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President Duterte to order mass arrest of communists out on bail

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte on Wednesday, December 6, said he will soon order the mass arrest of communists who are temporarily out on bail.

“For those who are out temporarily… any day I will order for their mass arrest,” President Duterte said in his speech during the oath taking of newly appointed generals and flag officers in Malacañang.

The President said the communists are now considered as criminals.

“If they ambush you, that’s murder, multiple. If they use an explosive, use of explosive is always a murder, then it’s no bail for everybody,” Duterte said, adding that he “gave too much, too soon” to the communists.

“One day, I will have just have you arrested. You want to fight the country, create a revolution? Fine. We have been fighting you for 50 years and we will fight again for another 50 years. That is what you want,” Duterte said.

The President also warned legal fronts of communists which conduct mass actions to the detriment of the public.

“’Yung mga executive orders na ayaw ninyo. There’s a law that would protect the Filipino people from lung cancer and everything… kayo nagbubuga-buga ninyo tinatakot niyo ‘yung mass action. Well, you try. You try and I will show you that I am also sincere,” Duterte said.

“When I say that I will arrest you and confiscate all those things that are not allowed by law, it is not mine, it has been there for so many presidents to act,” he said.

“Ngayon, dito sa akin, I will do it. Why? I will do it simply because it is the law. Kung ayaw ninyo, well then, we can always prepare for that eventuality. In the meantime, kayo man ‘yung nauna-una diyan. You always insist on the rule of law. We will follow the law. And if you don’t, then the simple thing is to arrest you and place you in prison,” he added.

“If you come at by violent resistance, you place in danger the lives of people and the soldiers and the police, we will answer the appropriate action,” Duterte said.

The President meanwhile thanked the newly appointed generals and flag officers for their service to the country, saying that they should remain loyal to the flag and to the Constitution.

“In behalf of the Filipino people, as an elected official, I am extending my warmest congratulations for your rise in your careers to be where you are now,” Duterte said.

“I discourage ‘yang personal loyalties. Nothing about that for me also. Akin lang is alam ninyo ang tama, alam ninyo ang mali. So there’s the Constitution to guide you and if at all, it is really the document that binds us all,” he said.

Prior to the oath taking of newly appointed generals and flag officers, President Duterte administered the oath of office of new Presidential appointees and private organizations.

In his speech, President Duterte urged businessmen to ensure that they are paying the right taxes and help his administration in eradicating corruption in the government.

“I assure you, if there is any attempt, maghingi o mag-demand or making it hard for you to do the right thing, you just call anybody in the Cabinet,” he said.

“Hindi man ‘yan problema. I will grant you the audience immediately. Tawagan mo lang kung sinong tawagan mo. But kindly help the BIR because he’s trying desperately to raise money because of the Build, Build, Build,” he added.

The President also stressed that he will not stop his war against illegal drugs.

“Iyang droga na ‘yan, pasensiya kayo, you better stop. No human rights na opisina o anong klase ng — will protect you. All that I am saying is that: Stop it. Drugs: Stop it. Walang gulo,” he said. ### (PND)