Speech of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte during the National Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) Summit 2018

Event National Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) Summit 2018
Location ASEAN Convention Center, Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga

Salamat po. Kindly sit down and thank you for your courtesy.

As usual I have two pages here. If this is what you want after — just give me about two minutes and we can go home. There is a typhoon coming.

Former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo; Trade and Industry Secretary Ramon Lopez; Presidential Adviser for Entrepreneurship Joey Concepcion; Representative Peter Unabia and other honorable members of the House of Representatives; members of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Development Council; my fellow workers in government; mga kababayan.

I will just veer off a little from my prepared speech. Anyway, hindi naman ito talaga akin. Isinulat lang para sa akin so just to be read, because the longest that I delivered speeches is about three minutes. That was my policy.

But now, as we go along with our governance, there are many things which I would like to pass on to you na dapat — the role of the citizen of this country.

Just be put on notice that we are not yet over the hump in our troubles with the law and order particularly in some parts of the Philippines. Mindanao is one area which you have to look with guarded eyes.

Kasi po meron pa kami doong inaayos na — itong BBL, and of course, the agreement with the government and Misuari, and the wild card ng IS presence in Mindanao coupled with this s***** fight of the communists itong sila Sison, the NPAs. And in general, what affects the law and order of this country.

Dito sa Luzon, medyo maganda nang kaunti. It is not really as bad as down there in Mindanao because the fighting is limited to certain groups but not fronts.

Though, we will still have to talk about peace and the well, the well-being of the country.

But let me talk about business and what profoundly affects most of you. I hope it is in the past already na medyo dumaan na sana ‘to, na wala na akong marinig at ayaw ko na ring makinig ng mga reklamo.

And this has to do with the so many faults or what ails the country before kagaya ng corruption. It’s one thing that is pulling us down aside from the outside extraneous forces of government operations. Iyong corruption na ‘yan ah matagal nang umiingay ang — umiiyak rather at nag-iingay ang Pilipino.

So in my time, I will try to maybe just reduce it to the barest minimum if I cannot totally eradicate it. It will be an impossible dream to do that considering the extent of government. It’s all over the island with so many offices. Medyo hindi natin kontrolado lahat.

But let me just state one thing, if you guys do not learn to be assertive and stand for your own right, government — corrupt government officials would always bug you all the way. BIR, Customs, police and others.

The least that you can do, I pray of you, is just be assertive. I hate to mention it, but just like the Americans at an early age in school, they are taught how to assert their rights.

Dito naman, I have placed men of sa — in my estimation, have proven credibility because we were together in the dormitories when we were in school. Iba-iba kami, iba-ibang tribo at wala naman akong pinapaboran. As a matter of fact if you look at very closely at the membership of the Cabinet, you would say that a lot of Ilocanos more than Visayan.

Dalawa o tatlo na lang ata kaming Bisaya diyan. Most of them are really ex-military men and I would tell you later if I have the time why, and why it is also the practice of the previous presidents to marshal in people with military experience.

All you have to do is to assert your right. Itong mga Customs, itong mga BIR, itong mga may partner kayo — everybody’s coming in with so many partners from different countries. Ang corruption ngayon is really ‘yung pabalik-balik ng BIR. But I hope it has stopped already.

All you have to do is to assert at sabihin mo lang, “P***** i** mo, bumabayad ako ng — truly — buwis ko. Sabi ni Duterte bayaran ko lang ‘yung tama, I will not ask for less or more, just bill me the correct amount and I am freed of the purgatory of the BIR.” ‘Yan lang.

And if you think that you are aggrieved sinasabi ko naman sa inyo and sometimes it is misconstrued. Like for example ‘yung frigate ng Navy, eh talagang kanila man ‘yon wala pa kami. And yet this one senator who wants to be — pansin, eh ano-ano siya kung ano-ano ang pinagtatanong. Ipinapatawag ‘yung mga taga-Malacañan.

In the process, he popularized the name of Go. And now, nobody is stopping Go from going full blast in his dream to be a senator. [applause]

Wala naman ‘yan but you know in fairness to itong… Baka akala ninyo Intsik ang tatay. But ang pamilya niyan Tesoro ng Batangas, ‘yung barong.

Hindi talaga, you might… You just miscalculate everything there. Ah ito Intsik ‘to. Ang mukha because ang tatay Chinese. He’s just like me, you would never know that my lolo was a Chinese. He was a Lam.

Pero ito si Bong Go, he is a member of a powerful clan diyan sa Mindanao. Maraming… They own the largest — the biggest printing press in — in Mindanao, in Davao City. ‘Yung mga ganun.

When you are abused by anybody, you can always come to me anytime of the day or night if it involves corruption. Sabi ko sa’yo, that’s why ‘yung Koreano pumunta doon nagreklamo because bakit pa raw hindi na-deliver eh perfect na ang contract. I don’t know that happened in that Navy there.

But they had a ruckus and finally… But it was to their expense. Iyan nga ang mahirap diyan.

So you have to be very careful about attributing ‘yung mga ganun because not all people are of your kind. So if you are into this and to that and you think other people are also like you in like manner, be careful because there are persons who are really honest and behave in their lives.

So ‘yang Immigration, hininto ko na ‘yan sila because of the many incidents. Iyong lapitan ‘yung mga transient, visitors. It could be here in Clark, it could be somewhere else. Iyong iba kini-kidnap, tapos ‘yung iba patay. And I had to ask and got the embarrassing answers while I was in Korea.

Kaya pagdating ko dito, I said, “no more.” I am putting on notice everyone in the Immigration. Stop f****** the visitors. Huwag kayo pagka may stamp na diyan sa passport, accepted for 45 days, you do not, you do not question. It’s beyond question anymore unless he commits a crime or there is a special order from Morente, General Morente of the — he was a former policeman sa hometown ko.

Sinabi ko wala na. Nobody but nobody, police, military, or Immigration can accost in public. We are not… We are the only country doing that. [applause]

Iyong iba… You have been to the States almost all of you here. Kita mo naman. Ba’t tinatanong ka ba diyan sa hotel? All they ask is the passport then you check in. But nobody really messes you up when you go around visiting.

In the same manner, if you are a citizen of another country and a tourist here, you better behave. You know, I can take any criticism however bad it is, however discourteous o kabastos, as long as it comes from a Filipino, I will accept it.

Kung babastusin ako ng military, general o lahat, okay ‘yan sa akin pagka Pilipino ka. The rationale, why? Because you pay me — my salary. Ang bulsa na — pera nandito sa bulsa ko, na sweldo ko ipinapakain ko sa pamilya ko, galing sa inyo ‘yan.

So if you begin to attack me because I am not credible or I am incompetent or I have fallen short of my promise to you, then by all means do it. But do not give me as — huwag mo akong bigyan ng…

Turista ka dito, then you come here under the cloak of what religion and start to blabber your mouth and attack us. “Mga g*** kayong mga…” Who gave you that right to do it in my country? I’m not doing it to you. We are not doing it because we are afraid of going to prison.

But ito silang — they consider themselves a class by themselves, okay sa akin ‘yan. You are a Filipino, fine. But do not ever, ever include God in your platform to attack me. You know why? There is whale of difference when it comes to governance. There is a separation of power between any church and state.

Huwag mong isali ang Diyos mo doon sa platform of your criticism on your attacks because when I answer, pagka isinali mo sa issue — isinali mo ang Diyos, p****** i** patay ‘yang Diyos na ‘yan.

I have the right to answer. There is a separation of powers. Why are you f***** the name of the Lord against me? So pagsagot ko, since ang forefront mo Diyos, eh bakit ka maghinakit ka kung sabihin ko p***…?

Because I am now forced to recreate a design of my God na hindi gumagawa ng ganun. Ang Diyos ko forgiving, ang Diyos ko hindi bastos. Ang Diyos ko hindi nagmumura. As a matter of fact, ang Diyos ko walang sinasabi except the 10 Commandments. Wala, wala siyang…

And then when you use God to say that I’ll go to hell. You know my God never created hell. Because if He created hell, He must be stupid God. My God is not stupid to create man just to burn him to — in hell. Hindi ako naniniwala ng ganun eh. I do not believe in heaven.

Because if I do, only a fraction of you in this crowd will ever enter heaven. All of us. Makita ko, lalo na ‘yung mga may tig-dalawang asawa dito, tig-tatatlo, ‘yung mga playboy. Lahat man tayo sa impiyerno magkita but that is fiction.

Sabi ko nga, give me a religious guy na nakapunta anywhere, north, south, west. But when you are — you take a picture of mother Earth from above there is no more northwest, southwest. O saan ‘yang Diyos na ‘yan?

Of the billions and billions and trillions and billions of people who have sojourned in this planet, wala namang nakabalik dito may sinabi na may la…

Ngayon kung may tao na pumunta doon sa heaven, magdala ka ng anong gusto mong camera, maski ‘yang mura diyan sa Quiapo. I-selfie mo lang ang Diyos, kayong dalawa ipakita mo sa akin, “Ito ‘yung Diyos.”

Pagbaba ko sa hagdanan na ito, consider me resigned from the Office of the President. Iyan ang sabihin ko sa Pilipino. Me? As a matter of principle, I will not. Bakit alam mo ang posisyon na ‘to, pangulo na ‘to, because of my promise and my commitment that I will do it and I laid down the predicate that I will do the promises even if it would cost me my life, my honor and the presidency. ‘Di ba? ‘Di ba sinabi ko sa inyo ‘yan?

And therefore as a matter of principle, whether I die, I am ousted, tomorrow maybe o mahulog ‘yung eroplano ko pauwi man ako — ah bukas pa pala.

Ah may mga… Nagsakay man ako ng eroplano. Uwi ka doon sa Maynila ngayon, ma’am? Ha? Sabay tayo. [laughter and applause] Last time nagsabay kami, maniwala ka.

You know, I am always a great believer of God and destiny.

Huwag mo akong takutin na ganun na patayin mo ako ng firing squad or you will cut my head off. Cut my head off? Barilan muna tayo, bakit ako magpa-cut ng head?

Pero as a matter of principle, even if I lose my honor and the presidency, I will not apologize. Not a bit.

Sinabi ko ‘yan eh. I’ll stop corruption, then there’s the issue of drugs flooding the country.

My only concern is the Filipino of tomorrow, na hindi mahirapan ang mga anak ninyo pagka nagka-l****-l**** ang buhay dito sa droga.

And just imagine pagtanda ninyo kung gaano kayo kayaman. At the end of the day, you have the money. But sinong susubo doon sa lugaw mo sa bunganga mo? Ang nurse? Sino ang magbantay 24 oras doon na may pagmamalasakit? Nurse? Sinong magbayad ng punerarya mo, kabaong mo? Anak mo.

I am protecting your children. Wala akong ambisyong tumakbo ng kagawad. Sagad na ako dito sa presidency. Where will I go after this? Pareha lang kami ni ma’am, papasyal-pasyal na lang. And I would be 76, 77. It would be a good age to die actually.

Kaya sabihin ko, kung may Diyos, patayin mo na ako pagkatapos ko nitong trabahong na ito kasi wala na akong magagawa. Nakuha ko na ang pinaka — dream of every Filipino, unintentionally though because I never believed that I would have won.

Kita mo nga ni isang barangay captain dito sa Luzon wala ako. In the Visayas where my father comes from, ni ‘yung mga pinsan ko nandoon pa sa kabila. But I survived the election with six million.

‘Yan ang Diyos ko. The six million Filipinos plus the others who voted for me. Above the margin and those who really voted for me, 15 plus ‘yon. Sila ang Diyos ko. Hindi ko man nakikita, gusto ko man tumulong diyan sa Diyos na ‘yan, wala naman akong magagawa, hindi ko man siya nakikita. Pero dito sa mundong ‘to, nakikita ko ang impiyerno. Dito — dito ko yayariin ‘yang mga p***** i**** ‘yan.

Sinabi ko, do not destroy my country because I will really kill you. Do not destroy the young, our children kay ‘yan lang ang inaasahan namin. Pagtanda namin, hindi na kami maka-kontrata ng…

Buti sana kung mayaman, maski mayaman ka. Mag-kontrata ka ng nurse, giver o — ano ‘to, caregiver? Caregiver, magandang nurse. Nurse ka, ma’am? Hindi? [cheers and applause] Ikaw ma’am? Kung… I’m just joking.

Kung nurse ka at ako, I am in the process of decay because terminal na ako. ‘Yang nurse mong magandang binabayaran mo, masabihan mo kaya ang nurse, “kindly embrace me and kiss me passionately?” [laughter]

Sabihin ng nurse, “Sir, why don’t you just go ahead and ‘pag — you know, try to end your life? Your time is up.”

Alam mo maski saan ako pumunta, magsabi na crash dito, mga NPA diyan. Sige, sige. So? T*** i**** ‘yan. ‘Yan ang…

So itong sa — balik tayo dito sa gobyerno. Like Customs, Sid Lapeña also was once upon a time my chief of police. Lahat ‘yan sila halos dumaan. Si Lorenzana, sila si Jagger because I was mayor for the longest time, 23 years.

Siguro namura kami ni ma’am mga — ako, dalawang beses, bin*** s***. [laughter] ‘Yung sunod-sunod ‘yung bombing sa Davao.

President Arroyo came in on the first — very early morning. Wala pa kaming — at least nakahilamos ako, naka-toothbrush, naka-gargle pero nakatikim rin kami ng mura ng… And that’s why Task Force Davao was born.

So papalit-palit ‘yung mga ano, halos… Every military man who sojourned in Mindanao became my fast friends. Pala-barkada ako eh sa inom. Kaya wala na ngayon.

Pero kung sabihin mo na — pagka sinabi ko na “ayaw ko,” ayaw ko.

Sinabi ko diyan sa Customs, BIR, ‘pag meron na kayong nabayad, i-ganun mo lang.

Pag merong ahente doon nagpunta sa mga… Ganunin mo. Kumuha ka ng baril, i-cock mo sa ulo. “Kainin mo o hindi? Pag hindi mo kainin ‘to, puputok — pasabugin ko ‘yang utak mo. Ah sige.” Kainin ‘yan. Ah sigurado. ‘Yan ang pang disiplina mo. Maski sino.

I want corruption to stop altogether. Hindi ko man ma-confront isa-isa. Ako mag-confront.

Eh ‘yung mga guwardiya na ‘yan, for the first time nakakita sila ng tao na binugbog ng Presidente. Ayan o. Straight pa ‘yung sugat ko. This was a slash.

For the first time nakita nila na may pinapatay na tao diyan sa — manuod kayo, p***** i**** ‘to.

First lesson ha. Bugbugin mo, sipa-sipain mo. Second, sabi ko, “Pera, bigyan mo ako ng pera.” Binigyan ng pera. Binuksan ko ang bunganga, ipinasok ko. “Kainin mo. P***** i** ka, kainin mo ‘yan. Itapon kita diyan sa Pasig.”

Pangatlo, sabi niya na, “Mayor… Presidente…”

“Huwag mo ako tawaging ‘Presidente.’ ‘Mayor.’ Masyadong…”Sabi niya, “maawa ka sa akin kay may diabetes ako.”

“Ah, may diabetes ka.” ‘Yung kape diyan, ‘yung condiments. ‘Yung may mga nakapalibot. Eh malaki ‘yung sugar. “Kainin mo lahat ‘yan. Kainin mo lahat o patayin kita ngayong araw na ‘to. P***** i**. Kainin mo.” Pagkatapos, “Anong okay?”

“Okay man, Mayor.”

“O ito may coin pa. Lunukin mo.” “Mayor, huwag naman ho. Baka babara ‘yan.” “’Yan nga. That’s the purpose, magbara. P***** i** mo wala akong pakialam, magbara ka. Lunukin mo.”

“Mayor, baka…” “Ah ilabas mo ‘yan, masakit lang. Paglabas niyan kasi ipipilit mo ‘yan doon sa — baka magkaroon ka pa ng first stage ng almuranas, p***** i** ka.”

Wala akong pasensya sa mga g***, sa totoo lang. I-publish man nila ‘yan… Itong mga nakikinig dito ngayon lalo na ABS? Sus. [laughter] Inquirer? Walang bayad-bayad.

‘Yang Inquirer? Fifty years ang lease. After 50 years no — walang renewal, and the property already returned to the government’s assets. Ang Inquirer they continued to collect for another 50. They never returned the money.

And it’s series… Ang plunder kasi one transaction, maski na more than 50, ang threshold is 50 but more than one transaction ‘yan. Pero itong kolekta mo, all these years ng Prieto pati doughnut, that is plunder.

Now, you want to see a rich person go to prison for plunder? They will go to prison. We will pay for our sins, the rich and the poor. At baka ako ang magkakaso kung matuloy ‘yang International Court.

Ang akin lang man diyan that just guarantee me the visitation rights. Alam mo ang visitation rights? ‘Yung conjugal visits. For as long I have the conjugal visits — noon everyday, ngayon wala hindi na kaya. Maski twice a week, okay na ‘yan. Wala akong problema diyan.

And all the while, when they published about you, about kay ma’am, editorialized, we are pictured to be the demons of the Republic, that we were stealing left and right.

For your information mga Prieto, walang transaction sa gobyerno na umaabot sa table ko, either the night table in my room or ‘yang table ko sa Malacañan. Walang dumadating sa akin.

All transactions, whether Clark, whether a new artery railroad, it begins and ends with Tugade, with Dominguez, and everybody else, ito kay Ramon.

I do not even talk to him outside of the office about… What I promised, sabi ko, that I’d look for funding, because ang desire ko — it’s a good start actually. But it would be good for the nation if we can raise the middle class. Importante ang middle class eh.

But people should be educated. So I’m happy with the free education, kasi ‘yan lang ang pag-asa na they can go out of the blighted areas. Ang sabi ko, “Ayaw ninyong mag-aral? Mga g*** kayo, hindi kayo lalabas dito. You will forever stay here with your children and your grandchildren, and the children of your children.”

So that is important. Maybe inuna ko lang ‘yung defense because I said there’s a — I see dark clouds ahead. So inuna ko muna ‘yung matters that would make us strong. But maybe next year I will pour more sa SME para sa mga mahirap. [applause]

Pero palagay ko hindi naman kayo kailangan. I’m talking to the wrong crowd actually. Mukhang ano eh, hindi naman kayo — hindi niyo kailangan. Tinitignan ko ‘yung mga relo ninyo [laugther], puro Rolex man pati ano… Ah, hindi ano ‘yan.

‘Yung middle class, ‘yun ang gusto kong hilain. Kaya ang gusto kong patayin… [applause] Ang gusto ko talagang patayin, if I — if God will give me at least more years if I can finish my term, itong 5-6. Ayaw ko lang magmukhang kawawa kunwari. But ang nanay ko maestra, 5-6 ‘yon, and that was long time ago.

Anak ako ng mahirap. Believe me. Noon pa 5-6 na ang nanay ko. ‘Yun talaga, that is my burning desire. Either I stop the 5-6 or I will stop the collectors. Ganun lang ‘yan. [applause]

Kaya ganito ‘yan sa Davao. Magbi — maghiram sila ng pera. How much, 3,000? Ang ginagawa nitong… Kaya sinabi ko doon sa Prime Minister pati sa ambassador ng…

Ang style nila — hindi lang lahat pero, magpabili pa sila ng sala set. ‘Di ba? Dagdagan pa nila ng refrigerator. Ipagbilli sa’yo ‘yan, mahal, sige ka bayad, ‘yung ibinabayad mo sa unggoy, ‘yan ang ibabayad niya, kumikita pa siya.

Sabi ko doon noong mayor ako, “that this is too much”. Sobra ‘yan. But before that I communicate it to the ambassador at that time, sinabi ko, “they run the risk of — you know.” Kasi ang sinabi ko, “‘pag hindi niyo hintuin ‘yang 5-6 na ‘yan, kayo ang hintuin ko.” Mark my word.

Kaya nawala na ‘yang double dealing nila. In Davao, it is no longer a practice kasi p***** i** mo papatayin talaga kita. ‘Wag mong pahirapan ang Pilipino. ‘Yang tamang-tama lang. But do not, you know, crucify him on bended knees. Huwag mong pasobrahan. Kasi ang mga taong maliit — hindi ako nagda-drama, kilala naman ako ni presidente.

But even we assume that I am doing — talking about this on a pretended emotion, hindi maganda ‘yang mga taong maliit. Kaya sinasabi ko sa pulis, sa Customs, sa Register of Deeds pati ‘yan, ‘yan sila, ako noon three days ang business permit.

But Inday, my daughter, ordered the procedure to be reduced to one hour. Kaya Davao, one hour ka eh.

Ngayon dito, I will just… Kasi hindi naman pareho kalaki ang siyudad. I will order ‘yung sa ease of doing business, I suggest, three days sa akin. Tama na. [applause]

Kasi ‘pag… Ganito ‘yang… Si Say, I’ll mention him now, ‘yung undersecretary ng labor. Well Bebot Bello was there outside, may nag-complain sa akin. Itong recruiter.

You know, a recruiter is a recruiter, and it’s a legit because there is a law allowing them to do it. Kagaya ng inom, alcohol. I want to stop it. Davao, you’re only allowed to drink until 12 o’clock then uwi ka na.

I want to stop altogether, but there is a law regulating the manufacture. So how can I stop it? So gusto kong tapusin ito, pero…

Now, itong lahat will — there will be rules to be followed. I’m looking for the best man to do it.

Basta ang akin, anything that has something to do with graft, I should know.

Mag-katok ka ng Malacañan, either kay Medy Poblador ‘yan, ‘yan. Para ‘yan siyang may-ari ng Malacañan noon sa panahon ni ma’am. Or you can go to President Arroyo. She’s from here. And she can always call me, “Rody…”

Eh I worked — I used to work for the President eh. So sabi ko — sabi ko sa kanya, “Ma’am, kung meron ka…”

Tawagan lang niya ako. “Rody, you entertain these guys. What’s your…? Just give me the number and my assistants will take note of it and will call you and say, ‘You have an appointment with Duterte.’”

If it’s a beautiful woman, dinner time ‘yan. [laughter] ‘Yung single. Ah kasi magsama-sama ‘yung asawa, ‘di wala kang masabi. [laughter] But order lang, you can have lunch.

But ang lunch sa Malacañan really is one rice, one viand, and one soup. ‘Yun lang ang makuha mo sa akin doon. Walang steak-steak doon, walang ano. Totoo.

I can invite you for dinner, but… ‘Yun, that is the usual fare. ‘Yun lang. Isang ulam, isang sabaw, bola-bola. Pero mahusay magluto ‘yang cook namin diyan.

Ang cook niyan, cook pa ni ma’am, cook pa nila noon. At ‘yung mga ‘yan, maski anong tanong mo, hindi ‘yan mag sasagot.

Tanungin mo kung anong kinakain nung isa, ‘yung sinundan ko ano ba ang paboritong ulam. “Ah, ano, sir, ‘yong…” Sabi niya, “Ano man, sir, parang escabeche.” “Hindi ‘yang ulam pagkain. ‘Yung ulam ba, babae. Sino ‘yung paborito niya dito?” Magtawa lang. Mag-smile lang ‘yan. Oh, totoo.

Pati itong mga guwardiya, paikot-ikot man lang ‘yan sila. There’s no such thing as loyalty na kunin mo ‘yan. ‘Yan lahat sila sa ano, nag-to-tour of duty ‘yan.

All soldiers will pass by PSG just like a regular company na they have assigned to Jolo, then to Mindanao, then to Abra. Ganun ‘yan sila. And they do not answer questions na… Mabait ‘yan.

So anything that you — basta may reklamo ka about corruption, let me know, at tignan mo kung anong gawain ko sa all of that.

Ito ‘yung si Say, basta pabalik-pabalik. Mayor ako eh. Mayor ako for 22 years. Huwag mo akong p***** i**** bolahin. Masasampal talaga kita.

Eh ‘yang papunta doon, tapos pabalikin, tapos pabalikin. Tapos ano may kulang nanaman. Tapos… Nakita ko how many times. Seven times ipinabalik niya ‘yung babae. Nagbigay na ng…

Tinawagan ko si Senator Bong. Sabi ko, “Tawagan mo ang p***** i**, sabihin mo he’s fired.” Diretso ako. Pero wala ng newspaper. Malaman mo nalang kasi wala na. Hindi ako nagpa-presscon na “I fired…” Wala. Paalisin mo. Ganun ako.

Kaya kung ganun ka dito, either local or — ‘pag local, tawagin ko ‘yang mayor at sabihin ko sa kanya, “What is this f****** thing about your office?”

‘Yan lang ang magawa ko para sa inyo because I said corruption. It does not exclude local governments. ‘Yan ang garantiya ko.

Basta pabalikin ka, ang order ko is you submit, give him the shopping list. “O, produce this one oh.” Pag-produce niyan, if it’s submitted to the office, do not add, do not take away something from that. That’s final.

Ngayon, kung wala, sabihin mo, “Walang ano, sir.” Then answer to me bakit hindi mo inilista doon sa original requirement.

Ilagay mo na lahat doon para isang balikan lang. Bigyan mo siya ng copy, a card, “Come back next week or two weeks from now at Thursday, July ganun — at 4 o’ clock.” Ibigay mo ‘yung papel.

Ganun lang to cure the ano. Tawagin mo talaga, “come…” Maski sino diyan, maski tiga-linis ng Luneta Plaza. “Come. Halika dito sa practice room ko.”

‘Pag maghingi ng pera, pakainin natin ng pera. ‘Pag nagbububugbog pulis, eh ‘di bugbugin din natin, wala mang problema ‘yan. Ganun lang ‘yan. ‘Pag magalit, eh ‘di humanin mo ng barilin. Ikaw? Kung anong gusto mo. Ikaw? Eh ikaw ‘yung naghahanap ng…

He who is the cause of the cause is the cause of them all. So huwag mo akong sisihin l***** ka kung ikaw ang nag-create sa problema. ‘Yan ang rules sa gobyerno ngayon.

Maraming salamat po. [applause]


— END —