News Release

From the Presidential Spokesperson – On SWS September Survey on Self-Rated Poverty

We take note of the Social Weather Stations (SWS) September 23-27, 2017 survey showing 47% of families considered themselves poor/mahirap.

We attribute the increase to inflation which registered 3.4% in September, according to the Philippine Statistics Authority. It is also at this time that the peso depreciated which contributed to the increased prices of goods.

While we are concerned with the increase in self-rated poverty, we are encouraged by the decrease of families rating their food as mahirap /poor which stands at 32% in September 2017, lower than the previous administration’s average of 35% in 2015.

It is for this reason that while the Administration is building a strong and sustainable domestic economy, growth must be inclusive and must be translated to a more comfortable life for all. We must ensure that the economy serves everyone and leaves no one behind by improving our social services, such as providing free college education, free medicine, free irrigation, socialized housing, conditional cash transfers, among others.