News Release

From Presidential Spokesperson Ernie Abella – On the Duterte administration ‘very good’ SWS rating

We are grateful that our people continue to recognize the hard work of the Duterte administration as public satisfaction remains “very good” at +58.

This (Duterte, September 2017 +58) remains the highest first fifth quarter net satisfaction rating (Aquino, September 2011 +56; Arroyo, March 2002 +12; Estrada, October 1999 +2; Ramos, September 1993+14).

The current government’s efforts to bring comfortable life for all have started to bear fruits with Filipinos rating the Administration “very good” in the areas of helping the poor, protecting the environment, defending the country’s territorial rights, and providing jobs.

Rest assured that the whole executive branch under the leadership of PRRD will continue to lay down the foundations of a progressive and inclusive nation where there is prosperity, trustworthy government and long-lasting peace.