News Release

From the Presidential Spokesperson – On the lawyers’ groups report to the UN Rapporteur

The call to impeach the Chief Justice did not originate from the Executive.

Let the facts speak for themselves: Some justices of the Supreme Court appeared in the House of Representatives and testified against the Chief Justice during the Committee on Justice impeachment hearings.  The Chief Justice was made to go on indefinite leave by her colleagues to protect the integrity and reputation of the court after it became clear that the CJ failed to file some of her annual SALN. In addition, the SC allowed the oral arguments for the quo warranto petition.

For the longest time, the President has been silent about the issue, notwithstanding the allegations made by CJ Sereno against the Chief Executive in many public fora saying the latter is behind her impeachment.  The President’s statement on the CJ impeachment is thus a reaction to these accusations.

The President’s rebuke of the Chief Justice must therefore be taken as a dislike of the Chief Justice and not an attack to the judiciary or an affront to judicial independence.