Press Briefing

Press Briefing of Presidential Communications and Operations Office Secretary Martin Andanar and Signing of MOA between Philippine News Agency and the Media Support and Asset Management Fund

SEC. ANDANAR: … Ambassador of Hungary to the Philippines, H.E. Dr. József Bencze, and he is accompanied by the Deputy Chief of Mission David Ambrus.

Today, we are signing a very important memorandum of agreement between the Philippine News Agency and the Media Support and Asset Management Fund. In Hungarian—how do you say this in Hungarian, Your Excellency, this one?

JOZSEF BENCZE: Media Support and Asset Management Fund or the Médiaszolgáltatás-támogató és Vagyonkezelő.

SEC. ANDANAR: So today, before we proceed with our signing of the MOA, we would just … if you will allow us, we will just show a short video to introduce to His Excellency Bencze, our Presidential Communications Operations Office. If you can play the video.


SEC. ANDANAR: The primordial waters of the Danube River, from which the Duna media service provider takes its name symbolically, flows into our Philippine News Agency today. With the signing of our historic Memorandum of Agreement which we are about to witness, it is an honor for us to bridge our government news agency and Hungary’s media network through an all encompassing official document that details the electronic delivery of news services to and from the Philippines and Hungary.

This is a recording of history, and we are connecting the communication of current news to and from Manila and Budapest, and from these cities to the people nationwide in our respective countries, translated in the official native languages including drafts, extracts of selected articles.

The Memorandum of Agreement also provides for exchanges of visits from journalists, technicians, news photographers and other media practitioners. In truth, we bring the world into our lives – the places, the events, the characters and the vast arena of geo-physical politics. Through the synchronicity, we welcome Hungary’s interesting stories, and in reciprocity, the blend of Philippine, Asian and Western sensibilities from our Philippine reports.

By understanding the commonalities of our human quest for truth, justice and peace, we become participating partners in the transformation of humanity in our localities for the better.

The reality of what we are doing today will reverberate for many future generations. As head of our government’s communications office, receive my full support. And let us embark on this great responsibility together and bear witness to an extraordinary moment that now defines our future work and the delivery of news and current affairs. The best of our times is already here. Congratulations and thank you.

I now give the floor to Ambassador, H.E. Dr. József Bencze.

JÓZSEF BENCZE: Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. The Secretary, Mr. Martin Andanar, magandang umaga. It is a very great pleasure to be here today because we started a long time ago this work, and now it’s really there, final step, the signing.

I’d like to give some information about the Hungary and Hungarian Embassy. We re-opened the Hungarian Embassy last year, end of March. Our political and diplomatic contact – 45 years old. The Hungarian Embassy opened more than 27 years ago, but it was closed when there was what we call change. And the Hungarian government decided about the re-open ceremony. And my minister, my Trade Minister visited Manila last year, in March. He met with President Duterte in Davao, and we made economic cooperation agreement.

It is a very, very important step for us and the established Philippine-Hungary Joint Committee. The first meeting will be in Hungary this year maybe in October or on November in Budapest and our diplomatic work consists of three pillars. The first pillar is our idea, the traditional diplomacy, it’s okay. The other very important pillars, economic diplomacy and this serves as the cultural public diplomacy. Cultural and public diplomacy is a soft diplomacy, for example, the culture – music and picture and art is your language.

Hungary is a Catholic country, we are closer about our race and the—we have three Attaché in the Hungarian Embassy. And the major agreement between our chambers of commerce, it was very important step and they signed educational plan for the next three years. Our minister Mr. Szijjártó and Secretary Cayetano made this agreement last year in New York.

And we have a new agreement about the science cooperation and very important information, the Hungarian government is about the special Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship project. And the Hungary agreement would like to give for the Philippine students 35 positions for the Bachelor, Master Degree or PhD degree. This year from September, will go to Hungary to learn in the Hungarian Universities, 11 Philippine students but we would like it next time certified Philippine students could go to Hungary, because it is totally free, it’s totally free. And the students could choose about English, German or French language.

And my question: why only 11 students will go to Hungary? Maybe because our communication wasn’t enough. Next time, I hope after the signature, our communication could be better and more useful. We opened two Hungarian Honorary Consulates in the Philippines the last time, in this year, in April in Angeles City. The Honorary Consul is Mr. Yuchengco, Tito, who was Honorary Consul before for the all country when he was in the Hungarian embassy. His competence from Angeles City to the Luzon and I could open another Honorary Consulate in Cebu City in April. The Honorary Consul competence is for the Visayas and in autumn in October, maybe 12 of October, we are planning to open the other Hungarian Honorary Consulate in Davao City.

Our common goal is to get more and more information about each other’s country because I’d like to see that the Hungarian people can show where is the Philippine; and the Philippine citizen knows where is the Hungary, in the Central Europe not only on the net [laughs], about the news. It is my opinion, it is very important. Let the news be hurry, let the opinion be free. But the first sentence is very important – the news has to be hurry.

Now, we live in the digital… there is the news very, very important, immediately can go the news to the US, or England, on Africa not only Europe and not only in the country. And it is really very, very hot competition.

And finally I’d like to give you an information, 150 years ago there was a Hungarian justice minister, Mr. Franz de (unclear), he said, ‘What is the best press law? The best press law is vast sentence. Vast sentence – do not lie. Thank you very much for your attention. [Applause]

SEC. ANDANAR: Thank you so much, Your Excellency Dr. József Bencze. And now we proceed to the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding… of Agreement.

By the way we also have the News and Information Bureau Director Gigi Agtay and we also have Undersecretary Gatbayat. This is yours Excellency.

You heard the Ambassador say that they will be opening 35 scholarship positions, different courses, Undergraduate, Masters and PhD and perhaps some of our friends in the media – in government media will be interested, you can always send your application form to the PCOO and we shall forward to the Embassy once you have expressed your intention.

That concludes our Memorandum of Agreement. Mayroon ba tayong photo opportunity? Where? So we can just show them. Gi, wanna stay here? Thank you.


We will now entertain question, siguro first of all questions pertinent to the signing. A couple of questions about the signing about the Memorandum of Agreement between the Philippine News Agency and the Media Support and Asset Management Fund of Hungary. First question?

Q: Sir, could you give us details to that memorandum of—

SEC. ANDANAR: Okay, I will pass this to Director Gigi Agtay because she is the one managing the agreement.

DIRECTOR AGTAY: Basically, the Memorandum of Agreement is news exchange and cooperation by sharing best practices, information and to expand the reach Philippine news and information to almost 200—although there are only a few Filipinos in Hungary, they’re close to 200. But since Hungary is a vibrant… has become a vibrant country since they opened their Embassy two years ago after a lull of 22 years. And based on statistics, Hungary is the Philippine’s 48th trading partner. And the Philippines is the fourth partner of Hungary in terms of importing vegetables and fruits among others.

And I understand, like when they opened the embassy in March last year, they forged four trade agreements, and another cultural agreement since March 2017 – so including this one. So I’m not privy with the other agreements that has been forged since their opening, but I’m sure that will be several.

SEC. ANDANAR: Any more question about the Memorandum of Agreement?

JOSEPH MORONG/GMA7: You mean, we’re going to expand and distribute our news here to Hungary?

DIRECTOR AGTAY: Yeah. Like in all Memorandum of Agreements that state media forges with the different countries, so this is a mutual news exchange and cooperation.

JOSEPH MORONG/GMA7: And vice versa?

DIRECTOR AGTAY: Yes, it will be symbiotic.


DIRECTOR AGTAY: So far we had—since 2016, there had been several. Let me count with China Radio International, we also have this … the other Chinese state media, like Xinhua. Actually, PNA has a standing agreement with Xinhua decades ago, but it was formalized during the past two years. And then we also have Yonhap, that’s in South Korea. And recently, the PCOO forged a Memorandum of Understanding in South Korea during the President’s visit sometime in June. This is in the aspect of broadcasting. And also China, CCTV.

And soon, I mean, the agreement is being formalized with TASS – that’s Russia’s news agency. And then there’s another one coming with Sputnik News Agency in Russia.

So this only goes to show that the PCOO is very aggressive in forging agreements, and being active in terms of disseminating the news of government, information programs and activities to all over the world.

SEC. ANDANAR: Let me add to that, we also have an agreement with the government of Russia. We’ve also forged an agreement with Japan. And I am in close contact with our counterparts in Australia. We have an upcoming agreement with the government of Thailand. And we are also finalizing an agreement with Malaysia, the Bernama News Agency of Malaysia. So we are open to forging agreements with all countries. Wala naman tayong pinipili. Some of you might ask why China, Russia? We also have Japan. We also have Hungary now. We also signed an agreement with South Korea. And we will be signing soon an agreement with Thailand.

We will be renewing our agreement with Myanmar and also Malaysia. Nagkataon lang na nagkaroon ng change of government in Malaysia, so medyo naantala iyon. But we keep on moving forward to improve our government media. And I believe personally that the more that we send our government media personnel abroad, na-e-expand iyong kanilang horizon beyond the Philippine shores at vice versa.

As a matter of fact, I have also been advocating sending or offering this to private media here in the Philippines. Like for instance the last China scholarship, there were several media from the private sector na sumali doon. And I’ve spoken to the Ambassador of South Korea to the Philippines, and they will also be offering the scholarships to Filipinos. And just like what Ambassador Jozsef mentioned earlier, 35 positions from Hungary; and I do also hope that we can open this to private media, Your Excellency. Thank you.

JOZSEF BENCZE: Excuse me. I’d like to give you other information. According to my job, I have to read and to see several newspapers and news from the Philippines, newspapers from Hungary. And my experience, there are only bad news, only bad news. From Philippines, the Hungarian people can read about Philippines’ catastrophe, typhoon, earthquake. It is big problem. And nobody knows the Build, Build, Build Program, for example. Nobody knows the Bangsamoro Organic Law will sign in ceremony today, maybe, here. A lot of good news is disappeared. And vice versa, the Filipino people can read about the … four stronger men: Mr. Putin, Erdogan, Duterte or Hungarian Prime Minister.

I’d like that balance could be better about the news, maybe it will become. For example, Secretary Piñol visited Hungary last year two times. It was very, very successful. It was very, very successful cooperation and meeting. And Mr. Lopez, from the Trade Ministry, visited Hungary this year in February. For example, the Hungarian water company made earlier feasibility study for the Laguna Lake rehabilitation. I think that’s a very important news. I every day can see from my window the Laguna Lake. I would like to see that it could be better and more popular. And we have a lot of cultural program in the Philippines, for example, the Hungarian very famous dancing group will come to give a performance in November. And we are planning to organize a Hungarian film fest. It could be totally free, with four or five Hungarian very famous films in Manila in November.

We would like to show the bringer of academe film in Manila and in Davao in October. And the very famous Hungarian composer and conductor will come to Manila, Mr. Tamás Vásáry deliver a performance with the Philippine Harmonic Orchestra. Here is called a high society of Manila. It was established in 1985, and this is working, we could organize a lot of programs. For example, Kanta festival in this year. And very fantastic children cause will go to Hungary in August, there will 9th International Competition for the Children Cause. A lot of news, a lot of news, we could give information about this news. Thank you very much.

SEC. ANDANAR: Any more questions about Hungary? If there are none, we can proceed to the next topic.

JOSEPH MORONG/GMA7: What do you think of what Mocha did?

SEC. ANDANAR: First of all, let me clarify that the engagement of Asec. Mocha to help in the federalism campaign did not come from the PCOO. The PCOO cannot decide on its own only. We have to cooperate with the interagency. And the interagency has DILG on board, the CHEd on board. We have the ConCom on board and of course, the PCOO. So hindi puwedeng kami lang ang magdesisyon.

Now, there was no appointment of an official spokesperson for federalism from this interagency. So this is between their Spokesperson Ding Generoso and Asec. Mocha. Sila iyong nag-usap dito.

Number two, napag-usapan namin last Tuesday, which by the way was our second meeting, about our communication strategy of federalism, that DILG heads the content creation of the federalism campaign and PCOO will manage the distribution of the content. And it is also the DILG that shall determine who the official spokespersons or talking heads of the federalism communications campaign.

DILG will determine the number of spokespersons, the spokespersons, talking heads of federalism. So wala pong binanggit doon sa interagency na isang Asec, isang Usec. Wala ho. It’s going to be DILG. This is still in the process of being finalized, the entire plan. Even the 90 million, the 80 to 90 million na lumalabas na budget for the federalism campaign, ten million pesos of that 90 million pesos shall go to PCOO pero wala pa rin iyong memorandum of agreement doon. Wala pang nada-download sa PCOO.

Number three, when the name of Asec. Mocha came out of media, it was already discussed that si Spokesperson Ding Generoso ang kumausap kay Asec. Mocha. So hindi po official ito na interagency. Walang sinasabi ang interagency na si Asec. Mocha ang spokesperson.

As a matter of fact, last weekend, tumawag sa akin si Executive Secretary Bingbong Medialdea. At sinabi sa akin Executive Secretary Bingbong Medialdea na kailangan natin ng mga spokespersons, kailangan natin ng mga talking heads na talagang eksperto sa subject na federalism. Iyon, iyong mga members of ConCom, at former Chief Justice Puno, nandiyan din si former Senate President Aquilino Pimentel, Dean Aquino and so much more.

So iyon po iyong napag-usapan noong last weekend. And I confronted Spokesperson Ding Generoso today, I told him that kailangan mag-disengage siya kasi hindi naman siya rin nagpaalam sa PCOO.


SEC. ANDANAR: Spokesperson Ding Generoso.



Q: [off mic]

SEC. ANDANAR: Oo, kasi siya naman ang kumausap kay Mocha, hindi naman kami. Kumbaga, siya dumiretso siya kay Asec. Mocha without even informing, number one, the interagency and informing me as the head of this department. Dapat mayroon go signal from our department. Wala naman akong go signal; wala namang paalam. So sabi ko, kailangan niyang mag-disengage muna kasi kailangan kong kausapin si Mocha kasi uminit na nga iyong isyu. So I talked to him this morning.

Sabi ko kay Ding, I have yet to speak with Asec. Mocha. I already messaged her about it. Pero again, as the—sorry?

JOSEPH MORONG/GMA7: Wala pang reply?

SEC. ANDANAR: Wala pa. I’ll have to check. I do not have my phone.

JOSEPH MORONG/GMA7: Kailan mo minessage?

SEC. ANDANAR: This morning.

Q: Anong message, sir?

SEC. ANDANAR: “I need to talk to you.”

But I’ve spoken with Ding Generoso dahil siya kasi ang kumausap kay Mocha. Hindi naman ako ang kumausap kay Mocha; hindi naman iyong interagency ang kumausap kay Mocha. So, therefore, it’s not official. Kaya medyo nga na-bad trip si ES nung kausap ko siya kasi nga wala namang official announcement na mayroong spokespersons. And we already agreed last Tuesday, kung mayroong magsasalita, it’s going to be the members of the ConCom; it’s going to be advocates of federalism na ia-approve ng DILG. And napag-usapan din namin iyong mga Cabinet secretaries, na mayroon pong mga rehiyon, mayroon pong mga probinsiya, that they can help go down and assist the federalism communications campaign and explaining to, perhaps, their kababayan kung ano po iyong federalism. So iyon po iyon.

But as far as officially nagsimula na iyong campaign, hindi pa po nagsisimula kasi wala pa ngang memorandum of agreement, wala pang nada-download na pera sa PCOO.

Q: So, when you said na-bad trip, Sec., si ES, what does it mean? Was he disappointed?

SEC. ANDANAR: No, he just said that we should use and we should ask the assistance of experts in the field of law and also experts on federalism. Kasi alam naman natin na napakadaming mga eksperto diyan, napakadaming version, and what we are following is the version of the ConCom. So kung pag-uusapan natin iyong version of ConCom, eh sino ba ang pinakamagaling dito, kung hindi iyong mga gumawa mismo.

Q: Chief justice, sir.

SEC. ANDANAR: Oo, iyong mga member ng Commission.

JOSEPH MORONG/GMA7: Saan siya na-bad trip?

SEC. ANDANAR: Na-bad trip siya doon sa fact na umiikot sa media na si Asec. Mocha nga iyong spokesperson na hindi naman, kasi wala namang approval ang interagency. Hindi naman galing sa interagency iyong pagbibigay ng authority na si Asec. Mocha iyong spokesperson. Ang pagkakaintindi ko lang doon ay nag-usap sila ni Spokesperson Ding Generoso na tutulungan sila ni Asec. Mocha para maparating sa masang Pilipino. Pero puwede naman siyang tumulong pero hindi spokesperson, hindi official spokesperson.

JOSEPH MORONG/GMA7: Has he seen the video, si ES?

SEC. ANDANAR: I’m not sure. I haven’t asked him because I spoke to ES before the video came out. Because the video was sent to me by Arnold Clavio. Hindi ko napanood iyong video. It was sent to me by Arnold Clavio, that was the only time that I saw the video.

JOSEPH MORONG/GMA7: When was that shot, the video?

SEC. ANDANAR: I don’t know. I have no idea. Because when I saw the video, I looked at the Facebook page, and it says there, Malacañang Catering Services. Eh wala namang official Malacañang Catering Services na Facebook ang PCOO, so hindi ko alam kung kaninong Facebook page iyon.

Q: But after that video, Sec., kasama pa rin ba si Asec. Mocha doon sa grupo for information campaign?

JOSEPH MORONG/GMA7: Because Koko (Pimentel) is saying ilayo na siya.

SEC. ANDANAR: Number one, ito munang gawin natin: Antayin muna natin makausap ni Spokesperson Ding si Mocha. Kakausapin ko muna iyong interagency, kasi hindi puwede na ako lang ang nagdedesisyon dito. Kailangan kung ano ang sasabihin ko sa inyo, kung ano ang sasabihin ko sa media as far as communicating federalism is concerned, kailangan alam ng DILG at alam ni Secretary Año, alam ng CHEd, alam of course ni Executive Secretary Bingbong Medialdea sapagka’t siya iyong nasa ibabaw nito eh, si ES Medialdea. Siya talaga iyong nagpatawag ng ilang meetings. First meeting was with him; the second meeting was with the Deputy Executive Secretary Ong.

Q: Sir, nabanggit mo kanina na Ding Generoso should have talked to you, sir.

SEC. ANDANAR: Yes, oo.

Q: Pero did Mocha talk to you before engaging in federalism—

SEC. ANDANAR: Hindi, hindi pa ka
mi nag-uusap. As a matter of fact, last week nagsalita nga ako, sabi ko, ‘Huwag nating maliitin si Mocha.’ Kasi kung mag-e-explain man siya, in her own blog, I’m sure pag-aaralan nila iyon. Because I was looking at the—kung ano man iyong pinag-uusapan nila ni Ding Generoso.

Q: Sir, malinaw na naman sir na ang isyu is not because she’s supposedly the Spokesman or speaking in behalf of the inter-agency task force, the fact that she is a government official and then apparently the backlash is parang she’s making a mockery of, you know, the campaign process to promote federalism?

SEC. ANDANAR: Basta ganito sa akin – iba’t ibang isyu eh – Number one, si Mocha ba iyong Spokesperson. As far as the interagency is concerned, no! Mayroon bang paalam sa PCOO si Spokesperson Ding? Wala! So ngayon it’s up to Ding now to talk to Mocha, kung ano man iyong pinag-usapan nila, sa kanila lang iyon. Basta hindi kasama dito iyong interagency, hindi kasama dito ang PCOO. Kasi hindi nga dumaan sa akin, hindi naman dumaan sa agency din—ah sa interagency, yeah.

Q: Si Asec. Mocha sir, noong Ding Generoso said that iyon nga ita-tap siya, hindi rin nagpaalam sir si Asec. Mocha?


Q: Sir, iyong mga senators sir, na-disappoint ang marami sa kanila regarding doon sa viral video on federalism campaign na na-post niya sa social media. Sabi po ni Senator Koko Pimentel, sina-suggest niya na mag-leave muna daw sa trabaho si Asec. Mocha. Anong masasabi ninyo, sir?

SEC. ANDANAR: Well, that’s the opinion of the former Senate President, Senator Pimentel. Kung ano man iyong mga mangyayari in the future, abangan na lang ang susunod na kabanata. But my job is here is to put my foot down and say that this is not what PCOO and the entire interagency talked about. What we talked about last Tuesday was ano iyong communications strategy, ano iyong content, ano iyong final message na gagawin ng DILG para ma-package ng PCOO. So we can bring it to the provinces, to the regions. We can distribute it to the different islands of this country, whether we use social media, whether we use television, radio, on the ground communications, basta making the most out of government media and also talking to the private media how we can partner with the private media in disseminating information about federalism.

Q: Sir, sabi ninyo kanina, may isyu like PCOO siya pero hindi siya iyong Spokesperson ng (unclear). Pero as PCOO head ano po iyong take ninyo doon sa medyo exage… do you think it was false or mali po ba doon sa video?

SEC. ANDANAR: There is a better way to present federalism and that is what we discussed during the interagency. For example, creating… number one, comics. Number two, a social media cards. Number three, radio advertisements. Perhaps a jingle na gawa ni Lito Camo, iyong mga ganoon—

JOSEPH MORONG/GMA7: That kind of jingle, do you like that?

SEC. ANDANAR: I’m sorry?

JOSEPH/GMA7: The viral jingle, you want that?

SEC. ANDANAR: [laughs] Next question.

Q: Sir, what will you do now kay Mocha? May sanction kaya siya sir? Will you discipline her?

SEC. ANDANAR: I still have to talk to her. I haven’t talk to her.

Q: Are you going to advice her sir on the video?

SEC. ANDANAR: I’ll talk to her first and I’ll let you know.

JOSEPH/GMA7: Should she stay away from federalism?

SEC. ANDANAR: I’m sorry?

JOSEPH/GMA7: Number one first: What do you think is the effect of that kind of attitude toward something as serious as changing our Constitution? What is the effect of that kind of video?

SEC. ANDANAR: Number one, just like any case, just like any issue, I have to talk to the source. I have to know what was running in their minds. I don’t want to prejudge or say something now without even talking to her and asking her what was that all about or even talking to the guy he was with.

JOSEPH/GMA7: Sino ba iyon?

Q: Isang blogger daw.

SEC. ANDANAR: I think he is blogger. I have not met him yet.

JOSEPH/GMA7: He has access here?

SEC. ANDANAR: I’ll talk to Mocha about that. I’ll talk to all of those issues and once I’ve talk to Mocha and once I get the explanation from her then we can talk again.

Q: Sec., will you ask Asec. Mocha not to talk about federalism for now?

SEC. ANDANAR: I’m sorry?

Q: As head of PCOO, will you ask or can you instruct Asec. Mocha not to talk about federalism right now?

SEC. ANDANAR: I will talk to her first and then I will tell you kung ano iyong mga orders ko sa kaniya as the head of this agency.

JOSEPH/GMA7: Is she will going to be helpful after this?

SEC. ANDANAR: I’m sorry?

JOSEPH/GMA7: Do you think she’s still going to be helpful after this?

SEC. ANDANAR: There’s so many programs that Mocha hosts as a PCOO Assistant Secretary. One is the DDS Podcast, the other one is Good news, Duterte; under the realm of PCOO, under RTVM, we show it on Radyo Pilipinas. We also show it on Presidential Communications Facebook page. We also show it on PTV and as far as the programs that we have produced for her, the programs are concerned, maayos naman iyong mga programa na ginagawa namin para kay Mocha.

Again, iyong mga questions ninyo na hindi ko masagot ngayon—teka kakausapin ko muna si Mocha. Gusto kong malalaman kung ano iyong iniisip nila while they were filming that federalism program or that game show, I think it was a game show. Thank you.

Q: Clarification lang kasi si Mocha Uson, Asec. for social media. Sabi ninyo hindi nagpaalam sa inyo noong pumasok siya diyan sa information campaign diyan sa federalism. Bakit hindi siya nagpaalam sa superior?

SEC. ANDANAR: We’ll have to talk to—nandoon nga iyong conflict doon eh. Kasi dumiretso nga iyong Concom Spokesperson sa kaniya, kay Mocha. Hindi naman ako kinausap ng Concom Spokesperson, tapos—gusto kong malaman iyong istorya talaga sa likod noon, ano ba ang nangyari bakit nagkaroon ng ganito, bakit hindi humingi ng go signal ang Concom Spokesperson sa interagency.

And let me also just state the fact that after ginawa ng Concom itong draft constitution, doon pumasok iyong interagency para magtulungan dito sa communications. So alamin ko kung ano ba iyong nasa isip ni Ding bakit niya nagawa iyon.

Pero now as we speak, sinasabi ko na nga sa inyo, it’s official that mag-uusap muna ang interagency, walang Spokesperson na ma-a-appoint na hindi nanggagaling sa interagency. Kailangan manggaling sa amin ang desisyon kung sino iyong official Spokesperson, kung sino ang puwedeng magsalita. Magkakaroon pa nga tayo ng training para sa mga trainors ng federalism. So iyon lang po. Maraming salamat at magandang tanghali.

Q: Thank you sir.

SEC. ANDANAR: Thank you guys.

JOSEPH/GMA7: So sir wala pang desisyon to ano—ilayo siya?

SEC. ANDANAR: Ang tagal na nating hindi nag-press con.

JOSEPH/GMA7: Ikaw kapag nagpe-press con ka, mainit. [laughs] Sir, so ibig sabihin wala ka pang desisyon ngayon whether it’s going to be beneficial for Mocha and for the government for Mocha to stay away from the campaign?

SEC. ANDANAR: Ang pinaka-beneficial dito, sundin ang atas ng interagency, na wala dapat nagdedesisyon na walang paalam sa interagency.

JOSEPH/GMA7: So henceforth?

SEC. ANDANAR: Henceforth, kailangan galing sa akin, official dapat na kami ang magsabi, sa PCOO, ang interagency kung sino talaga ang puwedeng—kung sino lang ang puwedeng magsalita para sa federalism. Outside of this, it’s not official. Now kung gusto nilang magsalita, kung sinong gustong magsalita, madaming version iyan, puwede silang magsalita, officially the interagency will talk about what was written in the official federalism draft constitution written by the ConCom. This is still open for scrutiny, magbabago pa ito kasi kakausapin nga natin iyong iba’t ibang groups na mayroon ding interest dito sa—okay na tayo—

Q: Sir, kung accredited ba daw sa office ni Asec. Mocha iyong blogger na kasama niya dito sa video?

SEC. ANDANAR: Hindi ko alam. Hindi ko alam. I don’t know the blogger.

JOSEPH/GMA7: So ibig sabihin after nito dapat wala na tayong makitang mga off message na—

SEC. ANDANAR: Anything official, anything official from the interagency galing sa PCOO, galing sa akin, galing sa DILG Secretary, galing kay ES Medialdea at galing doon sa mga miyembro ng Constitutional Commission.

JOSEPH/GMA7: But how do we prevent other government officials? Will you prevent—

SEC. ANDANAR: We will give you a statement and we will release a document saying kung sino lang ang puwedeng magsalita.

JOSEPH/GMA7: But can you prevent government officials from doing such—

SEC. ANDANAR: We cannot prevent people from saying because it’s their right to speak. Pero iyong official stand ng Duterte government will come from the interagency. Magpapadala kami ng guidelines soon, within this week. Okay, thank you.


SOURCE: PCOO – NIB (News and Information Bureau)