News Release

From the Presidential Spokesperson – On the SWS Q1 2018 Joblessness Survey

We take note of the latest Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey showing adult joblessness at 23.9% in March 2018 compared to 15.7% last December 2017.  

We have to underscore that SWS defines adult joblessness as (a) those who voluntarily left their old jobs; (b) those who lost their jobs due to economic circumstances beyond their control, termed retrenched; and (c) those seeking jobs for the first time.

The present survey was conducted March 23-27, at a time when many students just finished their last semester in college and are expected to look for jobs; thus, an increase in adult joblessness.  Also, December by tradition is a month where there are many seasonal jobs available because of the Christmas season.

We remain optimistic that with the implementation of our Build-Build-Build Infrastructure Plan, we would be able to generate more job opportunities to many of our countrymen.