Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar on SWS Survey on Democracy, 15 Dec. 2016

The Third Quarter 2016 Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey showing that 86% of Filipinos are satisfied with how democracy works is a testament to the appreciation of freedom-loving Filipinos on our democratic way of life.  

Towards this end, the Duterte administration is strengthening democracy as part of its social contract to the governed.  

One, the Administration respects the separation of powers such as the non-interference in the rulings of the Supreme Court and the Senate investigations, such as the probe on extrajudicial killings, and recognition of the independence of constitutional bodies such as the Commission on Human Rights. 

Second, the President believes in good governance with special attention on public interest, the efficient delivery of government services, and zero tolerance to corruption. 

Third, the President gives importance to the freedom of opinion and allows dissent and protest actions as long as public convenience is not sacrificed.