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President Duterte attends SSS 60th Anniversary

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte on Wednesday, September 6, graced the 60th Founding Anniversary of the Social Security System (SSS) and ordered the state-run firm to ensure that employers pay the contributions of its workers.

“I urge you to intensify the… monitoring of the employers and ensure that they have registered and that they pay their dues contributions,” the Chief Executive said in his speech at the SSS Building in Diliman, Quezon City.

The Chief Executive congratulated the agency on its 60th anniversary and highlighted the unique position of its management and personnel “to directly impact the lives of our people through the services you provide.”

“Through the work that you do everyday, you manage and maintain a sound and viable Social Security System, which shall provide social justice and promote meaningful protection for members and their families against disability, sickness, maternity, old age, death and other contingences resulting to the loss of income and financial burden,” he said.

The President commended the SSS for efficiently safeguarding and nurturing the hard-earned contributions of its members “so that we can secure the future for each member as your theme here puts it.”

“The only salvation I think to move forward is really to improve the economy and I am committed to do just that,” he said.

President Duterte concluded his message by calling on Filipinos to work together in empowering the people “so that they may help us in building the foundations of a brighter and more secure future, especially for the marginalized.”

“May this occasion remind us that our workforce is the backbone of our society and their welfare is our primary concern,” Duterte said.

President Duterte orders Justice department to probe Arnaiz case

In his speech, the Chief Executive ordered Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre to take over the case of 19-year-old Carl Angelo Arnaiz.

The President met with the family of Arnaiz at the Malago Clubhouse in Malacañang Park before going to the SSS event.

He assured the public that he would never condone erring police officers.

“Ang sinabi ko naman talaga, ‘We will protect the soldiers and the policemen.’ Wala… No doubt about it. But always, there has to be the element of the performance of duty. And you do not kill defenseless persons,” he said.

President Duterte vowed that cases will be filed against policemen who abuse their authority while in the performance of duty.

“I’m sorry, but I will pursue the cases against the police, and if need be, they should go to jail. Wala akong inutos na ‘patayin mo ‘yung bata o matanda and even the enemy on bended knees,’” he said.

“And I would never, never, never condone or allow it,” he added. ###PND