News Release

Statement of Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar on OVP spokesman’s statement on President Rodrigo Duterte’s performance and trust ratings

We acknowledge Atty. Barry Gutierrez’s recognition of the role of the PCOO in amplifying the Duterte administration’s mandate to the Filipino people, especially our policies, programs, and responses to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although independent social media accounts remain critical of Vice-President Leni Robredo and her role in our collective fight against the virus, which may have truly contributed to the ‘disinformation wall’ she is encountering, we assure everyone that the Duterte administration has nothing to do with these critical social media voices. More to the point, the administration will never employ ‘social media trolls’ to divide our society.

In fact, the Duterte administration faces as well a ‘disinformation wall’, apart from the countless false information being spread online by entities and groups. However, the intensified efforts of the PCOO have enabled us to break these walls and have helped us keep Filipinos engaged and informed.

President Rodrigo Duterte’s outstanding approval, performance, and trust ratings are embedded in the consciousness of the majority of Filipinos because they feel the benefits of the government’s programs and policies, which is why those who have participated in the recent Pulse Asia Research Inc. survey in September 2020 gave the President a 91% rating.

Moreover, such recognition and appreciation of the President are also due to the Duterte administration’s apparent, proactive, and comprehensive actions and responses against COVID-19. This as we continue to minimize both the infection and death rates, while aggressively expanding our recovery rate.

We, at the PCOO, will remain committed to our mandate and are determined to continue to efficiently and effectively deliver information on all the responses, programs, and policies of the Duterte Administration to further our cause in fighting, healing, and recovering as one nation from COVID-19.