President Duterte honors three outstanding Filipinos in 2016 TOFIL Awards, 13 Dec. 2016

President Rodrigo Duterte recognized three distinguished men during the presentation of the 2016 The Outstanding Filipino (TOFIL) Awards on Monday, December 12.

This year’s TOFIL Awards recipients were Ambassador Jose Cuisia in the field of public service and diplomacy, Dr. William Dar in agriculture and Rev. Fr. Anton Pascual in humanitarian and community service cooperative.

The President cited Cuisia for his exemplary service as a former ambassador to the United States.

“His financial expertise and acumen also put to good use when he became Bangko Sentral Governor. He has served in other capacities in the insurance, utilities construction, business process outsourcing companies in the country,” he added.

Duterte also lauded Dar for his works in steering and directing the International Rice Research Institute and other agricultural research institutions.

“He has been instrumental in giving food and opportunities, not only for countrymen but for people all over the world, especially in India and the sub-Saharan Africa,” the Chief Executive said.

The President likewise recognized Pascual for efforts he has provided in healthcare, accessible loans, and self-improvement programs for the poor and marginalized Filipinos.

Meanwhile, Duterte emphasized  anew his campaign promise to get rid of corruption, fight drug and criminality.

“I just want to give a respite to the Filipino. The reason why we have not progressed is really corruption. That is my honest opinion,” he said.

“But maybe in the fullness of God’s time baka we will be able to attain a certain degree of a more civilized bureaucracy,” he added.

The President announced that he had P1 billion from his social fund  which he directly gave to the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) intended for the rehabilitation of drug addicts urging them to stop using illegal drug.

He also announced the progress on the ongoing peace efforts of the government with the communist groups at the same time reiterated the call for a federal system of government.

“All of these things that I’m doing really because of love of my country. I’m not trying to be cruel. I do not want to be one. I said I guarantee you: I do not have any illusions about the presidency,” he said.

“The only thing that can appease the Moro people is — the last card there is federalism…But dito sa atin, especially with the so many islands, get a good president. I give you my word that if you can perfect it within three years, I will step down,” he added. ### PND