News Release

Statement of Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar on the Philippine Human Rights Situationer submitted to the United Nations

‘The Philippine Human Rights Situationer’ report presented and promulgated to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) by our Permanent Mission to the United Nations in Geneva, provides a comprehensive understanding and appreciation of the Duterte administration’s commitment towards furthering every Filipino’s human rights amidst the misrepresented allegations brought by different interest groups.

Following the spirit of integrity and political will, the Duterte administration continues to strongly advocate for the overall collective development and a safer and more comfortable life for all Filipinos, while partaking in constructive consultations with different stakeholders, interest groups, and the international community.

Evident progress has been undertaken through the policies, advocacies, programs, and accomplishments as reflected in the Situationer report that are in constant support to our state obligations to respect, protect, and fulfill human rights. These rights are enunciated in the Bill of Rights of the 1987 Philippine Constitution, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the human rights treaties ratified by the Philippines, relevant laws and other issuances.

The Duterte administration will continue its positive approach and constructive engagement with interest groups and the international community in addressing these allegations and investigating claims of violations of human rights. We will further this, as we continue to affirm transparency and determination towards upholding the rule of law, due process, and accountability on our effective endeavors in the promotion and protection of the welfare and human rights of the over one hundred million Filipinos.