News Release

From Presidential Spokesperson Ernie Abella – On Pulsia Asia’ s survey on Filipinos’ urgent national concerns and their satisfaction of government’s performance

The Duterte administration is in the right direction when it made fighting criminality and fighting corruption as its centerpiece program. Filipinos consider these two issues as among their most urgent national concerns, and we thank our people for recognizing the efforts of the current government in delivering on this front.

Of the twelve (12) selected national issues, the national administration got high marks in the following: fighting criminality at number 1 with 78%; fighting graft and corruption in government at number 4 with 70%; and enforcing the law on all at number 6 with 67%

The survey results indeed underscore the President’s promise of genuine change to have safe neighborhoods and peaceful communities under a trustworthy government has been felt by people on the ground.

We are hopeful that this translates into increased investments and better economic prospects that address urgent national concerns, such as reducing poverty, controlling inflation, creating jobs, and improving the pay of workers to achieve our common aspiration of comfortable life for all.