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President Duterte swears in newly appointed gov’t officials

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte administers the oath of the newly appointed government officials during a ceremony at the Malacañan Palace on May 27, 2019. KING RODRIGUEZ/PRESIDENTIAL PHOTO

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte swore in Monday in Malacañang newly appointed government officials, rallying support for transparency and good governance, as well as elimination of corruption in government.

“I am confident that as you take your oath, you will also espouse our collective hopes and dreams and advance this administration’s programs and initiatives to realize a prosperous future for all Filipinos,” President Duterte said in a speech during the oath taking rites.

Stressing public office is a public trust, he said, “I trust that you will perform your duties to the best of your [abilities], uphold transparency and good governance, and fight corruption in your respective offices.”

He encouraged the newly appointed officials to lead by example and inspire their colleagues to embody honesty, humility, and simplicity befitting of a civil servant.

In fulfilling their mandate, the President urged them to use their resources wisely, develop policies and social programs conscientiously, and treat everyone equally regardless of ethnicity, status, religious belief, and political affiliation.

“With competent civil servants at the reins of our government offices, I am confident that we will maintain the program of government that you all desire and the public morale to the highest of expectations from our people,” he noted.

Meanwhile, the President broke his silence on the issue of House speakership saying he does not intend to support any candidate vying for the leadership of the House of Representatives.

He said during the oath taking that he did not make a commitment to endorse anyone for House speaker although some people sent some feelers asking for support.

“At hindi ako nagbigay ng commitment dahil sabi ko, I will not because there is no way of telling you will win. Eh anong pag-usapan natin dito na gusto mo kung hindi ka naman manalo? So sabi, we’ll put it at some other time. After the elections, ayaw ko kasi ng intriga, ayaw ko ng brickbat, ayaw ko ng duda ng lahat…ayaw ko,” President Duterte said of those who reached out to him prior to the election.

“Sa speakership, wala akong kinakampihan. I am [in] my last three [years]. Gusto ko lang to do good and if that good is not good for everybody, well I’m sorry. ‘Yan lang ang makaya ko,” he said.

The President also said he does not support his son’s possible bid to become House speaker. His son, Paolo Duterte, was reported to be eyeing the House speakership position.

Instead of interfering with the lower house issue, the Chief Executive encouraged everyone during the oath taking to help him uplift the condition of the country. PND