News Release

Statement of Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar on the false information circulating on President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s health

We abhor and deplore the fake news that circulated in different social media platforms regarding President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s health after the recent postponement of this week’s Talk to the People.

As easy as it may be for some people to blame the government for any mishap, even the surge in COVID-19 cases, these attempts to wish and to ponder ill intent, and worst death to anyone, especially to the President of our country, are foul and tasteless, even if meant in jest.

As we are being guided by President Duterte’s tough and efficient leadership during this pandemic, such sentiments are spiteful and detestable.

President Duterte is safe and healthy, and continues to work to ensure that we address the recent surge of the virus.

May these individuals and groups become conscientious of their malicious actions. Sowing confusion and preying on the susceptibility of others speaks volumes of their hateful nature. We leave their comeuppance to Providence.

We continue to remind everyone to follow the health protocols of wearing of face mask and shield, safe physical distancing, and proper hygiene, among others, to ensure our safety from COVID-19.