News Release

From the Presidential Spokesperson – On the latest pronouncements of Senator Leila De Lima

We should no longer give credence to anything that comes from Senator Leila De Lima as this is from a polluted source, who was accused of drug trafficking by at least 13 witnesses. We consider her views as rather pathetic attempts to remain relevant and in the headlines, hence, these should not be taken seriously.

Moreover, Senator De Lima’s opinion reflects her utter lack of understanding of the principle of complementarity in International Law. This is no longer surprising since her professional practice was limited to election laws. To reiterate, it must first be shown that the State is unwilling or unable to prosecute crimes in order for the International Criminal Court to intervene.

Senator De Lima would be better off concentrating all her efforts in clearing her name in the non-bailable and heinous criminal cases pending against her before the courts instead of engaging in political grandstanding.