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President Duterte boosts soldiers’ morale in latest Marawi visit

President Rodrigo Duterte visited Marawi City anew on Monday, September 11, to boost the morale of soldiers assuring them of government’s continued support and assistance.

In his speech at the Battleground Command Post, President Duterte told the soldiers that he would reward the soldiers and give them time to rest once the situation in the Islamic city returns to normalcy.

“Tapusin natin ‘to, tapos bakasyon muna kayo,” he said.

He explained that he does not want violence in the region but he has to do something to protect Mindanao from ISIS-backed Maute rebellion.

He also lamented that he has special affinity to the Maranao people but because the Mautes committed the crime of rebellion he is mandated to address it.

The President was dismayed when local extremists adopted the ISIS ideology, which he said only led to destruction like what happened in Syria, Iraq and Libya.

President Duterte also pledged to provide the military and the police with all the equipment they need from guns to helicopters and medical equipment needed by wounded soldiers.

He said that everything has to be brand new like the planes and helicopters that the military will be using.

He also thanked China for its assistance saying that Beijing “has been very good” to Manila.

“I am grateful to them. Let’s thank them because everything that they gave us are of good quality,” he added.

Before departing, the President thanked the soldiers for their commitment and dedication to serve the people and protect the country.

“Thank you very much. Don’t be too restless there, just stay put. Let me salute you. I’ll be the one who will salute you. Thank you very much for your service to our nation. Thank you, Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Police,” he said. ###PND