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President Duterte: Gov’t troops operate within the bounds of law

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte on Tuesday, September 26, gave his word that his administration does not tolerate abuses by law enforcers who are leading the fight against illegal drugs.

The President, a lawyer and a former prosecutor, made this assurance as he graced the 120th anniversary celebration of the Department of Justice (DoJ) at the Philippine International Convention Center.

“You have to operate within the bounds of the law. I will not tolerate people shooting children — I will never allow… parang hindi ka naman lalaki eh, nakatali na o — why do you have to do that?” he said during his speech before officials and employees of the Justice department.

“Ang utos ko is that, go out, enforce the law against all, and you have to take the guy into the custody of the law,” he added.

The President cited his promise during the campaign that he will treat terrorism and drugs “harshly.”

During his speech, the Chief Executive discussed the drug problem, which he says, “is all throughout the world.”

He further noted that the illegal drugs business is always an organized crime and is a result of a syndicated agreement.

“You know, you cannot operate a drug business by just selling it to anybody just like a balut, or vendor ice cream, or ‘yung mga sigarilyo diyan sa highway na ‘pag nag-stop, the crowd everywhere to sell cigarettes,” he said.

“There has to be some cooking and there has to be some loyal lieutenants to make the distribution, down to the peddlers who take the orders from the above. So they would know if the supply is there or if there is no supply at all,” he added.

According to the President, a number of people have realized the serious dimension of the drug problem and joined the campaign against illegal drugs.

President Duterte also touched on another campaign promise, which is his resolve to end corruption in the government.

The President vowed that his administration will not enter into anomalous deals.

The President was accompanied by Justice Secetary Vitaliano Aguirre II, Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana, and Presidential Legislative Liaison Office Secretary Adelino Sitoy during the event in Pasay City.###PND