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President Duterte dismisses corruption allegations, flags falsified documents

DAVAO CITY – President Rodrigo Roa Duterte on Saturday, September 30, decried allegations of corruption against him, adding that the documents released pertaining to his bank transactions were falsified.

President Duterte expressed his ire over falsified bank statements and allegations of corruption before Davao City lawmakers during the installation of new officers and induction of new members of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) Davao City Chapter.

Duterte brought to attention the alleged figures amounting to millions in the bank records and cited them as false and misleading, adding that the inflow of money from the time he was mayor to present were just added on top of the other.

The Chief Executive declared that he will allow for his bank accounts to be looked into, adding that falsifying documents is a crime and that no one is exempt from the law.

Duterte then said that despite being a politician faced with allegations, he maintains his right to freedom of expression.

He said he never bargained away his Constitutional rights as equally with the others and that he does not lose those rights just because he was a mayor and now a President.

The President once again reiterated his stance against corruption, adding that he and his common-law wife are merely working hard to earn a living for his family.

He then repeated his commitment that he will resign from his post if he has 200 million worth of deposits in the banks.

He said he will do it in obedience to his oath of office. ###PND