News Release

Statement of Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar on the passing of former Las Piñas Mayor Vergel “Nene” Aguilar

It’s with great sorrow, sadness, and pain that I grieve the loss of a father figure like former Las Piñas Mayor Vergel “Nene” Aguilar who passed away today, August 20, 2021, due to a heart ailment.

Papa Nene, you may have left us in this world and have joined our Creator, but the memories and teachings you have shared with us all will be remembered perpetually.

You have touched the lives of so many people, but your silent demeanor was a gushing river of wisdom and affection that brought happiness and, most of all, love to our small family.

Your unselfish public service, commitment, and dedication to lead and generate great changes throughout your time in office gave unparalleled progress to Las Piñas City and its people.

I thank God with great humility and gratitude that He has given us someone like you and now beseech His mercy to give you eternal life.

I cannot thank you enough for what you have provided for me and my family.

Rest now, Papa Mayor Nene. It’s more than enough that your blood runs in the veins of my children. Your leaves may have withered but the roots you have left run deep for future generations to see.