News Release

From the Presidential Spokesperson – On the Lord Heal Our Land Sunday

The President has repeatedly mentioned that he allows constructive dissent and that he would even give protesters the democratic space and time to enjoy the rights to peacefully assemble, seek redress and air their grievances.

We reiterate that this administration does not – and will never – condone extrajudicial and vigilante killings.  Our authorities have been investigating 2, 243 incidents with drug-related motives, as of end September, and the President himself made a clear stance that any violation committed by the police during operations would be dealt with accordingly.  Accountability is essential to good governance.

We are one in the true healing of this nation that has long been divided by politics.  We must come together as one country and one people and help the government in building a nation free from drugs, criminality and corruption.

We wish to build better rapport with the Catholic Church and seek the cooperation of its leaders, even as we call on our Catholic brethren to pro-actively help government in our anti-illegal drug campaign, particularly in the rehabilitation and treatment of drug dependents.