Talk to the People of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Event On Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
Location Malago Clubhouse in Malacañang

PRESIDENT RODRIGO ROA DUTERTE: I remember distinctly very well that noong napag-usapan ‘yung 200 billion na ibibigay ng Congress sinabi ko sa Tagalog although broken because I really do not know how to talk well — it’s a mixture of Visayan and Tagalog in Davao — sinabi ko huwag na huwag ninyong — do not fuck up with this pera because it’s really a blood money now needed to keep the nation alive.

So wala akong ano — I am… I would listen to Secretary Duque. But I gave him the instruction and I admit it in public now, it’s being… Sabi ko sa kanya, “do everything you can”. Sabi niya, “there’s so many proposition”. “I do not care. If it’s not cheap, if it is expensive, go — just go ahead and do something about it kasi ipit na tayo dito.” And those were the early days. I remember ‘yung “ipit akong…” I was boxed in a corner.

Sabi ko sa… Even the Task Force, “please do something about it.” And the task force is a task force. It’s composed of — composed of many talents there. Kung ang utos nanggaling sa akin, correct. Tama ‘yan. Ako ang nag-utos sa akin sa sarili ko na sabihin kay Duque na gawain mo. Ngayon do not tarry because sabi ko it’s — there’s no more room in the hospitals.

And alam mo sa totoo lang a pandemic is a pandemic. It occurs maybe every — I don’t know. But noong panahon ng… Well, that was the Spanish flu just before the First World War. Iyon talagang maraming milyon ang namatay. But with the advances of science it’s because we were able to come up with a vaccine, lahat… The germs are still here but they can no longer inflict damage on the next generation kasi nabakunahan na lahat.

But to say na nawala ‘yon, you do not kill bacteria and viruses. They linger on for as long as mankind is in this planet. Hindi talaga nawawala ‘yan. Sabihin mo ‘yang diphtheria… Well, hindi ‘yan… A vaccine cannot kill. It’s the body that provides the defense against those microbes.

Eh ito ngayon wala pang bakuna. So gusto ko lang malaman ng sambayanang Pilipino na I take full responsibility, na ang utos ko na mag — dalian mo. Wala akong pakialam kung saan ka magkuha, magnakaw ka and I remember saying it. I do not care whether you go and steal, borrow or kill a person to get what — what needs to be done.

EXECUTIVE SECRETARY SALVADOR MEDIALDEA: Mr. President, probably we would want to start with some explanation to be given by Usec. Lao on the purchase of PPEs and some medical equipment.PS-DBM OIC UNDERSECRETARY LLOYD CHRISTOPHER LAO: We have a mannequin there. That is the complete set of the personal protective equipment for a medical personnel to wear. Wala…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Who’s inside there? A woman?

USEC. LAO: No, mannequin po.


USEC. LAO: Uhm… 

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: O bakit may mannequin ako dito? [laughter] Sige, go ahead. 

USEC. LAO: Kulang lang po siya ng ano — [anong tawag do’n?] — it lacks the face shield. It’s nine-piece item. So we start with the — the most expensive part is the coverall, ‘yung parang may takip sa ulo.


USEC. LAO: This is the coverall. It has a blue strip which is very — this is one of the marks of a very expensive coverall, protection gear. This is what we call as Ebola level. Ang Ebola level it can actually stop even air transmissible viruses.

Ano siya… It’s lightweight and it’s non-woven. May heat seal even the sewn portion is covered to make sure that ‘pag nagkaroon tayo ng spill, air or liquid, hindi papasok sa balat or sa clothing ng mga doctors.

So when you go international, lahat sila ito ang isinusuot. There’s only one country who is not wearing this, it’s Korea. Korea has the same item but no heat seal. That’s why even ‘yung Korea companies that’s trying to provide — ah supply sa Philippines, we cannot accept their item because it’s not heat sealed.

Now the difference between heat sealed and not it’s almost 200 to 300 pesos. So mahal kasi we have a price from DTI there’s one company known as CONWEP, they are producing PPEs locally that will start on June this year. So we will be buying it at 850 kasi local but the materials will still be imported from China.

But this one ‘pag imported ‘to at least 1,100. That’s the statement of Senator Lacson ‘yung 1,097. This is one kasi this is actually 1,100. So when you say — they say PPE sa DOH, that’s just the coverall.

Now we have locally made items like this. Iyong mga local kasi hindi siya medical grade. Tela ang gamit, fabric. So ‘pag fabric may tendency ‘yon na papasok ‘yung tubig so hindi siya protective. It makes you feel secure but it’s not actually medically safe for you to wear. 

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: So let me interrupt you. 

USEC. LAO: Yes, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: So do not buy that kind of overall suit, that’s a plastic one, that would place the health workers — even if there is an — just an iota of chance na… Eh buhay ‘yan.

Tama ‘yan. Iyon ang binili mo?

USEC. LAO: Ah yes po, this high grade po, yes. 

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Tama ‘yan. Tama ‘yan.

USEC. LAO: Uhm this… 

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Walang problema. 

USEC. LAO: There is a standard set by DOH and FDA, ano po ‘to international standards, and we’re following that. We don’t go below kasi nga pa — the company can be sued, we can be sued, and…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes, I agree with you. 

USEC. LAO: The next po we have the goggles. Iyong goggles natin there are many types of goggles. When you — that goggles po mayroon siyang butas but not direct. ‘Pag direct kasi ‘pag may fluid papasok siya.

So may ventilation but it’s called the ventilation na indirect kasi may valve. So air can come in to make sure you will not perspire. The goggles is anti-fog para hindi siya mag-fog and at the same time may ventilation so that there will be no moisture. So ‘pag wala siyang ganun ang tendency you sweat, magpu-puti-puti.

The next one is we have two types of mask ipinapasuot natin sa kanila both: we have the N95 or the KN95 and we have the surgical mask. 

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Where is the other one? 

USEC. LAO: Nandoon po. 

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: The other is a surgical… 

USEC. LAO: The blue one is the surgical, the white one is the KN95.


USEC. LAO: It’s the standard set by DOH double mask po dapat ang suotin.

And after that we have the lab gown. The lab gown is isolation level. So the coverall is protective level even air and water hindi makapasok. The lab gown is isolation level.

It means ‘pag nilagyan mo siya ng tubig, hindi papasok. ‘Pag nilagyan mo ng pressure, saka tatagos ‘yung tubig.

So there are a lot of cheaper lab gowns but they cannot pass kasi po ‘pag nilagyan mo ng tubig, tatagos lang. So it makes you feel safe but medically if you are not aware, you are risking your life if you do that.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Okay now let me again — pardon. Sinong nagbigay ng specification? 

USEC. LAO: DOH and FDA po.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ah okay. So it’s more expensive. 

USEC. LAO: Yes po because it has to meet the standards. Ito po lahat naka-standardize even the gloves sir is non — it’s powder-free, textured and either latex or nitrile. Hindi puwede ‘yung PVC or other types kasi masyadong manipis and hindi medical grade.

And ang advantage po lahat ng isinusuot ng mga doctors natin kahit ‘yung head cover and shoe cover it — it does not promote growth of viruses and bacteria, which is very important kaya hindi po puwede ‘yung reusable.

May binebentang mga reusable sa market. We — they offer it to us. We send it to DOH. And ang risk kasi ‘pag reusable, ‘pag hindi siya maayos puwede kang mag-contaminate. That’s the explanation to us given by DOH. So it’s high-risk. 

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No, no, again I interrupt you, do not ever do that.

USEC. LAO: Yes, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: You just throw it away.

USEC. LAO: Yes, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: If you place a person in jeopardy eh he is working, lalo na ‘yung mga doktor, they are fighting for life. Itapon mo na ‘yan. That’s the reason why we are spending money. And we will spend money. I said we can always sell everything that we have. Itapon na ninyo ‘yang ano — kasi na… I read.

USEC. LAO: Yes, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: So sa kanila, ‘yung reusable, goes into the trash can pagkatapos. ‘Pag hubad nila, tapon na sa trash can.

DOH SECRETARY FRANCISCO DUQUE III: I just would like to provide you feedback that the director of UP-PGH, Dr. Gap Legaspi, had expressed to me that they are very, very satisfied with the quality and the level of protection that these PPEs provide their doctors. Kaya iyong infection rate daw nila bumaba, Mr. President.

So that is — the same is true for all of our other hospitals who are now using this personal protective equipment.

That’s why I’d like to thank Usec. Lloyd Lao for really ensuring that our healthcare workers, doctors and nurses, are fully protected using the Level 4 PPEs as we have specified. 

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: ‘Pag panahong ito medyo — some say na nag — nag-flat na tayo.

But ang problema, the number of cases is going high some 1-4-3-1-9, 14,319. Kung sabagay the only good thing there going in our favor was that the recovery rate is very high, 3,323. Ang death five lang, bago. Total of active cases 10,000 lang.

Ano ba talaga itong — are we on the second, third, fourth or fifth wave? O no wave at all?

SEC. DUQUE: Mr. President, we’re actually on the first major wave — major po of sustained community transmission.

Iyon pong nabanggit ko na second wave and my — my assumption, my statement, was based on the article that was published by Dr. John Wong of the EpiMetrics.

Dr. John Wong sits as one of the expert advisers of the Inter-agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Disease. And to him, as an epidemiologist, a top epidemiologist, he considers the three first cases in the Philippines, although imported, would represent a minor wave. Maliit na wave lang ho siya, sir.

Tapos nagkaroon po tayo ng lull of about a month, the whole of February. And then March nagkaroon ho tayo ng mga umpisang reported cases.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Alam mo, huwag kang masyadong ano dito — touchy sa mga issues because always there will be pro and cons.

Pakinggan na lang natin because this is a democracy. Kaya lang but democracy there is the favor of attacks, issues plus attacking the guy personally ganun.

So alam ko ikaw you are hard-pressed and I know your situation. You just tell us if it that’s the — if that is that the one that’s in your — the gray matter between your ears, eh ‘di sabihin mo. Ngayon kung ayaw ninyong maniwala, bahala kayo basta ito ‘yung akin.

So that… Maybe you should adopt that kind of attitude. So be it. If I committed the wrong, as long as there is no malice there.

Kagaya ito na expensive. Hearing out now ni Attorney Lao, eh tama siya. And I would even caution I said do not recycle because recycle you have to… Iyan ang ayaw ko. In recycling, you have to worry whether or not it will cause a new infection and worse it would affect the user. Ang user niyan ang mga doktor eh.

So ang akin lang dito is I’m looking for… What I’m interested to know is that is there graft and corruption there? Was dirty money — changed hands?

Kaya ‘yan talagang — pagka ‘yan na, wala na tayong pinag-usapan, talagang mag-hiwalay-hiwalay tayo. Pero kung magsabi ka lang nagkamali ka… Pero as it is iyong magsabi mahal-mahal ang ano…  Ito nga eh panahon ng — I said at the height of the contagion, wala naman akong narinig p***** i** gustong tumulong.

Ngayon saan tayo, sabi — umaabot sa akin, “mayroon dito”, “mayroon doon”. Eh ‘di sige so sabi ko ‘di papunta — ayan si Bong — papuntahin mo sila dito at dalhin nila ‘yung produkto kay para tawagin natin ang — ibigay natin sa Inter-agency Task Force. Wala naman.

Let me ask you this very crucial question. I just want to be satisfied really. Ano itong sinasabi nilang mas mura doon at itong Co na mag-asawang — spouses Co are the dealers of itong iyang nabili ninyo at mahal? Is there really a price difference there or haka-haka lang nila ‘yan?

SEC. DUQUE: I do not know these two personalities, ito pong Co. Somebody might know about this couple perhaps I don’t know if Usec. Lloyd…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ito ‘yung nagpabili?

USEC. LAO: Yes, Mr. President. They have offered to sell. They are owners of, I think, Omnibus — the company is known as Omnibus they are…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: A manufacturing company?

USEC. LAO: No. They are the exclusive distributor of Sansure in the Philippines. They — the first document that we have was a letter from them sent to the Secretary of DBM, Wendel Avisado, that was sent to PS-DBM.

Their offer of the mechanical venti — extract — mechanical — automated extraction machine is at 4 million pesos. We also have an e-mail from them offering the said item at 4,350,000, which Senator Lacson is claiming that if you buy it direct from Sansure it’s only at 1,750,000.

As for record, Omnibus Bio-Medical Systems Inc. offered it at 4,325,000; and Guidance Management Corporation sold it at 5,274,423; Fil-Anaserve Inc. at 7,740,000. These are all domestic corporations selling Sansure equipment in the Philippines.

However, during the bid they did not win because a foreign corporation from Hong — Hong Kong-based, this is also an exclusive distributor of Sansure in Hong Kong, sold it to us, ‘yung mga kits. So natalo po sila sa bidding kaya hindi sila nanalo.

But they are complaining why are we not respecting their exclusive distributorship. I think this — it was correct that it reached Sansure Corporation because we were discussing with Ambassador Huang through the Chief of Protocol Robert Borje complaining about these issues.

The officers from Sansure actually went to the Philippines. I met them last Friday and also yesterday we met them over lunch sa DBM and I… We personally requested that they — if they sell, they sell directly to the Philippines.

And they’re willing and they’re willing to forgo of Omnibus because I… They were actually negotiating that since they have relationship with Omnibus, can they use it as distributor, and they are willing to reduce the price. I think Omnibus is willing to reduce the price.

But I made a statement — categorically expressed statement that we are no longer willing to discuss with Sansure if they go through Omnibus because they were given a chance before when the government really needed it, and they gave us a very high price and threw the ball to us that, “You can only deal with us because we’re the exclusive distributor in the Philippines.”

So if we allow them to distribute now at a lower price, we’re giving them a reward for what they have done before. Now that we can go direct to Sansure, we suggest that we bypass them because we can get it cheaper.

Second, they should pay for what they have done before kasi we — gipit na gipit tayo. Hindi tayo makalipad kasi may — mayroon tayong mga restrictions and all. They’re the only ones who are connected to Sansure and they’re selling it at least not less than double the price and you cannot get it unless you pass by — you pass through them. I think the same problem with the private sector.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Okay. Anybody else? Anybody would like to…? Yes, Secretary Roque.

PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON HARRY ROQUE: Yes, sir. Ang punto ko lang po mayroon tayong existing law against profiteering defined as “taking advantage of a national emergency” and there’s also provision in the Bayanihan Act.

And I think from what we heard from at least Project Ark ‘no, this is very serious kasi nga the only source that we can get these PCR machineries and kit is from Sansure now and there was really almost an attempt to blackmail us into buying something very expensive ‘no.

And that’s why I thought baka mayroon talagang basis para imbestigahan po itong Co couple ng NBI ‘no for profiteering and hoarding under the general — the special law on Anti-Profiteering and under the Bayanihan Act.

Thank you po.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: O sige we will act accordingly in the course of…

Maybe we’d be able to give a statement to the public latest about three days. Nakatambak ‘yung papel ko sa opisina. So that everything will be presented to the public in black and white with the corresponding explanations.

And NBI should study the matter very, very carefully kasi alam mo — alam mo itong mga p***** i**** negosyanteng ‘to, whether it’s really an issue of humanity and their greed, ‘yung hoarding na ano you cannot — it’s part of the business ano practices which you may call not even obnoxious, it’s repulsive to the human mind when you start to think about it.

But let’s look at it on what it is legally sans the maybe ‘yung mga suspicion whether it is [garbled]. After all, it’s not easy to you know charge a person. I still believe in the…

Well, if the NBI has the probable cause, then go ahead. But I still believe in the what accrues to — accruing to government people working, the presumption of regularity in the performance of their duties.

Dito na naman tayo sa ano. There’s a more serious problem coming up — is the issue of the OFWs coming in.

Sa pagka ngayon, mayroon tayong 24,000 stranded in Manila and they are stranded in the sense that they are not allowed or they cannot go home because the local governments are not accepting them — are not accepting them.

So mayroong mga pronouncement na ang policy na they will not accept returning OFWs. Ang masama nito kasi ‘pag ganun ang behavior natin, Secretary Bello says that there are about 302 coming in in a short while and 62,000 —- 302 and 62,000 are expected to arrive as soon as our airports are open.

You know, in the — not really confusion but in the — in their desire to protect their respective turf, territories kaya ganun man, and I can say that if that is the way they would handle it like a somebody who is really a chieftain of a city or province during a pandemic time, okay ‘yan. Pero alam mo hindi naman lahat talaga nagkasakit and it is very cruel actually to deny them to go home.

Nandito ‘yan sila sa hotel because they are not or they cannot go home. First because of lack of money and resources. So I have instructed — [was it last night?] — through Secretary Roque that I am ordering the use of all government assets whether it’s really the air or the sea or the transportation owned by government that should be utilized in accepting and probably delivering them to their — if possible, delivering them to their homes, to their families.

Now itong coming na 302 is an — it’s a big worry. Now ‘yung 62 na dadating shortly, ‘pag hindi ninyo tinanggap ‘yan, magkagulo tayo ang Pilipinas.

Now let me be very clear. Let me talk about legality para wala tayong — wala tayong sakit ng loob. Nobody but nobody can really stifle the right of a — whether he is traveling and working outside and coming in, going home. Nagkaroon lang itong temporary — an aberration in the movement of people because of the COVID.

Ito ang sasabihin ko sa lahat: I said nobody but nobody. And only the national government can impose restrictions on travels because it is the only agency who can declare that there is an emergency of national interest. The issue is national interest. And that power to — of declaration is not shared by anybody. It’s the national government.

Ngayon, may mga siyudad na ayaw nilang tanggapin. You know, I’m ordering you to accept them, open the gates of your territories and allow the people — and allow the Filipino to travel wherever they want.

Iyong ano, ‘yung sequestration ng tao o lockdown should dovetail the national policy. Or better still, as not to confuse the people, you are not allowed to unilaterally declare na ganito, you are closing the entry, the egress and ingress ng tao.

Mahirap ‘yan. Magkagulo tayo, kanya-kanya kayong… So if you want a measure to be implemented in your local government unit, ask permission from the Task Force because alam mo it involves many issues.

One, in the name of humanity. Two, it’s the constitutional right and ito ‘yung pinakamabigat. It is the constitutional right of people to go home — to travel and go home.

Do not impede it. Do not obstruct the movement of people because you run the risk of getting sued criminally. Iyang ang agency… Because it is the national government who declared there is a national emergency involving a pandemic, an issue of health, that — that power cannot be shared by — by anybody else.

If you want, as an adjunct of government, maghingi ka ng permiso sa Task Force. They are the better position really to assess.

Kawawa itong 24. So I am ordering — kasali na ‘yung pera sa — kung may naiwan pa sa 200 million gastusin rin ninyo ‘yon para sa pag-uwi ng tao.

Because the reason why they are here is connected with the issue of COVID. Nagsi-uwian ito, dineport (deport) kasi nga may pandemic involving the entire planet Earth.

So the reason why they are deported or forced to go home is because of — well, maybe so as not to have a contagion involving a lot of — in numbers. Now to contain it, ito ‘yung mga ating mga kababayan pinapauwi.

Tanggapin natin sila.

DILG SECRETARY EDUARDO AÑO: Sir, ‘yon pong order ninyo na 24,000 OFWs lahat po ‘yan ay na-test natin using PCR at lahat po ‘yan ay negative.

Kung sakali lang po na may makakalusot na nawala ‘yung kanyang result at siya ay dumating sa LGU ng walang papeles, ang advice po natin sa LGU tanggapin ninyo at ilagay ninyo sa quarantine hanggang dumating ‘yung kanyang result. Sapagkat ‘yon pong 24,000 po ‘yan ay tested negative po sa PCR. Opo.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yeah, doubly. More reason really for not refusing to accept them. Kawawa naman.

Alam mo, you know ladies and gentlemen if you are listening, p*** — t*** i** Pilipino ‘to kababayan natin. Tanggapin ninyo and provide for sequestration houses if you want. Iyong doon sila i-quarantine pero hati-hati tayo sa problema tutal hindi naman kami nagkulang. Whatever you need, we provide.

It’s just a matter of time. You cannot service the entire 110 million Filipinos at once.

PROJECT ARK MEDICAL TEAM LEADER DRA. DOMINGA “MINGUITA” PADILLA: That’s why I think — I think it’s ignorance only on the part of the LGUs eh. They don’t understand you know.

So I think tama ho ‘yung sinabi niyo we should lecture to them. We should have seminars. I’m willing to give it even via Zoom, di ba? We’re doing this anyway for LGUs. We can do it for them ‘no. We have to educate them.


ES MEDIALDEA: Mr. President, 4,000 will be home to their own provinces by Thursday.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, it behooves upon the DILG to really see to it that everybody is delivered and returned to their homes sa pamilya nila.

Eh noong panahon ng good time we were experiencing the benefits of the dollar. It formed a big part of our GDP. GDP is simply income. Ang ibig sabihin ng GDP is income.

Noong income natin sa bansa natin malaki because nandito itong mga OFW. Tapos ngayon hindi natin tanggapin. What’s the — what’s the…? F***. That’s final.

Mga mahal kong kababayan, ang gobyerno may proseso na ‘pag modified quarantine may mga lugar pati may mga tao na exempted na sila so they can work. Kagaya ng mga construction, malayo-malayo naman sila hindi naman dikit-dikit ‘yan pero dahan-dahan ‘yan.

Pero ito lang ang pakiusap ko, as I said before kayong maglabasan na — maski na hindi nga kayo pinapayagan lumalabas na kayo eh. Hindi ko naman kayo madampot pati ‘yung mga bata ninyo kung isali ninyo. But ito ilagay ninyo sa ulo talaga ninyo ha — sa conscious mind ninyo palagi, ang COVID ho nandito pa.

And ‘yung pagpalabas ng mga tao hindi — hindi ibig sabihin na tapos na ang COVID. Nandito pa rin. So kung gusto mong lumabas ngayon — sa ngayon wala pang medisina, walang vaccine, at your own risk ‘yan. Kung maglabas ka sabihin mo wala mang mangyari, maganda ang antibody ko ganun, okay. Pero pagdating sa panahon at nag-delirium ka na at ginamit na ‘yung ventilator — iyang ventilator is the last chapter sa ospital.

May — may — ikaw may lagnat ka, may — tapos may oxygen, pero ‘pag ginamit na ‘yang ventilator na ‘yan ibig sabihin niyan ‘yon na ‘yung maskara mo papuntang langit o saan.

Bantay kayo diyan. Do not be reckless. That’s the word. Huwag kayong masyadong pabaya na… Basta sinabi ko sa inyo, alcohol, hugas kamay, mask. Maglabas kayo, take all precautions para walang sisihan.

Gamit ka ng mask, gamit ka. ‘Pag tinamaan ka pa rin, panahon mo na. At saka if you are not allowed to go out especially iyong bata taga…

Pero malapit na. I think by the grace of God, we will have the vaccine by — before the end of the year. So mag-asa na lang tayo sa mga marunong at saka mayaman na mga bayan. They are feverishly — feverou — feverishly working on it.

‘Pag nandiyan na iyan, ako na ang magsabi labas na. ‘Pag hindi ka lumabas, hilain kita sa labas, dito ka. Sige pasyal na kayo [laughter] kay may bakuna na. Bakuna muna tayo tapos bahala na.

But without a vaccine, it’s really danger. It spells disaster. So iyon ang… Mask, hugas kamay.

Mga bata huwag muna. Iyang — iyang opening ng classes, that’s a very — hindi… I will not allow the opening of classes na magdikit-dikit iyang mga bata na ‘yan. Bahala na hindi na makatapos. For this generation, wala na matapos na doktor pati engineer. Wala.

Kasi hindi na — hindi na — wala nang aral. Laro na lang. Unless I am sure that they are really safe. It’s useless to be talking about opening of classes. That’s what I meant.

Para sa akin, bakuna muna. ‘Pag nandiyan na ang bakuna, okay na. So remember that. Pati iyong mga mayors, governors, kindly remember that they are Filipinos and that there’s only one body.

The government through the Task Force who can make pronouncements about lockdowns, about quarantine o sequestration of whatever. Mahirap iyan. Isa lang ang gobyerno. The national government makes the pronouncement. You just follow.

And itong sabi nga ni General Año, ito tinamaan rin ito ng COVID si — si General. Sabi niya iyong 24 on his oath of being a public officer, you’re — when you talk about official matters in an official discussion, your word is always under oath.

So sabi ni General Año, safe iyan. ‘Pag magkamali, may reinfection, then we will act accordingly. But anyway he’s the one who would… I-husband niya iyong the whole set-up.

Maraming salamat sa inyong lahat.


— END —