Talk to the people of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

PRESIDENT RODRIGO ROA DUTERTE: This meeting is called to order. And I would like to ask Secretary Galvez to report now on where we are dito sa vaccines sa COVID.

Secretary Galvez, you have the floor.

PRESIDENTIAL ADVISER ON PEACE PROCESS AND NTF COVID-19 CHIEF IMPLEMENTER CARLITO GALVEZ JR.: Sir, as you can see in the slides, we have more than 124 million doses to date that have been given to the all — this is sent globally and the daily pace has reduced from 6 million last week now to 4 million.

And then UK has completed coverage of the first segment of elderly and on track on full coverage in willing adults and they are ano — they are also trying to finish their vaccinations at the soonest possible time.

While India successfully inoculates 4 million in 18 days. Ito po ang isa sa mga tinitingnan po natin na mga good stories at saka mga lessons learned in India.

And then also in terms of the development of the vaccine, we have good news that Gamaleya boosted by trials result with the verified result of 91.6 efficacy and it is one of our portfolio. The seven vaccines that we are trying to ano — to procure.

And then also we have also some information on the development raising some concerns on vaccine performance against the new variants. So ito po ‘yung nagiging isang concern na ‘yung ibang mga vaccine na nabili natin ay kaya pong i-cover ‘yung variants ng UK, ‘yung South Africa at saka ‘yung sa Brazil.

And luckily we have some ano — some — there are in our portfolio, like Novavax and Johnson & Johnson, who were tried during their ano — their clinical trial, it was tried in UK, in South Africa and also in Brazil.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: So for the… Just to make it clear to the people magsasalita na lang ako ng Tagalog, subukan ko.

So in other words, Secretary Galvez, ‘yung bakuna na dadating sa akin is as equally good in terms of efficacy and potency against the new variant?

SEC. GALVEZ: Yes, sir, ‘yung ibang ano, sir…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: It can take care of the —

SEC. GALVEZ: Yes, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: — itong — ito ngayong variant that is making the rounds in — well, it started I supposed they say sa UK. So ito ngayon covered ito? 

SEC. GALVEZ: Iyong sa trial po ng Johnson & Johnson and also sa trial po ng ano ng Novavax which we have included in our portfolio kasama po ‘yon kasi ‘yung Novavax po kumuha po tayo ng 40 million doses.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: COVAX is the one that is being distributed by the WHO?

SEC. GALVEZ: Yes, sir, the Pfizer and the AstraZeneca po sir na sa ngayon sir na…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Okay, thank you. Salamat po.

SEC. GALVEZ: Yes, sir. [Next slide please.]

Sir, during the last week, sir, together with Secretary Duque and other IATF members, we have successfully visited 14 ano 14 cities. And some of our ano our staff, like Usec. Cabotaje, he visited also Cebu and look for the preparation of the other areas — and also Davao, sir, in preparation.

And then also during our meeting with the LGUs, we saw that many of the LGUs — almost all of them — are well prepared on the different tasks that have been given to them by the DILG. The DILG already directed — given them the memo, ‘yung magkaroon po sila ng early preparations for the simulations and rehearsals para po sa inoculation nationwide.

And nakita po natin talaga kami nila ano nila Secretary Duque, nakita po namin we are very satisfied dahil kasi po tuloy-tuloy po ‘yung simulation and rehearsal na ginagawa po ng ating mga Metro Manila mayors.

[And then next slide.]


SEC. GALVEZ: Yes, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Originally, my order was to have the vaccination taking place in sa mga istasyon sa pulis tapos sa mga military installations in the far-flung areas. In the far-flung areas, if there is no suitable venue, then the military camps would suffice.

But dito sa urban areas, ganito kasi may ano ako na sa police station or military installation. Apparently, sa tingin ko, sir, hindi magkasya kung ganoon lang.

So we will have to take in — well, anyway, talagang kanila man ito, they are the indispensable partner of the program, ang mga local officials sila na lang ang mamili sa mga gymnasiums o kumuha… Kulang talaga, then my order is to utilize the public school. Hindi pa naman ginawa, wala pa namang klase. Public school buildings, kung wala.

If there is no malaking mga coliseum o gym, then we will utilize the schools. Iyan — that would be the ano. Kung maaari lang huwag muna but I do not see any — any objectionable thing there tutal pang-injection man lang, wala naman nagkasakit.Well, maybe one or two or three, mga mag-slip. But fundamentally it is really giving people the shots to make them healthy. So iyan ang akin ang ano mo is eskwelahan na lang pagka ano.

But the police and the military should help discipline the — there should be in the rural areas na kulang ‘yung pulis, especially ‘yung mga sitio-sitio na, it would be nice to see the military also helping out.

Thank you. Go ahead, sir, continue.

SEC. GALVEZ: Sir, ma-u-utilize din po ang ating military hospitals dahil po ang mga target po natin ‘yung mga health workers at kasama po ‘yung kanilang mga pamilya. Magagamit din po ‘yung ano ‘yung military hospitals in terms of ‘yung inoculating the defense and military and uniformed soldiers personnel and also their families.

So kasama po ‘yon sa mga vaccination centers na tinitingnan po ng mga LGU po natin. At nag-usap na po kami nung ano ng military na talagang magagamit po ‘yung ano ‘yung military hospital considering also the ano — the military hospital personnel is also considered as our health frontliners at doon po ang una po nating isa sa mga una po natin priority sector na ibibigay ko po mamaya po na priority sector na targeted na ano natin i-inoculate.

So magagamit po talaga po sir ang ano ‘yung mga military camps considering also sa ibang mga areas talagang wala pong ano walang malalaki na space. And we believe aside from school buildings, ‘yung military camps po ang puwede po talaga na ano dahil kasi puwedeng maging orderly.

And also ‘yung military at saka ‘yung uniformed personnel they will provide support particularly ‘yung sa security ng ano ng transportation ng ano ng ating mga vaccines. At the same time, sila po ang magpu-put in order so that the social distancing and also ‘yung tinatawag nating implementation of the minimum health standard will be in place doon sa vaccination area.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I’d like to thank the military for that offering the services of the men and the venue itself.

There was this thing that yesterday I wanted to talk about but okay naman siguro. Ganito, sir, iyon pala, in areas tutal this is a nationwide — [Is the word “telecast” correct?] — eh buong Pilipinas ‘to. We might not be able really — because the vaccination is starting — we might be able to issue this appeal, not a warning, I’m appealing.

I am appealing to the Communist Party of the Philippines, ‘yung pinaka-umbrella. I don’t consider ‘yung mga NDF-NDF pati NPA. Iyong the Communist Party of the Philippines must guarantee that the vaccines in the course of their being con — being transported to areas where [there] are no city health officers or medical persons na huwag ninyong galawin ang medisina.

Allow the vaccines to be transported freely and safely. I am asking you now to observe that rule because that is for the Filipino people.

As I have said, the money belongs to the Filipino people. It credits — the credit goes to no one. Sa inyo ito mga taong Pilipino, pera ninyo ito.

So natural lang na kayong mga members ng Communist Party of the Philippines and the allied, NPA, NDF or whatever, kindly observe the rules of humanity. Hindi naman kailangan natin ano ‘yan eh. Baka maulit kagaya itong ‘yung mga pera, ‘yung mga Pantawid na pag-deliver ini-intercept ninyo.

You know, it — it’s abhorrent but you can redeem it by just seeing to it that there is a fair atmosphere or environment obtaining in the places, where you are, kayo, at nandiyan ‘yung mga taga gobyerno.

Yes, sir, continue — para mapakiusapan ko na kaagad.

SEC. GALVEZ: Sir, as I have said earlier, sir na ‘yung mga vaccination centers natin nag-designate po ang ating mga — mga mahal na mayors at na — mayroon po silang tinatawag na designation ng mga mega ano, mega vaccination center at saka po mayroon silang community vaccination center.

Ang lessons learned po doon, nakita po natin, for example sa Taguig, nag-build po sila ng ano ng vaccination center, tatlong malalaking vaccination center sa Lakeshore which is isolated. Talagang ma-ano po, ma ano po ‘yon, ma-o-observe po ‘yung ano ‘yung social distancing.

Kaya po nakita natin ‘yung — kung makikita po natin ‘yung pathway, napakaganda po ng ginawa nila. Halos lahat po ng ano, ng ating mga ano — ng ating mga LGUs sinunod po ‘yung ano — ‘yung seven steps na binigay po na guidelines ng ano ng DOH. At the same time, ‘yung iba sinimplified (simplified) nila in two to three steps.


SEC. GALVEZ: Sir, as we follow ‘yung ano sir ‘yung guidance of the President to have a safe, sure and secure vaccine, ito sir ngayon sir ‘yung vaccine na darating sir ngayong February ‘yung 117 na Pfizer, we will make sure na ito sir talagang walang mawe-wastage, sir.

So sa ngayon sir nagkaroon na tayo ng ano sir ng simulation by the DOH. Pero ngayon sir magkakaroon tayo ng inter-agency simulation kasi marami pong agency po ang — ang maganda po ang tutulong po sa atin. Nandiyan po ‘yung DOTr, nandiyan po ‘yung ano ‘yung NAIA Management Airport at saka po nandiyan din po ‘yung Customs.

At nandiyan po ‘yung ano ‘yung lahat ng mga third-party provider natin na puwedeng tingnan natin para at least hindi po sila magkaroon ng delay sa ano sa arrival po ng ano po natin.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Kaya itong ano, sir. May I just address myself to every government worker, lahat tayo, like us also a government worker: Do not delay and do not hinder or obstruct the smooth flow na nakikita ninyo ngayon, from the time of the arrival to the time of clearance. Hindi naman kayo ano…

Well, of course, maybe you — ang trabaho lang ninyo Customs is magtingin. You have no business na buksan-buksan ‘yan diyan. You are not allowed to do that. I am not allowing you anybody — anybody there sa airport na magbukas-bukas.

Then ‘yung loading, the transport, you might want General Galvez, I’m answering you diyan so that you would have find it easy, really — eh general ka naman talaga eh — to itong mga the police, the PNP should provide escorts that would ensure the — the fastest way of — for the vaccines to arrive in their storage.

At saka ‘yung ano ‘yung — even in the matter of transporting it from one facility to the other, ihatid doon sa mga local governments, the police should provide that kind of mobility. The — ‘yung mga tawag nilang “hagad” will provide the fastest way of doing it.

Lahat nasa gobyerno ito. Tingnan ninyo ngayon, tingnan ninyo kung saan kayo banda, arrival, then Customs, then the loading, the transport. Huwag ninyong pakialaman ‘yan. Leave it to the Task Force. Sila ang bahala niyan.

Si General — General Lorenzana, Secretary Año is still on leave, General Galvez and Dr. Duque. Sila ang mag-ano… They call the shots there, nobody else, in the matter of ensuring the smooth operation of this vaccine and reaching it to its ultimate beneficiary — the people — pagdating doon para maturok kaagad.

SEC. GALVEZ: Yes, sir. We already had an initial coordination with the different agencies kaya po sir nakita po natin from arrival. Iyong Customs, sir, talagang ano, mayroon silang one-stop shop. Secretary Dominguez already directed Commissioner Jagger, Custom Commissioner, na talagang mabilis po ‘yung ano — ang pinakaano natin sir is not more than 30 minutes kasi po talaga lang i-inspect ang ano po para kung ilan ‘yung bag — ang ano po na nandoon.

But definitely po hindi na po bababa ‘yon sa ano sa aircraft. From aircraft, dadalhin na po kaagad doon sa ano sir sa naghihintay na — na tinatawag nating truck.

And then from there, mayroon po tayong — we already coordinated with DILG and Chief PNP na talagang mayroon pong ano mayroon pong escort, mobile escort. At gagawa po tayo ng tinatawag nating special lane para at least pagpunta po sa RITM, minimal lang po ‘yung ano, very minimal po ‘yung time.

And then, doon na po i-inspect-in ‘yung ano ‘yung ano sa ano sa mismo sa storage facility. So that ‘yung ano po, ‘yung stability po ng ano — ‘yung stability po ng mga vaccine will be maintained.

So ang gagawin po namin bukas po, sir, talagang ira-run through po namin para makita po namin in actual. And then kung may mga defects, aayusin namin sir lahat ng mga defects.

Actually, nandoon po lahat ng mga primary secretaries at saka ano po, si Jagger po pupunta po doon, ‘yung si Secretary Tugade we invited him and then we invited also Secretary Lorenzana and even the Chief of Staff and also the Chief PNP will be there para pagka ano sir, pagka ano po natin is talagang ‘yung mga chief at saka head of offices will be responsible po para at least ‘yung guidance niyo po na hindi ma-delay ang pag-deliver ng vaccine doon sa ating national warehouse ay ma-ano po matutupad po, Mahal na President.

So ‘yon po ang ano po natin na we will ensure that your directives will be done.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Itong — itong mga storage pati warehouses now where the vaccines are deposited talagang malamig ito ha?

SEC. GALVEZ: Yes, sir. Actually, sir ano kinabagan na po kami sir ni ano dahil ang lamig po, sir, kasi ano lang — mga few ano, few minutes lang po, sir, kasi talagang napakalamig.


SEC. GALVEZ: Negative ano, sir. Actually, sir, nagkaroon po ako ng ano, ng sakit ng tiyan afterwards kasi talagang napakalamig po, sir.

It will take you ano sir eh, mga few ano lang eh, few seconds kasi ‘yung refrigerator, sir, nakita po natin ‘yung refrigerator, talagang malamig po, sir, -70, -80.

[So next slide, please.]

Iyong priority — ito  po ‘yung priority sir nating ano sir kasi mayroon po tayong tinatawag na WHO SAGE,  ‘yung tinatawag nating ‘yung kanilang mga expert na pati ‘yung ating expert na 45 experts na nag-ano nag — talagang inilatag po ‘yung kung sino ‘yung mga priority based po doon sa tinatawag na ‘yung burden of disease at saka po ‘yung reduction of mortality at saka presentation of our healthcare system.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Funny but ‘yung ina-ano nila, ‘yung priority nila, well that was also our original plan —

SEC. GALVEZ: Yes, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE:  — even before we were discussing the arrival of the… We were discussing already the persons, the priority of persons who would get the COVID.

So parang nasunod lang rin o may kaunting… Parang nakita ko hindi eh kasi lahat na ng sinabi natin o sa lahat ng sinabi ninyo ni dok — ng mga doktor, nasunod talaga.

SEC. GALVEZ: Yes, sir. Actually, sir, ito general classification lang po ito pero kung titingan po ‘yung ano ‘yung NITAG resolution, nandoon po, specific po ‘yung ano — even ‘yung mga hospital, ‘yung mga name nung hospital na bibigyan po ng ano, ng COVAX na uunahin, sunod-sunod po, nandoon po.

Ito lang po ipinakita po lang natin na talagang uunahin po natin ‘yung mga workers in frontline services to preserve the burden of our ano, ‘yung healthcare services po natin dahil kasi po kung just in case na ma-prolong pa rin po ‘yung COVID, at least ‘yung healthcare system natin hindi po mag-collapse.

At the same time, kasama po natin dito ‘yung ano ‘yung mga senior citizens kasi ito po ang pinaka-vulnerable. And then ‘yung sinasabi nga po ni Senator Bong Go ‘yung poor communities. According to WHO, iyon din po ang pinaka-vulnerable kasi nandodoon sila sa crowded ano, crowded habitation. So iyon po ang inuna.

Then, later on po ‘yung tinatawag nating mga government essential workers para po tuloy-tuloy po ‘yung services ng gobyerno. So kasama po diyan ang DepEd, kasama po ang DSWD, and then also ‘yung military and uniformed personnel.

And then later ‘yung other frontliners. Nandito po ‘yung tinatawag nating economic frontliners.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: So are you through?

SEC. GALVEZ:  Thank you very much po, sir, and we hope that ano sir ‘yung lahat po ng preparation po natin will succeed, sir.

And maraming, maraming pong salamat sa lahat po ng guidance po, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I’d like to thank you for the hard work that you are doing. So we go now to the Secretary of Health. Sir, do you have anything to — ?

DOH SECRETARY FRANCISCO DUQUE III: Just a very short update lang, sir, nothing much but…

[Can we have the presentation slide?]

Ito lang, sir, iyong total cases natin umabot na tayo sa 538,995 as of today, February 8. Ang active cases natin ay 27, 992 equivalent to about 5.2 percent of all cases. And these active cases are currently admitted and isolated in the appropriate temporary treatment and monitoring facilities.

At ang recoveries po natin, Mr. President, umabot na po tayo sa almost 93 percent equivalent to 499,772 recovered individuals. Sa deaths naman po natin  mayroon tayong 11,231 which is about two percent ang case fatality rate po natin.

[Can we have the next slide?]

Ito naman po ‘yung whole genome sequencing update as of February 7, 2021. Mayroon po tayong additional or karagdagang dalawampu’t limang samples ang sumailalim na po sa whole genome sequencing nitong nakaraang Linggo at walo mula rito ang naitalang dagdag sa mga nagpositibo doon po sa tinatawag nating B.1.1.7 UK variant.

Sa kabuuan po, mayroon tayong 1,227 samples na ang atin pong na-i-sequence at dalawang porsyento lamang ang positibo sa UK variant. Pangkaraniwan ang B.1.1.63 lineage or ito po ‘yung galing sa Hong Kong sa mga variants na naitala.

Patuloy din naman sa ilalim po ng inyong paggabay, Mr. President, pinapalakas po natin ang biosurveillance efforts at patuloy naman namin pong bibigyan ng update patungkol sa ano mang panibagong impormasyon dito po sa ating whole genome sequencing update.

[So next slide, please.]

Ito lang po nagpapakita ‘yung global perspective of where the Philippines stands. Halimbawa po sa total cases, ang Philippines ay number 32 at 530,000 plus cases. Noong October po number 18 tayo. In other words, mataas na mataas — iyon pong bilang ng kaso natin ay napakamataas, we were number 18 throughout.

Noong dumaan ang November, December ay — at napalakas po natin ‘yung ating pandemic response with the help of the local government units and also commending the discipline and the compliance of our citizens with our minimum public health standards kaya bumaba na po ang ranking natin, nasa number 32 na po tayo.

Tapos sa active cases naman po, number 44 tayo. We only have, as of today, 27, 992. Malaysia, which is even a smaller country than us with a lot less population — with a smaller population, ang active case nila 51,241; Indonesia, 176, 291.

So ibig sabihin po nito talagang gumaganda ‘yung ating pandemic response, Mr. President. And if we go look at the COVID cases po per million population, ayun nasa hundred — number 134 na po tayo, Philippines; 4,987 per million population, iyan po ‘yung ating morbidity rate sa COVID-19.  Samantala ‘yung iba kung titingnan niyo, Mr. President, ang tataas.

Singapore is even bigger in terms of their total cases per million population. They have 10,200 per million population. And all the rest, they are about five to 10 times bigger their case per million. So ibig sabihin na naman umaayos po tayo, gumaganda po ‘yung ating response.

[Next slide.]

Ganoon din po sa ating COVID deaths per million or mortality rate. Nasa 114 tayo, Mr. President, at 101 deaths per million. Samantala ‘yung iba tingnan niyo sir, halimbawa, ayun sa United Kingdom, 1,651. It’s like 15 times more than the Philippines ‘yung number of deaths per million population. The United States of America – 1,377; Italy – 1,505. Samantalang po tayo 101 per million population.

At ganoon din po sa case fatality rate, we are at number 73. The lower we are, the better our ranking. Ganoon po iyan. Sa Philippines, 2.2 percent ang case fatality rate natin. We’re lower than Myanmar and Indonesia. Iyan po ang atin pong datos sa ngayon.

[Next slide.]

Iyan lang po muna, Mr. President, ‘yung akin pong maiksing presentation at handa po akong sumagot sa inyo pong mga katanungan. Salamat po, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, actually, I think that we have reasonably — we did our assignment. And ganito na lang, we are waiting for the vaccines to arrive and to immediately implement the required mandate and that is to mabakunahan lahat. And we will do it as fast as the vaccines will come in.

So ‘yon ang… We have explained to the people why we cannot give it indiscriminately to any… I am just talking of government entities ha. Wala akong pakialam sa ano.

As fast as we can — as fast as we receive them, we distribute them. But you must have the facility, I said, to — to ensure that the integrity, ‘yung bisa ng vaccine ay hindi masisira. But eventually we will solve all the problems connected with this.

We will survive. And by the end of the — the year, mukhang medyo na tayong — hindi naman pinakamaganda, but magandang resulta sa pagod natin. And I would like to assure the people that we have really — ginawa namin ang — itong si dok — si Secretary Duque pati si Secretary Galvez and Secretary Lorenzana, and of course, indisposed lang si Secretary Año.

The Task Force na sinabihan ko ‘yung mga noon na gusto ko military ang magpatakbo kasi para sa akin — personal ko lang naman ‘yan — na they have the — marunong silang mag-crank, mag-puwesto kung saan-saan diyan.

Sanay sila kasi sa ano, ‘yung one, two, three, four.  Hindi iyang iba one tapos three, tapos maging two, tapos five. Iyon ang sinasabi ko. Iyong utak ng iba ganoon.

So just to make sure that this is an important undertaking and that it should be done correctly, and with the least, kung mayroon man, with the least of mistakes.

So maraming salamat sa inyong dalawa. Yes, sir?

SEC. GALVEZ: Sir, we would like also to thank ‘yung Congress, sir, kasi magre-report kami ni Secretary Duque dahil katulong din po sila na ipapasa raw nila po ‘yung Bayanihan III pati po ‘yung Senado.

Iyong mga kailangan po natin na mga law na maipasa para matulungan po tayo na mapabilis po ‘yung ano pagpunta po dito ng vaccine.

Unang-una po ‘yung Indemnification Fund na kailangan din po ‘yon at saka po ‘yung tinatawag nating ‘yung free ‘yung taxes at saka ‘yung Custom duties para po mabilis po ‘yung ano, ‘yung pag-transport po ng ating vaccine from the airport na wala na po talagang Customs inspection at saka ano po natin…

So tumutulong po sa atin ang Congress at saka po ‘yung Senado sa pamumuno po nila Senator Bong Go para — at saka po nila Ma’am Imee na magkaroon po ng ano ng legal cover also ‘yung mga LGUs for the advance market commitment.

So mayroon po silang ginagawang legal ano, sir, na puwede pong mag-advance ng more than 15 percent.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Let me echo your sentiment. I also would like to thank the Congress of the Republic of the Philippines for understanding us and giving us the support — the critical support that we badly need to discharge our duties.

Wala akong masabi diyan sa — in a matter of ‘yung pagtulong sa COVID problem. That is why in fairness sa Congress naman na pera man kasi ito ng tao, they appropriate, they give us the money that, we, dito sa implementing arm ng government, the Executive department, the — the ones doing the actual work. The — the most requirement or the — my demand would really be just to follow the rules laid down by government.

Anyway, lahat na dito ngayon may rules, from the accounting up to the time of the procurement and the distribution and, of course, the implementation of the mandate, sundin lang ho ninyo, including the local governments. Just follow the rules and we will be happy, lahat tayo. Sundin lang ninyo para walang problema.

Just follow. Why? The reason is really very simple. It is the people’s money tapos in-appropriate ng Congress para dito. So I do not really begrudge them if they are overstrict sa mga — mga bagay-bagay na paggastos nito.

And they will see to it that the money is not wasted, and worse, it will go into corruption. So salamat po sa Congress. Sama-sama tayo dito.

Well, as I promised to the people, they have every right when I said during many months before that I will dedicate the last remaining year of my term against — totohanan ko itong drive na against corruption.

Matagal na ito silang nawala but dapat lang ninyong malaman kasi maybe to serve a lesson to everybody. Sa Department of Agriculture si — ang number one si Fe Lumawag – cashiering staff, Philippine Rice Research Institute, violation of RA 6713, dismissal from the service.

Si — matagal na ‘to pero kailangan malaman ninyo — Rodolfo S. Escabarte Jr.; Manuel Gaspar – Chief Science Research Specialist, [Phil]Rice; Supervising Science Research Specialist, si Edgar — Edgar Libertario, Supervising Science Research Specialist, Philippine Rice. Kasayang nitong mga tao na ito eh.

Now we have ditong rice, so we are known for inventing the quality of rice for everybody. Mario Movillon, Chief Science Research Specialist. Dismissal ito lahat. Pati si Artemio Vasallo, Division Chief 3.

Dito sa … Abdulwahab Bayao, Chief Administrative Officer; Estrella Sabay, Accountant 2 and OIC Accounting Office; Mustapha Ismael, Regional Executive Director. They are all dismissed from the service.

Now ito ngayon sa last. Itong nangyari sa itong mga Lopez of Companies. Ang Congress is planning to restore the franchise of the Lopez. Wala akong problema doon kung i-restore ninyo. But if you say that if they can operate kung may — may ano na sila, no, I will not allow them.

I will not allow the NTC to grant them the permit to operate. Kung ibigay ninyo ‘yung franchise because it is within your power to do it, go ahead. Alam mo bakit? Unless and until mabayaran ng mga Lopez ang taxes nila, I will not — I will ignore your franchise and I will not give them the license to operate. Kalokohan ‘yan.

Parang binigyan mo sila ng prize for their being — for committing criminal acts. Iyong — ito ‘yung pinagbili ng ano, pinagbili ng Lopez iyong Lopez of Companies kasi maraming utang. So binili nila na lahat — pati ‘yung mga utang, pinagbili ng Lopez doon sa DBP.

Mayroon akong kulang dito because I am not quite familiar. Ito lang ang akin eh. Pero ito dumating sa akin and I said in my official capacity as a government worker.

Ngayon, binili — pinagbili ng Lopez doon sa DBP, binili ng DBP. Tapos mayroong batas SPV — iyong SPV is a law that was made to help ailing banking institutions.

Ewan ko, ito bangko ito pero na — napabili nila ang — ang kanilang utang lahat doon sa DBP. But after a few years, binili ng DBP uli ‘yung pinagbili nila sa… Ipinagbili nila sa DBP iyong pinagbili nila. This time, medyo wala na ‘yung mga utang-utang. Condoned, kung ano-ano ang nilagay nila.

Ngayon, unless it is cleared, I think Congress, I understand, started an investigation but stopped noong dumating na sila dito kay Lopez.

There were so many investigations about banking except that pagdating kila — sa kila Lopez, huminto sila. So nagkakaroon tayo ng problema diyan. Dumating sa akin ito in official capacity. Ang magawa ko lang nito is I think I’ll pass it on to the Ombudsman. Para sa akin ang Ombudsman ang pinaka- independent body na mag-solve nito.

Gusto ko lang magbigay sa kanila kasi pera ito ng tao eh. It’s the government money that is involved.

I would like to repeat it again. Itong pangbayad natin sa bakuna, hiniram natin ito sa DBP pati World Bank. Wala kasi tayong pera. Ngayon, pagdating na sa bayaran, kung tapos na lahat, ang DB — ang mga manufacturers, ang nagpabili sa atin ng ‘yung Pfizer, lahat, mag-kolekta sila hindi sa atin, doon nila kunin ang pera nila sa World Bank pati DBP. So walang corruption dito kasi walang hinahawakan ni sino man sa amin dito na bilyon.

So ganoon — ganoon ang sitwasyon kaya masakit sa amin na basta na lang sweeping allegations about corruption. Iyon ang pakiusap ko lang rin sa mga members ng Congress.

In the meantime… May nagsabi na wala daw kayong sinabi. May isa sa inyo nagsabi. Huwag ko nang sabihin dito. Magka-ano lang tayo. We will just go into a rigmarole, ika nga, paikot-ikot ng walang hanggan.

So iyan. Iyon lang rin ang idagdag ko ngayong gabing ito. Wala naman siguro. May iba pa as — as lalabas ‘yan. Isasabi ko sa inyo.

So kung wala nang idadagdag sila… Ikaw Senator Go, wala na?

Maraming salamat sa inyong pagtang — [Ano iyan pagtangkilig?] — pagtangkilik sa programa ng amin dito sa gobyerno. Maraming salamat po at magandang gabi. [applause]

— END —