News Release

From the Presidential Spokesperson – On the three UN rapporteurs’ joint statement

We reiterate that the current administration does not – and will never – condone extrajudicial and vigilante killings and does not tolerate human rights violations.

We saw this when an entire city police force (Caloocan Police District) was relieved after violations in operational procedures. This is a proof that we investigate and punish erring policemen and hence, discharged our state obligation to protect and promote human rights. We believe that accountability is an indispensable part of good governance and the President himself made a clear stance that legitimate operations follow protocols.

We therefore decry the Special Rapporteurs who signed the joint statement for making negative assumptions about the country despite our explanations to the contrary.

Even as we continue to respect the UN Special Procedures mechanism, we will not allow these biased individuals parading themselves as human rights experts to abuse such a mechanism to bully States by concocting falsehoods.