News Release

From Presidential Spokesperson Ernie Abella – On the Global Source Partners Special Report on the Philippines

We appreciate the comments by Global Source Partners as it focuses the debate on the important topic of the Duterte Administration’s Build-Build-Build Infrastructure Plan.

Any program of this magnitude & scope certainly carries with it risks of slippage.

The Duterte Administration however is fully confident in its ability to initiate the much-needed infrastructure projects in much shorter time periods than it takes to start PPP projects, as experienced by the previous administration.

The Philippines, through the Comprehensive Tax Reform Program and the Official Development Assistance, is ready to fund the Build- Build-Build Infrastructure Plan that will ensure robust and inclusive economic growth.

We are investing in infrastructure by raising our own money and by charting an independent foreign policy course.

This is the first time we are passing a tax reform for the future; meaning, we are building the infrastructure before the infrastructure is needed to prevent congestion, which wastes resources.  This is likewise the first time the nation has pursued an independent foreign policy where national interest became the primary consideration.