From the Office of the Communications Secretary on the 3rd Quarter SWS Survey on Personal Optimism, Optimism About the Economy, and Better Personal Quality of Life, 25 Nov. 2016

We welcome the latest Social Weather Stations survey showing the ‘very high’ (+43) net personal optimism of our people and their ‘very high’ (+44) net optimism about the economy.

We also take note of so-called ‘very high net gainers’ (+19), or those who believed that their personal quality of life had changed compared to twelve months ago. This is a record-high from the previous +11 in March 1987.

These encouraging numbers are consistent with the findings, also from SWS, that showed a decline in the number of families rating themselves as poor/mahirap. They affirm that the Duterte Administration is on the right track in its fight against drugs and crime while pursuing a 10-point socioeconomic program.

The survey results likewise inspire us in the government to roll up our sleeves and double our efforts in improving the lives of the disadvantaged and marginalized. As the President said, “For what good will progress be if its benefits do not trickle down to the poorest of the poor.”

Currently, the Duterte administration is pushing for big-ticket infrastructure projects. Once implemented and completed, these projects will help attain our medium-and long-term development goals, such as making our agriculture competitive, improving transport and mobility by making it safe and efficient, and improving health and other social services.