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President Duterte: Amend Constitution to solve corruption

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte on Tuesday, November 28, underscored that the only way to solve the very virulent and ever-present corruption in the country is to amend the Constitution.

The Chief Executive discussed the gravity of corruption in government as he graced the Anti-Corruption Summit 2017 and the 2nd Philippine Construction Congress that were held at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) in Pasay City.

The President said corruption is harmful and that it is almost hard to stop, noting that the Philippines’ Constitution was “really crafted to allow accountability to escape most of the time.”

President Duterte, who has served as prosecutor, vice mayor, congressman, and mayor, noted that there is always corruption in government.

“And every administration, I would say, including mine, corruption is ever present,” he said.

“And the only way to do it is actually — We have to change or amend our Constitution. Walang iba,” the President said.

During the crafting of a new constitution, the President said he would give his inputs as well.

“Ako, I will make a deal, if Congress and the entire Filipino people. We craft a new constitution. Marami kaming — pati ako sasali, I will place my input there,” he said.

Meanwhile, the President said the government should do away with awarding projects to the lowest bidder.

In addition, the Chief Executive said the Commission on Audit and the Office of the Ombudsman should be strengthened.

During the Anti-Corruption Summit 2017, the stakeholders who participated in the summit submitted to President Duterte a list of recommendations and a 10-Point Reform Plan.

The resolution cited the need to break the chains of corruption that continues to contribute to poverty and hamper economic development.

It recommended, among others, that all line agencies under the President should set the stage for bureaucratic reforms for heads of government to be accountable, take command responsibility of all their actions and eliminate undue human intervention of agents and middlemen in all transactions.###(PND)