Situation briefing on the effects of earthquake in Region III presided over by President Rodrigo Duterte

Event Briefing
Location San Fernando City, Pampanga

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: First of all, I’d like to thank the various local government units and the NGOs who are in the place for the excellent camaraderie shown during the crisis.

I arrived last night 2 o’clock and I would have wanted to visit here but I was not allowed by the provincial commander. I was given the thumbs down because there was no sufficient light to guide us even on going around.

Now I’d like to… This might be too early. But ‘yung bumagsak na supermart what could have been…? You were all hit 6.1. What could have been the proximate cause at least temporarily bakit bumagsak ‘yung supermart? Is there anybody who can answer the question? Yes, Secretary Año?

DILG SEC. EDUARDO AÑO: I asked around and this could be because of the structural design of the supermarket.

It is only good for a second floor but it was actually constructed up to fourth floor. In fact, I would be issuing a memorandum circular to LGUs that have Chuzon Supermarket in their jurisdiction to temporarily suspend the business permit until we have pre-assessed the structural integrity of these supermarkets. Before… You know we do not know when the next earthquake will happen so we want to prevent unnecessary loss of life.

Actually the owner of the supermarket has been summoned by the CIDG already this afternoon. So before we let the supermarket go into business operation we have first to assess. There are about I believe four other Chuzon Supermarket around Pampanga.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, in all probability the one who constructed the supermart here could also be the one who constructed the others. I’d like to presume that. Although I stand corrected.

So it would be good at this time to just give them the advice to stop — cease and desist doing business until such time that the clearance given by government whether the city or city engineer or whoever is competent to review the planning and inquire into what kind of materials whether they were made or applied in right sizes or was there any shortcuts made. Iyon ang…

Because in some they would say that there’s a lot of… Well you see cement but what’s the [entrails?] inside the columns there has to be examined whether they can withstand the additional two storey. And may I know if this was accompanied by a new application to add another storey?

SEC. AÑO: We will check on that, sir.


DOST SEC. FORTUNATO DELA PEÑA:  Mr. President, just to reinforce but a team from Phivolcs led by Dr. Rhommel Grutas who is a civil engineer and our engineering seismologist, they went to Porac last night. They noted that the church and Chuzon grocery had structural problems that is why they got damaged. It says here, “other houses and structures beside the church and grocery had no damage.”

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes, Secretary Villar.

DPWH SEC. MARK VILLAR: Sir, based on our… We are currently doing a forensic study of the structures so that we can give a more comprehensive technical report. But some initial reports lang po and of course this is very raw information. But judging by the way that it collapsed frontwards it seems that — baka may nag — may… It could definitely a problem with the foundation. It might be… It’s hard to speculate but you know possibly with the columns and the foundation seems to be insufficient. Nakikita niyo naman po ‘yung katabi niya. Wala namang — halos walang damage po ‘yung gym sa tabi niya, which was constructed by the local government.

So our initial… Judging by the way that it fell and the way that — we see that there seems to be a problem with the basic foundation. But of course it’s still too early to come up with the exact… Pero nakadeploy na po ‘yung team namin, ‘yung forensics team para ma-identify ‘yung exact. At the same time nakapag… I instructed them also to look at the other Chuzon structures as I’ve been told the possibility of similar designs. So kailangan talagang i-assess.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Can somebody tell me how old is the building?

SEC. VILLAR: Four years po, four years. Medyo bago pa lang po kaya very concerned kami sa…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes, there will be a lot of questions there because one it is a newly built — only four years and the fact that the intensive damage and extensive was appalling in the sense that there was a collapse and the other buildings around made also of cement and structural materials the steel eh wala namang bumagsak. It’s the only one.

It can happen. I know that there are some quirks. But whether it was a deliberate move to just do away with safety standards or was there a compliance with the requirements of the law.

Karamihan kasi diyan ‘yung shortcuts and trying to save money. Iyon ang… That would be the work of the investigators. Secretary Año and maybe DPWH could — and the police could help in the determination of the structural integrity of that building whether it was a defect man-made or one of those really I said that it can happen and it was a bad day for them to have it.

Sa sunod po I’d like to inquire into ‘yung nasugatan. How many of them are serious and  what help have we extended so far to cope up with the treatment of — dangers? Serious kasi nabagsakan ng semento ‘yan. So I’d like to know from Secretary Duque if — are we responding appropriately to the demands of the moment?

DOH SEC. FRANCISCO DUQUE III: Good afternoon, Mr. — good evening, Mr. President and fellow members of the Cabinet.

Sir, as of 3 o’clock pm today, we have received a report of 112 individuals, 17 of whom were hospitalized or were brought to the JB Lingad Memorial Regional Hospital and four were already discharged. As a matter of fact, thankfully, just before you arrived. And then 75 of the 112 are in the Jose Songco District Hospital, while 21 are in the Romana Pangan District Hospital.

And so far they are being managed adequately. No problems in terms of medication and operations for the various seriously injured. It’s a range of injuries, Mr. President, from minor to major others needing amputation kasi nga po nadurog ang mga buto, ang mga laman nabagsakan po at karamihan po dito ay mula doon sa Chuzon collapsed building.

But don’t worry, Mr. President, because we are doing everything to make sure that the medical assistance is adequate if not more than adequate. And we have — we are monitoring the absorptive capacity of our DOH hospitals as well as in coordination with the local hospitals, the district hospitals in particular for any additional assistance or complementation of services.

So ‘yung mga doktor po natin handa. Ang Philippine Orthopedic Center sinabihan na po natin na kung kulang po ang kanilang mga orthopedic surgeons ay magpapadala po sila dito.

Pangalawa po, Mr. President, ay ang PhilHealth at ang DOH ay sinisiguro po natin na lahat ng gastusin sa kanilang pagpapa-ospital ay sasagutin po ng PhilHealth at ng DOH through the medical assistance program.

So patuloy po ang ating monitoring and we are — we have instructed our medical center chiefs to give us an update of the day-to-day conditions of all of the injured patients.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: So in other words, that the — are medical response to everybody — to every kind of injury suffered now by the people can adequately be met by government at this time?

SEC. DUQUE: Yes, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No problem about the money?

SEC. DUQUE: Wala po.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No problem about medications?

SEC. DUQUE: Wala po, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ang dugo meron?

SEC. DUQUE: Ah meron po tayong Red Cross, meron po tayong blood banks and they are adequate, Mr. President.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Okay, I’m quite satisfied with this. I’ll jump to general — DSWD.

DSWD SEC. ROLANDO BAUTISTA: Good afternoon, Mr. President. Sir, here’s the update on the actions taken by our regional DSWD in view of the recent earthquake.

In Porac, Pampanga alone, we have distributed 200 pieces of family food packs for affected families. We also provided burial cash assistance to initially 11 individuals as reported up to around 15:00 this afternoon.

We also provided medical and financial assistance for 17 wounded individuals. This is over and above the assistance provided by the Department of Health. We also provided food packs to 445 families housed in three evacuation centers. Two evacuation centers in Pampanga and one in Zambales.

More importantly, we conducted stress debriefing to affected families. Emergency shelter assistance will be provided to 56 families from eight community in Porac: 30,000 for a partially damaged house while 10,000 for partially damaged.

We still have more than 14,000 pieces of family food packs ready for distribution. So as a whole, a total amount of 10.5 million in the form of cash and in kind on standby for utilization if [unclear]. Thank you sir at magandang gabi po.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: So everything is appropriate for this kind of emergency now?

SEC. BAUTISTA: Yes, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No — you do not have any problem? Money additional? Food? Food stocks? Are they being addressed now?

SEC. BAUTISTA: We still have standby funds for…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: With a comfort level?

SEC. BAUTISTA: …food and non-food items, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Okay, thank you. Itong ano ngayon ah education. Nandito ba si, ma’am?

DEPED USEC. ALAIN PASCUA: Good evening Mr. President. I am Usec. Alain Pascua of the Department of Education. As of this time sir — can you please show the slides please? As of this time, we have recorded about 108 schools that have been affected from three regions: Region 3, NCR and 4-B. And about 80 classrooms have been damaged.

Of the damage — the cause of the damage at the moment, this afternoon, it was reported at 75 million. But about two hours ago, it already went up to about 120 million pesos of damage.

The concern — the only concern that DepEd has at the moment, Mr. President, is that our QRF fund of 2 billion already allocated in 2019 are all allocated for tropical depression Usman in Camarines Sur.

So we may be needing replenishment budget from DBM. But we will also be applying for pay-out via the parametric insurance lodged at the Department of Finance and GSIS  that will cover — maybe if we can get the agreement with DOF and GSIS the cost of the repair of the damages would be covered by the parametric insurance.

Mr. President, most of the damages in the schools are minor and these are all — majority of them are fence and ceilings and pavements. No structural — no major structural damages on our buildings especially the new ones.

But one concern also that we have is that the central office at the NCR was damaged. The roofing of the central office has been damaged. We might be needing to evacuate or transfer some of the offices that we have including the Office of the Secretary.

For the next three months we will be transferring them to another space. That’s all so far, Mr. President, is our report.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: The — if it’s with the… I-condemn na ninyo ‘yung old building ninyo?

USEC. PASCUA: Yes, sir. The — the old building, sir, in the central office is about 50 years old na. This is the old ultra. So bumukas ‘yung roofing, Mr. President, because of the damages of the tiles and the roofings.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Okay. Do you have the money?

USEC. PASCUA:  For these buildings, sir, we do not have the money for these, but we are looking at… Because Mr. President, we have a — we have a property in Taguig that’s beside the new Senate. We would want to develop that in exchange of the central office in the — in Pasig, we would like to have a kind of transfer of the main building — main office at that Taguig property.

But we are looking at a partner on a  — a private and public partnership arrangement so that we could have our own new building even without the cost of the government side.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: When can that be?

USEC. PASCUA: We are now — if we could be successful this year, Mr. President, then that will be started for next year. But for the damages at the central office, we may be needing the next three months to repair it to enable or to — just to cover the roofing so that the rainwater when the rainy season will come in will not…


USEC. PASCUA: Yes, sir, temporarily for the next months…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Do you think that it will not cause a jeopardy on the occupants with that kind of just repair? Is there a danger that it would be another earthquake would cause its collapse? I’m talking of the lives of people.

USEC. PASCUA: Yes, sir. That’s why, sir, our strategic program for that is to transfer to a new office. But pending that, sir, because that would take several months of construction of new building, we will be forced to look — to just look for alternative spaces within our compound.

And we have — we can still use those areas, sir, except this building here. But structurally, sir, the building is still sound. Only the roofings would be needing retrofitting. But when the… It’s at the second floor, the Office of the Secretary and several execom members are located. We might need — we will be needing to relocate them.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: So you think that if the repairs are made, it would still be habitable for human?

USEC. PASCUA: Yes, sir. It will still be habitable, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: But you want to put up another building there within the same compound?

USEC. PASCUA: It is possible, sir. We still have an area at the back sir for a new executive building.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Why don’t you talk to the Budget officer?

USEC. PASCUA: Yes, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: She has the money, but always denying that there is no money. That’s the problem with… You should build one that will survive for the next 50 to 70 years para hindi masyadong mabigat na sa future generations. At least the buildings are habitable  — I said workable — for a longer period.

EXCUTIVE SEC. SALVADOR MEDIALDEA: If I may add, Mr. President, the location of the Department of Education and culture is in a rock solid place, right? It’s…

USEC. PASCUA: The Pasig area, sir? Yes, sir. This is far from the West Valley Fault line and it is really rock solid, sir.

SEC. MEDIALDEA: And you have a big space in that area, right?

USEC. PASCUA: Yes, sir, we have a big space in the area, sir.

SEC. MEDIALDEA: Thank you.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: We’d go next to the Department of Trade and Industry. What’s the extent of the effect — the impact of the crisis on the local economy? Wala dito si ano? Ah oo, sige. Yes, sir. Sorry.

DTI USEC. IRENEO VIZMONTE: Usec — I’m Usec. Vizmonte po from DTI. Apologies from our Secretary who is right now in Thailand attending AEM and will join — will eventually go to China for the presidential visit.

Our report pertains to prices. And we’d like to report, sir, that this morning we monitor the prices of basic necessities and prime commodities and we found that the prices are normal and below the suggested retail prices.

And we just want to report also that some big establishment like SM Robinsons and Puregold in the City of San Fernando, Angeles and Olongapo are closed but basically for the assessment of the structural integrity of their buildings. So we… Closure has no significant effect on prices of commodities.

And then the DTI will continue to monitor the prices and make sure it will remain at their normal levels that is below the suggested retail prices and to prevent profiteering. That’s all the report of DTI, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Alam mo, sir, alam ko konti lang naman ‘to and I’m not trying to belittle the problem. To me, it’s just maybe a few towns hard hit. Thank God that we have the barest minimum of deaths. I think that the local autonomy — economy can very well be controlled. There’s no panic about the people except for those who are in the hospitals and ‘yung namatayan.

I’ve been — I just strolled around. Maybe — parang okay man. So managing the local economy would not be really a problem for dito. It’s just a question of supervising whatever — if there’s a need to do that. Wala mang masyadong ano. You do not have a runaway thing here. As a matter of fact, it’s being controlled efficiently by the police and the military.

I would have wanted to come here last night, I said, but I was prevented. I just flew in from my city. I don’t think that it would be a problem for you — a serious problem for you. It’s a — it hit a big area in some sporadic towns. But I do not think that there’s so much damage as to cause an imbalance in the economic cycle of this place sa tingin ko. No price control or none.

I think everything is normal except for that one shopping center. That’s my sense sa ang negosyo dito, how it would impact on the business of this place, this city. Dito tayo ngayon sa agriculture. Meron bang mga lupa dito, Man, na ano? Parang urban man ito.

DA SEC. EMMANUEL PIÑOL: Good evening, Mr. President.


SEC. PIÑOL: Sir, aside from 50 million pesos worth of damage on irrigation canals and dams, there’s not much damage in agriculture. Our production and our production targets will not be affected.

Also, earlier today, sir, I talked to Governor Pineda. We have ready and standby rice stocks available if she would need it. Thank you, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: That’s one way of really controlling. Mas mabuti ‘yang sobra ‘yung preparasyon natin. And sabi ko nga sana hindi na ma…

You know, when I assumed office, I had in mind na this thing about rice will not be a problem at all. And I must… You were there and you delivered a long speech. I was quite confident. But really, to my horror, it came. And so we had to import.

Actually I was the one who ordered Jason to import despite of the objection of some of our economic managers because sometimes if we dwell too much on theories… Eh ang tao visual eh. They just want the rice piled up and — up to the ceiling. It’s a — what they say that — what they see is what they believe. Kaya ganun. Sobra-sobra. Mas mabuti na ‘yang sobra. Tutal kung malugi na tayo para man sa gobyerno ‘yan. Para man sa tao ‘yan, hindi man atin. Do not mind about losing money as long as the people can eat.

It is the — it would be a real problem if maulit ‘yan, walang pagkain ang tao. Pero wala mang mag-revolt diyan na wala silang — sobra-sobra sa pagkain. Nothing is cheap nowadays and everything, everyday the prices go up by a few centavos. But it goes up.


DOLE OFFICIAL: Good afternoon po, Mr. President.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Saan ang Secretary mo, ma’am?

DOLE OFFICIAL: The Secretary is leaving tonight papunta pong China.


SEC. PIÑOL: He was here, sir. He was here.

DOLE OFFICIAL: Dito po siya kanina, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Bakit — bakit nauna siya?

DOLE OFFICIAL: I will be reporting.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Is he with somebody? [laughter] No, no, no. Cabinet ano.

DOLE OFFICIAL: I’m not — I’m not sure po. Nevertheless, sir, Mr. President…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I will examine the flight manifest. The one who — in the flight manifest, the lady that is seated with a Cabinet member in all probability is the lady of his life. [laughter] Iba ‘yung the wife of his home.

DOLE OFFICIAL: Okay po. Mr. President, we have profiled 105 workers of Chuzon and we are confident that they can be absorbed readily by the local economy because we’re — we’ll be having a job fair by May 1. Ipa-facilitate po naming madali ang kanilang reemployment.

Doon po sa hindi matatanggap, we will be providing livelihood assistance. And doon po sa mga nawalan ng buhay ay magbibigay din po kami ng tulong pangkabuhayan. Mabilis po ito kahit po sila ay nasa ibang lugar. Iyon lang po ang aking irereport. Magandang hapon.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I’m not joking. Marami kayong pera. Every time there’s a — nagbibigay si Bebot, pati ikaw, Man. Ilan ba ibinigay sa inyo? Malaki? [laughter] Eh may ready — totoo.

SEC. PIÑOL: Actually, sir, what we do now, sir, is we extend loans and we have about 3.4 billion for easy access credit this year. It’s the easiest way, sir, to extend assistance to our farmers. Kasi sir kung talagang asahan lang natin ‘yung Quick Reaction Fund, mauubos sir eh. One billion lang ‘yon.

Pero ito, sir, tatlo ‘yung programa natin diyan. ‘Yung PLEA and then ‘yung SURE. ‘Yung SURE natin walang interest ‘yan, walang collateral. Three years to pay para lang maka-recover itong farmers at saka fisherman na tatamaan ng calamity. And we have been extending this, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, if it fits to a T, eh ‘di maganda. Ilan ang inyong pera lahat? ‘Yung ibinigay ng gobyerno sa  inyo?

DOLE OFFICIAL: Nasa — ‘yun  pong sa DOLE main ay nasa 3 billion.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE:  Kasali na ‘yung mga assistance-assistance ninyo?

DOLE OFFICIAL: ‘Yung mga special purpose fund po ay hindi pa po kasali. ‘Yun pong livelihood, more on livelihood and special program for employment po, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ah mas mabuti pa ‘yan. Thank you.

DOLE OFFICIAL: Salamat po.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Then si Ed del Rosario. Ed.

HUDCC OFFICIAL: I’m sorry, Mr. President. Chairman del Rosario is now in Marawi. He just left this morning.

In behalf of the chairman, Mr. President, I just want to take the opportunity to thank our Congresswoman Arroyo and Governor Lilia Pineda and vice governor because I was also a victim of the earthquake. My house is messed and everything was tilt down by…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Nasira ang bahay mo, ma’am?

HUDCC OFFICIAL: I’m in — from Porac po, tay. Porac. I am just two kilometers away from Chuzon.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: May bahay ka pa ngayon na matulugan?

HUDCC OFFICIAL: May roof pa po pero ‘yung sa loob, nagbagsakan po lahat. But again po, madam, from morning until early in the morning, hindi po ninyo inindang ‘yung pagod to rescue people and kay Governor. I have families there who also a victim. It’s so sad pero that is life.

For the housing, Mr. President, we will just wait for the validation of the LGUs for immediate action. We can give assistance of 5,000 to 10,000 building materials for the construction of their home, ‘yung mga bahay po na partially damaged or totally damaged.

We can give them as soon as the LGU provided us the validation po nung affected families para po mai-download na po ‘yung funds sa LGU. Iyon po ‘yung unang-una muna po. Five to 10,000 building — building materials po.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Come to think of it. Iyong — nagpunta ka ba ng Marawi? In the housing — the little houses that…


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: …were done by Ed?

HUDCC OFFICIAL: Wala po, hindi po ako sa Marawi.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: ‘Yon at in any other place, I think it has to be an elevated one. A little bit higher than the usual. Okay naman ‘yon, ma’am. It’s sturdy, and it has a toilet. Lahat-lahat na; and the amenities.

But if you — on the average, kung anim, pito ang anak, ah wala talaga. But kung by family of…


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: …mga apat, lima? Mahusay na ‘yung ano.

HUDCC OFFICIAL: Opo. Initial lang po ‘yun. Temporarily po lang ‘yon. But then we can also communicate with the NDRRMC dahil po we can continuously communicate with them dahil po may fund naman po for the housing naman po.

And we are addressing right now — we are not putting the three families or five families in 24 square meter. Meron na po sila ‘yung lofted. Pataas na po sila ngayon. So meron na po silang enough rooms sa taas so that’s are the main policy po right now with the NHA, HUDCC, and Social Housing Finance.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: This is one — your office is one of those performing na maganda ‘yung housing ninyo. Pati ‘yung sa mga sundalo.

But the thing I admired most was the speed that you built the houses in Marawi. Sabi nila Marawi is not yet ready to… The epicenter was really the downtown. I don’t think that I should be spending for their buildings. Hindi ako maggagasto ng ano.

Marami man ‘yang pera ‘yang mga tao diyan. Every Maranao, there is a businessman. Kasali na ‘yang shabu. May pera sila. The debate there is whether I would be also building the same kind that they lost. I don’t think I am ready for that.

Pero ‘yung mga in sa — ‘yung mga informal settlers, the squatters so to speak, ‘yung ginawa ni del Rosario was really good. It’s sturdy, it can stand another whatever. Tapos sabagay man-made naman ang calamity doon. It was bound to happen because of what they were doing there.

Thank you for your input.

HUDCC OFFICIAL: Thank you, Mr. President.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: So ma’am… Wala — wala ng iba? So dito tayo sa DOST. Tapos ka na, Boy?

SEC. DELA PEÑA: Actually, ang deputy director po nung Phivolcs ay narito.

Gusto ko lang magbigay ng ilang impormasyon na ‘yung earthquake sa Central Luzon — ito pong Zambales, Pampanga is one of the seismically active areas in the country because of the Philippine Fault, the Iba Fault, the East Zambales Fault, and the Manila Trench which are the main earthquake generators.

Siguro ho background information from 1928 to 1993, there were 18 moderate earthquakes which had magnitudes of 5.1 to 5.8. So…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: On the average?


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: On the average.

SEC. DELA PEÑA: On the average po ‘yon eh. Sixty-five years, eh 18 earthquakes. So mga every four years parang ganun.

And then after the eruption of Pinatubo in 1991, there were moderately-sized earthquakes that occurred as a result of the activity of the volcanoes.

Now, from the current earthquake activity, we expect succeeding small magnitude earthquakes or aftershocks which may continue to occur for several days to weeks, some of which may be felt.

However, the probability of an earthquake higher than the magnitude 6.1 to occur from the same source is low.

Now, as to the question of whether this earthquake can trigger a destructive tsunami according to our experts at Phivolcs, the magnitude of the earthquake is not big enough to generate a destructive tsunami.

And we just want to assure you, those Phivolcs is operating a network of 101 seismic stations monitoring all of these all over the country. In this area po, the seismic stations are located in Magalang, Pampanga, Sta. Cruz, and Iba, Zambales, in Abucay, Bataan, and in Doña Remedios Trinidad in Bulacan.

Mamaya po, kung gusto niyong marinig ‘yung report tungkol sa earthquake sa Eastern Samar, nandito po si Director — Deputy Director Bautista.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I-ano mo na since we are talking of earthquakes.

PHIVOLCS DEPUTY DIRECTOR BARTOLOME BAUTISTA: Additional information sir about the earthquake which occurred in Eastern Samar, the earthquake result from the activity of the Philippine Trench.

So compared to the earthquake in our earthquake yesterday, this one that happened at 1:37 pm this afternoon is deeper. It’s about 65 kilometers. The one that happened here is only 10 kilometers.

So that’s the main reason why the damage is not so extensive. There were reported minor cracks in the walls of houses, but we have not received any report — building that collapsed. And the possibility po of tsunami is also remote because the earthquake is also very deep and the magnitude range is 6.6.

Even if there is a tsunami, the wave amplitude would be small to be destructive. So there is — we are not expecting any hazard from tsunami. As of now, we have not received any reports of casualties.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Pagka ang NPA nabaon doon, huwag mong tulungan. [laughter] Gagastos lang ako sa mga p***** i**.

Sabi na may nabaon doon na sampu o 20 NPAs there, just tell them that Duterte does not like to spend one centavo of fuel for the equipment to retrieve your comrades. He’s angry at you.

DEPUTY DIR. BAUTISTA: Sir, continuously po natin minomonitor ‘yung mga earthquake sa dalawang side na ‘yan. So ang Phivolcs, 27 nag-ooperate then we will update you sa mga recent development.

As of now, almost 500 na po ‘yung aftershock dito sa Porac, Pampanga.


DEPUTY DIR. BAUTISTA: Yes, sir. Almost 500 na po. Doon sa Samar, nasa 60 pa lang. We are expecting more, continuously po na… Every now and then, nagkakaroon ng aftershock. Pero we are expecting this — the magnitude to be on the downtrend.

So hopefully mag-weigh in ‘yung energy nung mga events at tumahimik na ‘yung mga earthquake. That’s all about the briefing, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: With that, your prayers also that it will not — of course now because majority of the Cabinet members and the Speaker and me, ‘pag bumagsak ito ngayon, nako ubos ang gobyerno natin. [laughter] The military will automatically take over. If they are not included here, then the deputy.

DEPUTY DIR. BAUTISTA: Huwag kayong mag-worry, sir. Malayo tayo sa mga fault pagdating dito sa San Fernando.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Sige. Ah, defense wala na masaydo dito kasi… Sa interior and local government? Si…

SEC. AÑO: Ah, yes sir. Good evening, sir. Firstly sir, I would like really to commend the prompt and immediate action of the LGUs particularly the provincial government under Governor Pineda. [applause]

At 5:11, sir, the earthquake struck. At 5:30, there was no power. But they were able to immediately convene the local DRRMC and set up the command center, and at the same time all other agencies.

The DILG, MLGOOs, PDs and RDs, the PNP, the Armed Forces of the Philippines, the Bureau of Fire to establish the incident command system. And I think we owe these to the continuous earthquake drill that we are conducting at least once every quarter.

Ah because of that, we are more prepared. And in fact, as I said, command centers, and search and rescue teams, emergency response teams are immediately available.

But of course, we still would like to lessen the time for response because I believe that it is the key factor to minimize the loss of lives or to prevent loss of lives. We have to still reduce the time between the disaster and the putting up of the command centers and the deployment of all search rescue teams and emergency response teams.

But really the key factor also is the presence of the local government chief executives, my RD and PD reported that 100 percent present po ‘yung ating mga local chief executives. That’s why it’s really very, very easy for them to lead the rescue effort.

And another factor is the bayanihan spirit. When we determined that Porac is the ground zero, many LGUs volunteered to help in order to rescue, retrieve victims. So na-minimize na po talaga itong mga biktima natin.

But still, I have issued several memos particularly the conduct of infrastructure audit to check the safety of old buildings especially schools and government centers. Any portion damaged during the earthquake would surely affect the integrity of the structure and it may not be safe for the people to immediately occupy especially tall buildings.

And then we find out also that at 5:30, there was a power outage. So it was only restored at midnight — very critical during the rescue. So I would like to oblige all LGUs to have genset readily available. We don’t know the next disaster. So those LGUs who have no genset, they have to procure immediately.

Then of course, the temporary suspension of the business permit of Chuzon Supermarket. And then the continuous conduct of our earthquake drill nationwide.

In Metro Manila, while there’s only one damage reported, the Emilio Aguinaldo College. But all the LGU, the 17 LGUs convened the local DRRMC today.

For Region IV-A, fortunately sir, although they experienced intensity 4, 3, and 2, but there is no damage on any building or roads or bridges in Region IV-A. So really sir this is a manifestation that our local government units are prepared for disasters but next time, sir, we will aim for zero casualty.

That’s all, Mr. President.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Okay, ah tingin ko ah defense that’s a — that’s an — medyo malayo na sila. Budget we have discussed it actually. Unfortunately, I have a — a date with the doctors sa regarding tuberculosis and lung

There is a convention going outside I said — I thought I’d be on time but ah it’s only 7. But i-ano, i- abbreviate ko na lang. I’d like to commend the national guys who were there at the scene. ‘Yung the province itself and the helping hand of the LGUs pati ‘yung local government units.

I’d like to thank you for the esprit de corps that you have displayed so far. Kaya sana magpaiwan na ganun ‘yan. For after all we are really living in one country and there is fault, fault, fault everywhere. Ako pa sa iyo maglipat ka na lang ng bahay. ‘Wag ka dito sa fault kasi delikado.

I’d like to specifically ang kausap ko kagabi was the police and the military. I said I arrived here mga 2 o’clock I wanted to go straight here. Mag-landing sana ako but there was also — they were in a quandary sa Clark, tinamaan rin eh.

Anyway, it’s not so devastating if I would say the word, but it is a problem for us; and the fact that we are assembled here talking about it. At the end of the day, it boils down to money. Maski anong problema sa gobyerno, it boils down to the lady there at the end of the table. [laughter]

She is — spent her lifetime counting the money and dividing it among us. So I am not appointing a new — a regular appointment. Si ma’am will just act as OIC until I — in God’s time matapos ako three years. Three years lang naman ma’am. [applause]

And ah wala ng Commission on Appointments. At saka kung ano ka ng mga congressman, suntukin mo. May congressman ba dito? [laughter] Siya?


SEC. MEDIALDEA: Si Speaker, Mr. President.

[Pampanga Governor Lilia Pineda: Mr. President, ang airport namin sira. ‘Yung airport po sira.]

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ah ‘yung airport? Ah of course that will be ano ma’am, ibang financing thing. Aayusin kaagad ‘yan.

A lot of people would want to go there. Ang surprise ko ma’am, Madam Speaker, is ‘yung grupo na wanted to do some innovations there sa NAIA and they just simply — it was about — it was agreed na sila eh, a conglomerate.


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I don’t know why. There’s nothing else.

HOUSE SPEAKER ARROYO: They have — they have been in discussion with the DOF I think on some conditionalities.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ang problema si — si itong si Dominguez medyo maano rin. But we will try to see in the next Cabinet meeting.

So ladies and gentlemen, if I may — leave to — to fly to — [Asa ‘to?]


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Oh, ah kausapin ko ‘yang mga doktor. I thought that TB was eradicated. There was a time pati ‘yung chicken pox? ‘Yung ganun?


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Small pox? Then the – a resurgent mutation. Tayo meron na. Pero nag-mutate itong… Ipadala natin sa Europe ‘yung mga test tube ninyo.

Ay by the way, ah finance, finance — who’s the finance now here?

SEC. MEDIALDEA: Wala, wala.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: ‘Yung basura ng — ‘yung basura ng Canada, I want a boat prepared. I’ll give a warning to Canada maybe next week, that they better pull that thing out or I will set sail doon sa Canada ibuhos ko ‘yang basura nila doon.

I cannot understand why they are making us a da — a dumpsite? And that is not the only case in point. They — ano ‘yan — papasunod-sunod ‘yan na  ipinapadala ‘yung basura sa atin. Well, not this time. Magka-away kami, mag… Eh ‘di ano. Awayin natin ang Canada. I will declare war against them. Kaya man natin ‘yan sila.

Isauli ko talaga ‘yan, ah tingnan mo. Ikarga mo ‘yan doon sa ano sa barko, load it — the containers to a ship and advice Cana — and I will advise Canada that your garbage is on the way. Prepare a grand reception. [laughter]

Eat it if you want to. Buang itong kinakaya-kaya tayo. Hindi ako papayag ng ganun, lalo na ‘yang…

Nagbili tayo ng chopper sa kanila, they agreed to sell but pahabol nila ang conditionalities nila ma’am na hindi daw natin magamit against our own citizens. Loko-loko pala kayo. My own citizens are cutting the neck of my soldiers and policemen. My own citizens are declaring war to oust everybody. Tayo, mawalan ng trabaho. Payag ka niyan, ma’am?

Budget, payag ka? Hindi? Ah ‘di ‘yung pera natin i-prepare mo lang kay… Hindi ako papayag ng ganun. Next week the — the… And itong Customs na ‘to — the next time they do it, I will sack them, all of them. Hindi — hindi kay Jagger ‘yan. Noon — matagal na ‘yan eh.

Pero sabihin ko kay Jagger, send them back or do not allow them to drop anchor here. You just wave them goodbye. Go back to where you came from. I will not allow that kind of s*** sa ating bayan. Sumusobra itong mga ano.

They — they extend ‘yung mga educational grants but on condition that we will accept their s*** and their garbage. ‘Di ako papayag. Kaya ikarga natin uli  ‘yan pabalik sa kanila. Sabihin ko, “Prepare your — and celebrate because your garbage is coming home.”

Oh ‘yung iba — ‘yung iba mga limang truck ibuhos mo diyan sa Canadian Embassy. [laughter] T*** i**** ‘yan, totoo ma’am. Paabutin mo ako ng ganun… Supladohan lang itong mundo na ito, kung sino lang magpakaya eh. Not me.

So I’d like to thank you again and also the — the government of Pampanga and the zeal that they have shown us despite the fact that ano — it’s hard to come here.

Maraming salamat sa inyo. [applause]


— END —