Press Briefing

Bangon Marawi Press Briefing with Task Force Bangon Marawi Chairperson Secretary Eduardo Del Rosario; Department of Social Welfare and Development Secretary Virginia Orogo; TFBM Field Office Manager, Assistant Secretary Felix Castro; Marawi City Mayor Majul Gandamra; Task Force Ranao Commander Brigadier General Ramiro Rey; AFP JTF Ranao Deputy Commander Colonel Romeo Brawner Jr.; and Philippine Information Agency Director-General Harold Clavite

Event Bangon Marawi Press Brefing
Location Marawi City

DIR. GEN. CLAVITE:  [Airing starts]… Armed Forces of the Philippines, General Rey and Col. Brawner; and also we have Assistant Secretary Felix Castro, our TFBM Field Office Manager; and of course, Undersecretary Yano, who is here with us today.

We will give an opportunity for our friends from the press to ask questions regarding updates on efforts of the government in Task Force Bangon Marawi. But before we do that, I’d like to give you a few updates: Geared towards creating job opportunities, the Task Force Bangon Marawi through its member-agencies and partners continue to provide livelihood assistance and training for the internally displaced persons and the returned residents of Marawi City. TFBM appreciates the gratitude given to us by our beneficiaries. We have an update, let’s watch this video: [VIDEO PRESENTATION]

Thank you… We are also joined today by no less than the Secretary of the Department of Social Welfare and Development. Let us all welcome, Secretary Virginia G. Orogo. Welcome, ma’am… And of course as I’ve mentioned, we are live on PTV now and also we’re streaming live from Facebook pages of all PCOO attached agencies; and of course our Task Force Bangon Marawi Facebook page. And we would like to greet our mga kababayans na nanonood sa iba’t ibang lupalop ng bansa at iba’t ibang bahagi ng mundo para makakuha ng updates on Bangon Marawi.

And for additional updates, kaninang umaga po the Task Force Sub-Committee on Business and Livelihood in partnership with the United Nations World Food Program and Food and Agricultural Organization spearheaded the conduct of the ‘Kawiyagan’ or the Kabuhayan Livelihood Activity. This activity highlighted the synergy among task force member-agencies in ensuring the livelihood of the affected residents in the war-torn City of Marawi and parts of Lanao Del Sur.

On August 21st during the celebration of the Eid al-Adha or the Feast of Sacrifice of our Muslim brothers and sisters in Marawi City and Lanao Del Sur, there’s about 1,800 IDP families who received halal-certified Qurbani meat packs distributed by the Islamic Relief Philippines. To ensure that local customs are adhered to, the organization followed a robust process in implementing the highest halal standard from the selection of the cows, including the slaughtering, packing, until the meat packs reached the hands of our Maranao families.

On the other hand, the Department of Agrarian Reform in collaboration again with WFP is currently implementing its Agricultural Livelihood Recovery Support to the vulnerable small scale farmers of Agrarian Reform communities in the City of Marawi. The beneficiaries of this program include the farm workers and fisher folks of the 15 identified Agrarian Reform barangays here in Marawi. These agrarian initiatives intend to support the livelihood activities of the conflict-affected farmers and fishermen.

Under the Food Security Convergence Program, member-agencies of the task force’ Sub-Committee on Business and Livelihood together with, again, UNWFP and FAO have strengthened and institutionalized the convergence initiatives for the reconstruction, recovery and rehabilitation of the city as they aim to an immediate help and assistance to the maximum recovery of the affected farmers. This currently provide immediate food access, there’s also food diversity and balanced nutrition for the families. The agency is currently assisting about 1,600 farmers expanding their organic rice, corn and vegetable production with complete delivery of farm tools.

For DSWD, the Department continues with their ongoing provision of basic social protection services for IDP families in the remaining evacuation centers and home-based tents. The agency provides the ongoing distribution of hygiene kits, family kits and sleeping kits to about 6,832 home-based IDPs that are currently located in Lanao Del Norte. Also in collaboration with other task force agency members, the LGU-Marawi and the World Food Program, DSWD continues to prepare for the biometric profiling of all IDPs from Marawi City; and they are also prioritizing the residents of the most affected area who are currently residing in remaining evacuation centers and those who are home-based IDPs.

Also to accelerate government efforts on economic, social and education opportunities for Marawi, the Department of Information and Communication Technology established several projects involving the use of high technologies and digitals. DICT has taken the road of establishing free internet access spots in some municipalities of Lanao Del Sur and in particular, the City of Marawi; and now residents can experience free internet connection under the People Connect free Wi-Fi internet access in public places project.

DICT’s project GovNet also aims to interconnect government agencies wherein Marawi residents would be able to experience more efficient government online services. These interventions are done to help conflict-communities and they have been expanded through Technology for Education or a Tech-for-Ed which provides the regular education system following a more developed digital education.

To address unemployment in the city and its neighboring municipalities, DICT also introduced the Rural Impact Sourcing Technical Training which helps IDPs to become technology-ready and they become equipped in ICT opportunities.

And lastly, the Office of Civil Defense-ARMM distributed information and education campaign materials to various schools, sectors and establishments in Lanao Del Sur including the City of Marawi. The agency’s Disaster Information for Nationwide Awareness Project or Project DINA aims to inform the public on the safety measures before, during and after a hazardous event that will occur in their respective areas. Relevant information related to securing vital and important supplies, equipment and documents during the occurrence of any disaster were also discussed in the grassroots level.

So that’s all for our updates from the member-agencies of Task Force Bangon Marawi. Now, we welcome our friends from the press coming here from the Province of Lanao Del Sur, Marawi City, Lanao Del Norte, Iligan and also Cagayan De Oro City. And you may now ask questions to our resource persons now. Please state your name and your media organization.

Q:  Good morning, sir. Let me address to you, Secretary Eduardo Delos Reyes. Sir, kumusta na iyong update—sino ba talaga ang—may na-approve na ba, after failure sa unang nag-bid? Anong development ng kung sino ang mag-develop sa rehabilitation?    

SEC. DEL ROSARIO:  Previously, I have been saying and even reporting to the Cabinet and even to the general public of Marawi City, that groundbreaking will start as early as June or July. But unfortunately during the course of the negotiation with Bagong Marawi Consortium, nagkaroon tayo ng mga issues of legal, financial and technical requirements of the developer.

And during the discussion, we concluded, the selection committee concluded that they had an unsuccessful negotiation with Bagong Marawi Consortium, because of the lacking submissions of necessary requirements. So we proceeded to the next developer which is Power China and for the last two months we have been negotiating with Power China and I was told by the selection committee this week that today they will know the exact time table; and if ever the negotiation will be successful or not.

So, by next week, Task Force Bangon Marawi will be ready to announce if a successful negotiation was reached; and if reached, we can give you our definite time table of groundbreaking and eventual rehabilitation of the most affected area.

Q:  Just a follow up question, Secretary Del Rosario. In case – sana hindi mangyari, in case na there will be another failure to… sa negotiation. Is there another credible firm to level up for the next negotiation?

SEC. DEL ROSARIO:  We are receiving some information and in fact some big developers, actually mga from Indonesia and South Korea, they have signified their intention to participate in the rehabilitation. So, we have immediate back up just in case there will be a failure of negotiation again.

Q:  Ito bang Power China, Secretary, iyon ba iyong contractor ng GN Power Coal Plant sa Kauswagan, Lanao Del Norte?

SEC. DEL ROSARIO:  Most likely. Although, sabi ni Engineer, he is confirming.

Q:  Thank you, Secretary. Can I redirect my question more on security matters to General Rey. Sir, good morning. Sir, I got an information na sarado muna ngayong ang access to most affected area dahil sa ongoing excavation ng remaining UXO (unexploded ordnance). Anong development, sir. How many unexploded bombs, ano iyong klaseng bomba na nahukay ngayon at kailan ire-open iyong MAA for access of media and other organizations that would like to see the development, sir? Thank you.

BG REY:  Actually the closing nung Most Affected Area, it is because of the identification of the bomb entry along Mapandi Road and Lilod Road. So merong nakita doon na dalawang entry point of unexploded bomb, iyon yung nire-recover lang. Kaya sinara iyon, because iyon yung passage na binigay natin for the civilians to go… for civilians going to Kapai, going to the First District of Lanao Del Sur.  So, I presented this to the PPOC and the CPOC meetings and it was agreed na… they gave me one month to recover iyong—kasi dahan-dahan, manually kasi nire-recover iyon. Pag makuha na iyon, we will open that again sa public iyong Mapandi and Lilod Road, iyon lang iyong reason bakit nagsara tayo ngayon doon muna.

Q:  In terms of number of UXOs na recover as of today, ilan na, sir?

BG REY:  Sa ngayon, wala akong figure… sa exact figure of that. But ang masasabi ko lang na recovered unexploded bombs and IEDs, iyong mga nakita above ground; iyong mga pumasok, beneath the ground, iyon yung mga ire-recover pa natin. And kaunti lang iyon.

Q:  Sir, iyong update, itinuloy ba iyong pag-build up or pag-construct ng military camp sa itaas, iyong malapit sa old Capitol site?

BG REY:  I’ll just give the mike to Col. Brawner, mas alam niya iyong isyu noon.

COL. BRAWNER:   Thank you, Ritchell. As of today, we are still working on talking to the owners  of the lots doon po sa proposed site ng ating military camp in Barangay Kapantaran. We have so far conducted dialogues with the owners and with the other stake holders and the general sentiment that we got is that they are in favor of the building of that camp in Barangay Kapantaran because of the emphasis on the security of the rehabilitation process. So pabor sila, pero ngayon inaayos pa natin iyong pagbili natin ng mga lupa dito.

Q:    First to Col. Romeo Brawner. Sir, na-mention mo before na merong Kambisita sa MAA part 2, kumusta na po ito, sir, at kailan mag-start?

SEC. DEL ROSARIO:  Before Col. Brawner. I would like to give you an idea, what is this Kambisita 2 is all about. We find it necessary, that before the start of the actual ground rehabilitation in the most affected area to establish the metes and bounds of the individual lots, with or without titles in the whole 250 hectares that compose the 24 barangays; so kailangan malaman muna natin bago tayo magkaroon ng debris clearing. And likewise, we have to establish ownership of the lots and the buildings. As of now, we do not know exactly who own the lots and who own the buildings. That is the very reason kung bakit maggagawa tayo Kambisita 2 and it will start on September 10.

There will be a workshop that will be conducted and spearheaded by the DENR, this will be headed by Asec. Michelle Go. So, all the agencies involved in the land resource management will be there to locate exactly the metes and bounds, the ownership and also to estimate the cost of damage in every structure.

Kasi mahihirapan po tayo ‘pag ka nagkaroon ng debris clearing at pagbalik ng mga owners, ‘Nasaan ba iyong boundary ng aking bahay, boundary ng aking lupa?’ So kailangan natin na simulan sa most affected area at maging very definite tayo, to the nearest inch or meter ma-establish natin, otherwise magkakaroon tayo ng future problem. And likewise, pagpunta ng mga government teams during the Kambisita 2, papipirmahin ang mga individual owners na they are giving their consent na iyong kanilang mga buildings ay i-clear ng government. Otherwise, we will not touch destroyed buildings without the consent of the owner. So ito po ay napakalaking activity before we launch the actual demolition or clearing of debris in the most affected area.

Now for the details, ang nakakaalam po niyan si Colonel Brawner dahil siya ang na-designate na Spokesman with regards to Kambisita 2 activities and the land resource management; although it is led by Asec. Michelle Go. Medyo nahihiya pa si Asec. Go, so I turn the floor to Colonel Brawner.

COL. BRAWNER: Yes sir, thank you very much. The activity sir that we will be doing is called ‘social cartography’ ‘no kasi hindi lang po iyong pag-measure ng mga lote ang gagawin natin but we will link this with the social data that we are going to gather. That is why DSWD will be part of the teams that will be going down. So marami po tayong ginagawang preparations prior to September 10. In fact, we have already had several activities, several meetings and we are making sure that everything will be ready by September 10. For instance, kailangan po natin mag-procure ng mga special equipment ‘no and this is a very tedious process. We also have to form the various teams. We are looking at 18 teams, 18 teams po ang gagawin natin para mabilis po iyong ating survey. So ibig sabihin po iyong mga agencies who will be contributing to each of the team will have to produce at least 18 members ‘no. Pero kailangan po siyempre mayroon tayong reserve.

We will be conducting a training by the first week of September for all of the members of the team including the team members coming from the LGU. So malaking training po iyong gagawin natin prior to the actual entering of the residents together with these trained teams.

Q: So another question sir, addressed to Asec. Castro, sir. Sir, kamusta na po iyong isinasagawa nating IDP profiling sir? Update lang po.

ASEC. CASTRO: Inaayos pa natin iyong mga detalye ano, ongoing—

Q: Yes sir.

ASEC. CASTRO: Sa ngayon katatapos lang ng mga questionnaires, may mga equipment na nakuha at magte-training tayo iyong tinatawag na enumerators plus, inaayos natin iyong mga listahan, mga pangalan, maybe September na rin makakapagsimula tayo ng training noong mga enumerators. 

Q: Thank you sir. So sir, Secretary Del Rosario, alam po natin na posibleng by December or January iyong plebisito for the BOL – Bangsamoro Organic Law. In case manalo ang yes and then the BTA will start no, Bangsamoro Transition Authority, what will happen sa rehabilitation ng most affected area? Maapektuhan ba ito sir?

SEC. DEL ROSARIO: It will not be affected. Kasi ito nakakakasa na ito na programa ng national government at iyong ating mga gagawin nakaplantsa hanggang 2022. For the rehabilitation ang most affected area, it will be until 2021. Of course, there will be a one year transition and during that one year transition, we will define the responsibilities of the BOL and the national government of the effects of the BOL.

Q:  Thank you sir. Another sir is iyong mga IDPs from most affected areas or from the 24 barangays in the ground zero. Until now mayroon pa ring mga IDPs na hindi po na-accommodate sa temporary shelter, dapat din silang ilagay doon sa permanent shelter ‘di ba? Dapat sila doon sa permanent shelter. Mayroon na po bang naipatayo o nag-start na po ba itong pag-construct ng permanent shelter sir? 

SEC. DEL ROSARIO: As of now ‘no iyong IDPs natin na nasa evacuation center is about 817 families. There is now an ongoing construction in Site 2 as temporary shelter that can even accommodate 1,500. So we expect that all IDPs in all evacuation centers will be transferred to all temporary shelter by 2018 or by December. So by 2019 wala na tayong mga IDPs occupying evacuation centers.

Now with regards to the main question of permanent shelter, this afternoon we are going to meet the owners of the land where the government will be buying and to be used as permanent shelter location. So ‘pagka natapos natin iyong negotiation this afternoon in two, three weeks’ time, mag-i-start na iyong site development of that 24 hectare property.

Q: Thank you sir. My last question is address to the LGU of Marawi, of course to our City Mayor, very good City Mayor Attorney Majul Gandamra and sa security sector. By September 22 na po ang barangay—synchronized barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan election ‘no. So gaano po tayo kahanda to make sure na maidaos po ang mapayapa at matiwasay na halalan and doon sa security sector ready na po ba tayo? Alam natin ang Marawi ‘no na mayroon pong mga hotspots. So kamusta po ang mga preventive measures to make sure na maidaos po itong honest, orderly and peaceful elections. So survey, so iyon lang po.

MAYOR GANDAMRA: Maraming salamat po, Ma’am, sa inyong katanungan regarding doon sa forthcoming barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan elections this September 22. Before the scheduling of this election, nagkaroon na po tayo ng public consultation with the different sectors of the society specially mga stakeholders, the barangay officials, the affected constituent and of course the security forces, the DEPED and even the DSWD para ng sa ganoon masigurado natin na itong parating na eleksiyon ng barangay at saka SK ay hindi ma-disenfranchise ang ating mga kababayan na nais bumoto, nais magbigay ng kanilang fresh mandate sa ating mga leaders sa different barangays.

So in terms of security po ay kami po ay naniniwala based on the assessment made by the security forces headed by the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the PNP ay kami po ay naniniwala na itong parating na eleksiyon ay magkakaroon po tayo ng peaceful and orderly conduct of election.

So on the part of the City government, continuing rin po ang ating pakikipag-usap sa mga stakeholders specially our barangay officials involved, na sana itong eleksiyon na ito ay mapakita natin sa buong Pilipinas na maging peaceful. At ang ating mga kababayan, pinupuntahan natin ang mga different evacuation centers and even temporary shelters, as well as different barangays at nagkakaroon ho tayo ng consultation. At sa—in consensus ay gusto ho nila magkaroon tayo ng election. Kaya po itong darating na halalan ng mga barangay ay sana po ay hindi lang ho ang ating gobyerno kung hindi lahat ho ng sektor ay dapat ho makilahok dito at bantayan ho natin ang ating karapatang bumoto ng ating karapat-dapat na ilagay natin sa ating mga barangay, dahil sila po ang pinaka-basic unit of the local government at nakita po natin na sa kanilang participation ay naibibigay natin iyong tamang serbisyo sa ating mga kababayan.

Q: Good morning sir. Dagdag na katanungan lang tungkol sa eleksiyon. Kasi may mga na-interview kami na… mga ideas or opinions na baka daw kaunti lang iyong makaboto kasi marami pa sa mga botante dito, mga residente, ang hindi pa nakabalik talaga ng Marawi at nandoon pa sa mga malalayong lugar, mga home based. Ano po ang reaksiyon ninyo dito sir?

MAYOR GANDAMRA: Well, sa akin po ay nirerespeto natin ang mga ganoong opinyon. But based on the … itong  mga nakaraang mga services being done by the government, especially the DSWD, iyong pagbibigay po ng mga ayuda especially po dito sa Marawi City, nakikita po natin na talagang even those affected constituents nasa labas ng Marawi City ay pumupunta rito para kunin ang kanilang mga ayuda. The more that pupunta ho sila dito kung sila po ay pagbibigyan na pumili ng kanilang mga leaders; and that is the consensus.

I’ve been moving around the different municipalities and, of course, itong mga evacuation centers, pati po rito iyong mga temporary shelters sa Marawi City, iyon ho ang consensus. Gusto ho nilang magkaroon ng eleksyon, magkaroon ng fresh mandate ang kanilang mga leaders. So wala hong imposible na hindi ho sila pupunta rito. Sabi ko nga ho sa inyo, series of … iyong mga ginagawa na intervention ng ating gobyerno ay makikita natin na pumupunta dito ang ating mga kababayan even from different faraway places outside Marawi City.

So sinisigurado ko po ito na magkakaroon ho tayo ng … wala hong madi-disenfranchise because they will be given opportunity to choose their leaders this coming barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan election.

Q: And with that, sir, may we know as of today, sa record ng LGU at saka DSWD, number of IDPs in the evacuation center or evacuation tents? At ilan iyong open or active evacuation tents or evacuation centers sa ngayon, Marawi and nearby areas?

MAYOR GANDAMRA: Doon po sa labas po, iyong sinasabi natin na may at least mayroong 800 affected households, sa labas. And iyong doon po naman sa based—kung ilang evacuation centers, I think the DSWD can give us the accurate information.

Dito po sa Marawi City, mayroon ho tayong temporary shelters, iyong sa Sagonsongan. At mayroon din ho tayo dito sa may Sarimanok 1 and 2. And mayroon din po sa ibang areas, in Guimba, pero these are minimal. So mostly po ay nasa home-base, nasa different places, nasa mga private houses. Thank you po.

SEC. OROGO: Right now, we have active 22 evacuation centers. And they are housing about 1,674 families. And then, ang home-based namin, we are serving about 10,934 pa. So a total of 12,608 families.

Q: Okay po. Thank you po, ma’am. Last question for the TFBM, Secretary Del Rosario or perhaps, Asec. Castro. Sir, ilan na po iyong completed na temporary housing ngayon na occupied na po—completed and occupied, at completed pero hindi pa occupied kasi may mga factors kung bakit hindi pa occupied?

SEC. DEL ROSARIO: Ito na iyong total natin ano, ang grand total ng target natin: 3,462; ang completed units, 1,522. Iyong data natin ng occupied alam mo? Si Asec. Castro na lang ang magsasabi.

ASEC. CASTRO: Iyon po, sir, natapos na ay 1,522; ang occupied is 1,462. Ito ay involving sa Sagonsongan, Matunggaw at saka iyong Angat Buhay Village. Tapos iyong sa Sagonsongan, may konti pang inaayos; that’s less than a hundred, around 60 plus yata iyon. May konting inaayos doon sa mga units. At kinukuha na natin ngayon iyong mga pangalan para fully makumpleto na.

At aside from that, iyong ARMM also, may gustong ipagawa na 250. Of course, iyong ating Bugangan na 1,500 na units, so tuluy-tuloy po iyon.


ASEC. CASTRO: Oo, ongoing iyong dalawa.

DANIEL MANALASTAS/PTV4: Sirs, ma’am, good afternoon. Tatanungin ko lang po, sir, Secretary Del Rosario, in overall perspective. Less than two months na lang since the President has declared Marawi’s liberation. Sir, kumusta na talaga in overall perspective iyong development natin and ano pa, sir, iyong ini-expect ng ating mga kababayan sa Marawi na tulong galing talaga sa government?

SEC. DEL ROSARIO: Well, actually, once the President since October na liberated na ang Marawi City, even before that ay nagsisimula na iyong early recovery interventions. And until now, tuluy-tuloy iyong ating interventions especially in the livelihood and in the delivery of food stuff and technical assistance to all IDPs and by next month, the actual rehabilitation of the most affected area will start. And we will be having the groundbreaking by the third week or last week of September.

And ang ini-expect natin dito at the end of the rehabilitation ay maka-recover totally, completely ang infrastructure; iyong peace and order situation; and we have been saying that the overall objective of the transformation of Marawi City will be to attain three important aspects, that is…iyon ang end state natin: magkaroon tayo ng good governance, mayroon tayong sustainable development, and a very peaceful environment.

Kasi in our assessment, and maybe everybody will agree that whatever we do here – infrastructures, kahit state of the art, modern – it will become useless if there is no peaceful environment. So holistic ang ating approach, from governance to development, to peaceful environment. So iyon ang makikita natin by the end of 2022, iyong term ng ating Presidente. So in the next administration, nakalatag na iyong ating foundation so that we can have a sustained accomplishments and ensure that Marawi City will become competitive once and for all.

DANIEL MANALASTAS/PTV4: Sir, masasabi ba natin, sir, compared doon sa mga nakaraang buwan na talagang malaki na iyong naging pagbabago dito sa Marawi City? And hopeful ba tayo, sir, na matatalo natin iyong deadline na sinasabi ninyo kanina, 2021? Hopeful ba tayo, sir, na mas mapapaaga pa, sir, iyong pagtapos ng rehabilitation?

SEC. DEL ROSARIO: Well, siguro naman ay makikita ninyo dito noong first quarter of 2018, makikita natin ang Marawi parang dead city.; pero ngayon, sobra na ang trapik. Kapag sobra ang trapik, there is economic activity; there is movement of goods and services; movement of people.

Marami nang pumapasok sa Marawi City. And everywhere you go, kahit saan ka tumanaw, makikita mong buhay ang mga tao; mayroong negosyo; there is economic activity.

So that is very important kasi doon magsisimula ang lahat para ang Marawi ay bumangon economically. At iyon ang ginagawa ngayon ng lahat ng government agencies to ensure that this will continue and be enhanced.

DG CLAVITE: Thank you. We have a guest from Japan, Rikkyo University, who would like to ask a question – Ishi Misako(?).

ISHI MISAKO(?): Maraming salamat po. And thank you very much for giving this opportunity for me, a Japanese researcher monitoring this process and rehabilitation.

I have one question to Secretary Del Rosario regarding the securitization aspect. How you take securitization aspect into your rehabilitation plan because one assessment why the Maute group had radicalize here is the penetration of the foreign terrorists like Malaysians and Indonesians? In your future plans of rehabilitation, have you already discussed about the measures how you prevent the penetration of these sort of foreign terrorists?

SEC. DEL ROSARIO: Thank you madam from Japan who can speak Tagalog. Well, actually, as early as two months ago, the Armed Forces of the Philippines had already conceptualized (COVERAGE CUT)


Source: PCOO-NIB (News and Information Bureau)