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Bangon Marawi Press Briefing

Event Bangon Marawi
Location Marawi

PIA DIR. GEN. CLAVITE:           Welcome to this afternoon’s Bangon Marawi Press Briefing. With us today is the Presidential Spokesperson, Secretary Harry Roque; at kasama po natin ang ating mga opisyales from the Armed Forces of the Philippines headed by General Guerrero; also with us are the officials of Task Force Bangon Marawi headed by Secretary Eduardo Del Rosario who is also celebrating his birthday today, Happy Birthday Sir; and of course, our officials from the Local Government Unit, Mayor Majul Gandamra; and also Assemblyman Zia Alonto Adiong; and with us also is Brig. Gen. Roseller Murillo of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

Now, we’d like to give the floor for his opening statement. Let us all welcome, Secretary Harry Roque.

SEC. ROQUE:                                   Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to my first Malacañang Press Briefing in Marawi. One of the early commitments I made as soon as I took office as Presidential Spokesperson is to conduct regular press briefing from the ground here in Marawi to emphasize that the rebuilding of Marawi is a priority of President Rodrigo Duterte.

And as promised, we are here today to conduct this very first press briefing, and as you know, I’m joined on this occasion by no less than two of my colleagues in the cabinet, Secretary Eduardo Del Rosario, Chairman of Task Force Bangon Marawi who is also a Chair of the HUDCC. I’m also joined by another colleague in the cabinet, Secretary Alonto. We’re also joined no less than by the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, General Leonardo Guerrero; and, oh I did not notice… my seatmate in Russia, Secretary Mamaong is also here. So we have no less than 4 cabinet members in attendance ‘no.

We also have ARMM Regional Governor Mujiv Hataman. We have the mayor of Marawi of course; people say we look alike… Mayor Majul Gandamra and I accept the observation that we look alike. And then another look alike is Assemblyman Zia Alonto Adiong. And because I have announced it in public, it must be true. There’s also Col. Romeo Brawner of the Joint Task Force Ranao, Deputy Commander and Spokesperson; as well as Brig. General Roseller Murillo, Commander, JTFR.

We today, we had just come from two events, the first is the groundbreaking ceremony for housing project intended for the faculty and employees of the Mindanao State University ‘no. The government through the HUDCC and PAGIBIG and MSU will be constructing 1,000 housing units for MSU employees and a further 100 units for the executives of the university. This forms part of the overall mission to rebuild Marawi ‘no.

We had also just come from the first ever dialogue with stake holders ‘no, where Secretary Del Rosario met with stakeholders, Ulamas, Sultans, civil society, women’s groups, academe in discussing the rebuilding of Marawi.

Now to give you an update first on where we are in rebuilding Marawi, we are in the process of conducting Post Conflict Assessment, and I was informed by Secretary Del Rosario that as a result of this Post Conflict Assessment, we would have a rough idea of how much it would take to rebuild Marawi by January of 2018 – that will also mark the second occasion where we will be conducting our press briefing here from the ground.

Meanwhile, the President is set to visit Marawi again this December for the turnover of the first 500 units, housing units built by the government ‘no for the Bakwits here in Marawi, more or less that would be in the middle of December. Now we also estimate that the permanent… the permanent—well, more or less the final figure that will be needed to rebuild Marawi will be done by March of 2018.

Now in terms of rebuilding Marawi, General Del Rosario had previously discussed the plan which was described by the President in the cabinet meeting where General Del Rosario presented it as an excellent plan ‘no. There is about 200/250 hectares which we previously described as ‘ground zero’ or the ‘battle ground,’ but now we refer to it as the ‘most affected area’ and this is home to about 24 barangays ‘no. The plan is, we will flatten all buildings in the most affected area, and we will build new infrastructures from two-lane highways to four-lane highways. We will have underground electric cables instead of the usual posts, and we will make a promenade in the Agus River which will become a prime tourist attraction.

Meanwhile, the government will build housing units in an area which is only 3.5 kilometers away from the most affected area, and we will be building no less than 6,300 temporary housing units for everyone. We will be building 2,700 permanent housing, and these are for families who in the first place did not have homes prior to the siege of Marawi. And we will also be providing the cost of the housing components for those who have land, but whose houses were destroyed as a result of the conflict.

Now, some very important points were raised during the dialogue, spearheaded by Secretary Del Rosario. Amongst which is a commitment on the part of Bangon Marawi, that in rebuilding Marawi, government will consider the religious beliefs and convictions of the residents of the Marawi. The government also committed that in the process of rebuilding Marawi, there will be regular and constant consultations with the stakeholders – and in fact, the meeting today was the first of such a meeting.

Now because we have Secretary Del Rosario in our midst, may I ask General Del Rosario ito make the short remark about the plans to rebuild Marawi as well…

GEN. DEL ROSARIO:                   Okay. As state by Secretary Harry Roque, we have to complete the Post Conflict Needs Assessment, they will be redeployed again this coming November 27. And the conduct of actual fieldwork will be completed in 2 to 3 weeks’ time. So with that, after the completion of fieldwork by PCNA experts, they will come back again for the right shop, and NEDA will use the result of the fieldwork through the PCNA and will input also the master development plan that was crafted by the Marawi City Government and the Provincial Government of Lanao Del Sur. And from these vital documents, we will come up with the complete or comprehensive rehabilitation and restructuring plan of Marawi City.

On the first week of January, we will be able to come up with initial figure of the amount needed to rehabilitate and restructure Marawi City. But the comprehensive plan per coordination with NEDA, it will be available on the last week of March. So in the meantime, all our government agencies involved in Task Force Bangon Marawi will focus on initial recovery interventions, and this is what we call early recovery stage, and we will be assisting especially those who left Marawi City that upon their return, they will have something to work on. The different governments will help them and we will ensure that they will have water and electric facilities when they go back to their respective barangays.

SEC. ROQUE:                                   I committed to state that in addition to the plan, government housing ‘no that the private sector has also been assisting in the effort to build temporary homes. There is a foundation in Tarlac that has recently donated 500 nipa huts for some of our Bakwits, and San Miguel Corporation has also committed to build 5,000 permanent housing in a 33-hectare lot made available by the local government unit.


Now perhaps the Chief of Staff, General Guerrero can give us also a briefing on the status of the security challenges here in Marawi and neighboring areas.

AFP-COS GUERRERO:                                Thank you, Sec. The role of the military   as far as rebuilding is concerned is two folds:  one is the maintenance of security and peace and order and; the other is the support that we can provide as far as rebuilding and recovery efforts are concerned.  On the security  aspect, our troops under Joint Task Force Ranao continues to conduct clearing operations,  by clearing, I mean  clearing the area of the main –‘most affected area’  whatever war material may have been left by the Maute ISIS in the  area and together with the recovery of cadavers  and   unexploded ordnance.

On the recovery side, again the troops are currently undertaking support to the post  conflict  needs assessment being conducted  by  Joint Task Force Bangon Marawi under Secretary Del Rosario. And just recently, our ground commander  General Murillo has already given the go-signal  for our teams, the post conflict  needs assessment teams to enter the  for them to be able to conduct  their business. So, slowly  our communities  are being  opened to displaced  persons for them  to have access  again to their residences and to see for themselves  whatever  there is, they need to find to find about the areas that they vacated.

I was also given information that since the liberation of Marawi, we have already recovered a total of 77 firearms together with  some  cadavers and right now, we have  also  our engineers here in the  area composed of Army, Air Force and  Navy engineers which are also  undertaking debris clearing  in the most affected areas. Thank you, sir.

SEC. ROQUE:                                   Now, the local government unit of Marawi City under the leadership of Mayor Majul Gandamra has  also been conducting so-called  ‘Kambalingan’ where our ‘bakwit’s’ are encouraged to return to their respective homes.  Perhaps the good Mayor can give us a briefing  on this process  of our ‘bakwit’s’   returning to their homes.

MAYOR GANDAMRA:               Yes, good afternoon to all of you. Yes, a few weeks ago po, we started the return of our IDPs and as of now,  we already returned  at least 17 barangays and of  course, we are also  in the process of restoring all vital facilities, so that  our constituents  can of course live—can return to normal  life. So,  as of now,  we are coordinating with the national  government, especially with the DSWD, in terms   of  delivering the assistance, like for example giving  financial assistance  and food assistance doon po sa mga kababayan natin na bumabalik dito. As  we know, pag-alis po dito sa Marawi City  ay talagang wala  ho silang nadala and so that, they need the assistance of the government, kaya kanya po iyan ang ginagawa  ng ating national government  in coordination with the local government.

So, today po, medyo –we suspend the return of the IDPs because  of this event and tomorrow, we will resume their return. So at least, we have 17 barangays  who  have already returned to their respective places.

SEC. ROQUE:                                   Mayor, do you have an estimate of   number of individuals, who have returned to their homes in these 17 barangays that you mentioned, just a rough estimate.

MAYOR GANDAMRA:               The focal person, the in-charge, at least we, there are   more than 40,000 individuals who have already  returned to  their respective places. So, it’s still counting, sir.  As soon  as the ‘Kambalingan’ will resume tomorrow.

SEC. ROQUE:                                   Also, Assemblyman Zia-Alonto Adiong and perhaps if Assemblyman Adiong can give  us a rough estimate of how many ‘bakwit’s’ we have in the resettlement area as of now.

ASSEMBLYMAN ADIONG:      Well, yes sir. Well, initially we had 359,000 that’s based on the number of individuals we have served. Those are the evacuees scattered around the  evacuations sites, all over Iligan City and some parts of Lanao Del Norte. But since   the City government was able to facilitate the return of the evacuees, it was tremendously, reduced to, I think 48,000  expected  to be returned. In  this said 48,000, that comprises 14 barangays. So we still have  more than 200,00 IDPs and those  have both IDPs in the evacuation centers and as well as home-based IDPs.


We simply have difficulty in locating the number  of IDPs,  home-based IDPS  because some of them  already relocated to  other places like in Manila, Baguio City. What we have right now, are the data that we collected from the nearest evacuation sites we have like Iligan City, Cagayan De Oro and the reports  of the  DSWD from region 6 and region 7.


SEC. ROQUE:                                   Now, on the legal front I  was given a report   by the Department of Justice  that a total of 37 cases  involving rebellion  and  violation of  other special penal laws have been  filed in court against members of the Maute  and those in conspiracy with them. And I was  also told that  a special panel of investigators had already been formed  to specifically  investigate cases of violations of international  humanitarian  law as perpetrated  by the Maute’s . And that  they are in the process now of case building and conducting  investigation. It’s important to highlight  that this is an instance, where  domestic  law and international humanitarian law   applies and  that domestic law  in turn is a  codification of  the second additional protocol to the Geneva Convention  which punishes  war crimes.

And  I was informed  that some of the cases that are being investigated  now by our special  panel of prosecutors with specialized training on  IHL, include  taking  of hostages, wanton killing, kidnapping for ransom and    cruel and inhumane treatment including cases of beheadings  and recruitment of  children  as combatants.  So this is now an ongoing process  being conducted  by DOJ Prosecutors, specially trained  in the special law and international humanitarian law.

Now, would my colleagues in  the cabinet would like, would you like to say a few words, Secretary Alonto?

SEC.ALONTO:                                 Good afternoon. I have to inform  you that from day one, as directed by the President, Mineral Development Authority  has been assisting the Task Force Bangon Marawi  and as a member too. In fact, we are looking not only the immediate rehabilitation of Marawi and reconstruction,  but also in the long term arrangement  where we can have, because Marawi is not a one  stand project. It will be part of a greater programs for Mindanao in terms of connectivity and  goal. And the international community, out of share of Marawi  have been so responsive not  only in terms of sending assistance as we have already informed the President about it. We started China, and we moved to the Middle East. We    have only shorten  our trip, it only end up in Abu Dhabi  and Dubai and the  United Arab Emirates where  we have proceeded to Oman and to Saudi Arabia because of  the ASEAN Summit. But we have to resume. In fact, it came pouring in the Middle East and true also, another team is in Japan.

So, hopefully, while we are going around here. What we are saying is that, Mindanao particularly in Marawi,  is not empty handed. There resources of the city, the land and Lanao Del Sur. And Mindanao for that matter is great. And with this resources that we have, there are so many, in fact starting December. It came, a batch of investors who will be coming just to see Marawi and Davao  for the discussion  on how  they can come in. But we are a looking at it right now. But nevertheless as I have said and unity and solidarity, the community must be one. Our  mass of people, the leadership, the political leaders,  they have to tow their line and  we have to face this as one family, one nation, one community. Otherwise whatever Secretary Del Rosario will be doing will be put to naught, if he will not have his support, we must support it. And hopefully, God willing, as  we have assured you under  President Rodrigo Roa Duterte  as per his instruction also, we will be focusing on programs,  immediate that  can provide jobs and programs  that can be finished  within 4 years to 5 years  that’s the focus  right now.  That is the directive and that is our direction for the betterment of Mindanao and our people. Thank you, Mr. Secretary.

SEC. ROQUE:                                   Thank you, Secretary Alonto, the goal is to completely rebuild Marawi during the term of President Duterte. Now, my colleague in the cabinet,  would you like  to…Secretary Mamao.

SEC. MAMA-O:                               In my capacity as … of the Task Force Bangon Marawi, I do believe that the rehabilitation of the City of Marawi and the Province of Lanao is in good hands. We have a very competent chairman of the Task Force Bangon Marawi in the person of Secretary Del Rosario. And there are three members coming from the Province of Lanao Sur – Secretary Alonto, Secretary Mamondiong Guiling and myself as the representative of the President in Task Force Bangon Marawi.

I think we have here good representations especially from the military because one very, very important thing after the war is over is the security. And I do believe that the Armed Forces of the Republic of the Philippines, and the Philippine National Police have the capability and the capacity to continue and maintaining peace and order in the province of Lanao and the City of Marawi, and for that matter, in the whole Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao.


In my message early this morning, I had this message to the entire population of the City of Marawi and the Province of Lanao del Sur: Now that the war is over, it is time for us, the people of Lanao and the people of the City of Marawi, to campaign for an all-out peace in Lanao, all out peace in Marawi City. Because I do believe that if there will be peace in Lanao, there will  be peace in Maguindanao, there will be peace in Sulu, Tawi-Tawi and Basilan, and for that matter, in the whole Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao. And I hope this message should resonate to the entire population of the City of Marawi and the Province of Lanao Sur. Thank you very much.

SEC. ROQUE:                                   Perhaps, before I open one last. I’d like to call on Col. Brawner. There is someone, a member of the media asked me there are reports that there are ongoing recruitment on the part of Maute. Is there any truth to this?

COL. BRAWNER:                          Sir, we have received reports that there are recruitment activities in the areas surrounding the Lanao Lake. But we are coordinating closely with the local government and also the citizens of these municipalities so that they could help us in preventing the recruitment of … especially of the youth to join any terroristic activity, sir.

SEC. ROQUE:                                   So I guess it is important to send a message especially to the youth who may be susceptible to being recruited that Malacañang has moved to Marawi itself ‘no. I’m here today as the spokesperson, together with no less than three of my colleagues to emphasize, that President Duterte is committed to the rebuilding of Marawi in the soonest time possible.

I now open the floor to questions.

DG CLAVITE:                                                                                                    Before we call on our friends from the media to ask questions, we are also joined today by officials of Task Force Bangon Marawi. We have here with us the Executive Director of TFBM, Undersecretary Ric Jalad. Also, Assistant Secretary Felix Castro, our Field Office Manager in Iligan, and of course, Assistant Secretary Ace Millar from TFBM.


Sir, the first question will come from Mr. Ron Gagalac, ABS-CBN.

SEC. ROQUE:                                   Wait, before actually take, I’d like to recognize first the first Field Manager of Task Force Bangon Marawi. He is the point person to go to if you have any concerns about the rebuilding of Marawi. He is Felix Castro. Please …

FELIX CASTRO:                              Yes, sir. We at Task Force Bangon Marawi Field Office are always open to accept or to be a conduit for those who want to help for Bangon Marawi. And what we do is we link whoever wants to help the concerned agency, so that the concerned agency will be able to monitor, able to help and also to prevent duplication of the donation or whatever things that they want to do for Marawi.

Also, there are areas that have not been reached by certain donations or certain help, and we want to facilitate that and we want to accelerate whatever donations will be given.

SEC. ROQUE:                                   Now, the Co-head of the Field Office of the Task Force Bangon Marawi, is of course, our City Mayor. Questions now.

RON GAGALAC/ABS-CBN:      Sir, good afternoon. Sir, after flattening out the main battle area, how do we now determine which lot belongs to? Because I believe may problema tayo sa land ownership, at the same time, some parts of the area of the main battle area is also a military reservation. So kapag ginawa natin, sir, iyong highway, facilities, baka, sir, magulo iyong geographic conditions ng area. So how do we know kung kanino iyong lupa na iyon?

SEC. DEL ROSARIO:                    Actually, with regard to land ownership, there is no problem, dahil defined naman in their titles kung ano iyong coordinates ng kanilang mga lupa. But definitely, magkakaroon ng changes dahil kapag ginawa natin from two lanes to four lanes or six lanes, medyo liliit iyong mga properties, private properties. So liliit iyon. But ang sinasabi  naman natin sa mga owners ng mga lupa, after the development at maging modern na ang 24 barangays na sinasabi natin iyon ang central business district, iyong value ng property will be ten times the original.

So if you have a one thousand square meter lot, after the land development, it may be about 600 or 700 square meters na lang. So when that happens, there is no problem dahil ang value nito will be ten times.

RON GAGALAC/ABS-CBN:      But sir there could be a possibility that some of the residents will be permanently displaced?

SEC. DEL ROSARIO:                    Definitely, if they don’t own the lots and they are residing there, as squatters, they will not be allowed to go back to those areas.

RON GAGALAC/ABS-CBN:      Sir, do we have an estimated timetable? Gaano po katagal iyong flattening out? Gaano katagal iyong highway? Para lang po ma-estimate  ng mga residente that will belong to the temporary houses, how long will they be staying in the temporary houses?

SEC. DEL ROSARIO:                    Per initial estimate by one of the developers, it will take them four years. And that would be 2021 December, assuming that they will start their work on the second quarter of next year. And on the end or last quarter of 2021, on the third year, we can allow  the individual title owners, the individual owners with title to start constructing whatever they want inside the 200 hectares or 24 barangay if they happen to be staying there with titles.

RON GAGALAC/ABS-CBN:      Sir, iyon naman pong nasa mga evacuation ngayon, displaced residents, gaano naman  po katagal bago sila makalipat doon sa mga temporary houses?

SEC. DEL ROSARIO:                    The temporary houses, the construction is still ongoing. We are targeting 1,170 by the first quarter to be completed. Five hundred units will be turned over on the middle or third week of December. And these 500 families will be allowed to occupy the first 500 housing units before Christmas. And we intend to invite the President to come over, and allow them to occupy the temporary housing unit.

This temporary housing area, if you will notice, was subjected to land development plan. The whole is like a subdivision with concrete roads, and facilities for water and electricity are now being installed so that when they come and occupy the housing units come December, they will have, more or less, comfortable living condition.

SEC. ROQUE:                                   Now, doon sa isyu ng lupain dito sa Marawi ‘no, noong nagprisinta po si Secretary Del Rosario sa Malacañang ng kaniyang plano, inatasan din ng Pangulo ang AFP na suriing mabuti at alamin kung gaanong lupa ang talagang kinakailangan nila dito sa Marawi dahil ang malaking parte ng Marawi ay forms part of a military reservation.

So ang mandato ng Pangulo nga is alamin na kung magkano talaga ang kinakailangan ng militar, at iyong hindi na kinakailangan ay ibigay na doon sa mga walang lupain. So that is part actually of the post-conflict assessment that is being conducted by the office of Secretary Del Rosario.

PIA DIR. GEN. CLAVITE:           Thank you very much. Our Press briefing today is live via PTV 4 and the by the facebook page of the Presidential Communications Operations Office.  We now call on our next question will be coming from GMA7, miss Marlyn Manos.

MARLYN/GMA7:                           Good afternoon, sir. Maiba lang po ako, sir. Meron pala pong ipinapatanong dito. Sir, to Secretary Roque.  Itong case ni Medialdea on driver’s license  deal na malabis na  daw na pagtakda ng budget. Ano po iyong maano ninyo dito, sir?

SEC. ROQUE:                                   Wala po akong impormasyon tungkol diyan. Siguro po sa regular briefing ko  bukas sa Malacañang,  and I will have a  regular briefing tomorrow. I can ask Executive Secretary Medialdea. So ang tinatanong mo is driver’s license deal ‘no.

MARLYN/GMA7:                           Opo.

SEC. ROQUE:                                   Sige po  tatanungin ko  iyan at bukas ko po i-address iyan sa regular press briefing natin sa Malacañang. Priority po ngayon ay issues related to Marawi, because we are here in Marawi.

MARLYN/GMA7:                           Bakit daw pinagbawalan ang gobyerno and pag-announce  ng mga dead and missing body dito sa Marawi City na marami pang pamilya kasi ang naghahanap. Lately last week meron pang sampung families?

SEC. ROQUE:                                   May I ask the Spokesperson of the AFP to respond to the question.

AFP-COS GUERRERO:                                Ma’am, your question is kung pinagbawal namin iyong pag-announce ng mga recovered bodies? Hindi po namin pinagbawal, but we are still in the process of recovering the cadavers and   sinusunod po natin iyong proseso together  with SOCO, in  order for us to identify the bodies.  Pero kinakailangan po kasi na may katumbas na sample iyong DNA ng mga kamag-anak po nung nagki-claim. So, it’s a process  that we are following. And from the side of the AFP and PNP SOCO, tuloy-tuloy pa rin po iyong ginagawa nating pag-recover ng mga cadavers.

ASSEMBLYMAN ADIONG:      Right now, Ma’am Marlyn, the MDM, the Management of Dead and Missing Person is conducting very close—conducting the retrieval and as well as the identification of the retrieved bodies. So we cannot actually say and exactly identify which bodies are recovered from the main battle area precisely because,  these are only the skeletal  remains and they have to undergo the post mortem examination and even if we  identify the remains, still we need to match the DNA  from the families  and persons who have submitted  their swab sample, DNA sample. So, it will take a while, before the determination of the dead body. As soon as we have determined the identification and there is a necessary matching of DNA with the persons submitted  their swab sample, then automatically,  if there is a  claim, then we will turn over them to the families. In fact, we have already turned over 11 bodies to these 11 families, which  were buried in Iligan City.

MARLYN/GMA7:                           Sir, last na po. Kelan daw pupuwedeng  masilip  ng  mga may-ari ng bahay sa main battle area, kasi iyon ang tinatanong nila kung kailan daw  nila puwede man lang  masilip iyong mga bahay nila sa main battle area?

SEC. ROQUE:                                   Naitanong po iyan kanina doon sa stake holders meeting at ang kasagutan po ng Hukbong Sandatahan  ay binibigyan po ng pagkakataon ang mga residente  na makabalik sa kanilang mga tahanan. Kaya lang  dahil sa security  considerations, hindi po  sabay-sabay. So, inuunti-unti po at ine-schedule pero meron po talagang ganyang pagkakataon,  hindi naman po talaga  pinagkakait na makabalik sila sa kanilang mga tahanan. Kaya nga lang,  intindihin natin bagama’t liberated na ang Marawi ay nagi-ingat pa rin ang ating mga security forces. Does anyone want to add?

SEC. DEL ROSARIO:                    Actually at the moment, dahil meron pang clearing operations na ginagawa sa most affected area. Nabanggit nga may nakukuha pang mga cadavers, merong mga nakukuhang exploded explosives saka  ammunitions. So guarded iyong ina-allow ng AFP na mag-visit sa loob. Inuuna natin iyong mga local government officials, barangay officials para ma-ensure natin na calibrated iyong mga nagpupunta doon. Pero hindi namin inaalis at pinagbabawalan at talagang hindi papupuntahin iyong mga residente. Ang ginagawa natin ngayon ay ine-schedule natin iyong bibisita lang, magpupunta roon sa lugar. But, pag nakumpleto ng Armed Forces of the Philippines iyong total clearing, wala nang cadaver, wala na ang  unexploded[ordnance], then that’s the time  na we will  allow  them before the actual rehabilitation. And most likely it will happen by first quarter of next year.  Tama ba iyon?

DIVINA/PDI:                                     Sir, iyong question  ko  is related po doon sa retrieval operation of cadavers. Natanong na po iyong iba, reaction  lang po na  iyong Capin funeral homes, tinanggal  daw siya as  part of the MDM, it’s because sila iyong  management, iyong manager siya iyong palaging nagbibigay ng information  sa media, like iyong last na trabaho  nila was November 8? Dahil pinagalitan  daw ng MDM iyong manager ng Capin na nagbigay ng information  on ‘may two months  old na  na-retrieved,’ tapos  may isang  babae na identifiable na believed to be teacher dahil sa ID na nakuha sa katawan niya at  hindi sana daw pinapa-release iyong ganoon na information. Kaya iyon yung  reason na tinanggal sila at kaya din  natanong kung bakit may mga ganoong information na hindi  ibinigay, when in fact may maraming pamilya na  lumapit sa amin na nagpapatulong para makalapit para  makita iyong pangalan at saka   mga pictures  nung mga na-retrieve  na mga cadavers po.

SEC. ROQUE:                                   Well unang-una po ‘no, iyong mga impormasyon kasi na sinasabi ninyo, na nire-release ng funeral parlor, hindi po dapat nire-release ‘yan. Every cadaver retrieved is an investigation by itself. So cardinal principle po ‘yan of any investigation, na habang investigation eh hindi naman dapat nagre-release ng information sa publiko ‘no. So, let the investigators do the announcement ‘no, kasi may protocol naman po ‘yan para hindi rin magkakamali ‘no.

So I hope you understand na actually, hindi ko alam kung totoong tinanggal siya for that reason, but every retrieval is a criminal case by itself. And therefore, even the right of… to information cannot apply to an ongoing criminal investigation. So iyon lang iyong maha-highlight ko, pero it is true po na tinanggal natin iyong funeral parlor na iyon?

ASSEMBLYMAN ADIONG:      So far, wala pang information regarding that ‘no. It’s maybe because of management arrangement with the MDM. So the part of the provincial and the city government really is to provide support in terms of retrieval operation. But as to the management and iyong arrangement ng funeral at iyong MDM, it’s entirely between the DILG, the PNP and the MDM.

So what we—but on the case of the retrieval operation, the main—the most affected area in this case in previous weeks with the main battle area is actually treated not only as the battle zone, but it’s also treated as a big crime scene – that’s why we are very, very careful in giving out information because iyon nga, sabi nga ni Secretary Roque, it will entail also of filing criminal charges against the perpetrators, in this case the Maute Group.

And we don’t want also to cause unnecessary alarm, that’s why we are very, very careful in giving out information regarding that. Because it’s not really good to hear, you know, dead bodies and dead humans. We give daily basis naman iyong information as—on the note of you know, iyong approval po ng MDM and iyong sa ano ng DILG and PNP.

DIVINA/PDI:                                     One last na lang po, sir. Iyong mga identifiable na cadavers ba, nililibing na doon sa Maqbara or dinala muna sa punerarya kaya para mahintay iyong family to claim them after matching their DNA result?

SEC. ROQUE:                                   I can only tell you what the standard operating procedure is ‘no. If it is identified, they will contact the next of kin ‘di ba for them to claim. And I think it will entail a long period of time that after—having informed the next of kin, na they will consider disposing of the remains ‘no. I think, the law states that we accord proper respect to dead persons and that involves returning the remains to their love ones.

ZORAIDA/RADYO PILIPINAS:                                                                               As leader po of local media group here in Marawi City, marami po tayong natatanggap na mga katanungan and request from community leaders, lalo na po doon sa ground zero composed of 24 barangays. And we have mosques and madrazas there, paano po natin daw i-address iyong mga madraza and mga masjid o mosques; kasama ba ‘yan sa priority natin? At ipa-flatten din iyong ground zero, iyong 24 barangays, paano na po daw iyong mga madraza and mga mosque, sir?

SEC. ROQUE:                                   Well gaya po ng sinabi natin kanina ‘no, iyong process of rebuilding Marawi will be done with proper consultations respecting the religious beliefs of the residents of Marawi. So I am sure that in the future plan to rebuild Marawi, the religious places of worship will be rebuilt and of course it will have to be—the physical setup of these places of worship will really depend on the residents of Marawi, how they want it rebuild pursuant to the religious beliefs.

ZORAIDA/RADYO PILIPINAS:                                                                               Sir, one more sir. Kanina po sabi ni Secretary… sa Housing ‘no, makakabalik po iyong—mabibigyan ng housing iyong may titulo. Kanina po nakatanggap ako ng text sabi sa akin, “Paano po iyong bahay namin, walang titulo?” Paano natin ‘yan i-a-address sir? Nasa kanila daw iyong lote mismo, wala lang silang titulo.

SEC. DEL ROSARIO:                    Well, ang standard natin na bibigyan ng permanent shelter iyong wala nang babalikang bahay at wala na ring lupa. Kung mayroon kang lupa at iyong bahay mo nasira, 100%… at ayaw mong ma-relocate at pumunta ka doon sa permanent shelter na ibibigay ng gobyerno, you can construct your own house in your original lot. At iyong price ng bahay na gagawin doon sa permanent shelter, iyon din ang ibibigay na tulong sa iyo ng ating gobyerno.

Now ang question diyan ngayon na lumalabas eh, wala palang titulo sa lupa. So ibig sabihin kung magtatayo ka ng bahay sa lupa na hindi mo naman pag-aari, I would suggest huwag ka nang magpagawa ng bahay dahil hindi naman sa iyo iyon. Ibig sabihin, mayroong may-ari ng lupa na ‘yan, baka masayang lang iyong gagastusin mo dahil hindi naman sa iyo iyong lupa na… kung nasaan iyong bahay mo dati.

SEC. ROQUE:                                   Anyway gaya ng sinabi ko po kanina, inatasan na ng ating Pangulo ang Armed Forces na pag-aralan at sabihin kung ilan talaga ang kinakailangan nilang lupa nang sa gayon, iyong ibang lupa na hindi na kinakailangan ng militar eh pupuwede nang matituluhan. Now iyong mga mayroong claim of possession na tinatawag, sabi nga nila possession is almost 100% title ‘no, huwag po kayong mag-alala – kapag iyong area ninyo eh na-identify ng military na hindi na kinakailangan for reservation, pupuwede naman kayong mag-apply para sa titulo. At ito rin po ang dahilan kung bakit inatasan na rin ng Pangulo ang DENR na palawakin pa ang kanilang survey dito sa Marawi ‘no, anticipating na baka naman mas maraming lupa pa ang pupuwede nating maibigay sa mga residente ng Marawi ‘no dahil nga ang ground zero ay ipa-flatten out. Okay.

MARLON/PIA:                                                Okay, good afternoon. The question goes this way, because mayroon pong ‘Kambalingan’ naganap ho at saka nagaganap po ‘no, iyong pagbabalik ng ating mga IDPs. Ngayon po sa aming pagsasabay sa kanila, tiningnan namin, na-observe namin iyong situation, may mga kahilingan sila, iyong mga sustenance pagdating nila sa kanilang tahanan. Nagpapasalamat sila sa efforts ng government, sa LGU, sa lahat na nangyaring ‘Kambalingan’. Kaya lang iyong kanila pong mga kahilingan, iyong pagkatapos ng supply sa kanila, iyong pabaon, ano na po ang mangyayari sa kanila?

Pangalawa po, kung posible daw po iyong micro-lending para doon sa mga kababayan nating mga negosyante na nawalan ng hanapbuhay dito sa Marawi City? Maraming salamat po.

FELIX CASTRO:                              Iyong unang tanong, pagbalik nung isang pamilya, binibigyan sila ng pasalubong na 17 days na food packs. At binigyan din ng bigas, isang kabang bigas, may 5,000 na perang panggastos ano. Ang after na-consume na ito, DSWD, as what’s agreed upon, will evaluate/assess kung puwede pa o kailangan pang ituloy iyong assistance ng mga families na ito. Iyong ibang families, kung mayroon naman na silang livelihood, puwede na silang mamuhay nang sarili nila, hindi na itutuloy.

As far as the lending is concerned, iyong DTI po ay may programa ng lending doon sa mga may negosyo. As we all know, 45% of Maranaos are traders. Sila ay nabubuhay sa business of trading. And may programa po ang DTI na iyan, napag-usapan iyan the past few weeks. They will link up to the businessmen in Marawi. I recommended that they set up a sort of a forum para mapag-usapan nang husto ito. Iimbitahin iyong mga businessmen na gustong magsimula uli, na iyong kanilang mga negosyo ay nasira ng giyera, at hahanapan ng paraan kung papaano mapadali iyong pag-uutang nila sa mga lending institutions.

SEC. ROQUE:                                   At mayroon din pong special na programa ang Department of Trade and Industry ‘no na bigyan ng livelihood ang ating mga bakwit ng sila ay magkaroon na ng mga normal na buhay. Naiintindihan  po namin na iyong proseso ng pagbabangon ng Marawi ay hindi overnight. Pero ang importante po talaga ngayon sa gobyerno ay dahil hindi pupuwedeng maging normal ang buhay ng mga taga-Marawi nang walang hanapbuhay, eh sa lalong mabilis na panahon ay matulungan silang magkaroon ng ganitong hanapbuhay. Okay?

So si Secretary Del Rosario, I think, wants to have the last statement.

SEC. DEL ROSARIO:                    Dagdagan ko lang ano. Iyong sa Department of Agriculture related to micro-financing, magbibigay din sila ng suporta on micro-financing at magbibigay din sila ng tulong sa mga farmers, I think, 5,000 to 10,000. And they will be providing seedlings. So iyong DA personnel, umiikot na sa mga barangays para i-determine ang kabuuan na pangangailangan ng mga farmers.

So iyong DTI is more on the traders; ang Department of Agriculture para sa farmers. Kasi 40% ng livelihood, source ng livelihood dito sa Marawi ay nanggagaling din sa farming.

SEC. ROQUE:                                   Okay, last question.

RON GAGALAC/ABS-CBN:      Sir, security concerns lang for the AFP. Sir, we were able to take over the camp, the lair of Abu Turaypi, but we were not able to arrest anyone. Is that true? And how big a threat is the group of Abu Turaypi in our fight against terrorism?

GEN. GALVEZ:                                                                                                 Sir, as you all know, we are continuing and sustaining our gains in Marawi. And considering that the group of Turaypi is aligned with the ISIS, we are continuing our hunt on the Central Mindanao because we want that the Maguindanao and Central Mindanao, especially the Cotabato Peninsula will be safe from any threat from the ISIS-inspired group.

As of this moment, our troops from Joint Task Force Central is continuing hunting. And we have already preparing for major operations in the area. We cannot discuss the details considering it will telegraph our actions.

SEC. ROQUE:   Okay.                   Well, that ends our first Malacañang press briefing in Marawi. We will be back in January, but the President should return here in Marawi sometime in December for the turn-over of the first 500 housing units. So until January, thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen. And again, to the residents of Marawi, sagot po kayo ni Presidente Duterte. Babangon po ang Marawi. Maraming salamat po.


source: PCOO-NIB (News Information Bureau)