Speech of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte during the Mass Oath taking of Newly Appointed Officials and League of Municipalities of the Philippines
Rizal Hall, Malacañang
11 October 2016
The newly elected leaders of the League of Municipalities of the Philippines, the newly appointed officials, my fellow workers in government, my beloved countrymen.

I don’t know if it’s really part of the program, but I would just like to say something about my government now, the Executive. Eh alam ho ninyo, this is not to indulge in politics again, but just as a predicate, you know very well that I ran, it was not really a moribund political party but it was been quiet in Mindanao only, with the Pimentel father and son—providing the light all these years. I ran under the PDP, and we had so many constraints especially sa pera. But I won on three major issues. And I’d like you to take it, well, place it in your heart because this is really the meat of the matter.

I did not have enough money to really expect even—na manalo ako. But it was—I think in the messaging that I was able to connect with the people of the Philippines and that is that, I will do away with corruption and I am very, very, very adamant about it.Hindi naman ito para sa inyo, you’re all educated and itong sa iba, itong—lalo na sa regulatory agencies and boards of the government. There’s a lot of corruption still, and I have yet to refocus on the so many issues. Balak ko sana, this is not really to—I don’t know if it is correct or not, but for those of you who are here, lawyers, you can—maybe, give me an input of how to do about it.

Hindi ko talaga kaya na isa-isahin, but I was tinkering with the idea coming in last night from Basilan and Zamboanga, na i-open ko iyong PTV4 for one hour each day and diretso na lang sila, lalabas na lang iyong pangalan, minus, if you want, kayo nagpapadala, the complainants or the aggrieved parties or whatever, the wronged, you can always skip your number. But if you want to do it publicly, fine with me. Just text the agency and the person whom you have a gripe, a grievance to express and tell me about the issue and maybe, that would be more in keeping with the transparency.

It does not mean to say na tama iyan, because people can go wrong and it will go wrong, as in the Murphy’s Law. But I would—my predilection now is really to go fast. Simply because six years is a very limited time to do some reform. If I could just get a fraction of the corruption sa ating gobyerno, mukhang okay na. I cannot erase all, I cannot stop it, but I can minimize it.

Ngayon ho, I said, I don’t know if it’s with keeping—with the right also to be—of the people to be informed and the right to air a grievance vis-à-vis with the right of the person to keep his privacy.

But I am trying to—kind of looking for a—how to strike a happy balance here. Kasi hanggang ngayon ho, mayroon pa rin eh; and parang I feel it as an insult really. Kasi iyan ang pinangako ko.

One, is I will stop corruption. That was the only line, it was repeated by my mouth over the months of the campaign.

Second is, itong—it leaves a bitter taste in the mouth: Drugs. Alam mo, there’s an evolving two school of thoughts here, na we treat them, we arrest them, we prosecute them. Pero kung kayong mga abogado and I’ve been a prosecutor for so many years, just the thought of building a case for one, one criminal, one drug pusher. Just to build a case for one would take you about 3-4 days and a lot of investigation, three or four men to assign. Kayo, tayong mga abogado, you know that is well na impossible to do it.

What I’m trying to say is that, I do not think I can be successful unless I destroy the apparatus of the criminal syndicates. Sad to say, really the big ones nandoon sa labas and they are operating—I would like to show you the matrix, kung maari lang. Kung mayroon lang tayong national security clearances ngayon, eh ipapakita ko na diyan sa inyo kung papaano, and it’s being operated by electronics down.

Tama iyong sinabi ni Jaybee Sebastian. Ang umaabot lang diyan sa loob ng Penitentiary, konsumo lang nila iyan ngayon. But in the past, they were actually into it, cooking inside and selling, diyan sa—ang market nila was Manila, Metro Manila hanggang Cavite. But that was stopped because medyo nagkahirapan. Ang pumapasok lang diyan, iyong konsumo nila.

For the life of me, alam ba ninyo na ang droga sa Pilipinas, ang laro, nasa loob ng National Penitentiary? Magtanong kayo ng dumaan diyan na superintendent or warden, it is being operated all throughout the Philippines using just the cellphone. Be it in Parañaque, in Davao Penal Colony, lahat pati doon sa—you bought, doon sa mga penal colonies, naglalaro ang mga kriminal.

So hirap ako dito, and to think that during the time of General Santiago, who’s a very honest officer and gentleman of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, when he was PDEA, he gave us a figure of three million, at least, ang may tama. And noong pumunta ako sa Laos, I had a talk with President Widodo and I had the occasion to ask him about drugs and he said, it’s still a problem for him. And I said, “Ilan, how many of your countrymen are contaminated?” He gave the— “four million.”

Na iyong binigay na figure ni Santiago na three million, hindi kasali iyong akin. Those who were discovered, arrested, killed during my time, na iyong nag-surrender, they have stretched from a number now and they’re still coming in, in droves. So by the end of the year, it would be reasonable to expect that I’d breach the four million mark also.

Now comparing Indonesia with the Philippines, with Indonesia having about 240 million inhabitants, and it’s a big republic, two, three major islands there na malalaki that comprises the Republic of Indonesia. Sa karami niya, four million siya; ako ang liit-liit ko, I only have about 104 million Filipinos, may tama ako na four million. Saan ko ito—how do I—

Noong sa Davao ako, and I’d be honest with you, I was really a hardliner. May mga pangyayari na hindi ninyo nagustuhan, maybe extrajudicial killing, there were. But it was not really my order. Ang sa Davao lang kasi, when I became mayor, I fully supported the police. Walang takot ang pulis. Ang pulis kasi, hindi niya malaman ‘pag nademanda siya. He can be hailed before the Ombudsman, he can be hailed before the IAS, tapos andiyan pa iyong Human Rights. Ang pulis kasi noon, ‘pag nademanda, hindi niya malaman kung saan siya pupunta. With so—nandiyan pa iyong POLCOM, he would go crazy. But sa Davao kasi noong na-mayor ako, having been a politician and a prosecutor, sabi ko sa kanila, “Just do your duty, do it right.”

Because when I was—noong 1970 pag pumasa ako sa Bar, ’73 lumabas iyong amin. Class 72, Bar ’72 ako. Noong lumabas kasi iyan nag-asawa ako, kulang ang pera ko. So nagturo ako sa Police Academy sa Southern Philippines. So estudyante nila ako and all those years, hindi ko na kailangan sabihin na ano. Sinabi ko lang “Go out, arrest them.” Minsan, iyong buy-bust operation karamihan diyan, place them under arrest, in the custody of the law, announce your authority, and if they do not surrender, then you have to take him by force. But if he presents a violent resistance and if you think that your life is in danger, patayin mo. And that has been my order ever since. And to me, I think there’s nothing wrong with that.

When I was a mayor, ganito ang istilo ko: Lumabas kayo ng Davao, kayong mga durugista, lumabas kayo, iyong naglalaro ng droga, gun-for-hire, soldiers and everything, policemen, go out. Pulis ka, pagka nandiyan ka, alam mo na sabi ko. And all of those guys, inside government or outside of government, maraming namatay noon because I was really very strict. So—and I would say just like what I have been saying in public, “do not destroy my country because I will kill you, and do not destroy the youth of the land because I will kill you.” And I’ve been doing it several—for several years, as a matter of fact, for 23 years. For the time that I was mayor, I used to spew that kind of sentence, that statement.

Then I could hardly find a law, iyong sinisigaw ng mga EU na I threaten people with—because you cut corners in my statement, I said “those who would want to destroy my country,” that’s—I think, it’s a very correct statement. I cannot see anything wrong there when you threaten criminals because you do not want your country destroyed by drugs. Hahanapan ako ng mali. But you know, the EU and itong human rights, alam nila iyong statement na iyan ‘no. If it is not a crime in my country, how can you be—how can you prosecute me before any other body? It has to start with the criminal laws of the land of which I am amenable because I am a Filipino citizen. But unfortunately for them, wala. And they reprimand me and chastise me, including Secretary of State, iyong babae doon, pati Obama.

And you know before you—you must do some digging. Before I left for Laos, I said, “Huwag ninyo akong hiyain doon. Huwag ninyo!” And I was referring to the press and everybody who would ask me publicly. Huwag ninyong bastusin doon because this is a gathering of—you know, when I was Vice-mayor, it was all right for you to—parang side kick, those are side issues of governance.

But when I am the President of the Republic of the Philippines, little as I am, kung wala silang respeto sa akin, they must remember that I carry the identity of a sovereign country. You do not have any right to chastise me publicly. There is the United Nations and if you see something wrong in our sovereign exercise of our authority, you go there and make your statement and ask for a motion that it be referred to the Human Rights Commission. But do not just stand there like Obama and the rest at parang sabihin “oh, huwag kang mag-ano diyan ng human rights,” and to threaten—

Ang nagalit ako, doon sa statement ng isang… that, gusto kong magmura eh. Sabi niya, “You know, Mr. Duterte you better watch out your mouth, you might stand to lose the aids that you are—” Sabi ko, kung ganoon lang naman, takutin ka na parang kunin iyong pagkain sa harap mo, kaya ako nagalit.

I do not demand respect but I just want them to do which is correct, the proper decorum of a sovereign. Nakalimutan nila iyan eh. Kaya kasi ang pagtingin kasi ng Amerika and the others, maliit lang kasi tayo. Historically, they never—lalo na iyong—it’s not actually the fault of the President, iyang State Department na iyan, ano talaga iyan. They are there to stay and they do what they want because they think that they are most powerful nation on earth. Ipini-feed lang nila iyan sa President, iyong Presidente naman—sabi ko kay Obama, “I never made those comments, those statements,” iyong mga hurtful words.”

Now, itong si Goldberg, for the second time, totoo eh. What’s wrong if we are gay? Eh totoo man sinabi ko. And who started the ruckus? Siya, because he rode on to a statement of mine that was a narration of a true event. Now somebody from the other side during the campaign was looking for that tape sa RPN, because he was the cameraman riding piggy banks doon sa akin. He was all along sa likod ko. Totoo iyong sinabi ko: “Tang—‘tong mga ito, nakasuwerte ito, naunahan pa.” Tama iyon. Sinabi ko sa galit ko. It was not intended to be a sacrilegious, it was intended to derogate sa manhood noong nag-rape, pa-insulto ba?

You know, Philippine culture, ‘mabuti pa itong gagong ito, kapangit-pangit. Yon ang sinagot,’ parang ganun. Hindi man nila maano iyan. Pero sinabi lang, and you know, dito sa atin, when they judge, they judge, you judge best when you condemn. And alam mo dito sa atin, for those who cannot really pronounce it ‘salamagan.’ Ang iba naman ‘son of a bitch,’ that is yung putang-ina. But they chose the phrase ‘son of a whore’ to make it terrible to the ear of the—yan ang ano.

So itong Amerika, may nagalit isang artista sa akin na ano daw ako ‘psychopath,’ sabi nila. Well, I leave her to her Constitutional right—to free expression. She should enjoy that.

Pero itong Amerika, I’m serving notice ‘no, sa inyo, na hindi ko kaya iyang style nila na basta na lang pa-utos-utos sila na, they want to, they want to blow something before the public. Tayo hindi tayo puwedeng mag ano. I mean, I cannot question the killings of the black people in America. I cannot question Obama before the—explain to us why are you shooting black people already on the ground, in the act of surrender.

Tell us why is there now a great divide between the black and the—inyo iyan eh. But nobody can question that. Nobody has ever heard the—demanding the investigation by the Human Rights of the United Nations, of America. Ngayon, itong isang—yung EU, they had a gall to—and they said, they were lawyers. You know, they should have investigated that—is it a crime to say “threaten criminals, go out of my country, I’ll kill you.” That is the right to preserve your …. Alam mo bakit?

Give me about three minutes. Ang droga, umabot na ng 4 million. Alam ninyo na dumating ako dito sa presidency—midterm, when the budget on a budget prepared by Aquino, President, who prepared it the previous year. So itong budget ko, does not contain any eventuality or expectation of millions of people needing treatment or rehabilitation because it was not until after I became President na lumabas ang totoo.

When I was mayor, I knew that it was serious. Sabi mo na may nangamatay, meron, tama iyan. Pero alam mo, hindi ko talaga rin alam na ganoon pala kalawak ang tama ng ating bayan. So wala akong rehab. Kunin ko iyong sa Defense Department o ito kay Secretary Ubial, ibigay ko doon sa Defense, kasi sabi ko, because I ordered the military to open up their camps to accommodate rehab houses? Hindi man natin alam iyan. So wala akong budget ni singko sentimos for that. Because everything is programmed to be spent the way it should be there.

Hindi ko—tapos sabihin na bakit hindi niya patayin—bakit niya patayin, di i-rehab niya. Eh puno na nga eh. At saka hindi iyan—because until they are contained in a structure which is really secured.

Now, let me just hurry up my talk with you. China offered to help, matapos na, walang ‘ni hey, no hay.’ It’s in Fort Magsaysay, nandoon sa loob. It’s good for 1,600 inmates. It’s about to be completed, mag—anya, mag-cut ng ribbon na, sabi ko, “Huwag ng cut-cut ng ribbon, cut mo na lang ang leeg ng putang-ina.” Sorry. Huwag na, huwag kang magsermonyas, sabi ko, buksan na kaagad ninyo.

And ganoon na, what—parang mga apartments, na mga condo nga kaharap-harap. Ganoon ang ipinakita ng China.

Ngayon, sabi nila, bakit ako magpunta ng China? Okay. I—gusto ninyo, ayaw natin ng China, o sige. May arbitral ruling tayo, we won. We are entitled to the entitlements of that part of the Red South China Sea na atin. Entitlements, it is not territory, the territory is 12 miles. Beyond that is iyong ating—tawag natin parang fish pond. Lahat naman tayo, binigyang ng fish pond. O iyan, inyo, inyo Philippines. You have a—count it from the outermost line then draw a line there and that’s yours. Lahat tayo, may ganun. But China is claimed it to be part of their historic sovereign territory.

Okay, tayo ang nagfile, panalo tayo. Okay, magbotohan tayo. Sinong gusto na—? Dalawa lang eh. I will insist, pag ayaw nilang ibigay, atakihin ko sila, I’ll start the war. Mapahiya tayo pag hindi, o I talk. O sino sa inyo ngayon magsabi na ‘birahan natin bukas.’ Padala ko yung Navy doon bukas. I’ll send the gray ships there. Wala, it will be a massacre, and to top it all, the battleground would be Palawan, anak ng—buti sana kung sa Massachusetts tayo o sa New York, sige fight tayo. Eh, huwag iyong bayan ko. Eh, itong kamay ko, nangati na gusto ng magkalabit ng trigger oh. I don’t know what happened, baka nakarma ako siguro iyong—anyway, iyan ang—yung kuwan diyan.

So China has repeatedly invited me. I have accepted the offer. That was a little bit of ano, kasi I was supposed to—magpunta ng Japan ahead. But Japan gave a definite date. I forgot all about—basta nagbigay sila ng definite date eh. So wala akong magawa. Sabi nitong ano, eh, bakante ka pala, eh dito ka muna sa amin. But just for ano, pupunta ako ng Brunei, tapos didiretso ako ng China.

Then part of that is Japan. Contrary to the belief of other Filipinos, it is not the United Nations, maliit lang iyon pati iyong military. It’s the Japanese government ang pinakamalaking tulong.

Then so, I will go to Japan, then probably, I will go to Russia. In that meeting namin sa Laos, nobody knew it but I said na-divulge ko naman sa inyo, we talked, kami lang dalawa ni Medvedev. Sabi niya, “You go to Russia and we’ll talk about it. We have everything that you need here.” Pati pera siguro. Well, anyway, iyon ang sitwasyon.

I do not think that I will—tsaka yung—tingnan mo talaga ito, they keep on –ayan si Roy Cimatu sa harap ninyo, and the other generals here. Andiyan, apat iyong sumaludo sa akin kanina, other generals, tanungin ninyo. War games? Pagdating nila dito, diskarda then distribute the equipments. Ano yang equipments na gagamitin? So habang nag-war game—kasi iyong equipments nila pati iyong equipment natin, they are not compatible. Pagtawag mong ganun, bubombahan, ang magsagot sa’yo, North Korea, ‘Ah, okay, ipadala namin iyan.’ So, hindi compatible. Pag-alis ng Amerikano, dala nila. So what’s the point? Sila iyong nakinabang. Sila ang natututo, tayo wala. Yan ang—That’s the reality on the ground, and you can ask every military officer thereabout. Ano ang makuha ko sa kanila? At saka noon pa iyan sila.

Alam mo, ilang beses ako napabalik, for the time that I was out of the country as—I never—nung mayor ako, hindi nakakalabas. First time ako nakapasyal noong congressman na lang ako. That was in the 1999, 2000? And minsan I could see how they—yung sigaw-sigawan nila iyong Pilipino na—mayroon pa akong kilala, nagkasabay kami sa Davao, iyong bata, dinala doon sa isang cubicle, iyong ama naman—yung bata, eh bata eh, sigaw nang sigaw. Parang wala lang man sa kanila. Ganoon sila ka—

Kaya noon pa, sabi ko, well, if there’s a chance but—I do not mean to cancel or abrogate the military alliances. But tanungin ko kayo: Do you really think we need it? If there is a war, magkaupakan, do you think we really need America? And do we need China and Russia, for that matter? O do we need somebody? ‘Pag nagbirahan iyan lahat at nabitawan niya ang ICBMs, pati iyong mga Poseidon, lahat na, there will be no more American aid to talk of. There will no more be a country strong enough to rule.

In the end, pag magdating iyan, wala tayong kailangan kung hindi iyong pari, kung gusto mo lang, ultimo adios. Do you really think kung magka-Third—is there such a thing as a Third World War? Ah kalokohan. Alam mo, bantay sila nito ni—itong arrogance ng Amerika, Xi Jinping lalo na si Putin, huwag kayong—talagang ‘wag tayong magkamali diyan. Talagang hihirit diyan. Kita mo, pag ginusto niya, kunin talaga niya. He wanted Crimea; he just simply went there to occupy it. Ang America, walang nagawa.

So, let us go for alliances that would contribute to the health, to the education, kung aabot pa tayo ng—if there is a world out there waiting for our children; otherwise, we have to protect them. Itong—the sheer number of four million is kalat iyan.

And lastly, ayaw ninyong maniwala o hindi? Kung kasi, i-publish ko, there are about 3,600 elected barangay captains, na-elect na, 3,000 all over the country; there are about 6,000 policemen there in that list. Ayaw ko na lang i-publish kasi magkagulo ang Pilipinas. Now, naghahanap ako, I’m trying to figure out; been meeting with the military and the civilians pati iyong mga scholars natin; how to go about solving the problem. Because narco-politics has seeped in in our political system. The portals of the invasion of drugs into the national government started with De Lima. Totoo iyan. Ilang witness na ang nagsasabi sa inyo, iyong guwardiya na, iyong NBI, iyong PSG.

Mayroon na tayong narco-politics. That is why I told Congress, do not call for an election now; otherwise, manalo ang mga may pera. Now, kung nandiyan sila sa gobyerno, they will just wait it out. Maybe, magdasal iyan sila na mahulog iyang eroplano ko o they want, maybe, to impeach me or whatever, balik sila. Pera eh. The greed, the craving for money.

Now, if you—yan nga, pag ambisyosa ka na, look at the way previously—I’m not insulting here, just as a matter of law and proof. Look at the—review nyo ang tapes, look at the sartorial elegance of how she graduated. Tingnan mo, look at the previous tapes. Ang tao, hindi talaga makapigil eh. Magregalo ng bahay, see. Yan ang mahirap. It has never been answered kung kaninong bahay, sinong gumastos. Obviously, alam natin lahat. But that is how narco-politics has set in.

Ngayon, next election, be prepared—ako, wala na ako. Salamat rin. Ako ha, if these guys can hammer out or craft aitong hinihingi ng ating mga kababayan natin na Muslim: Federal. If you can finish it in three years or two years, I will go. I will resign. Kasi it will provide the position of a president which must be elected. The moment it is ratified by the Filipino people, you have my assurance, you have my word of honor, I do not want to stay any longer kung hindi ako kailangan. I will resign and give way. Iyan ang garantiya ko sa inyo.

But for the time being, hindi ko malaman kung itong droga—because kapag hinayaan ko, it will destroy the next generation by the sheer contamination and widespread. Hindi talaga, mahirapan iyan. It’s like a case of Hong Kong noon, when there was this English company given the sole right to sell opium. It took the Chinese four generations to entirely wipe out, including my grandfather. Nag-o-opium iyon, alam ko noon kasi nahuli eh. Maliit pa ako pero malakas na mag-majjong, malakas pa maghithit ng opium ang buang. It took them several generations.

If I—mag-let go ako ngayon, it might be bloody, it might be cruel, it might be brutal, that is for my country; I’m not doing it for somebody else. Kayo kung ayaw ninyo magtulong, di magtingin kayo. Basta there is a rule which—at saka iyang balot-balot, na binabalot ng—hindi iyan gawain ng pulis; hindi yan gawain iyan ng military. Bakit tayo magbalot ng plaster na tao diyan na we are not into manufacturing of mummies.

Yun yan sila. Remember that there were several, remember that there are now policemen at large, iyong mga ninja, tawag nila. There was a time for cleansing, and it’s still going on because nobody—pinatong ko na nga, two million eh, per head—of the nine known drug ano talaga—manufacturers. Sabi kasi ng mga—bakit pa natin ibigay sa kanila? Eh di tayo na lang. Look at—you should visit, it’s a—I would—I don’t know if it would be in bad taste to—the monument of—tingnan ninyo sa Arayat, napakalaki. Ganito kalaki oh. Iyong ikot ng mga makina doon, tubig, tangke tapos dito, iyong heater tapos iyong tube, finally iyong shabu.

Eh kung hindi natin makaya ito, let us just operate it, mag-shabu na lang tayong lahat. Wala naman tayong magawa. Let us join the crowd. (Laughter) But sabi ko, may I repeat it, on these major issues sa presidency ko: I stake my honor, my life and my country—my presidency. Presidency ko, honor. Impeachment, fine. I’ll go. Wala akong problema. Kudeta, I will go. Sabi ko kila Roy, ‘’Huwag na magkudeta, come here. Line there. Okay, raise your right hands. I, General, would like to be president.” Okay. Sige, inyo na. Solve the problem. Balikan ko kayo. Di ba? Ganun. Kung mayroon kang gusto, eh di oh, sige. But I will not—I will never, never, never, never iwanan ang— Buhay ko, my honor and the presidency. I can go. (applause)