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Palace: Duterte to fire officials of PCUP; reiterates govt’s strong drive vs. corruption

Malacañang on Tuesday, December 12, announced that President Rodrigo Roa Duterte will fire officials of the Presidential Commission for the Urban Poor (PCUP) amid allegations of corruption.

Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque, Jr. stated in a Palace press briefing that President Duterte directed him to make the announcement.

Roque said the President mentioned two grounds that led to his decision. He said that the Commission has not been meeting as a collegial body and that its officials are notoriously known to have junkets abroad.

“This kind of work performance has no place in the Duterte administration. We reiterate we are serious about the drive against corruption in government,” he said.

Roque stressed that the President’s move is proof that beyond doubt his administration is not taking corruption allegations sitting down and that it is serious in going after corrupt public officials.

Furthermore, the Spokesperson clarified that the president’s planned action has nothing to do with PCUP Chairperson Terry Ridon’s status as a known left-leaning official.

“I doubt it because the two grounds mentioned to me by the President is that it’s a collegial body and they don’t appear to be working as a collegial body and junkets of the commissioners,” he said when asked if the decision was based on Ridon’s association with the Lefts.

He also assured that there would be no vacuum as far as the fulfillment of the Commission’s mandate is concerned. In fact, he said, the President decided “because it is not performing its mandate precisely.”

“I’m sure the President will have something na more workable in the near future,” Roque added.

Further details will be provided as soon as a written memorandum is issued by the President, Roque announced.

Gov’t monitoring Pinoys in NY following terrorist attack

In the same press briefing, Secretary Roque said the Philippine government is closely monitoring the situation of Filipinos in the Big Apple following an attempted terror attack at the Port Authority of New York.

“Terrorism and hate have no place in society. We pray for the speedy recovery of those injured in the New York explosion,” the Cabinet official stressed.

He said the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), through the Consulate-General in New York, is now in touch with leaders of the Filipino-American community in the city and reported that no Filipino or Filipino-American has been affected by the incident.

“The Consulate General is closely monitoring the situation especially as it pertains to the safety and well-being of our kababayans in New York,” Roque assured. ###PCO-Content