News Release

Statement of Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar on the Typhoon Rolly

As everyone braces for Typhoon Rolly, we in the government have been undertaking safety and pre-emptive measures in order to ensure the protection and security of everyone.

Our Armed Forces has activated all of its units to assist in search, rescue, retrieval, and other disaster response operations in anticipation of the impact of the typhoon. Personnel have also been dedicated for relief goods transportation, road clearing, and damage assessment operations.

As simultaneous evacuations have been and are being undertaken in areas at risk of landslides and storm surges, we advise everyone to cooperate with the authorities and to follow their directives in order to ensure that operations are done in an orderly manner and continue without a hitch.

For our part, the PCOO continues with its Laging Handa operations, which is activated and at the ready to inform and disseminate essential information and public service announcements to everyone.

We ask everyone to remain connected and updated by subscribing to our official radio and television channels, along with our social media accounts for appropriate information on government responses and how to get in touch with proper authorities for any needed assistance.

We impart to our fellow Filipinos the message of continued hope, strength, and resilience as we face the potential dire impacts of Typhoon Rolly in the coming days. We also pray that there will be no casualties or that those affected will be kept to a minimum.

As this natural hazard is unavoidable, let us be reminded of the resilience and the strong will of every Filipino in each calamity that we have faced. With the government’s continued support and actions, we can endure and recover from this adversity along with the continuing challenge posed by COVID-19.