Press Briefing

Press Briefing of Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque

Event Press Briefing
Location Baguio City Hall, Baguio

SEC. ROQUE: Good morning, everyone. Good morning, Baguio, and Happy Panagbenga.

Let me begin with good news. Our first good news is here in Benguet and Baguio City. The Duterte administration has continuously supported economic growth through the creation of a business-friendly environment that is conducive for the development of micro, small and medium enterprises in the country.

Department of Trade and Industry and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Development Council are pushing for the creation of negosyo centers throughout the country. The centers which are under the supervision of DTI, provide services that ease of doing business, as well as guarantee access through services for MSMEs area. They are also serving as meeting points for DTI, local government units and the private sector.

The number of negosyo centers in Benguet as of December 2017 has grown to four, and there are two in Baguio City. Through the Shared Service Facility initiative, a major part of DTI’s MSMEs Development Program, the competitiveness of MSMEs will also improve. Under the SSF initiative, machineries, equipment, tools, systems, skills and knowledge are provided under a shared system. As of December 31, 2017, there are 29 established SSF projects in the Province of Benguet and six in Baguio City.

More good news: Nomura had a very positive forecast for 2018. We welcome the forecast of Nomura, the leading securities and investments banking company in Japan, of the economic growth of the Philippines which they projected to increase to 6.9% in 2018.

We attribute the global investment bank’s positive forecast on Duterte administration’s full implementation of the first package of the TRAIN Act. This will also support the increase in public infrastructure spending and regional development through inter-regional and nationwide infrastructure that will form efficient network of engines of economic growth all over the country.

More good news: The results of the open budget survey 2017, a biennial survey conducted by the International Budget Partnership shows, the Philippines with an open budget index of 67. This makes the Philippines number one for budget transparency – we ranked 19th worldwide. The OBI, for the information of everyone, is an independent and comparative measure of budget transparency for 109 equally weighted key indicators are used. These indicators include 8-key budget documents such as: the pre-budget document or statements; executive budget proposal; enacted budget; series of budgets; in-year reports, midyear review; year-end report and audit report.

This underscores the Duterte administration’s seriousness in upholding the transparency and accountability in government. With the signing of EO # 2 or the Freedom of Information, we guarantee that the public will continue to have easy access to substantial budget information.

More good news: There’s now straight flight, direct flights from Xiamen to Puerto Princesa. Last year, Chinese tourist arrivals recorded an increase of 43.33 percent or 968,447 tourists, higher compared to 665,663 Chinese tourist arrivals in 2016. For 2018, we expect more Chinese tourists to discover that it is more fun in the Philippines.

Starting this month, in February, there will be direct charter flight from Xiamen, in Fujian Province in China to Puerto Princesa in Palawan. This is according to the Department of Tourism. In addition, the DOT reported that in order to provide better air connectivity from major tourist source markets to the Philippines, another new route from Tianjin in China to Puerto Princes in Palawan is already on its way.

Now, as you know, the President ordered recently the destruction of luxury materials instead of having them auctioned. The President’s order to destroy these smuggled luxury vehicles speaks for itself. This is to serve as a stern warning to smugglers. It is common knowledge that many apprehended luxury vehicles ultimately end up in the market where they can easily be won in auctions. The government is serious in its fight to curb smuggling and corruption, and hope to make the Bureau of Customs as a showcase in good governance drive.

On the CBCP pastoral guide for discerning the moral dimension of the present day moves for Charter Change. We understand the sentiments of the Catholic bishops for their aversion to Charter Change and federalism. We however assure our bishops that the President has no interest to extend his term nor will he push for no election.

President Duterte has made it clear and unequivocal, as an advocate of the rule of law he will follow the Constitution and step down when he finishes his term at noon of June 30, 2022. There is no creeping dictatorship that the Catholic hierarchy fears will happen.

Now, questions now?

MODERATOR: We’ll entertain questions from our local media, then immediately after, intersperse every local questions with the Malacañang Press questions. Unahin po natin mula sa ABS-CBN Baguio, Mikaela Ilaw .

MIKAELA ILAW/ABS-CBN BAGUIO: Hi, sir, good morning po. Sir, what can you say about the Ombudsman’s defiance over Malacañang’s order to suspend Carandang, sir?

SEC. ROQUE: Well, I don’t think we should say anything about that. What is clear is that we observe due process, gave the Over-all Deputy Ombudsman ten days to file his answer. If he doesn’t file his answer, then we will proceed to make a decision on the complaint against him.

MIKAELA ILAW/ABS-CBN BAGUIO: Sir, Faeldon was detained in Pasay City. What’s your reaction on that kasi noong Tuesday, kakaano niya lang po?

SEC. ROQUE:  Well, according to DND Secretary and the Office of Civil Defense is under the Department of National Defense, that’s regrettable. Secretary Lorenzana says, he cannot claim a salary because he has to report for work in order to claim his salary. He will, in effect, be on leave because he will not be able to use his daily time record.

MODERATOR: Pahabol po from Malacañang Press, related question: “Some senators are urging Palace and the Ombudsman to break the impasse over the suspension order. What is the Palace’s take on this? And is it amenable to talk to lawmakers to resolve the issue?”

SEC. ROQUE: There is no impasse. The President is the chief implementor of the law and he will enforce the law.

LAUREN ALIMONDO/SUNSTAR: Good morning, sir. Sir, how would the TRAIN affect the agriculture sector, considering that Baguio and Benguet and the Cordilleras are the main suppliers of the highland vegetables across the country?

SEC. ROQUE: Well, I think it will be minimal because in the first place, there will be no ad valorem tax on vegetables itself.  So perhaps, it may affect some inputs but it will be minimal. In fact, overall, the Department of Finance said that in terms of inflation, it’s about .7 percent. So it’s de minimis.

LAUREN ALIMONDO/SUNSTAR: Sir, considering excise tax is also for fuel products, how will it impose or imply for the cost of production for the—

SEC. ROQUE: As I said, the estimate of the Department of Finance it is only point seven (.7) effect on inflation.

LAUREN ALIMONDO/SUNSTAR: Sir, on another matter. Other than the lowering of the minimum of age of criminal liability, what is a more lasting solution to the problem of the children in conflict with the law?

SEC. ROQUE:  Well, the President has said that he wants to see a repeal of the Pangilinan Law. And I think right now, the President’s campaign against drugs is one effective way of addressing the issue of children in conflict with the law because as we jail drug traders who use children, we’re promoting the welfare of children as well.

LAUREN ALIMONDO/SUNSTAR: Sir, what is the current stand of the President on the said bill, on the lowering of the minimum age of—

SEC. ROQUE: He still says that it should be repealed.

PAMI GEMINIANO/PNA: Good morning, sir. Sir, we were informed by the City Government that they have sent an invitation to the President to be the guest of honor for the highlights of the Panagbenga, sir. May we know if he discussed it with you, sir, before coming here?

SEC. ROQUE:  Asahan ninyong kukulitin ko ang Presidente bumalik sa Baguio para makabalik ako sa Baguio. Kukulitin ko po siya.

PAMI GEMINIANO/PNA: As of now, sir, wala pa pong nire-release—

SEC. ROQUE: Wala pa po sa schedule.

MALOU/BUSINESS MIRROR:  Hello, sir. Sir, may we know if—what is the sentiment of Malacañang on the proposed autonomy in the region before federalism? 

SEC. ROQUE:  Gaya ng sinabi ko po kanina, bagama’t ang Presidente po ay nagsusulong ng pederalismo, handa po siyang pag-aralan at pakinggan ang Cordillera para magkaroon ng posibleng otonomiya sa loob ng isang federal state. Kasi kung mayroon naman tayong BBL sa loob ng isang federal state, hindi naman malayo na magkaroon din tayo ng otonomiya dito sa Cordillera, bagama’t tayo po ay magbabago ng plataporma ng gobyerno patungo ng pederalismo.

MALOU/BUSINESS MIRROR:  Sir, another question. Sir, what are your thoughts on the hearings on the fake news, and what do you project would be the outcome?

SEC. ROQUE:  Well as I said, I have declared… I have taught constitutional law for 15 years, I have worked as a human rights advocate – any content-based restriction is heavily presumed to be unconstitutional. Any content-based restriction is also a form of prior restraint.

Now there’s a lot of jurisprudence that says, that what is important is for us to have a free marketplace of ideas. And in one case, the US Supreme Court said – in the case of New York Times versus Sullivan – even false information may have an impact on this public debate. Because after all, we have the capability to discern truth from falsity and as the case said, sometimes you don’t know what the truth is, unless you read something that is falsity. Okay.

So sa akin, it’s very important to uphold freedom of expression by having the free marketplace of idea. And right now simply declaring illegal fake news, in my mind, will have a very heavy presumption of unconstitutionality.

MODERATOR:  Ngayon naman po, mula kay Chona Yu of Malacañang Press: “Kailan daw po ibibigay ang Performance Based Bonus ng mga teachers para sa 2017? Hanggang ngayon daw po ay wala pa.

SEC. ROQUE:  Itatanong ko po ‘yan. Pero salamat po sa pagbigay-alam sa akin ng ganitong impormasyon dahil marami pong mga pagkakataon, dahil nalaman namin ang impormasyon ay napapabilis iyong pag-release. Pero, pararating ko po ang mensahe kay Secretary Diokno.

MODERATOR:  Also from Malacañang Press, from Rose Novenario…

SEC. ROQUE:  Can you please take note of this ha, the… okay, next Rose.

MODERATOR:  “Your reaction na sinasakyan ng opposition ang suspension kay Carandang?

SEC. ROQUE:  Ano pang—what do we expect from the opposition? Wala na silang mapula, ‘di siyempre lahat na lang po puwede nilang gawing issue.

Now interestingly, it was President Aquino that actually removed, I think not one, not two but even three Deputy Ombudsmen. So let’s just say to the opposition, that they have the same view that the President has the power to discipline all unimpeachable officers.

ROMMY GONZALES/DZRH:  Magandang tanghali, sir. Time and again, we have been waiting for the categorical response of the Office of the Executive Secretary, on the issue on the ejectment of the Philippine Information Agency staff, including the building that will be replaced I do believe with a new one and some trees will be cut later on. Can you have categorical answer to this, sir?

SEC. ROQUE:  I will look into this. I’m in contact with the Executive Secretary, and they’re studying options now dahil pinakikinggan naman nila iyong sinasabi ng mga taga-Baguio. The options are being explored.

ROMMY GONZALES/DZRH:  Oo, because definitely apektado iyong mga Malacañang Press Corps ng pupunta rito’t mag-cover, wala silang tutulungan na dati. Naging billeting area, and lahat ng activities ng Baguio media ay doon ginaganap lahat, sir.

SEC. ROQUE:  I will bring the matter up to the Executive Secretary.

BOMBO RADYO:  Good morning po. Do you think sir, President Duterte will approve the proposed 3% increase in the SSS contribution? 

SEC. ROQUE:  Again, he’s studying the matter. He knows that SSS, the viability of SSS is a matter of actuarial science and he may have to increase. But he’s weighing also the social costs of the increase. So, humingi po ng executive order na ang SSS – hindi pa po binibigay ni Presidente at pinag-aaralang mabuti.

MODERATOR:  Question from Malacañang Press, from Hannah Sancho of DZAR Sonshine Radio: “According to Senator Trillanes obstruction of justice ang ginagawa ng Malacañang matapos suspendihin ang Ombudsman executive na siyang nakatutok para imbestigahan ang umano’y ill-gotten wealth ni Pangulong Duterte.

SEC. ROQUE:  Well, alam naman natin na kung may krimen at ito’y ginawa ng isang sitting president, ay maghintay ka hanggang mawala sa puwesto iyong presidente dahil may immunity from suit ang presidente. At dahil siya nama’y dati nang nagbanta na magpa-file ng impeachment… sige na, magsampa na siya ng panibagong impeachment complaint.

MODERATOR:  From Malacañang Press, from Alvin: “Wala bang balak ang Palace to clarify on December 2014 Supreme Court ruling on Gonzales versus the Office of the President which is similar to the situation ni Deputy Ombudsman Carandang?

SEC. ROQUE:  That’s the call of Deputy Ombudsman Carandang. If he feels that the President’s order assuming jurisdiction to discipline him is wrong, let him go to court. But we will implement the law. There cannot be an impasse, there’s only one sitting president in this country, and he will implement the law.

DEXTER/MANILA STANDARD:  Good morning, sir. Just a follow up to the questions raised a while ago. Last July 18, when the President met with Cordillera leaders, he promised to certify HB 5343 or the Cordillera Autonomy Bill as urgent, side-by-side with BBL. BBL was already certified as urgent, but it seems the HB 5343 was left out.

SEC. ROQUE:  I’m going to announce that I’m actually arranging a meeting between the President and Governor Pacalso. Perhaps, this is one of the issues that Governor Pacalso will be discussing with the President.

DEXTER/MANILA STANDARD:  And hopefully, you could arrange a second round of meeting with Cordillera leaders with the President regarding that matter. Anyway on another issue, sir. Does Malacañang intend to intervene in the long overdue conflict of the Bases Conversion and Development Authority with the developer of Camp John Hay?

SEC. ROQUE:  That’s in court. So the President doesn’t have to intervene. There are decisions being rendered, there are challenges – so we will let the legal process proceed. Hayaan po nating hukuman ang maghusga diyan, dahil mayroon naman po tayong separation of powers.

DEXTER/MANILA STANDARD:  No backdoor negotiations?

SEC. ROQUE:  Naku, hindi na po kailangan ng backdoor negotiations ‘yan at sila naman ay nagdedemandahan. So hayaan natin na umusad ang proseso.

MODERATOR:  Another question from Malacañang Press: “Reaction sa report that some Kadamay members are starting to rent their units in Pandi, Bulacan.

SEC. ROQUE:  Well, nasagot po ‘yan ni Presidente noong siya’y bumalik galing ng India, at siyempre po ‘yan ay nakakalungkot. Pero ang sabi naman ng Presidente, hinayaan naman niya na manatili ang Kadamay diyan sa mga bahay na pinagawa para sana sa mga Kasundaluhan at Kapulisan, dahil lahat naman ay dapat magkaroon ng pabahay. Pero siyempre po, kung mabe-verify itong report na ito na hindi naman pala nila ginagamit bilang bahay itong mga in-occupy nila, titingnan naman po natin ang opsiyon. Dahil hindi naman dapat pagkakitaan iyong binigay na ni Presidente na para magkaroon ng katuparan iyong karapatan ng pabahay sa ilang mga miyembro ng Kadamay.

MODERATOR:  “From Karapatan says Rafael Baylosis, an NDF consultant, and his companion ‘Jun’ were arrested in Quezon City on Wednesday. His allies are demanding his release, saying his arrest violates the JASIG and the CARHRIHL. Is this part of the crackdown on the Communists rebels and their legal fronts as promised by the President?

SEC. ROQUE:  Wala namang saysay ang JASIG ngayon dahil wala nang peace talks. Bakit sila nagja- JASIG – JASIG ngayon?

Pangalawa, anong pagba-violate sa CARHRIHL, eh inaresto. Ang CARHRIHL po – human rights and humanitarian law. Kung may kaso iyong tao, kung may warrant of arrest o kung ‘di naman kaya may basehan para mag-warrantless arrest, ay dapat arestuhin talaga. Dahil kapag hindi naman inaresto, it will be dereliction of duty. So kung tingin nila iligal iyong pagkakaaresto other than on the basis of JASIG, ay ‘di mag-file sila ng habeas corpus – wala namang martial law sa Luzon.

Pero ang sinasabi ko po, katungkulan ng Presidente na ipatupad ang batas. At dahil wala na pong usaping kapayapaan — dahil sila rin naman ang may kasalanan diyan; habang nakikipag-usap ng kapayapaan ay patay sila nang patay ng Kasundaluhan — they are not exempt from full compliance with our penal laws. 

MODERATOR: Another question from Leila: “You said there’s no impasse and the President will implement the law. But the prevailing jurisprudence is the President cannot discipline the Deputy Ombudsman. Will the Palace follow the 2014 Supreme Court ruling?”

SEC. ROQUE: That’s the call of the Deputy Ombudsman. If they think that ruling is basis for him not to be suspended, go get a TRO, without a TRO, we will implement the law.

JONATHAN LLANES/SUNSTAR BAGUIO: Good morning sir and welcome, the next Baguio resident. 

SEC. ROQUE: Yes, matagal na ho akong Baguio resident. Kaya lang kauna-unahang beses ako nagpatayo ng bahay dito sa Baguio. [laughs].

JONATHAN/SUNSTAR BAGUIO: Sir I’d like to go back on the TRAIN measure and its effects to Baguio City of summer capital being a tourism destination and Benguet which produces 90% or 80 to 90% of vegetable requirements of the country. I understand under the TRAIN law, we have an effect on fuel. But we have a problem here because the disparity of the fuel costs which comes from Poro Point in La Union is 12 to 13 pesos higher, aside from the application of the TRAIN law.

So we are talking about what—around 15 pesos and more. I think this is the opportune time for Malacañang to look at this because even Congressman Mark Go who called for a Senate hearing, the Lower House, was disgusted. Because according to the Petroleum companies here when they were called to City Council, when they deliver, it evaporates daw. So that was their technical description. How do you look at—the effects on the tourism and the vegetable—with this kind of—   

SEC. ROQUE: Well unang una po, magbebenipisyo po ang mga magsasaka dito sa Cordillera. Kasi iyong mga kumikita na hanggang 250,000 wala na po silang babayarang buwis. Pangalawa po, iyong karagdagang pondo na makakalap natin dahil sa TRAIN makikinabang po unang-una ang mga magsasaka diyan dahil mas maraming farm to market roads na tayong magagawa. At mas marami pang tulong na makukuha ang mga magsasaka.

Uulitin ko po, iyong excise tax po sa Petrol, hindi naman po iyan nakabase sa halaga ng petrolyo, nakabase po iyan sa kada-liter. So—at ang uulitin ko nga po, bagama’t may pagtaas po ng presyo sa petrolyo, iyong mataas pong petrolyo ngayon hindi dahil sa TRAIN, kasi po parang lumalapit na tayo sa record high ng presyo ng krudo sa World Market na beyond our control.

Pero overall po at sasabihin ko na nga na iyong benepisyo ng wala ng buwis iyong mga kumikita ng 250,000 and less, iyong mas marami ang imprastraktura para sa mga magsasaka at para sa mga turista. Iyan naman po ay tingin ko mas malaking benepisyo kaysa doon sa .7% na inflation na puwedeng maging resulta dahil sa TRAIN.

JONATHAN/SUNSTAR BAGUIO: Sir, follow up. Sir maaari po bang tingnan ng Malacañang or matanong sa kagawaran ng enerhiya kung bakit ganoon po ang disparity between La Union and Baguio? 

SEC. ROQUE: Siguro po kasi inaakyat nga dito, delivery cost pero ipararating ko po riyan kay Secretary Cusi kung tama ba na mga 15 pesos ang diperensiya ng La Union at ng Baguio.


KARLSTON LAPNITEN/PHILIPPINE DAILY INQUIRER: Hello sir. Does Malacañang have plans for the modernization of jeepneys here in the Cordillera considering that our terrain is much different from the rest of the country? Iyong mga sina-suggest po nila na mga jeepney types and engines do not—medyo alanganin po iyong mga drivers natin kasi they cannot climb daw the steep of the Cordillera? 

SEC. ROQUE: Well iyong jeepney modernization po natin ay hindi lang naman pang-Metro Manila iyan. Iyan po ay para sa buong Pilipinas at darating at darating din dito tayo sa Baguio. Iyong modernization naman natin, hindi naman tayo limited sa jeepney lamang.

So noong nagpunta po sa Vietnam at nakipag-usap ang ating Presidente kay President Putin ng Russia ay sinabi po talaga noong Russian President, interested silang magtayo ng monorail dito sa Baguio na magtatapos ang linya doon sa Benguet, so magkakaroon po talaga tayo ng alternatibo. Siguro po hintayin na lang natin ang mga developments.

Now, nakita ninyo naman na dumating ang Enero, hindi naman talaga napagbawal lahat ng jeep kasi hindi naman talaga pupuwedeng mapalitan lahat iyan. So unti-unti naman po iyang ginagawa ng gobyerno pero sa tingin ko naman, nakikita ninyo naman talagang kinakailangang baguhin ang mga jeep dahil sa Baguio kung iyan ay maging electric, maaamoy natin muli ang Pine Trees at hindi iyong usok ng diesel fumes lalo pong gaganda ang Baguio kapag nawala na po iyong diesel fumes.

JONATHAN/SUNSTAR BAGUIO: Sir, follow up question. You made mentioned a while ago, there were a few cities in China who are now connected to flights in the Philippines. Is this just a first wave? Are we expecting more?

SEC. ROQUE: Yes, my goodness. We’re expecting to double our tourist arrivals because of increased tourist arrivals from China. Let’s face it! Pagdating sa pagandahan ng mga beaches, pagandahan ng kabundukan, walang tatalo sa mga beaches ng Palawan, sa mga beaches ng Boracay at siyempre wala pa ring tatalo sa Baguio City.

JONATHAN/SUNSTAR BAGUIO: Is it only China or are there other countries who have already connected with us, recently? 

SEC. ROQUE: Napakadami namang direct flights na tayo. Pero ang sinasabi natin, dati kasi na hindi matindi ang ‘pagkakaibigan natin sa Tsina, hindi tayo pinupuntahan ng Tsina. Nagpupunta sila sa Malaysia, nagpupunta sila sa Thailand pero ngayon halos 1 million na tayo na galing sa Tsina. At inaasahan natin na iyong usap-usapan noong nandoon po tayo sa Tsina ay mahina iyong 5 million tourist na manggaling lamang sa Tsina. And I’d like to underscore the fact na 5 million total tourist arrival tayo ngayon. So sa mga Chinese tourist alone, we could double our tourist arrivals. And take note we have one of the lowest tourist arrivals in Southeast Asia. We really need to tap tourism and it will happen with China as new market.


MARY LANGPAWAN/Z-RADIO: Good morning sir and welcome sa Baguio City. Napakaguwapo pala ng ating Secretary! 

SEC. ROQUE: Naku thank you. At napakaganda mo naman.

MARY LANGPAWAN/Z-RADIO: [laughs]. Hindi pala lalayo sa mga Cordillerans na kagaya natin, yes sir. 

SEC. ROQUE: Cordilleran nga ako. Kaya, oh ‘di ba?

MARY LANGPAWAN/Z-RADIO: Oo, yes sir. So means to say that China—can we say now that China has a territory here in the Philippines?

SEC. ROQUE: I don’t think they have a territory in the Philippines. We remain a sovereign state. We’re just welcoming more Chinese tourists and investments, and in the past we were not able to tap the same kind of resources as compared to countries like Malaysia and Thailand.

MARY LANGPAWAN/Z-RADIO: At pinapalakas natin ang turismo dito sa ating bansa together with Baguio City at hindi pahuhuli ang Baguio City in terms of tourism. Sir, ‘pag-akyat ninyo ng Lungsod ng Baguio, ano ho iyong observation ho ninyo na dapat pa palakasin ng Baguio City, Lungsod ng Baguio at Cordillera para mas mapalakas pa ang tourism sir? Thank you.

SEC. ROQUE: Well, noong ako po ay nasa Kongreso pa, proyekto ko sanang magtanim ng mga bulaklaking mga halaman sa lahat ng mga kalye paakyat ng Baguio. Kasi ganiyan iyong mayroon sila sa Ilocos Norte ‘di ba? May bougainvillea all over! So baka puwede ko pa rin ma-proceed iyong project na iyon maski wala na ako sa Kongreso.

MARY LANGPAWAN/Z-RADIO: Thank you sir. God bless.

DAVE LEPROZO/GMA7: Magandang umaga sir. Sir reaksiyon po na nag-drop ng ranking ng Philippines to the 18th spot regarding to the adherence of the law?

SEC. ROQUE: Well, unang-una po, ang problema po ako dati sumasagot ako diyan, hindi ako nakasagot ngayon. [laughs] Busy kasi. Pero sa akin po parang iyan po ay perception na wala namang base sa reyalidad. Hindi ko po sinasabi na perpekto ang ating criminal justice system. Mahina po talaga, talagang napakatagal ng mga kaso, napakatagal noong panahon na hinihintay ng mga biktima ng paglabag ng karapatang pantao at ng mga krimen para magkaroon ng katarungan.

So sa akin po, that reinforces the fact na kinakailangan talagang pagbutihin at repormahin ang ating criminal justice system at ang ating pag-asa naman ngayon ay ang Presidente natin palibhasa dating fiscal at saka nagpakita ng political will, baka naman po maangat iyong kuwalidad ng ating katarungan sa ating bayan.

That is something that I think is a reflection of the need to have further reforms in our justice system. But that has been there not just during the administration of the Duterte administration.

DAVE LEPROZO/GMA7: Salamat po.

MODERATOR: At bilang pagtatapos hingan po natin ng huling mensahe ang ating pong Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque.

SEC. ROQUE: Well kung talagang wala na kayong question, maraming salamat po sa mga taga Baguio. I’d like to thank of course, Mayor Domogan for his hospitality in welcoming us to Baguio City Hall for this press briefing. This is my first ever Palace briefing in Baguio. And please expect more briefings in the coming months.

Again, I’d like to greet everyone in Baguio, happy panagbenga and as usual Baguio has remained my favorite city in this country. Magandang umaga po.

MODERATOR: Maraming salamat po, Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque. We’re like over PTV4 and Radyo ng Bayan. There’s a request for a photo op, PCOO family, Radyo ng Bayan, PTV4-Baguio—

SEC. ROQUE: And then the press corps.

MODERATOR: Philippine Information Agency and the Philippine News Agency so may we request them to please come forward.

SEC. ROQUE: O Malacañang Press Corps, tama ang sinabi ko ha. Kaya ako, ang sabi ko sa kanila kaya ako nag-a-out of town, press briefing. Nagpapa-picture ang mga media outside Metro Manila, sa Malacañang wala. [laughs]. Okay, see you Malacañang Press Corps. But please let’s have a photo session.


Source: PCOO-NIB (News and Information Bureau)#NIB