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PRRD unifies SBMA powers, appoints Eisma as SBMA Chair and Administrator

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte signed yesterday Executive Order (EO) No. 42 defining the powers and functions of the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) Administrator and Directors.

PRRD likewise signed on September 25 the appointment paper of Ms. Wilma T. Eisma as Chairperson and Administrator of SBMA.

EO No. 42 expressly repealed EO No. 340 (s. 2004) which separated the position of the SBMA Chairman from the position of SBMA Administrator. It reverted to the statutory setup as stated in Section 13(d) of Republic Act No. 7227, known as the “Bases Conversion and Development Act of 1992”.

“EO No. 340 designated the Chairman of the SBMA Board as the head of the agency, but vested in the Administrator the power to execute, administer, and implement the policies and measures approved by the SBMA Board, and to directly administer and supervise the operations and day-to-day business activities of the SBMA,” EO No. 42 stated.

To avoid confusion, EO No. 42 directed that the appointed SBMA Administrator by the President shall also be the ex-officio Chairman of the SBMA Board.

“The powers of the SBMA Board, as defined under Republic Act No. 7227, shall be exercised by the SBMA Board of Directors,” the said EO added.

Further, the SBMA Administrator will also act as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Among its main functions are to implement policies and measures approved by the SBMA Board, supervise the operations and daily activities of the SBMA, and exercise the powers of control and supervision over decisions and actions of subordinate officers.

As CEO, the Administrator will represent the SBMA in all dealings with government agencies, signs all permits and other official documents issued by the SBMA, and executes, on behalf of the SBMA, all contracts and instruments affecting the interests of the SBMA.

More so, the SBMA Administrator will direct and supervise the preparation of the agenda for the SBMA Board meetings, and will preside the meetings.

The Administrator can also appoint, transfer, or remove any SBMA employees in accordance with law. ###PCO-Content