News Release

On the reported house-to-house searches for COVID-19 cases

We find it unfortunate that critics and detractors of the Duterte Administration are using the important strategy of contract tracing to vilify the current government.

Let me make it clear: There will be no house-to-house search for COVID positive patients. They will have to be reported by the persons themselves, other members of the household, or their barangay officials. Further, the local health workers are the ones who will lead the transfer of COVID positive patients from their homes to government quarantine facilities, which we call “Oplan Kalinga.” Police presence is merely to provide support or assistance in the transport of patients and the implementation of lockdown in the affected area.

Contract tracing is a valid exercise of police power by the State to protect the majority of citizenry from public health threats, as provided by Republic Act 11332, or “An Act Providing Policies and Prescribing Procedures on Surveillance and Response to Notifiable Diseases, Epidemics, and Health Events of Public Health Concern.” Let us not delve into unproductive speculation and instead help our communities to be COVID-19 free.