo papakainin. Magdagdag pa ng rice crisis ‘yan balang araw.

Any question? One at a time.

Who’s the…?


Chona Yu (Radyo Inquirer): Hi, sir. Good evening. Sir, who will replace Faeldon po?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I said, I am not — I’m not his… I know him pero ‘yan lang sana na sinabi ko. Ang order ko kay Bong, sabihin mo sa kanila, kay Secretary of Justice pati — no releases until — ano ba ‘yung ginamit ko? — until further orders by higher authority.

Why? Meron akong planong maghugas ng kamay? Alam mo na maglaro itong, you know. No, because ang una niyan maski idiretso mo sa akin pupunta talaga ‘yan sa Secretary of Justice — idiretso mo man ‘yan, I have to refer it to the Secretary of Justice. Then he will make his findings and refer the matter to the Executive Secretary and the Secretary — Executive Secretary will make the final recommendation to me.

‘Yung ginawa ni Panelo, it is not his fault that he was law — lawyering ‘yan eh. Hanap-buhay namin ‘yan mga… You cannot question that. And if he happens to be there because I appointed him. ‘Pag dumating sa kanya, ini-refer niya sa — the proper entity. ‘Yun nga ‘yung board.

Panelo did not commit any infraction or… He happened to be a lawyer at the time. Nobody but nobody can question kaming mga abogado kagaya ninyo, when it is part of your duty or function sa amin lawyering is a part of our livelihood. Kaya kami pinaaral para pagdating ng panahon, makapag-trabaho kami at maka — may mag-pamilya kami, mapakain namin.

Tama ‘yung ginawa ni Panelo, just a referral. Ang masama nun kung hinandle (handle) niya. But you know, I know the guy. Nobody but nobody dito sa kanila would dare talk to me about any problem. Maski ngayon magtanong ka. I have not talked to any. Sa cellphone, babae marami kausap, ‘yung mga fans ko. Pero kung sabihin mo about state matters, no. Saka ‘yung mga status sabihin ko kay Bong, sabihin mo magpunta na bukas sa akin o magkita kami sa Davao and I will give the orders.

I summon Cabinet members. I do not talk to them. You can ask anybody. Even ‘yung mga about the NPAs, ‘yung mga MI noon, mga… Wala. Do not talk to me about my duty as President. Magtanong kayo.

And for this, sabi ko, I’m ready to be impeached. I’m ready to resign if warranted. And kung may mamatay diyan, ayaw mag-surrender, maybe I should also go to prison and I will have my computation done properly at the time of my release.

Ms. Yu: So sir, what is the liability of Faeldon po?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Alam mo, kung sinunod lang niya ako, wala ng problema. Sinabi niya na — tumawag si Bong, upon orders of the President. Kasi bakit si Bong? Bakit si Senator Bong Go? Kasi siya ang nakakakilala sa lahat. Alam ko siya ‘yung tao na mautusan ko, ‘yung gabi na ‘yon.

Alang-alang gisingin ko si — I do not do that. I said I do not. I just say, “bukas na” or “tawagan mo ngayon.” Sabihin mo, “no releases”. No release or releases until further notice by higher-up.

O mamaya sabihin ninyo naghuhugas ako ng kamay kung mamili ako kung sino ko ipahid diyan. No. Again, procedure ‘yan. Kanino man mag-report ka sa akin. Kagaya nangyari ‘yung sa barko. Nag-complain ‘yung Koreano, kasi sabi ko lahat kayo about corruption, pumunta kayo dito. He was complaining that the ship was ready to be delivered and no delivery was requested or ordered. And he said, “Do we get paid?”

Sinabi ko kay Bong and si Delfin naman properly nagsulat siya ‘yung nakuha ni Trillanes, referring it to legal, which is the correct way. ‘Pag magsulat ka sa akin, do not… Ano? Ako? Gawain mo akong warden? Ibabalik ko ‘yan doon sa kanya, ibabalik niya doon sa ano then he will have to investigate where the culpability or culpabilities lie.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ma’am, kamusta ka ma’am?

Rose Novenario (Hataw): Hi, sir. Good evening po.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Wala ka naman siguro problema sa… Hindi ka ba nahuli noon? [laughter] Hindi ba ‘yung… Meron ka… I think you were the one who got into trouble at voting twice. Were you not the one? Meron ditong media na na-ano noon. Dalawang beses bumoto, ma’am.

Ms. Novenario: Hi, sir. Sir, kasi si Senator Bato dela Rosa po ay naging BuCor chief din. Kasama rin po ba siya sa iimbestigahan? Dahil sa panahon po niya as BuCor chief…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I am sure. I am sure he would be ready to submit himself. Lahat naman eh, sabi ko. Sabi ko, may ano nga — may hiatus diyan.

Look at the law. For the fact that there was a — ‘yung kay Sanchez. Dalawang kaso ‘yun. Ang sabi who are previously convicted of two crimes or a recidivist. A recidivist is one who goes in and out of jail. Walang sinabi about itong crimes na heinous.

But the problem is, sila-sila mismo ang diyan sa jail, sila ang nagbabantay, sila rin ang mag-release. Pero wala ring batas nagsasabi na it has to be Guevarra who should do it. Neither the — neither is there a law which says that it goes to — direct to the president’s — President’s office.

Everything is always referred to… ‘Yung kay Panelo. What he — ano? Saan niya ipadala ‘yung sulat? Doon sa DENR? If you were Panelo, what would you do?

Tapos sabihin, natural ‘yan maghingi kasi abogado siya noon. Not really to work for the release or for the dismissal of the case, but where to proceed. Kaya ‘yan eh tinapon niya doon sa ano, which is the — which is the only way I would say. Not the — but the only correct way to do it is to refer it to the proper authority.

Ms. Novenario: Sir, last na lang po sa akin. Sir, i-oorder niyo po ‘yung…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Last na, sige ka lang tanong hanggang ngayon.

Ms. Novenario: Sir, iuutos niyo po ‘yung pagbabago ng implementing rules and regulation po nung Good Conduct Time Allowance law?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, I — the prudent way is just to ask the Secretary of Justice to take care of that. Sa kanya ‘yan eh.

So he implements. I supposed that it would be good that siya ang gumawa. And with the coordination with DILG. Nandito sila ngayon because I would be using the might of government. I requested the National Security Adviser to be here, the Secretary of DILG and Secretary Lorenzana of DND because I’m ordering… Hindi madali maghanap ng 1,700 ha.

So I said enormity of the number is just too scary to be handled by the police. Alam mo hindi ‘yan sila pwede… Alam mo mga pulis ko. Sinabi ko talaga, go easy about travelling because there are NPAs all around, especially in provinces or cities that are still under their influence.

So marami na akong pulis pati sundalo namatay diyan nagmo-motor. Ngayon, kung maghanap na lang ‘yan. Sabihin nila, ‘O may balita kami, they are quartered or they are hiding in a certain place.’ Pupunta ‘yan doon ‘pag… And the NPAs would take advantage of it.

Now, if the NPAs would help us, I would be grateful. I might consider just talking to them immediately. ‘Pag tinulungan nila ang gobyerno. Dead or alive ‘yan. Wala akong sinabing aresto, aresto diyan. L***** ‘yan.

Civilization. Civilization never improved, ito ‘yung at all cost, he must be captured alive while you shoot dead. Tingnan mo ‘yung droga. Sinabi ko nga, they remind… ‘Yung briefer yesterday or last night, I was reading it, may pulis na naman akong napatay. Buy-bust rin siya, ganun.

So usually ang order ko ilagay diyan sa ‘yung TV ng gobyerno ‘yung lahat ng arrests and lahat, lahat incidents involving drugs. Makita ninyo lahat. May mga araw, may dalawang patay. Pero pagdating sa human rights, gawain nila ‘yan times five, times 10. Makita ninyo 30 cases puro arrest, arrest tapos may “N” which means neutralization. That’s the connotation of the “N” there sa open- and close-parentheses.


Ina Andolong (CNN Philippines): Good evening, Mr. President.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Kailan ba talaga?

Ms. Andolong: Oh my God. Sir, tsaka na po ‘yan.


Ms. Andolong: Sir, you said that Nic Faeldon disobeyed your order.


Ms. Andolong: We just want to clarify ‘yung timeline. Because although he did sign — he admitted that he signed the release order for Antonio Sanchez, he is saying hindi po niya pinayagan pa rin makumpleto ‘yung proseso.


Ms. Andolong: He still stopped it after you called.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: He should have echoed my orders to him. No releases, sabi ng Office of — huwag na ako — Office of the President, until further notice by higher authority. Higher authority could only mean Medialdea, Guevarra, at ako.

Ms. Andolong: Sir, are you saying that he signed the release order even after you told him not to release?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Wala akong pakialam. Pagka sinabi na may release, sabi ko — “hindi ‘yan tama”. It was in the dead of the night. Sabi ko, “Wake him up. Tell him no releases.”

Wala akong pakialam kung na-sign o hindi. Basta ako, sinabi ko no releases.

Ms. Andolong: Pero sir…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: ‘Pag hindi mo isunod ‘yan, upakan kita.

Ms. Andolong: Sir, I’m sorry but Antonio Sanchez was not released.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I said no releases but what he said was a computation. May apoy na nga eh. I was trying to provide the fire extinguisher para wala nang magduda ‘yung tao. No releases. Eh kung sinabi niya ‘yan, ‘di wala na sana. Ang ginawa niya, he tried to justify ang computation nila, which may be correct by the way.

Hindi naman mga bobo ‘to eh. But the problem is there was a fire burning and ‘pag sinabi ng Presidente hintay ka until further orders, ang ibig sabihin noon, mag-imbestiga ako in a jiffy. An investigation, ask persons about what really happened then I can make the decision.

But I have to yet — as yet I had to talk to itong siya — pati si Secretary Guevarra. Ang problema niya kinabukasan, he came up with the statement with his own computation. Kung sinabi lang niya ‘yung sinabi ko ‘di tapos na.

Ms. Andolong: Okay, now that’s clear, sir. You’re saying that you are ordering his resignation. Just to be direct sir are you firing Mr. Faeldon?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Eh kung namatay lahat ‘yang one — palagay mo pinatay ‘yung 1,700, o di ilibing natin. So kung may… If they will also cry for blood like what’s happening now, I’m ready to be impeached, I’m ready to be investigated and I am ready to resign.

I said if it warrants. If it boils down to responsibility, I said I will take this problem — take — the idiom is take the bull by its horns.

Ms. Andolong: Sir, my question is are you firing Nic Faeldon as BuCor chief?


Ms. Andolong: Yes, okay.


Ms. Andolong: Okay.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Kasi sabi niya he was placing his destiny sa kamay ko. Now is the time because I said he violated my instructions.

Ms. Andolong: Okay and I…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Hindi kailangan ‘yang pirma-pirma. ‘Pag sinabi ng Presidente… Eh ako lang kasi eh — ayaw kong magpa-importante. Hindi nga ako nakikialam diyan sa mga preso na ‘yan.

But the problem may — meron eh may apoy na diyan. Sabi ko na ano… And by the way, I will never give an illegal order. So ‘yan kayong mga nagtago diyan kung hindi kayo mag-surrender kasi sabi mo na you are already good because you were validly or legally…

Well, I’m telling you now it was not legal. According to the Secretary, he point to two cases here. The law — the Supreme Court said the law on the matter, which is part of the law of the land, the decisions of the Supreme Court says that you can be rearrested without need of any warrant for further proceedings.

Ms. Andolong: Okay. Sir, I just have to ask this, ililipat niyo pa po ba siya sa iba pang agency like what happened before si Faeldon?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Tanungin mo siya kung saan niya gustong pumunta. [laughter]

Ms. Andolong: Serious, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Eh di talaga. Tanungin mo muna kung saan siya gusto. Kasi kung sabi niya gusto niya palitan si Secretary Esperon eh di sabihin mo mag-usap tayo.

Ms. Andolong: I’m… Serious, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Kung magtingin siya ng…

Ms. Andolong: Are you still open to appointing him to another position?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yeah because that’s — the question is also a joke. Given the history of Faeldon, kung ikaw ang secretary ko ngayon, ‘Ina, ano ba ang gawain natin dito?’ What would be your answer to me? Sige daw beh tanungin kita. Just pretend you are my aide in the Office of the President —

Ms. Andolong: I asked that sir…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: — and I would say that, ‘Ina, there’s a request by Faeldon. He wrote us a letter asking for another job because he was just fired.’ What would you — what would be your answer?

Ms. Andolong: Sir, I asked that because you did reappoint him after you let him go as…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes, kaya nga correct. You are correct there. Because ‘yung sa Customs, he was responsible for the collection of 38 bill — 38 billion. He was the one who gave me the tip na meron — dalawang, tatlong bodega diyan na puro peke ang stamps.

So sabi ko, go ahead and call the police to ask — to assist you. Raid the place. Ni-raid nila. We recovered from the — itong ‘yung sa cigarette, 38 billion. Eh tax ‘yun. It can be — ‘yung mga pwede mong ma-areglo ‘yan eh, ‘yung ganun. O ‘di sige, bayad ka.

So sabi ko, kung ‘yung ano ninyo Faeldon could have been richer 10 times over or millionaire 10 times over. Kung pinuntahan lang niya ‘yung may-ari tapos sabi niya, “P***** i** mo, l**** ka.” Ilang bodega ‘yan. Magbigay ka.”

Ms. Andolong: Thank you, sir.


Evelyn Quiros (Pilipino Mirror): Good evening, Mr. President.


Ms. Quiros: ‘Yung na-mention niyo po na 1,700 convicts na na-release, kasama po dito ‘yung mga drug convicts po na mga foreigners? Ano na pong status nila? Nasa BI? Kasi po nung…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No. The BI already sent… Kasi itong batas na ito ma’am could apply to convicted. So kung nasa preso ‘yan sila ngayon, I understand four of them high-profile criminals, foreigners, aliens are still with the — they are being detained still by the Immigration, which was really the correct — in the hindsight, ‘yun ang tama.

Hindi ako mag — basta na lang mag-release ka. The Secretary of — city of secretary — Secretary of Justice is just a call away, ‘Ano ba ito dito na masabi mo?’

But apparently, everybody was nonchalant about it. Why? Because it was the practice. And why are we now here? Why? Because nobody really took notice of it.

May batas, ang batas na ito equivocal. Basahin mo. Equivocal. Walang sinabi heinous crime. Recidivist or twice convicted. Pero ‘yung exclusionary — ‘yung exclusion sa Section 3, nandoon na sa Section 1. That should have put notice to everybody, ang inuna na kaagad ‘yung who are excluded.

So ‘yung statement sa Section 3, which is applied to all convicted prisoners automatic na ‘yon common sense hindi mo na kai… Eh nandoon na. Multiple murder, expe — complex crime pa. It was kidnapping accompanied by rape. It’s a very serious offense.

Robbery with rape is a very serious offense. Illegal detention then you kill him. Kidnapping with detention — that is kidnapping a child kaya — kayong mga ano…

Well, in my city there’s this old woman, ‘yung yaya, kinidnap (kidnap) niya. Good we were able to catch her sa Pagadian na kasi alam ko taga roon sila. We were waiting for them pagbaba nila sa truck.

Pero she was 70. I — ako mismo ang nag… Unforgiving ako sa mga ganun lalo na ‘yang kidnapping bata, babae. Wala akong — I have to admit it publicly. Anything can go wrong there ‘pag maabutan kita. Totoo ‘yan.

Pero wala pa naman, hindi pa nangyari. Ang problema ang human rights, ah sinabi niya… Pero kung maabutan kita ganun, maybe lang ‘yan pero mag — ewan ko. Sabi ni Trillanes, nagpatingin naman ako ng doktor, okay man daw, mainit lang ang ulo mo pati ang bunganga mo, it’s wayward.

Pero sabi — “Who suggested you to see me?” “Si Trillanes.” Ayun ang dapat. Siya ang papuntahin mo dito.

Ms. Quiros: Sir, with this development so ipu-push niyo po ba ‘yung death — reimposition ng death penalty?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I’ve been insisting on that. Or would you just rather na patayin kita? Kung hindi kita makuha sa mga — kung hindi kayo — if you are not put — you know, in a place where you can no longer harm anybody.

Eh kaysa i-salvage kita, punta ka na lang sa korte. At least electric chair doon or maybe death by hanging. Mas mura eh.

Ms. Quiros: Thank you, Mr. President

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Iyan ang prangka ko. Iyong mga human rights sabi nila death penalty? Pati ‘yung lahat madre, pati pare. Anong gusto ninyo? Patayin ko o sundin mo lang ‘yung batas? Allow the law to take its course.

Ganito ‘yan eh, sa Davao noon ‘yung mga durugista ito ang ginagawa. Twice, ang anak nila pinicturan (picture), sa Ateneo, Ateneo de Davao. Ang mga bata nandoon ‘yun tapos ipinadala nila doon sa tatay na pulis.

May isa naman ‘yung asawa, teacher. Elementary teacher diyan sa City of Davao. Pinicturan nila nagsasakay ng jeep. Ikaw ngayon ang pulis, anong gawain mo?

Dito ganun rin. Sabi ng mga pulis, ‘Sir, wala man kaming pera. ‘Yung iba nakapunta ng America, nandoon sila, eh kami wala kaming connection. Eh papaano ‘to?’ ‘Pag ginawa mo ‘yan you are signing your own death warrant.

Sabi ko give society a relief, a chance also na to — sanction ‘yan eh. Ako dito ako sa classic theory. You pay, retribution. Dito sa positivist, they can be rehabilitated, they should be released, they should be joined.

Marami na akong nakita eh especially mga rapists, ‘yang nagmo-molest ng minor. Ilang taon ma-release. ‘Pag na-release ‘yan, p***** i** kayo, wala pang isang linggo may bata nang namatay. Sabihin mo, ‘Sino?’ ‘’Yung dating ano…’

Kaya mamili kayo. Ayan. Ayan ang istorya diyan. So kayong mga… Wala talaga akong… Ako pa sa inyo mag-surrender kayo o gusto ninyong mamatay? Dalawa lang.

Alexis Romero (The Philippine Star): Mayor, balikan ko lang si Captain Faeldon. Have you completely lost your trust and confidence in Faeldon?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: That is a matter between me and Faeldon. Oo. Sabihin — you ask Faeldon after we talk.

Mr. Romero: Okay.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: He will talk to me. As a matter of fact, he wanted to talk to me according to Senator Go, I said no. I do not talk. Wala akong history na makipag-usap kasi dati akong prosecutor. Noon pa lang, ‘wag kang magpunta sa opisina ko.

If you visit me, the case will be filed. Magpadala ka sa akin ng mga regalo? Ngayon, ‘yung hapon na ‘yon, the case is filed. You answer the judge. Do not s*** with me. Ang anuhin ninyo you can go back in time and ask me people there.

Pagka kinausap mo ako, I said, ‘di ba Presidente ako, kung may maglapit sa inyo anak ko or ‘yung mga relatives ko consider, anuman ang hiningi, denied. Kaya kayong mga official, p***** i** hindi ko na sabihin sa inyo o hindi — deny.

Natural man lang ‘yan, makikiusap o — ‘yung legal. But still, it would not look nice and always suspect talaga ‘yan na money talks so they go to your son, they go to your daughter.

Kaya sabi ko na when they — when any of my relatives, whether it is really extralegal, exceedingly legal, consider it denied. ‘Yan ang pakiusap ko sa lahat sa mga gobyerno so hindi ko na kailangang ulitin itong p***** i***** salitang ‘to.

Noon pa, bago pa ako mag-Presidente. Deny. Sabihin ninyo sabi ng tatay mo, sabi ng tiyuhin mo, ‘wag ka nang bumalik dito. ‘Di ba sinabi ko na ‘yan? Hindi ako nag-uusap.

And Faeldon… Ah si itong si Sal. Sabihin ko sa inyo, kung ginawa niya makiusap siya sa akin, you know, he knows he will be fired or I will just tell him, ‘Adre, if you want to do it just — umalis ka.’

Ganun ako. You can ask anybody, nandito man lahat Cabinet members. Hindi lang nga ninyo magustuhan ang diskarte ko, medyo — pero that is how it is. At hindi ako nakikiusap.

Mr. Romero: Thank you, Mayor.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: That is the rule. The constant rule to the end, until the end of my term.

Henry Uri (DZRH): Good evening, sir. In your mind now, Mr. President, do you think how corrupt Captain Faeldon is?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, I talked to the Cabinet it was not — it’s not really in confidence, but I suspect that corruption was present there. Ibig sabihin ‘yung iba baka binili.

So it’s really — it’s really important that we rearrest and reinvestigate. Or if you surrender, you’ll be saving a lot of trouble for yourself. Because I said if you surrender in good faith, I will not put you in prison because there is really that release order.

So I will just presume that you are in good faith. But make yourself available for investigation because something is wrong here and it has to be corrected. And since I am the President, I have to correct it. Nobody will do it for us. It cannot be a law. Matagal ‘yan.

And the Supreme Court, of course, it’s the final arbitral. ‘Pag sinabi ng Supreme Court na huminto ka, hihinto ako. Pero if there is no action, then people would like to think that the President should do something — else, sabihin nila, ‘Kasali itong g*** na ito bakit walang ginagawa?’

As simple as that.

Mr. Uri: So you have…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Or you cover — kinakapote niya ang mga tao niya sa pagkakamali. Marami na akong mga abogado na naging Cabinet member. Sabi nila, “Bakit maraming general sa ano?” Eh lahat naman ng abogado walang — matino naman itong mga generals ko.

Mr. Uri: Sir, clarification po —

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ang maraming na-fire out ko puro abogado halos. ‘Yan ang totoo.

Mr. Uri: Opo.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: So they would just say that I am partial to the — ? No, I am not. Utuin — magsabi nagpapalakas ako sa military? Why would I do it? I was elected by the people, not by the military or the police.

But ang ano because they are structural and they are trained really to obey. And I assure them that I will never, never give you to do something which is illegal. Maaasahan mo ‘yan.

Kaya ‘yung mga pulis pati ‘yung mga military nakikinig sa akin, just do your duty, arrest them in accordance with the law. Ngayon, kung diskumpiyado ka tanungin mo ‘yung inaaresto mo, ‘Ano ba ang accordance with the law dito? Ang sabi kasi ni Presidente, to arrest you dead, alive or…’

‘Yan man ang pinakamaganda. It is not prohibited by law to say that neither is there a law which says that I will kill you if you destroy my country. But kita mo ang shabu lumulutang dito sa west side, lumulutang dito sa — araw-araw na ‘yan.

And you read the briefer, which is published in the TV and nakita naman ninyo puro buhay. But sometimes there are days apat ‘yung makita ninyo “N”, which is patay but there’s always the explanation, lumaban ‘yan.

Kahapon namatayan ako ng pulis. Lumaban ‘yan. Kahapon namatayan ako ng pulis. It takes two to tango. Ang sabi nila, marami na ako — hundreds of police have already died.

Marawi was a classic case of a rebellion that was ignited by the service of a warrant of arrest for a Maute member who was being accused of drug case. Eh pumutok, lumaban, then it became a full-scale rebellion.

But what started actually — what precipitated or ignited the incident? It started with a process of serving a warrant in connection with a drug case. Ilan ang namatay kong sundalo doon pati pulis and the civilians and the misery that the people of Marawi are now suffering?

Mr. Uri: Sir, ipinaguutos niyo po ba na isailalim sila sa hold departure order?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Automatic ‘yan. P**** i**, ‘pag pinalaya mo ‘yung — pinasakay mo ng eroplano, ikarga kita sa helicopter, ihulog kita diyan sa… I will handcuff you then I will throw you out.

Kung marunong ka maglangoy na nakatali ‘yung kamay mo, baka magdating ka pa ng Dewey Boulevard. Bakit mo paalisin ‘yang — ? Maghanap ka lang ng sakit ng ulo.

Mr. Uri: Opo. Clarification po, last on my part. May order po ba kayo na shoot to kill?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Dead or alive. If you have to shoot the guy because he is offering a violent resistance, I am ordering the police… Napakaestupido mo naman kung ikaw pa ang magpakamatay.

Do not be a hero. Just follow the law. Only if your life is in danger. Are you allowed? Or we will be justified in taking the life of another person but when your life hangs in the balance. Wala namang nagsabi ‘yan nakaupo, nakatali na ang kamay. Bakit mo patayin? Eh ‘di ikulong mo na lang.

Tutal i-pardon man ‘yang mga y*** na ‘yan. Kita mo ngayon. Maghintay ka lang kung sinong magkamali diyan. T*** i** ‘yan. Tsk. Nationwide ba ‘to?

Mr. Uri: Yes, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Hanggang probinsya?

Mr. Uri: Yes, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Eh ‘di…. Iyang mga may-ari ng punerarya, magtulong kayo. Negosyo ninyo ‘yan eh. ‘Di ba? Maraming patay. Sino mang magbayad ng mga ulol na ‘yan? Ako man, ‘yung mayor.

Kagaya ako, sinasabi ko lang anong sa — I mean I… I do not talk needlessly. Kung ano ang gusto kong sabihin o gawin, Presidente ako, sabi ko I’m ready to be impeached, investigator — I will resign if warranted.

Kasi itong utos na ito, dead or alive. Ngayon, after three days kung sabi ni Dominguez nakanakaw na siya ng 1 billion 700 million, sabi ko maghanap ka kay 1 million per head. May-ari ka ng punerarya o army ka, 1 million ‘yan. O CAFGU ka. Lalo na pulis.

‘Pag 1 million? Ah sigurado. Kung magsabi lang warrant? Lasing-lasingan ka lang diyan. Kung hindi mo ‘yan bulyawan.

Mr. Uri: Thank you, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Meron pa? I said last. Last? Last. Ma’am, ikaw na ma’am. Kanina pa ako naghintay sa iyo. [laughter]

Pia Gutierrez (ABS-CBN): Hi sir. Sir, you mentioned that you are not faulting Palace Spokesman Salvador Panelo for referring the…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: For doing the right thing.

Ms. Gutierrez: Okay.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I cannot sanction anybody here especially a lawyer. I know, alam ko lawyering ‘yan. And if you happen to be sitting as a… Natural maghanap talaga ng tulong ‘yan sa iyo ‘papaano ba ‘to?’

But kung sabihin na siya mismo maglapit, magbulong-bulong dito, walang gumagawa sa akin niyan sa Gabinete. Well, ang — if at all, ang mag-ano sa akin si ES. Siya ‘yung maglapit na magsabi ito ‘yung problema, ito ‘yung solusyon.

Sabi niya sa akin, ‘Patayin na lang natin.’ Sabi ko, ‘O sige. Utos mo man kaya ‘yan?’Hindi, biro lang ‘yan.

Ms. Gutierrez: So sir, ‘yung…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: If at all, kung may magbulong sa akin, may problema si ES lang.

Ms. Gutierrez: So ‘yung ginawa po ni Secretary Panelo, meeting with the family of Sanchez referring their application for executive clemency to the Board of Pardons and Parole, you consider that as lawyering or doing that in performance of his duty as a…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: That is the consequence of lawyering. Hanap-buhay namin ‘yan na mag-abogado kami noon, may kaso, then he happens to be the lawyer na ngayon naging secretary. Wala mang masama niyang maghingi ng tulong sa iyo.

Marami akong ganun. Kung gusto mo, mag-ano ka. But do it in public. If you have something to say, sabi ko you call the media. You state your case and I will answer you. Ganun ako.

Ms. Gutierrez: So you don’t see that sir as a conflict of interest considering that he is your spokesperson?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No. Because he has no decision at all. Why is there a conflict of interest when he is not called upon to decide? Eh kung sabihin naghingi ng tulong kasi abogado siya noon, ano bang masama niyan?

Ngayon kung sabihin mo, ‘Sige, lakarin natin ‘to. Meron kayong pera? Marami pang naiwan sa jueteng ninyo.’ Well, but Panelo is not that kind of guy. Kaya sabi ko I can vouch for his character. I will have to stand by him because it is really the truth and he did what was — or what is right.

‘Pag dumating sa iyo, doon mo i-ano. Kung pagka DENR, doon ‘yan. Pagka it tells youabout injustice, ganun, extrajudicial killing, you go to the Human Rights or to Secretary Guevarra.

Ms. Gutierrez: Thank you, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: As I have said, as President, it is my duty to solve the problem, rectify the error, and maybe ask Congress to come up with a law clarifying everything. Isang word lang ‘yan. One or two words. I think a lot of them have already submitted their amendatory bill.

Ano pa ho? Basta maklaro. Kasi there are a lot of ganito. Basta nasa gobyerno ka, a lot of suspicions na pera-pera. Alam mo sa totoo lang… Kagaya nitong si Chiong, ang sabi niya, “Ano ba ‘yang klaseng batas mo?” Almost berating me in public.

Ma’am, hindi ko batas ‘yan. Mayor pa ako ng Davao noon. At ang karamihan doon sa amin, patay na. Hindi na umabot diyan sa Muntinlupa sa totoo lang.

Any question? I will stand kung anong sabihin ko dito, I said any consequence. Whether it is really good or bad for everybody or for all, I have this duty to do. Find out the truth kung sino man.

At this time, there’s that order to the PNP and to the military right now. They start to work on it. I made the announcement. Kaya sabi ko, is this talk of ours viewed by the entire Republic of the Philippines?

If it’s yes, then medyo sufficiente na ‘yan and it would be carried in the newspaper anyhow. Pero hindi tayo pwede ditong mag-ano na lang — maghintay ng amendatory law tapos the Supreme Court.

If the Supreme Court says “stop it”, I will stop. But at least ginawa ko ang dapat kong gawin whether right or wrong. I am ready for the consequences.

And with that I would say salamat po sa inyong participation. For the longest time, hindi tayo nag-usap. Is there anybody here who would have tried to talk about any other matter even not connect — connect — connected with the…

‘Yung mga chismis diyan, no connection at all with the… Lahat na. Mga eskandalo, babae, kung ano-ano.

Mr. Uri: Mr. President, iyong problema lamang po ng mga magsasaka na dumadaing sila na masyado ng mababa ang presyo ng palay from 21 to seven pesos na ngayon per kilo. Ayon po ito sa mga magsasaka ng Northern Luzon especially Pangasinan and Nueva Ecija. At ang sinisisi po nila ay ‘yung pagkapasa po ng Rice Tariffication Law. Ano po ang inyong reaksyon doon, Mr. President?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: You know, in a democracy, officials are elected and their duty is to do for the greatest good for the greatest number. You have seen people going wild others hungry because there is no rice.

What the solution should be or will be for the Secretary of Agriculture to buy all. Magkano ba presyo nila? Magkano presyo nila? Bilhin natin. Lugi? Lugi talaga. Are we wasting money? No. We are wasting an industry — we are not wasting an industry, we are helping an industry.

So malugi tayo? Eh ‘di malugi. ‘Yan man ang… Kaya ako nagkokolekta ng buwis eh. Kaya ako happy ako pagka nakatsamba ka ng bilyon diyan na tax evader. But I can satisfy the demands of the people.

Sabihin ko sa Cabinet na nag-interrupt lang ako just to announce. Alam ko kasi nagahintay kayo. Mag-alis na ‘yung mga magaganda. Ang maiwan magaganda pa rin pero kokonti na lang. So magbaba na ako kasi ‘yung gwapo…

Sige sir ano pa?

Mr. Uri: Sir, ang utos niyo po sa NFA ngayon, bilhin na ang lahat ng mga palay ng mga local farmers?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes. But you cannot demand a price. You arrive at a compromise of how much you are willing to lose a little bit. Huwag naman ‘yang paano. Medyo tapatan lang basta hindi malugi na ano ‘yung pagod nila but they are compensated.

But do not demand a price that is unreasonable because I am sure the secretary of DAR would never go into that kind of arrangement. Pero kung tulong lang, I said…

Now itong tariffication, I said it is a mode that is intended to serve the greater interest the majority of the people.

So ang solusyon diyan, bilhin natin. And malugi tayo. Lugi tayo. Bakit tayo nagkokolekta ng taxes? Para malugi. Para makatulong ka sa… Okay?

Mr. Uri: Thank you, sir. Salamat po.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ano pa? Ako, may gusto… Pwede ako na magtanong? [laughter] Ina, ano ba talaga ito? [laughter] Si Pia, maganda ang… Bagay sa iyo ‘yung ganung kulay. It suits your feature.

Si Ina naman ‘yung sabi niya noon ano na. Ano ba talaga ito? Ireklamo ko ‘yang ABS-CBN na ‘yan. Magtanong ako. Siyempre ako ‘yung ninong eh. My God. Ano ba? Gusto ko lang…

Ms. Andolong: Sir, can I just ask a question about China?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Nawala na ‘yung pagka-ninong ko. [laughter]

Ms. Andolong: Sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Nilalaro mo ako eh.

Ms. Andolong: Sir, can you tell us who the members of the steering committee will be on the Philippine side? Referring… This is with regards to the joint oil exploration deal which you settled.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well verily, it should be Secretary Esperon, Secretary Lorenzana, then maybe one or two ‘yung hindi ko na-ano sa ano. About five. So parang walang tabla.

Ms. Andolong: Secretary Cusi, sir? Is he…


Ms. Andolong: Secretary Cusi? Energy…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Pwede. Sa oil? Tignan ko. I have to listen to him.

Ms. Andolong: Okay. Sir, ‘yung 60-40 sharing deal was that set in stone while you were in your trip to Beijing?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No, long before.

Ms. Andolong: Final na po ba ‘yung 60-40?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Long before ‘yan. It was already being published even and there were a lot of questions connected with the sharing.

China, nagmamagandang loob. You know, it’s not easy to have a tiff, a controversy with your neighbor. Maski sabihin mo na mas superior ‘yung iyo. Superior ‘yung iyo kasi may armas ka, ako wala. That’s the plain truth there.

Ms. Andolong: Okay.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ma — you know. If we have the… Might is right ‘yan eh. Hindi ako pwede makipag-giyera. Maubos talaga ang Pilipino diyan. Pero ang totoo niyan, they’re not — hindi… Nakakaasar kasi. Hindi natin kaya.

‘Di — I have to be frank with you Filipino. Hindi natin kaya and it’s not good to go to war.

Ms. Andolong: Thank you, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Anything else? Pia? O bakit ka nakatingin sa akin? Wala na? Dito? Oh ma’am.

Ms. Yu: Hi, sir. I’m Chona.


Ms. Yu: Sir, can you tell us during your bilateral meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping, how did you invoke the PCA ruling po?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Okay, mabuti’t tinanong mo ‘yan. Sabi ko, “Mr. President, I am here. But one of the purposes” — nandiyan sila lahat, Cabinet members — “One of the purposes, the most important is I am reiterating the arbitral award in our favor. So we have a miscommunication earlier, then we arrived at a consensus, then finally we agreed to talk. That is why I came here for the first time.”

Sabi ko, “Your statement was…” I made my — I made a statement regarding the arbitration even during the first few days. Sabi ko, “I am here to reiterate because your answer, your response was ‘We will do it peacefully, and I said, agreed, ‘Of course.’ Now I am asking you, how do we talk and solve the problem peacefully?”

‘Yan ang sinabi ko, nandiyan ‘yan sila lahat, and the military was present. Puro military man ‘yan si Secretary Año and all of them. Sabi niya, “You know, our statement was ‘We will not budge.’” Ayaw naming pag-usapan kasi amin ‘yan. We own the property. Why should we talk to you? Parang ganon. Pero in — almost in whisper.

Ms. Yu: And what was your response sir when President Xi said that they will not budge?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, sabi ko that’s the — it will be — it will remain a problem. It will be a you know, a turn… Just like a sore thumb that sticks out painfully everyday. Well — nag-shift siya.

Ako naman, out of courtesy, sabi ko, “Well, I will not maybe insist on your answer now. I am not satisfied with your answer but I will not ask for any other answer. I’ll just remain where I am, where I started considering that you are under stress by the incidents dito sa Hong Kong.”

May problema sila eh. So mainit ang ulo niyan. So i-timing mo. You know, the art of diplomacy, ‘yung palaro-laro ka.

‘Pag ang tao namatayan ng anak or hiniwalayan ng girlfriend niya, ay mainit talaga ang ulo niyan.

Ms. Yu: So sir, since President Xi is not budging po and they do not acknowledge the ruling, what is your next move?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Quo vadis, Philippines? Quo vadis? If I go to war, you must all agree with me that we will go to war because you know it will be the end of our civilization. Then just tell me. If we go to war, we go to war. If we die, we all die. If we are defeated which is really…

Now, can America save us? Is America ready to go to war? ‘Pag pinaputok ko ‘yang isang barko diyan, the missiles would be like — it will — it would rain on us. Is America ready to — ?

Sabihin mo sa kanila, if I go now to the Spratly Islands wherever, paputukan ko ng — sabihin ko sa Navy, ‘Basagin mo ‘yang isang barko nila or maritime — itong Coast Guard nila.’ ‘Pag sumabog ‘yan, magtanong ako, ‘Pakitanong ng Amerikano. If that scenario would happen suddenly, are you ready also to rain — send your — like rain to China?’

Ms. Yu: Sir…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Madali lang man. It’s easy to say na you enforce maritime laws. Ako, ang — ako ang may-ari, magpunta ka diyan sa Manila Bay tapos sabihin mo sa akin na hindi ako makapagpangisda diyan?

Ms. Yu: Sir…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: And they — because they’re claiming it as their own and ang masama diyan they are claiming it as their historical right and they have the control over the property. ‘Yan ang problema natin kung ano…

Kung makatulong kayo, kay suggesting… Is there any other suggestion? Or have you heard of any sane solution short of going to war with China saying, “we will not budge”? That was the interpretation. May interpreter eh. Nakikinig kami lahat.

So ‘yung ano niyo sa China, mamili lang kayo. So stop this nonsense about going there… That’s why — they’re all foolishness ‘yung opposition. And the option is kung atin, kunin natin. Kunin natin. But are we ready to go to war? I declare war, I’ll go to Congress. I will ask their permission. I will go there. I will ask that they assemble jointly and allow me five minutes to talk about it. Nandiyan na, sinabi na sa atin.

Kayong nandiyan… Ewan ko if there was any member of Congress present there when Xi Jinping said, “we will not budge.” So what’s the next? Ipatanong mo sa akin, “So what’s the next?”

Your question is as good as mine. Anong gawin natin? What is the next step? Seize the property? By what means? On bended knees? Anak ng… ‘Yan ang mahirap diyan. Kaninong problema ‘to? Hindi ko ‘to problema. Sino nag-atras? T*** I**** Del Rosario na ‘yan. Eh may standoff noon eh.

O eh nag-abogado — nag-abogar itong America, eh atras na lang. Tayo umatras, ang China hindi. Maitanong ko kay President Xi Jinping, “Bakit hindi kayo umatras?” Eh sabihin niya, “Estupido ka pala. Propriedad ko ‘to tapos paatrasin mo ako. Ano ka, sinuswerte ka?”

Ganon rin ang sagot niya. Well, hindi niya sagutin ako ng ganon but in his mind, ‘Itong Duterte na ito g***. Pinapaalis ako sa aking swimming pool.’Doon ka sa Pacific Ocean mag — malawak ‘yan. Huwag dito. Well, if you want, you can claim the entire…

Ako I have plans also of my own. The Sulu Sea is ours. I will never budge also. P** — mag-away na.

Ngayon, pagka panahon rin, magpa-patrol-patrol rin ako diyan. Well, hindi naman show of force but just to show that that’s mine. I mean I would rather announce… Ay no, wala akong compromise diyan.

Magka-giyera na tayo nang magka-giyera, it’s around several countries. But Sulu Sea is ours. Kaya nga pinangalan lusu — Sulu eh. Hindi ako aatras diyan. Diyan ‘yung away kasi diyan ako magbo-blockade balang araw. Hindi ako — wala akong ano, wala na akong…

We will not budge also. O ‘di magkaupakan na, ‘di wala tayong magawa. Tutal I will ask media to go with the expeditionary force. Isang barko kayo tapos sabihin ko na lang sa Navy natin, “Butasan mo na lang ‘yan.”

‘Yan ang problema nitong mga y*** na ito sige tanong, “Go to China” ganon. Nandoon na nga ako ilang beses na eh. Baka sabihin pa ni Xi Jinping, ‘P**** I** sampalin kita. Ilang beses na kita sinagot? Sinabi ko na sa iyong amin ‘yan.’

Kasi kung ako tanungin mo, ganon ang sagutin kita. Magsabi ka iyo ang Sulu Sea, ay p**** i**. ‘Adre, umuwi ka na baka masampal kita. Amin ‘yan. Kaya ang pangalan niyan Sulu Sea. Nagkati tuloy itong ears ko. [laughter]

Ano pa? O sige. Walang magtindig ha. Bantay kayo diyan.

Hannah Sancho (SMNI): Sir, one last. Sir, ‘yung tungkol po sa appeal ni President Xi Jinping na total banning po ng online gaming po. Ano po ‘yung magiging position niya doon sa POGO, sir?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: We decide on — to benefit the interest of my countrymen. Maybe out of courtesy I will listen to you. Pero I decide. I decide that we need it. Maraming mawalaan ng hanap-buhay. Anyway, it’s government-controlled.

‘Pag ito namang mga y*** kayo, bantay kayo ha, kayong mga concessionaires, ‘pag nagkamali kayo, hindi kayo mag-remit, isang non-remittance lang, you better close tapos mag-usap tayo o kausapin ninyo ‘yung… Huwag ninyo mag-ooperate kayo.

Itong gawin ko sa inyo, pupuntahan kita sa bahay mo at doon tayo mag-usap. Totoo ‘yan. Maski sinong gambling lord wala akong pakialam kung sino ka. Ang aking backup — hindi ako lord, but backup ako ni Lord.

My God. Pupuntahan kita tapos — doon sa bahay mo. Hindi ako magdala ng security. Maybe ‘yung driver lang. Punta ako sa’yo. Puntahan kita. Sabihin ko, P** — ‘di ba sinabi ko nang p***** I** ninyo huwag ninyong lokohin ang gobyerno? Kaya ko kayo pinagbigyan kasi you know, ang inaalaala ko ‘yung Pilipino at makakain.

Wala kasi masyadong trabaho. Kung sana progressed — progressed na tayo as a country, progressed maraming trabaho then you do not have this stupid thing, activity of allowing gambling.

But at this time, wala talaga akong magawa. Maraming nagugutom. But umiikot naman ang… Huwag lang ninyong lokohin ang gobyerno. Huwag ninyo akong lokohin. Lokohin ninyo ibang Presidente, huwag ako. P*** pupuntahan talaga kita sa bahay mo. At sabi ko pinagbigyan ko na kayo. Do not f*** with me. I’m sure you will be sad ‘pag dumating tayo sa panahon.

Just last election sinabi ko, pinuntahan ko talaga. Hindi ko sabihin kung sino. Pinuntahan ko, sabi ko huwag ninyong takutin ang mga tao, huwag ninyong i-terrorize lahat. Eh may nagkamali.

Pinuntahan ko on the eve of the election. Sinabi ko, “’Di ba sinabi ko sa iyo pupuntahan kita. Isa pang patay, balikan kita dito. Papatayin kita.” Kaya kayong mga gambling lord, huwag ninyo akong bigyan ng problema na sikat kayo na gambling lord noon. Sabi ko puntahan ko kayo sa bahay sa harap ng pamilya mo, kukumutin ko ‘yang mukha mo.

Tapos hintayin ninyo ‘pag hindi na ako mayor. Sige. Diyan sa Mendiola. Ano brod? Pwede nating matawag ‘yung mga kadugo ko. Marami man kaming baril pa naiwan eh. Hindi man nakuha ng gobyerno lahat. Magre-rebelde pa kami ni brod ko. ‘Yung iba huwag mong i-surrender lahat para sa kalaban natin.

You know, I’m trying hard really to reach out sa ano. Alam ko na hindi talaga ma — it’s a dream. Kaya lang it’s — it remains a dream. Pero terrorism, wala. So since all enemies of the state are now considered terrorists. In the next few days, I will have a new — kung paano ko gawin.

And I will — you will be informed.

So that ends the — my audience with you. I have full faith in Panelo. Hindi ganyan ‘yung tao nagkamali kayo. He has a thriving law practice. Lawyer ‘yang — kumikita ‘yan nang malaki at hindi ‘yan makiusap nang ganun. Lalo na paki — si Sanchez.

Magsabi ka pa na isang farmer diyan na nakapatay dahil pinagbintangan siya na nagnakaw. When I was — when I was mayor of Davao I usually — I go to the jail. Tapos pag-assemble, ‘Sinong nademanda sa iyo na nagnakaw ng propriedad ng amo ninyo?’ Magsabi, ‘Ikaw.’ ‘Sir, sabi niya wala ‘yung copra niya.’ Ganun. ‘Yang si Bong buhay ‘yan.

‘Bong, piyansahan mo. Sino pa?’ ‘Ako sir, kasi hinampas ko ‘yung anak ng ano kasi pinapaalis na kami, wala man kaming ano.’ ‘Bong, piyansahan mo.’ Kaya ‘yang isang problema sa… ‘Yan ito si Secretary Año.

‘Yang mga last-two. Neighborhood ano ‘yan. Hindi ‘yung jueteng, ‘yang last-two lang. Uso ‘yan maski saan, lahat ng barangay puro last two. Eh ‘yang huhulihin ‘yang mga runner na pupunta sa opisina hinuli ng pulis kasi binabawal ko man ‘yang…

Eh dalhin ng pulis doon sa opisina ko, eh naka-book na siya. ‘Sir, na-report na sa regional, wala na kaming magawa.’ ‘Tapos?’ ‘Nandito sir, umiiyak dala-dala ‘yung anak. Meron dito nag — tapos may isa.’ Eh sabi ko, ‘Bakit niyo hinuli ‘yan?’ ‘Eh sir, sabi mo sir hulihin ‘yan.’

Tingnan mo ‘yang mga ano diyan — paano ‘to ngayon? Piyansa ako. Ganun ang buhay ng — laro ng Pilipino. Hindi mo naman hayaan mo na may mga anak ganun ipakulong mo. But you know the law is maybe cruel, hard, but that is the law.

Salamat po. ‘Pag tag — sa tagal hindi ko kayo nakita, kayong lahat gumaganda sa panahon. Wala akong nakita sa inyo na tumatanda. Gumaganda lahat kayo. Tsk. Either I — I was born early or I was too late in… Hindi ko lang masabi ang sentimiyento ko.

[Berna ‘wag ka mag-sige talik — talikod diyan.] Anong talikod sa Tagalog? ‘Yang mag-sige tingin nang ganun? Nakatingin siya — si Berna sa inyo. May pinapagki — siguro nagpaparinig itong y*** na Duterte na ito.

It’s not chauvinist, it’s just appreciating beauty. Don’t ever lose the essence of life.

— END —


SOURCE: PCOO-PND (Presidential News Desk)