News Release

Statement of Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar on the recent proliferation of fake Facebook accounts

The recent spate of fake Facebook accounts is alarming and disturbing, especially since these fake accounts have, without any regard, used the names of a multitude of people.

Much like spreading fake news and propagating disinformation, creating fake accounts creates confusion and misunderstanding among the public and violates the security and privacy of those whose names were used.

While concerned government agencies like the NBI and the PNP cybercrime are already being directed to look into the matter, and the National Privacy Commission has been in touch with Facebook to conduct an investigation and share significant findings with the agency, we ask the public to do their part and be conscientious and vigilant. Please report fake accounts and do not fall prey to unsubstantiated posts from unverified accounts.

Our office continues its programs, such as Dismiss Disinformation and Youth for Truth, meant to quell fake news and combat misleading information.

We urge everyone to be responsible social media users and warn those who commit malicious acts of fake accounts and fake news creation, that you can be made accountable for your actions, as such actions are prohibited and punishable under the Cybercrime Prevention Act.