Statement by Assistant to the Presidential Spokesperson – Ms. China Jocson by Melanie Baldoz-Reyes (Kaagapay ng Bayan – Radyo Pilipinas)

MELANIE:                                         Yes, Ma’am, good morning po. Naka-birthday leave po si Ms. Marie.

CHINA:                                                Happy birthday kay Marie and thank you for filling in, Lanie.

MELANIE:                                         Opo, thank you, Ma’am. May statements po tayo for today?

CHINA:                                               Yes. I have statements for you and to our listeners. Usually, Lanie, mayroon tayong wrap-up ng mga ginawa ng Presidente ngayong nakaraang Linggo.

MELANIE:                                         Yes, ma’am.

CHINA:                                               Pero ngayon, medyo hindi ko maibibigay sa inyo iyon. Pero ang ating mga tagapakinig, puwede po silang mag-log on sa Facebook—sa Facebook ng Presidential Communications. Nandoon ho ang mga ginawa ng Pangulo at mayroon hong kasamang mga video at mga pictures na rin po dun. But right now, most importantly, I would like to proceed to reading the statements.

MELANIE:                                         Yes, ma’am.

CHINA:                                               Okay, Lanie?

MELANIE:                                         Yes, ma’am. Go ahead po, ma’am.

CHINA:                                               Thank you, Lanie.

First is on the Northern California Wildfire: We express our sympathy to the families of victims whose lives and properties were lost during the raging Northern California wildfires. The wildfires, which began on October 8, have swept through California’s Wine Country, leaving more than 30 deaths and thousands of people homeless.

Over 73,000 acres of land and 1,500 structures were destroyed, and an estimated 20,000 residents were evacuated, according to our Consulate General in San Francisco which is closely monitoring the situation.

None of the almost 18,000 Filipinos in the Wine Country and surrounding counties have been reported as among the casualties. Nonetheless, we continue to reach out to the Filipino communities in the affected areas, particularly in the Napa and Sonoma counties, to ascertain the condition of our ‘kababayans’.

The second statement is on the joint PH-Indonesia-Malaysia air patrols: The fight against terrorism in the region continues to get a boost. The coordinated joint air patrols between the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia were launched in Malaysia to better counter the movement of terrorist groups and to strengthen the security of our three nations and that of the region. By sharing information and exchanging best practices, we hope to improve the interoperability of our forces and help better secure areas of common maritime interest.

Those are the two statements from the Palace, Lanie.

MELANIE:                                         Thank you po, Ms. China. Medyo maulan, ma’am. Kaya iyong ating mga kababayan ay atin pong pinag-iingat, ma’am. At kayo din po, happy weekend!

CHINA:                                               Salamat, Lanie. And salamat din sa iyong mga tagapakinig. Mabuhay ka!

MELANIE:                                         Mabuhay din po kayo. Thank you, ma’am!