Media Interview with President Rodrigo Roa Duterte following the Launching of the Department of Agriculture’s partnership with Ayala Malls: TienDA Farmers and Fisherfolks Outlets

Event Launching of the Department of Agriculture’s partnership with Ayala Malls: TienDA Farmers and Fisherfolks Outlets
Location Abreeza Mall, JP Laurel Avenue, Davao City


Q: Ang claim sa Banana exporters, nag-drop ang atong World Rankings sa export from number two to number six. Tapos ang reason is that ang Ecuadorian bananas are entering the Asian market. Tapos libre pa doon sa government ang shipping sa kanila, they compete with the Philippine bananas. So ang gusto nila, government should —


Q: Is voluntary [inaudible]?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Voluntary is another thing. But if you start to provide the — libre ang [inaudible] subsidized by the government, that’s one of the things that we’re trying to avoid precisely. Dito sa tariff, I really do not know how much for what country.

Q: Japan, South Korea.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: ‘Yang trade nila. Back trade ‘yan. [speaks Bisaya] Those are the things that are appropriate for discussion. Lalo na sa — when is the next meeting sa — saan ba ‘yun? Malayo kasi. Argentina.

It’s almost — basta malayo.

Q: [speaks Bisaya]

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: These are the things that we need to come up. Back trade lang ‘yan na tinatawag. Sikreto ba. [speaks Bisaya] Backtrading.

Q: Pero domestically, they would ask government nga i-install na itong kuwan banana kuwan — parang government body ba ‘to? Banana council to look into the plight of the other smaller banana…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: We are not the only one affected by that. There are a lot of countries who are producing banana also. But in many countries, for example like sa ano, sa Middle East, medyo we’re coming just slightly.

But dito sa Japan pati sa China, we’re good markets actually. And I said we’re trying to open a small window there for Eastern Europe to Russia.

And they have promised that they would help us. It’s a competition of market. Pero ‘yung back trade talaga, that’s unfair. And subsidizing also the businesses.

Q: [off mic]

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: We’ll have a venue for that actually.

Q: And you will raise the…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: But that’s still you get to a World Forum kasi bawal man talaga ‘yan.

Q: That’s one of the main points nga you raised during the meeting. Concern with the back trade ‘no. Thank you very much, sir.

Q: The deadline that you gave to lift Martial Law is December. With the developments in Marawi now, are you ready to lift the martial law declaration any time soon?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: You know, declaration of martial law is always dependent to what the Armed Forces and the police recommends.

They are the two entities that would be relied upon heavily by a President or Head of State when he entertains something like extreme measures — martial law, state of emergency.

Kung ano ang sabihin ng Armed Forces pati police since they are the ones also who would be totally engaged in kung mayroon talagang if there’s an offing of trouble there, we should give credence to it actually.

I do not think that they’d fabricate events. It’s all for us to say it’s an involving everyday, especially in that corridor of Maguindanao and Marawi.

Q: But so far sir, have you received any reports — since the martial law declaration — have you received reports of abuses to the communities?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No at I do not believe that the soldiers were there to… Paano nila manakaw ‘yan? I was there. And they were billeted in houses. And they were using the amenities of that house.

‘Yung refrigerator. There was power. Ginagamit ‘yan mga electric fans. And kung ‘yan lang, I am not ready to put to task my soldiers. ‘Yung sabihin mong mga furnitures. Paano nila dalhin?

When they go home, they have been knapsack and — Makikita kaya kung saan mo ilagay ‘yan. Ginamit nila, tama ‘yan kasi napunta ako several times. I went to the houses used as hospitals, emergency.

I went to places where they used to confer and I attended one using electric fan, probably also borrowed. But I do not think my soldiers would be… Alam nila ‘yan.

They are military men and they really do what is ordered of them. ‘Yung sabing hiniram, tama lang ‘yun. I was there. Paano mo nakawin ‘yang electric fan. Saan mo i-karga?

‘Pag move out mo, ang dala-dala mo lang ‘yung knapsack mo pati baril mo. Eh ‘di makita ka ng opisyal. Those are very large things that you cannot hide in your pocket. And I do not believe na para ‘yan lang, nakawin ng sundalo.

Q: Mayor, the CPP-NPA is strengthening, they are intensifying their tactical offensive ‘no. In fact in Agusan del Sur, there was a road-blocking incident, one police officer killed in Calinan. Nag-ambush in Bukidnon, ‘yung four month baby old. Are you still pursuing the peace talks with the CPP-NPA?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No, I am no anymore inclined to — alam mo ‘yung sa mga propaganda nila and even on the streets, there’s a lot of streamers there and placards saying that pasista ako, ako ay graft and corruption, may 2 billion ako.

Eh kung ganun ang paniwala ninyo, why relate with me? What’s the point? Why are you talking to me if I am a corrupt official, if I have amassed wealth? And sus kung alam lang ninyo. I can give you an access to the bank.

‘Wag lang ‘yung mga kalaban ko sa pulitika. I can give you anytime to find out. All they have to do is write the AMLC to allow them to push the button there and…

Ngayon, kung corrupt ako, kung pasista ako, kung mamamatay tao ako, at DDS ako, why talk to me? Go find somebody else.

Now, the reason there’s an exhibition of food there. ‘Yang mga NPA alam mo bakit mahal? Dahil sa inyo.

Kayong mga Pilipino dapat maintindihan ninyo ‘yan bakit mahal? Kasi ang NPA, may extortion. Pati ‘yung mga farmers nagbabayad. Dagdag ‘yan doon sa presyo. Dati ‘yan — maniwala ka ‘yang NPA na ‘yan?

Torpe lang talaga. Making — lahat ng mga negosyante dito, sinusunog ‘yung — but it’s providing work for the countryside and yet they are destroying the very essence of the industry.

Kaya nagmahal eh kada paglaman ng truck, maghingi. Tapos — kaya nagmahal ‘yung — tapos they say that they fight for the people? What a lousy statement actually.

Ayaw kong makipag-usap sa kanila. ‘Di lang, nagpapahinga lang mga sundalo ko. But we will also go to the offensive.

And I think this is the most important thing. Noon, we recognize them as legitimate rebels but with their continued depredations and killing innocent people and even an infant, four months old.

I’ll be issuing a proclamation. I will remove them from the category of [a legal?] entity or at least a semi-movement which would merit our attention — placing them pareho sa Amerika, terrorist.

So beginning from now, wala nang rebellion-rebellion because rebellion is just a light offense. It can be be bailable except for the leader.

We will file terrorist, murder lahat. Arson with murder. Lahat na. Because I would consider them criminals already. Now, it’s a great conspiracy between itong mga BAYAN pati — they are in conspiracy with the rebellion going on.

We will study and maybe we will have a crackdown here somewhere. Nagsasawa na ako dito sa kalokohan nila. So ‘yang lahat ninyong pretending to be speaking for the people ‘yung mga quasi ano ninyo diyan, legitimate kunwari.

And yet, you are, I said, continuing the depredation, putting industries down, and making it hard for the people to make a living.

Mahal ang pagkain kasi kayo humihingi pa. Mga patay gutom. Bakit hindi kayo magtrabaho? Kayong mga NPA na sumama na. Kayong 50 years na. Matanda na kayo. I just say surrender. Surrender ngayon, may bahay ako na maibigay sainyo. May trabaho akong i-ano.

Pero magtrabaho kayo. I will not just pay you for [indulgencia?]. I will take you in in government. But you have to work just like any other Filipino working everyday to earn his keep.

Pero wala nang istorya. We will consider them terrorists. Ordinary brigands and no more about principles there. You are not fighting for any principle. My God. Killing a four-year-old infant?

Q: Four months.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Four months old infant. And you said that you are a revolution? Ang pinaka-ano mo lang magsabi mo, “We are sorry, we forgive.”

You know, that is an intentional act. It is not an accident. ‘Wag mong sabihin ‘di mo alam ‘yan na may disgrasya ‘yang bata namatay.

You know, when you fire at government vehicles or anyone for that matter. Any — somebody else’s vehicle. There’s always a danger. It’s a malicious act. There is the intent to kill that’s why it’s an ambush.

Therefore, according to law, you are responsible for all the unintended pati intended victims. There is pure malice there. Criminal intent. That is what the law says. Or what it is — how it interprets… How it…

Q: With that proclamation Mayor, can… o by December walang SOMO na mangyayari? Suspension of Military Operations or SOMO?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No, that is another thing. But if it gets worse, then I will ask the military, “Are we good or are we not good?”

And I will ask the police, “Kaya ninyo i-control o hindi?”

With lawlessness going on and I’ll ask the PDEA for the first time, I have distanced myself from them, how is the drug industry? Is it flourishing or is it under control?

Q: Sir, kahapon inannounce (announce) na ni Speaker Alvarez ‘yung initial Senatorial line-up. Kasama na nga po si Congressman Nograles, sila Attorney — sila Sir Tolentino, and kasama po si PCOO Usec. Mocha Uson. Marami hong nag-react. Nakausap niyo ho ba si Speaker Alvarez patungkol dito?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Let the people decide. It’s not a one-man story or critique. Let the people decide. Kung ginusto nila ‘yan, then that’s it. It will be honored by all, including the military and the police.

‘Pag ‘yan ang pinili ng Pilipino, you might not like her; her ways might not suit your values. But if that guy or woman is elected by the people, then you have to honor that choice.

Q: Bukod po doon sa mga na-mention na ni Speaker Alvarez kahapon, kayo ho ba, meron ho kayong personal choice, ‘yung talagang choice niyo para maging candidate for Senator?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Sino ‘yung taong makakatulong sa Pilipino na bababa ‘yung presyo ng pagkain, at mayroon tayong supply na marami. Sino ‘yung Pilipino makakatulong sa kapwa niya tao and who has the best of the ideas, baka ‘yun ang mga tao na kukunin ko or I might also nominate them. It’s a party decision so maybe just a give and take there.

Q: Anyone in mind, sir?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Si Piñol sana pero…

Q: Sino pa po?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Or Berna Romulo – Puyat.

Q: Sir, ‘yung sa DOTr, nabalitaan niyo na ho ba ‘yung sa pagkahiwalay ng bagon, sir, kasi nawawala daw ‘yung black box, then sabi parang meron daw…?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: It would indicate sabotage or something did it intentionally. So maybe the connecting mechanisms there or equipment seems to be — hindi nila makita or it’s not there when it’s supposed to be there.

Well, that is one angle that they are trying to… But this does not — this is not an excuse actually. We offer no excuse, but apologies maybe to the public for the inconvenience caused.

Q: Sir, kadugtong lang po nung tinanong kanina, what do you think of ‘yung plano po kay Secretary Harry Roque na senatorial candidate, okay naman po ba siya bilang — dun sa bago niyang role ngayon sa gobyerno?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Anong tingin mo ma’am?

Q: Kayo po, sir?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Basta ‘yung gusto mo, ‘yun na ‘yung akin. [laughter]

Q: Hindi nga, sir? Kung ano po ‘yung tingin ninyo, mabuti po ba siyang maging kandidato sa pagka- Senador?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Mag-usap nga tayo, I’d like to talk to you after this and the next time we make then as [inaudible], ‘yun masasabi ko, I’d be comfortable actually if I consult people like you.

Q: Sir, status na lang po ng pagtutulak natin sa federal form of government, ano na po ang status sa Kamara?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: We are waiting for the BBL. Actually, it’s a commitment. That’s the centerpiece of my campaign, actually was Mindanao.

Because if you are not — if you are not going to fix it, I said, there is trouble. And I have been very frank with you. Ever since sa kampanya, na medyo ang tingin ko there’s a looming of dark clouds also that would involve the Moro of Mindanao.

Ako, commitment ko talaga ‘yan. I gave them my word. Otherwise, kung ayaw ninyong maniwala, and if the rest of the country, then be prepared for a fractured Mindanao.

Q: May timeline ba tayo, sir?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Wala naman, and I hope that the BBL guys, MILF would understand that in a democracy there is always a process, and sometimes it gets very hard to just move.

And especially, with the sentiments involved, eh hindi naman ito automatic na boto for no or yes, but I am asking for their patience.

Pero ako mismo, sinabi ko na, for the nth time, that is my personal commitment because I know what will happen if it is not given to them.

But the most that I can really assure you is it would be a federal system where we do not lose control.

And one for that one are — as early as now, I am objecting to an independent regional armed forces and police. Isa lang talaga for the Republic of the Philippines.

There should only be one PNP and one Armed Forces. I cannot compromise on that.

Q: Sir, last na lang po. Reaction niyo po dun sa recommendation ni Secretary Manny Piñol kanina na bigyan ng bigger role ang National Food Authority bilang consolidator ng mga produkto from different regions, not just a rice importing agency?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Correct. I — yeah, hindi kasi ‘yung, ‘tong national — ‘tong rice — and its — sa food authority. NFA is not under the control of the — we will think about that.

But I would like to talk to Jason, because he’s the one in control of that entity. You just do not get it, get it away from me, sabi mo kunin ko ‘yan. You must be heard.

And his thoughts about an integrated food authority for all. For after all, it’s the Department of Agriculture who’s responsible if we go hungry or we have full stomach.

‘Pag nagkagutom-gutom tayo, look at Secretary Piñol, siya — siya ‘yung sa bigas, sa lahat, pati ulam na. He’s responsible for the sustainability of the food supply.

So ‘yung food chain talaga ng Pilipinas must be at least perfected by — on the third year of my administration.

Q: [off mic]

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Revolutionary? Then we should have a revolution first then I will… Until there is a revolution ‘yung ma-ano, malabo.

Pero sinabi ko, they are always, you are always shortchanged of quotations. Sinabi ko noon, and I repeat now, and I know it would not be taken into account again.

I said, if things go out of control at tumagilid ‘yung gobyerno, ‘yun ang predicate ko.

It was not an outright statement na mag-revo — alam mo na, when people… People judge best when they condemn.

So pagka talagang puputulin nila ‘yang sinasabi mo. That’s what I don’t — That’s why sabi ko hindi na ako magpapain — magpapaano ng media.

Remember, I cut, wala na? Kasi ang statement ko, pinaghati, chop-chop ‘yan. And only what is good for a public criticism will come out.

Kaya sabi ko, ayaw ko na. Ngayon, pinagbigyan ko lang kayo. Because they would always omit the predicate — kung tumagilid ang bayan ko and I see revolutionaries bringing firearms on the streets, well, maybe ‘wag ka nang magdalawang-isip, I will declare a revolutionary government.

Ayaw ko ng martial law. Maraming restrictions. Todohin ko na lang. Kaya ‘wag mong gawain na — do not do something that will cause or even attempt to topple government, hindi ako papayag ng ganun.

Ba-bye girls. Ito siya o. I have to still talk to you because we must talk on the same wavelength about Roque, okay? [laughter]

Alam mo, we are here because we are celebrating. Actually, ang mga Ayala who owns the — itong Abreeza, at they have this corporate activity na diretso na ang bagsakan. Sort of a terminal.

They will provide the space para — oo, free — para hindi na magpunta sa mga diser.

Ang mga diser kasi, pag sila ang bumili, patong ng patong. Patong. May check point pa diyan sa — may checkpoint pa ba diyan? Inalis ko na ‘yan eh. O, ang checkpoint nagpaiwan ang NPA. Bayad ka ng ano kaya nagmahal itong ano.

But meron mga wala masyadong — the less people dipping their fingers in the movement of the merchandisers — food, the lesser, tapos wala ‘yung taxation ng NPA, mas mabuti. Medyo mababa. Pag nandyan ‘yung NPA, mas mahal ‘yung gulay kasi akala nila gobyerno rin sila.

Well anyway, I’d like to thank Ayala kasi marami man itong na — I suppose that there’d be other activities sponsored by the Ayala family. Kumpletuhin ko na lang.

And I would like to thank them for their social conscience. Corporate conscience to help the Filipino people.

Anyway, sila man din ‘yung prime movers talaga ng ating gobyerno and it would be good if they would accommodate us, bagsakan libre. And they will buy your products diretso. Wala na ‘yung diser.

So ang ano na lang is paano natin i-complement ‘yung pagta-transport. Maybe government can provide something like that.

‘Yung pag-ano kasi, ‘yung mga minsan ‘yung mga 4×4 lang maka-akyat sa bukid eh. So we will look into these things but it will bring down the prices.

Well, at the expense of the disers, ‘yung mga middle men, that’s not how it is because we are trying to come up with our decision to — I said, provide the people affordable and always their food for all. ‘Yun.

But you have to balance this with the trade to the… all over the world. Pare-pareho. Pasok lahat. Pag hindi tayo pumasok sa lahat then pasok dito. It’s always competition.

The thing there is maintain the supply para pareho mura. Then kung ikaw Pilipino, kung pareho ‘yung ano mo, ‘di sa Pilipino ka na bumili. Makatulong ka pa.

There’s always a competition but during times of harvest, which has also been criticized sa labas.

Nung pagkameet namin sa ASEAN. Kasi I banned for temporarily the importation of rice because it was harvest time.

Oo, harvest time, sabi ko kay Secretary Piñol, “Bilihin mo na lang lahat para hindi na mahirapan ang Pilipino. Bilihin mo na tapos i-stock mo doon.”

So ‘yan ang… that’s the idea of how to help the people. Okay? [applause]

— END —