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President Duterte graces AdDU High School reunion

Davao City — President Rodrigo Roa Duterte on Saturday, January 20, called on the alumni of Ateneo de Davao University High School to remain loyal to the Jesuit principles.

The Chief Executive joined the annual reunion and homecoming dinner of Ateneo de Davao University High School in Marco Polo Hotel here.

“As we move forward in our own endeavors, may we remain true and faithful to the Jesuit principles and academic rigor,” he said in his speech.

“Let the call to become men and women for others continue to manifest in our lives. I enjoin all of you to remain strong in faith as we forge a more progressive and peaceful nation,” the President said.

Duterte recalled his younger years here and in the university which were instrumental in shaping his perspectives in life.

“My father’s strength, my mother’s wisdom and the joy brought by the company of people whom I call my friends have made a significant impact on me as a student and as a young man,” the he said.

“Truly, my fond memories and noteworthy experience have made this place my home and my refuge,” he said.

The President then urged Ateneans to be reminded of the hopes and values shared in their academic journey a long time ago.

“They served as the hallmarks that inspired our transformation into empowered citizens later on,” he said.

President Duterte cited social justice, selfless service, and equality as the values innate in Jesuit education.

“They were engraved in our hearts and minds and have helped us traverse the ills we face in society,” he said.

“More importantly, these tenets echo the government’s unwavering call for genuine change in our country,” he added.

The President said Ateneans from Davao Region have embodied the Ignatian character, which reflects the essence of good leadership.

“Today, we are not only gathered to strengthen the bond of camaraderie among fellow Blue Knights… but also to celebrate the realization of our resolve to uphold the Atenean spirit,” he said.

Duterte congratulated the Ateneo de Davao High School Class of 1961 for organizing the gathering. PND