News Release

From the Presidential Spokesperson – On VP Robredo’s remarks during the Liberal Party anniversary

With all due respect to the Vice President, we find Ms. Robredo’s remarks during the anniversary of the Liberal Party completely out of touch with the existing realities on the ground.

The Philippines under the administration of President Duterte is the third happiest country in the world (Gallup International) and the fifth highest country in terms of economic optimism index (Gallup International). Ninety-six percent of Filipinos entered the new year with hope – the highest recorded since 2002 (Social Weather Stations). Fewer Filipino families considered themselves poor or mahirap (Social Weather Stations).

People’s high levels of hope and optimism have been complemented by high satisfaction, approval, trust ratings.

Consider the following:
1. More than eight out of ten Filipinos trust the President, according to the last quarter 2017 SWS survey.
2. President Duterte is the most approved (at 80%) and the most trusted (at 82%) among the top national officials of this country, according to the last quarter 2017 Pulse Asia survey.
3. Satisfaction with the Duterte administration is excellent (at +70) – the highest recorded for the administration in the last 28 years, according to the last quarter 2017 SWS survey.
4. Net satisfaction rating of the Duterte cabinet remains the highest since 1990 at + 32, according, according to the last quarter 2017 SWS survey.

Genuine and meaningful change has been felt by our people. The darkness that Vice President Robredo may be referring to perhaps pertains to the future of those discredited politicians who wish to return to power.