News Release

From the Presidential Spokesperson – On the 2017 unemployment rate

We take note that there was a 0.3 percentage point rise in unemployment rate from 4.7% in October 2016 to 5% in October 2017.

While it is true there is a slight increase, this is far from the double-digit unemployment rates registered in the 1990s.

It is likewise worth mentioning that the same period shows underemployment rate dropping by 2.1 percentage points from 18% in October 2016 to 15.9% in October 2017, which is the lowest in more than ten years.

The Duterte administration, apart from pursuing employment and livelihood opportunities for our people, promotes better employee welfare, which includes regulating contracting and subcontracting arrangements, exempting employees earning P250,000 a year from paying income tax, increasing the minimum wage of kasambahay, promoting entrepreneurship among others.