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President Duterte vows a safer Philippines for next generations of Filipinos

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte on Wednesday, August 9, stressed the significance of creating a better Philippines for the future generations of Filipinos.

“But we will have to fight for the country for the tomorrow of our children. Hindi natin pwede itong ipasa sa kanila eh. Kawawa. Kawawa ‘yang mga anak ninyo. Pati pamilya natin, mga kapatid mo,” he said in a speech before government troops.

The Chief Executive underscored the need to strengthen the ability of security forces to fight the “enemies of the state.”

President Duterte also expressed commitment to upholding peace throughout the country.

He, however, lamented that the New People’s Army (NPA) have not really been sincere in doing their part on the peace process.

“So ang gusto nating mangyari, we keep the peace now para ang kinabukasan nila hindi na sila… maistorbo ng mga komunista, mga NPA diyan. But these guys are not really sincere,” he said.

Meanwhile, President Duterte assured the security forces that he will have time for his soldiers and policemen despite his busy schedule.

He also reiterated his plan to institute a P50-billion trust fund for the education of the law enforcers’ children.

Likewise, President Duterte promised to provide employment for the widow of government troops.

“At ‘yung mangailangan, sabihin mo. Lahat ‘yan sa panahon ko, you will have the priority of all… Lahat ng biyuda ninyo, automatic may trabaho. Walang problema,” he said.

“Ako na ang bahala. Mag-usap tayo. hindi ko kayo pabayaan. All the way ako sa inyo,” he added. ###PND