News Release

From Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque

It is encouraging that foreign media, particularly Thai Enquirer, has taken notice of The Philippine government’s Minimum Public Health Standards Advocacy Campaign of wearing a face mask, washing of hands, and maintaining a physical distance, which is known locally as “Mask, Hugas, Iwas.” It likewise mentioned that people must “listen to government announcements and do not take unnecessary risks.”

Indeed, COVID-19 knows no borders, as the Thai news website succinctly puts it, “We’re all in this together.” The fact that the Philippine government’s advocacy campaign has caught international attention underscores how effective our message is – which we articulate in every press briefing and which we prominently display on the podium — in conveying that we must adhere to such health standards aimed at saving lives and protecting the communities.

Let everyone be reminded therefore that in this holiday season, we should continue to wear face masks/face shields, wash our hands, and maintain a physical distance to have safe and healthy 2021.