News Release

Message of Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar on New Year’s Day

The past year has been marked by major changes not only in our country, but for the rest of the world. Aside from the COVID-19 pandemic that has affected the entire world, the Philippines has endured calamities and natural disasters that have truly challenged our resilience, our grit, and our bravery as a nation.

As we reflect on the past year, may we recognize all that we have achieved and accomplished despite the difficult circumstances that we have encountered. May we learn from the lessons brought by these challenges and apply our learning moving forward.

As we welcome 2021, we face the adjustments and some degree of uncertainty brought by ‘new normal’. Although our collective fight is far from over, may we remain firmly united and unyielding in meeting head on any difficulty that this year holds.

Lastly, we ask everyone to remain committed in following all the health protocols and minimum health standards prescribed by our government, especially as we celebrate the coming new year, so that we can continue to heal, recover, and rise as one nation.

We wish everyone a happy, safe, prosperous, and healthy New Year!