Press Briefing

Bangon Marawi Press Briefing by Presidential Communications Operations Office Secretary Martin Andanar with Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC) Chairperson Eduardo del Rosario and Lanao del Sur Assemblyman Zia Alonto Adiong

Event Bangon Marawi Press Briefing
Location Malacañan Press Briefing Room, New Executive Building


SEC. ANDANAR: Good morning everyone, good morning to the members of the Malacañang Press Corps, good morning to all the Filipinos watching today.

Here are the updates from the Task Force Bangon Marawi:

The Office of Civil Defense has been given a go signal by the AFP to resume its post conflict needs assessment in the remaining barangays in Marawi earlier this week.

Five teams of 62 assessors were deployed by Marawi on November 28 and proceeded with this initial assessment.

The next day, a team of 12 members from various agencies also conducted ocular inspection in some portions of the most affected areas.

Previously referred to as the main battle area, for security reasons, they were only allowed to roam along the prescribed route while staying inside their vehicle.

Forty-seven more barangays will undergo the damage and loss assessment or DALA in addition to the first 49 barangays completed. Twenty-three of these are under Cluster 11 to 14 and 24 are inside the most affected area in Marawi.

After the completion of the assessment in the rest of the barangays, a workshop will immediately follow to input the rehabilitation cost for Marawi.

The Department of Social Welfare and Development continues to provide social services and assistance to the affected communities as the local government of Marawi continues to facilitate Kambalingan or IDP return.

Based on DSWD’s record as of November 23, seventy out of 135 evacuation centers are still open in Region X and the ARMM. These evacuation centers cater to a total of 4,036 families or 21,932 individuals while 73,134 families or 331,704 individuals are counted as home-based IDPs.

DSWD will also provide cash-for-work opportunities for returning IDPs in Marawi to help them get back on their feet.

DSWD transferred a total of P769.98 million of food and non-food items and cash to the IDPs.

The Task Force would like to ensure the transparency and traceability of all the donations for Marawi, be it from foreign governments or international and local non-government entities and individuals.

Let me show you a quick video to — of our latest Kambalingan efforts or homecoming for the internally displaced persons along with some interviews of their sentiments.

SEC. ANDANAR: Task Force Bangon Marawi’s finance and resource mobilization support group, led by the Department of Finance, is developing a systematic procedure to fast track their processing and distribution of both local and international donations in kind and cash for Marawi.

To keep you posted on updates regarding developments in Marawi, we are officially launching the Task Force Bangon Marawi website. You may visit for Marawi-related news, information, stories, and advisories.

A donate page will soon be integrated to the site’s features.

The Department of Education strives to ensure that the affected youth would continue to learn despite their predicament.

They facilitated the distribution of thousands of learner’s kits, teacher’s kits, chairs, hygiene kits and temporary learning shelters in coordination with DepEd field offices, DepEd ARMM, NGOs, CSOs and LGUs.

DepEd is also concerned about the learners’ health, conducting school feeding and providing psychosocial first aid.

Meanwhile, 12 public schools and seven private schools cleared by the AFP have been open since September 5, with two more opened since November 4.

Furthermore, the DepEd Bangon Marawi team facilitated the provision of land allocation for the temporary school at Barangay Sagonsongan and an additional site to be provided by Mayor Gandamra.

The temporary school will be in phases 2 and 6 at the temporary resettlement site and is expected to house an estimated 2,350 learners.

The information management and strategic communications support group led by the PCOO and the Philippine Information Agency, in coordination with the LGUs and various government agencies have successfully conducted the second set of Mashwara in the municipalities of Pantao Ragat, and Baloi in Lanao del Norte in November 28 and November 29.

More than 1,600 internally displaced persons from 5 evacuation centers participated in these events.

Social services were simultaneously provided, including medical and dental checkup by the DOH and free civil registration facilitated by the Marawi City government.

DTI also conducted profiling of skills of the IDPs during the event.

To facilitate vital exchange of information regarding the situation in Marawi, focused-groups, or focused-group discussions were conducted among the IDPs.

Copies of Bangon Marawi newsletter and information materials were also distributed to them.

Parlor games and performances from volunteer artists and Philippine Army mascots were also part of the program.

Let me show you another video so that you will see the Mashwara activities with the IDPs.

SEC. ANDANAR: As the holiday season approaches, we urge everyone to drop by and shop at the Department of Trade and Industry’s Bangon Marawi product store in Makati to help its exhibitors who are home-based IDPs here in Metro Manila.

The Bangon Marawi product store features Maranao products such as brassware, wooden furniture, wearables, Maranao woven products, jewelry, fashion accessories and Maranao native delicacies.

It has already generated total sales of P311,685 since it launched last September 29 all the way to November 10, 2017.

The Bangon Marawi product store will be open until December 29.

The IDPs may always direct their queries and points for clarification to the Marawi LGUs’ grievance desk and TFBM field office and shown are their hotlines.

A grievance helpdesk hotline of LGU Marawi, you may contact 0906-5527985 and TFBM field office hotlines at 0929-1449242 or 0995-3563965.

And that is all for the presentation.

To give us updates on Bangon Marawi, we have with us HUDCC chair, retired General Eduardo del Rosario, who is currently the Secretary for the HUDCC and Assemblyman Zia Alonto Adiong.

During the Marawi crisis, Assemblyman Adiong served as the spokesperson for the Provincial Crisis Management Committee and was also involved in several rescue and relief operations.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Malacañang Press Corps, let us all give a warm welcome to General or Secretary Del Rosario and assemblyman Adiong.

CHAIRPERSON DEL ROSARIO: Good day, Malacañang Press Corps, Secretary Martin, Assemblyman Zia. Good morning to all of you.

Makikita natin sa ating presentation na ginawa ni Secretary Martin, we can see the different departments of the government na ginagawa nila ‘yung dapat gawin para matulungan natin ‘yung ating mga kababayan sa Marawi City.

Ito ay tinatawag natin na whole of government approach in alleviating the present condition of the Marawi residents.

Basically, the focus of our interventions are in food, water, electricity, housing, livelihood, and education.

And we are presently constructing facilities like wet and dry market, place of worship, health services, and road networks.

So these are the focus areas where we will concentrate on so that normalcy can be achieved at the soonest possible time.

And I can say that as chairman of the Task Force Bangon Marawi, we are on the right track and we are doing our best to ensure that Marawi City and Lanao del Sur will really achieve what we call Task Force Bangon so they will rise up from this conflict.

SEC. ANDANAR: Thank you, Secretary Del Rosario. Congressman — Assemblyman Adiong will have an opening statement.


Secretary Del Rosario, Secretary Andanar, members of the Malacañang Press Corps, good morning. Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

The succeeding months mark the beginning of the early recovery stage for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of Marawi City and other affected areas of Lanao del Sur.

The successive assessment and coordination meetings of the Task Force Bangon Marawi among… with among its member agencies and LGUs being conducted on the ground, monitor and assess the ongoing construction of temporary housing facility and to ensure smooth and uninterrupted delivery of services to the IDPs.

Following the termination of the combat operation of the AFP, declaring the main battle area free from stragglers or any resistance from the terrorist group, the LGU of Marawi City in coordination with the Task Force Bangon Marawi started to assist the return of IDPs and residences within… and residents within the controlled area.

This process was done through clustering of barangays after government services and health facilities were restored.

Marawi City has a total number of 96 barangay with 201,000 population as of the recent population survey. 34 of those barangays are heavily damaged, leading the government to treat the city into two classification — the controlled area and the main battle area or as of now referred to as the most affected area following the end of the armed conflict.

The post-conflict needs assessment team of the Task Force Bangon Marawi has been conducting a survey on the damage, potential losses of… potential loss of investment and the general impact of the siege and the crisis that came after it.

The provincial government of Lanao del Sur with its component city, Marawi, has identified five priorities to support the national government, the government’s effort through the Task Force Bangon Marawi and its close coordination with the regional government of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao to gradually restore normalcy back in the besieged city.

On the physical reconstruction of Marawi, the provincial government of Lanao del Sur has donated additional two hectares in the area of Barangay Sagonsongan for the setting up of the temporary housing facility.

It also… it is essential, also essential to maintain the access for the delivery of goods and the traffic of commuters within the city limits and adjacent municipalities of Marawi.

It is therefore important also to maintain the road connectivity of these areas within Lanao del Sur and therefore we cannot isolate the people of the province within the confines of our territory.

Thus, the construction of two major highways connecting Lanao del Sur in Marawi City to the province of Bukidnon on the eastern side and the Tagoloan-Kapai highway leading to Cagayan de Oro and Misamis Oriental on the western side is now ongoing.

This will service the flow of goods and commuters of Marawi City while the main road passes through the most affected area is closed for the start of reconstruction of the damaged assets and properties within this area.

We are also in initial discussion with our foreign donor partners for the construction of access road surrounding Marawi City in the city limits… and its city limits connecting the adjacent municipalities within the province and which we call the road, ring road in order to maintain the flow of goods and the traffic of commuters within Marawi City and even to some extent, the neighboring cities and provinces of Mindanao.

Road network is essential to spur economic life and trading which we believe could expedite the recovery of Marawi and Lanao del Sur. For not only are we focused on the physical rehabilitation of the damaged properties but as well as the rehabilitation of the socioeconomic life of the people.

By doing so, the provincial government of Lanao del Sur extended livelihood assistance and trainings to displaced women.

We have put up a facility for dress making, weaving of traditional Maranao garments, and cooking through its provincial technology and livelihood development center.

We are currently developing this livelihood assistance program by working closely with potential private partners.

The availability in quality of — as the availability in quality of income-generating resources decline due to this war and other human-induced pressures, the provincial government of Lanao del Sur in Marawi City will not limit the chance of our displaced women to learn new skills and eventually earn and manage their livelihood.

By promoting the skills of making traditional Maranao garments, we do not only extend help to the victims especially to the women, but we’ll also preserve our heritage which is the source of our identity and our pride.

With 22 identified schools heavily damaged out of the 69 schools under the schools division of Marawi City, the educational sector is one of the sectors that felt the heavy price of this war.

Hundreds of our learners displaced. Teachers and DepEd staff dislocated from work and from home.

The DepEd Marawi has reopened 12 schools as of September 5, 2017. And with an additional seven schools that will commence its regular classes on December 13 and 15 in the nine cleared barangays of Marawi City.

In response to the need of DepEd to support our learners, the provincial government of Lanao del Sur initiated the provincial scholarship program and has granted full academic financial support to 500 elementary students, 500 high school students, 1,000 college students because we believe that much is to be done and to uphold the rights of our children to access quality education and we will develop this further in the coming years.

In view of educating our children with the status of the siege and their role in rebuilding our city, we believe that countering spread of radicalization among our youth must be put primacy… primary consideration.

In view of this, the provincial government of Lanao del Sur in partnership with AFP TABAK division sponsored and launched the Bangon Marawi Youth Camp last August and was participated by 50 youth… displaced youth selected from evacuation sites across Iligan, Cagayan de Oro, and Marawi.

This youth program has been continuously conducted by the provincial government to include youth from various municipalities and just recently concluded the Bangon Marawi Peace Camp in the town of Marantao.

To defeat violent extremism and violent ideology, which is the root cause of this war, we need to partner with our community, engage continuously with the stakeholders for we believe that the attainment of peace is not only and must not be limited as a job for our security forces, but it is everybody’s concern.

Peace is not only an abstract word. It is a duty and obligation of everyone.

The provincial peace and order council has adopted several resolutions to counter the spread of violent extremism and radicalization among our youth.

By working closely with the religious sector, traditional leaders, and civil society organization, we were able to come up with a bigger and much bolder approach dealing with the problem of violent extremists.

With the Regional Darul Ifta of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, the prominent… the Provincial Mufti and the sultanates of Lanao issued a fatwa and declared terrorism as un-Islamic.

This is a progressive step towards gaining support from the ground, from the massive… from the mass-based and to disarm the terrorist from using our religion to recruit potential fighters. And of course to invalidate entirely the spread of their false teachings.

The damage this war in cost… is cost is not only — the damage this war cost and incurred is not only on the physical structure but as well as on a more personal level.

Thus this early recovery stage of the reconstruction of Marawi, we need to reestablish community relationship, repair social relationship, and to rebuild social institution to further reinforce our narrative for our rehab plan that is conflict-sensitive and peace-promoting. A rehabilitation that will guide the process of social healing.

Healing both its social and medical connotation is as important as the physical reconstruction of the damaged area in Marawi City.

Demand for health services has gone up exponentially due to this war. As a way to support the medical services by the Amai Pakpak Medical Center, the provincial government of Lanao del Sur and the city government of Marawi City through the IPHO has been conducting medical missions and have been moving around municipalities across the lake by using the provincial mobile clinic since the siege started.

Psychosocial intervention is also being provided by our combined team from the PNP, the AFP, the DSWD, DOH, and DepEd.

Once the post-conflict needs assessment team is done with the assessment work and the finalization of the rehab plan, the province is confident that under the Duterte administration through the Task Force Bangon Marawi, led by Secretary Del Rosario, can usher in progress, peace and development to the city that took the beating in order to keep other areas of this country safe.

We are confident that TFBM or the Task Force Bangon Marawi can and will rehabilitate Marawi and Lanao del Sur better than her old self.

Thank you very much.


Alvin Baltazar (Radyo Pilipinas): General Del Rosario, good morning po. Hi, sir. Good morning. Sir, magandang umaga po. Sir, ini-open niyo na po ba ‘yung bidding para sa mga contractors para doon sa rehab ng Marawi?

CHAIRPERSON DEL ROSARIO: Well, actually we are not going to conduct bidding. Ang ginawa natin dito, we called all probable developers, big-time developers, foreign and national.

We allowed them to see the most affected area, ‘yung 24 barangays. And they will be submitting their unsolicited proposal.

Pagka na-i-submit ‘yung unsolicited proposal, I will have it presented to the Cabinet para ma-decide kung alin ‘yung the best concept na pwedeng i-apply sa Marawi City.

Kasi dapat makita natin dito na talagang at the end of the day, it’s a new city, lalo na ‘yung central business district at talagang mapaganda natin, hindi lang better but much, much better.

‘Pag na-select ‘yung isang proponent, this will be subjected to Swiss challenge. But that any developer can challenge that development project with corresponding amount.

Let’s say, sinabi niya, “We will do it at 100 billion.” Here comes another developer: “O we can only do it… we can do it similarly for 75 billion.”

‘Pag nag-challenge at hindi kaya nung initial proponent ‘yung 75 billion, the project will go the other developer.

So parang mas better ito at mas mabilis na gawing proseso instead of bidding. But instead we will go to the mode of Swiss challenge. Parang bidding din pero faster and better.

Mr. Baltazar: Secretary Martin, magandang umaga. Sir, kahapon doon sa bicameral meeting. Parang in-allot lang na budget ay 10 billion pesos. Samantalang nung nag-guest dito sa Bangon Marawi press con si Mayor Gandamra, sabi niya ang estimation niya kinakailangan umabot at least ng 90 billion. Ano pong reaksyon ng Palace doon sa 10 billion?

SEC. ANDANAR: Sa palagay ko naman ay merong sapat na basehan din ang ating mga congressmen at ating mga senador sa budget na ibinigay nila para sa Task Force Bangon Marawi.

And I can also assure you na meron namang extra funds ang ating gobyerno. And when the time arises na kailangan ‘yung pondo na ‘yun, it will just be up to the President to request from the Department of Budget and Management para mabigyan ng dagdag na pondo itong rehabilitasyon ng Marawi.

Ngayon nga, merong 5 billion for December at hindi pa ito ano… hindi pa lahat nagagastos ‘tong 5 billion eh. So the public can be rest assured, lalong lalo na ‘yung mga kapatid natin na nasa Marawi na sapat po ang pera ng gobyerno para sa pag-rehabilitate ng Marawi.

CHAIRPERSON DEL ROSARIO: In addition to that Sec. Martin, ‘yung… let us not be misguided by this 10 billion and the 90 billion na sinasabi ng local government.

Actually, ang iniintay natin ‘yung resulta ng post-conflict needs assessment. Pagka natapos ‘yun, maipa-factor in na natin ang total damages, opportunity loss, and rehabilitation cost.

Kukunin natin ngayon itong resulta ng post-conflict needs assessment, ipapasok natin ‘yung LGU master development plan as well as the provincial master development plan.

Nandito ngayon ‘yung recovery, rehabilitation plan ng provincial government. Ito still will be subjected to NEDA validation and assessment.

So ang hihintayin po natin ‘yung final na resulta na total comprehensive, rehabilitation, and reconstruction plan na gagawin ng NEDA.

At we are assured by NEDA that they will be ready for the comprehensive, rehabilitation, reconstruction plan on the last week of March.

So ‘yung mga nadidinig po natin ay kuwan lang ‘yan, mga estimates. Pero ‘yung final will come from NEDA and that will be the official costing that will be required to rehabilitate based on NEDA assessment kasi mga technical experts ang gagawa nito.

Mr. Baltazar: Sir, clarify ko lang. Expected po natin last week ng March?

CHAIRPERSON DEL ROSARIO: Last week of March kasi we’ll be consulting so many experts to come up with the total package. Kailangan very meticulous ‘yung proseso natin, close to reality ‘yung sasabihin nilang figure.

But nevertheless, before na ma-receive natin ‘yung master rehabilitation plan, ‘yung sinabi ko kanina, that will be the focus of our early recovery efforts.

Para matulungan natin ma-bring back ang normalcy kaya nagtutulong-tulong ang lahat ng departments at the moment even without the master rehabilitation plan or the costing that will be submitted by NEDA.

Leila Salaverria (Philippine Daily Inquirer): For Secretary del Rosario, sir do we already have a policy on whether we will be compensating the owners of private properties that are damaged in the conflict?

CHAIRPERSON DEL ROSARIO: We don’t have any policy yet. We need the PCNA so that we can see the total picture. And I think by that time, we will crop up with a policy direction that would be approved by the President.

Joseph Morong (GMA): Kay sir Adiong po. I’ve been monitoring your Twitter, I would like to [unclear] about the BBL. You’ve experienced first-hand ‘no the effect of violent extremism. And they say that the BBL, will solve if not — not solve pero it can help ‘no avoid that kind of incident again. Why do think that is so personally?

ASSEMBLYMAN ADIONG: Number 1, of course BBL is a product of a negotiation between MILF and the government of the Philippines. It has been going on for more than two decades.

Although it will not really solve the transitional… transnational crimes, the spread of global terrorism. But it will in some ways cover up the issue of social narrative and injustice which has been used by this terrorist group as a means to recruit for their fighters.

And you know, they’ve been using the issue of you know, self-determination, the aspiration of the Bangsamoro people as their platform to recruit fighters and potential fighters.

If we have partnered with other — like for example, the MILF, we partner with them as one of our, you know, one of the, one of our partners to really maintain peace and order in the area, our experience would tell us that information and policing the villages in communities by the local themselves would be much effective in trying to guarantee peace and order in the ARMM. That’s one ‘no.

If we have the BBL and there are provisions in the BBL that can assimilate, can incorporate the fighters from being rebels, they would be decommissioned and they would be part of the military asset of the Philippine government then I think it’s much easier in effect if… by using them as a means to really curb the rise of violent extremists in the ARMM.

Mr. Morong: With regard to that security aspect ‘no, I think in the present BBL what they have proposed is parang an independent Bangsamoro police. That has been a source of issue before in the past administration. Do you agree with establishing a separate Bangasamoro police?

ASSEMBLYMAN ADIONG: I think it’s a matter of really maximizing the resources the ARMM can provide insofar as maintaining the peace and order situation in the country, specifically in the ARMM alone.

But it will go through Congress because the PNP has — with its national character, there’s no PNP. Like, you try to — say for example, you know, regionalize PNP. It will still be under one umbrella under the PNP.

So it can go through a process of debate in Congress. But I think it’s one of the positive exploration, ‘no. For example, if we try to look into the feasibility of such proposal, I think we’re talking about BBL and it will offer so many changes and reforms in the Constitution once Congress would debate on federalism and perhaps lead on to debate on the BBL.

Then it’s not something that we can explore the idea of that.

Mr. Morong: No, how do you fit the BBL in the efforts of this present administration to push for federalism?

ASSEMBLYMAN ADIONG: Well, I think President Duterte, being a Maranao himself and a local of Mindanao, is very much endowed with the, you know, the historical, the knowledge of the Moro people.

He himself is a Moro. He is a Maranao. And in order to really incorporate the provisions of the BBL, I think in rela… in relative to the proposal to federalize the country, it’s only a matter of using the BBL, the provisions as the governing laws for the proposed Bangsamoro state.

It doesn’t have to be, you know, there are so many methods and so many, you know, means of adopting a federal form of government. It’s not really universal all over the world.

We can have and impart and introduce this federal system by way of also making it sure that it would be responsive to our cultural differences and identities.

So we can actually use BBL as the governing laws for the proposed state — Bangsamoro state. Not necessarily univer — not necessarily dissimilar with other regions because you also have to — federalism you have to make law that is responsive to the needs and aspiration, unique, you know, needs of each region.

So we can — there’s so many avenues to really incorporate these two, to reconcile these two.

Mr. Morong: Alright, sir. Thank you.

Chona Yu (Radyo Inquirer): Assemblyman Zia, sir. I just would like to get your thoughts on martial law kasi December 31. Is there a need — kayo po ‘yung nasa ground zero…

ASSEMBLYMAN ADIONG: I think it would depend on the ground troops and how the Task Force Bangon Marawi would assess the situation on the ground. Remember the post needs and assessment team will not only conduct its assessment based on the damaged properties but the impact of the siege ‘no — the crisis itself.

As a local, I would say the end of the war does not necessarily mean the normalcy of the peace and order situation. Actually, we’ve been saying this all along — the crisis will really start after the war ‘no.

And there are several reports that we’ve been receiving that the recruitment activity is now ongoing in some other towns.

So, we fear that if the, you know, if we’ll probably be lenient about imposing security protocols, this might — the terror group might use this as a portal to, you know, to form and regroup again and then attack another town, which basically that’s what we’ve been saying all along.

They will attack another town not necessarily Marawi City or Lanao del Sur but you know, maybe some provinces.

So I guess, it’s a matter of necessity and protecting the civilians that would be — we put primacy as far as the national government would decide whether they will lift the martial law or they will maintain the imposition of martial law in Mindanao.

Rocky Ignacio (PTV): Okay. General del Rosario, you have reaction on that?

CHAIRPERSON DEL ROSARIO: Well, I would like to appreciate ‘yung sinabi ni Assemblyman Zia. It’s really very important that we can continue to ensure that the whole area not only Marawi City but the whole of Mindanao will be secured from any terrorist threat.

Umuugong na ngayon at nakuha natin from intelligence reports ‘yung massive recruitment na ginagawa nung kabila, promising so much amount of money as high as P100,000 just to be recruited and be a member of the ISIS group.

Kaya we support the statement of Assemblyman Zia. We will be coordinating with the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police so that we can properly assess and make the necessary recommendation to the President as to the extension or not of the martial law in affected areas.

Ms. Ignacio: But for now sir, would you recommend the extension of martial law?

CHAIRPERSON DEL ROSARIO: Well, personally, I would like that martial law will continue during the rehabilitation phase because as chairman of Task Force Bangon Marawi, my main concern is the security of the whole rehabilitation effort.

Just imagine, if something will happen in Marawi City during the rehabilitation phase, baka wala nang pumuntang mga contractors at laborers. Mahihirapan tayo sa rehabilitation.

Kaya nga ang sinasabi ko nga on the ground, hindi lang physical structures ang dapat nating pagtuunan ng pansin. But also, we need the involvement and support of the entire citizenry to be with us in the rehabilitation.

And that’s not only in the physical structure but in the security aspect. Kailangan sila mismo, they should drive away or neutralize ‘yung spread ng recruitment ng ISIS group in Mindanao, not only in Lanao del Sur or Marawi City.

Ms. Yu: Sir, sabi niyo personally you will recommend to the President pero talking of how many months more?

CHAIRPERSON DEL ROSARIO: I said personally ‘yun ang aking pananaw ano.

We will consult with the right authorities, Armed Forces of the Philippines and the PNP and I hope we can be together in tandem with the civilian government kasi after all, alam nila ang nagyayari on the ground.

They should know better. And the source of information will come from the barangays, kung saan nagsisimula ang mga recruitments.

And sinasabi sa atin ni Assemblyman Zia, massive ngayon ang recruitment, eh we do not like to have another Marawi incident.

Ms. Yu: Assemblyman, kung kayo po ang tatanungin ng Presidente, ano pong isasagot niyo doon?

ASSEMBLYMAN ADIONG: That would, again, that would depend on the situation on the ground ‘no, to say that we want to maintain or to lift, it’s still premature because the pre-assessment and needs team has been — is still conducting it’s ano — it’s assessment work.

And the military and the police is still continuously doing the retrieval operation in the main battle area or the most affected area.

So right now, there are reports that recruitment activity is going on — is ongoing. So we really have to decide based on when the — what’s happening on the ground.

But if we are — if I would be asked right now, I think the necessity of maintaining martial law dictates that, you know, kailangan talaga dahil meron pa lang — may pockets of recruitment na nangyayari diyan — surrounding the lake.

Dexter Ganibe (DZMM): Magandang tanghali po. ‘Yung sinasabi niyo pong recommendation, posibleng recommendation niyo po sa Pangulo, extension ng martial law, it would be — would it be Mindanao-wide or sa Marawi na lang po?

ASSEMBLYMAN ADIONG: It depends on the assessment of the AFP, PNP. Kasi ako, as Chair ng Task Force Bangon Marawi, ang aking tinatanong lang naman itong rehabilitation.

Pero the AFP and PNP, ang tinatanong nila is ‘yung kabuuan. So if ever, it would be extended and the recommendation will officially come from the AFP and the PNP.

Mr. Ganibe: So suportado niyo po ‘yun?


Mr. Ganibe: Thank you, sir.

Reymund Tinaza (Bombo Radyo): Kay Usec. Del Rosario. Sir, ‘yung mga nagbigay po ng mga pledges from the international community, I understand may mga galing sa US, China, Japan, Australia and even European Union. All in na ba? Tinanggap na natin or we’re still studying, dahil may mga kondisyon ang Pangulo sa pagtanggap ng mga grants or even mga donations, sir?

CHAIRPERSON DEL ROSARIO: As mentioned earlier sa briefing ni Secretary Martin, ‘yung Department of Finance ang magkakaroon ng hub para dito sa mga pledges.

And ‘yung lahat ng mga donations, most likely coming from other countries, they are also waiting for the master rehabilitation and reconstruction plan. Kasi it’s premature for them to give any amount dahil hindi pa naman niya alam kung magkano ba totality na kailangan.

Kung sinabi ng — ng sa PSNA, ng NEDA resulta ang kailangan one billion dollars. So they will know what amount they can give.

Kung sabihin naman ng NEDA, ang kailangan natin three billion dollars, which P150 billion, so they are waiting for that, ‘yung resulta ng PCNA and the comprehensive rehabilitation and reconstruction plan that would be coming out from NEDA.

Mr. Tinaza: Sir, kay Secretary Martin. Sir, nabanggit niyo kanina ‘yung project ng DTI, meron silang parang showroom sa Makati, saan ang opisina nila? Aside sa — aside from Makati City, kasi baka may interested din from Luzon and other parts of Visayas and Mindanao, wala tayong balak na parang i-expand to other, mga supermarkets para mas malaki ‘yung mga interesadong bibili ng mga Maranao or Marawi products?

SEC. ANDANAR: That would be ideal, Reymund. I’m not so sure sa inyo Assemblyman kung meron kayong mga — mga products na binebenta sa Cagayan de Oro at sa iba pa, Iligan, maybe you can answer that question of Reymund.

ASSEMBLYMAN ADIONG: Sa ngayon, pina-partner pa na — naghahanap pa tayo ng mga conduit natin ‘no, magiging partner natin para pagbebenta ng mga local products, lalong-lalo na ‘yung mga finished product na nagagawa ng mga displaced at ng mga displaced persons, ‘yung mga kababaihan.

Pero meron na po sa Gaisano — I’m sorry, Robinsons sa may Iligan and Gaisano City, dun po ‘yung nabebenta ‘yung mga produktong ‘yun na gawa po ng ating mga na-displace na pamilya, mga — lalo na ‘yung mga kababaihan.

Kasi mostly, ito pong mga produkto ay mga malong, traditional malong, mga garments po na gingamit ng mga kababaihan.

Mr. Baltazar: Sir, maiba lang ako sa Marawi. Kay Secretary Martin. Sec — Sec. Mart, sa Monday and Tuesday may transport strike. When do we expect any announcement from Malacañang whether kung may suspension or wala this coming Monday and Tuesday?

SEC. ANDANAR: Kakausapin ko muna si Executive Secretary Bingbong Medialdea patungkol sa topic na ‘yan sa transport strike.

But going back to Marawi, tinatanong ni Reymund kasi. Again, I’d like to reiterate that we’ve launched the Bangon Marawi website.

So for the viewers right now, the listeners, please visit and you will see the — the different sub-sites from home about Task Force Bangon Marawi, the stories, news and soon, we will also have a donate box here.


source: PCOO-PND (Presidential News Desk)