Media Interview with President Rodrigo Roa Duterte in Da Nang, Viet Nam

Event Media Interview
Location Pulchra Resort, Da Nang, Viet Nam

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Malacañang pala kayo? Hindi ko kayo kila — Siya kilala ko.

Q: Good evening, Mr. President.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes, good evening.

Q: Sir, I’m Genalyn Kabiling from Manila Bulletin. Sir, can you share us details of your bilateral meeting with the leaders of Viet Nam and Papua New Guinea?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, we were talking of trade relations. It’s a huge land Papua New Guinea and they need to work on their… work up on their lands.

They’re importing rice. But it’s a big country and I think the soil is compatible with rice and they are asking our expertise.

We have been a rice-producing country for so long and we have the IRRI, the IRRI who can help them. And I’m sending a promise to send a team from the Department of Agriculture to help them out.

We were also talking about the import of tuna, which is plentiful in that area but it appears because of the many countries dipping their fingers there in fishing, including Australia.

We have… they have reached a point of just allocating everybody a share.

But I asked the Prime Minister if he could consider maintaining the status quo and the number of tons that we are importing in the Philippines which is mainly dropped at General Santos City, I think.

Q: Sir, on Viet Nam. Did you talk about the detained Vietnamese fishermen for alleged poaching? Did you talk about the deaths of…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes, I expressed my regrets and assured him that the machinery of justice is working.

Alam mo kasi, it is very important that they see the courts moving to render justice. And I said, we are at that point already. And we will talk about maybe the compensation later.

But I have ordered the other companions of that group which intruded into our economic zone, that they should — I told Aguirre to just dismiss the case and deport them. May namatayan na nga eh.

Alam mo, there’s one point that I’d like to point out. Were it not for the fact that this has to be proven in the investigation, that our ships, the Coast Guard were being rammed, binubunggo talaga, then placing the… you know, the personnel there, the Coast Guard people in danger.

Kung wala lang ‘yun. And I repeat, this is for everybody’s guidance. You have to capture. If you cannot capture the poachers, you may pursue them but you have the limit of the international waters, then the boundaries would come into effect.

Sa ating batas, according to the laws of the Philippines, you cannot kill a person because of stealing.

If it is an act of robbery and there’s the danger of the victim being killed ganun, then that is the time that you can use force.

But if the thief would run away and you have his back is turned against you, we do not have any right at all to kill a human being because according to our courts, Supreme Court said that human life is more valuable than the thing that’s being carried away.

Therefore, it is not allowed. ‘Yan ang gusto kong [garbled]. But then, there is this attack by the vessel itself running against the other Coast Guard ship.

But, that has to be — It’s part of the investigation. But the process is being started already.

Walang problema diyan. And I think administratively, there has been a verdict finding them — I hope I’m correct — that they were really at fault in shooting.

Pero sabi naman kasi, in defense of their ship which was being rammed. Maybe to cause destruction. And that was what was being prevented.

Q: Hi, Sir. Good evening po. Joseph sa GMA. Sir, on China. Are you having a change of heart with China? ‘Cause before you left for Vietnam, you said that, you know, maybe it’s time to talk to President Xi.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes. In the matter of the conduct, the rules of conduct governing the use of the seas.

At tsaka ‘yung — important lang, China must realize that even if we’re friends, everybody is insisting on what right do they have in the passage of the China Sea, including us.

So we do not want to put more strain because everybody is contesting it.

Now, I have been criticized. Bakit ko raw pinabalik ‘yung nipa hut? ‘Yung mga nipa hut, doon ‘yun sa… ‘yung sand, movement sa sand, ‘yung excavation doon. And these were the sands that were carried away by the currents to the island. Parang naging accretion.

But that is not recognized dito sa — [garbled] We do not claim that right. Kaya ko pinaalis. Sinabi ko ang predicate that it is not only Philippines against China in the claim of the territorial or the economic zone.

As a matter of fact, it is being contested by five others. Sixth lang tayo. Now if you allow that, Taiwan is already complaining and is about to do the same.

It was not because of China alone. But you’d be facing a multiple action against the contestants which are claiming overlapping jurisdictions dito sa China Sea.

I made it clear that hindi lang ang China. Eh kung pagka — If you allow and China would allow it because anyway it’s just a — Taiwan is making noise and they are poised to build also their own.

And Malaysia which is also claiming part of the islands, which are also, I said, a part of our claim, jurisdiction sa economic zone.

Hindi na nila nakuha ‘yung ibig kong sabihin. But I said, there are about six contestants there, not only China.

‘Pag inumpisahan mo ‘yan at inumpisahan nila, magulo ‘yan. Then China might just be selective. O sige bahala ka, tutal malapit ‘yan sa inyo. Then you’ll have another controversy here which we do not like, that is why isa na lang tayo.

China, who is there, who controls the passage, must come up with a code of conduct. Kasi ‘yung build up, he does not allow it. Siya lang.

But you know, while we were looking intensely on the… what was evolving in the Korean Peninsula, the next photographs that ‘yung photo sa intelligence came up na meron na siyang lahat almost the islands were militarized already.

Meron ng mga batteries. Ibig sabihin ‘yung arms that are poised to fly. ‘Yun ang sinabi ko, which is really true. Hindi naman ano ng China.

So sabi ko… In the bilaterals, I would insist that we hurry up. Now ang sabi niya, they will not build anything in the Scarborough Shoal.

Sabi ko, salamat. At ‘yung Pag-asa naman, we’ve been there 1970s pa. So if it is not a claim, then but we are not moving out from there. I will not. I am telling you now. I will not authorize any movement to leave the island.

That we have to talk about. I do not want to lose the friendship of China.

China is a good friend. China was there when we needed most their help. They delivered the firearms that turned the tide faster. Maybe because ‘yung mga baril na for the snipers were really good.

Very superior in quality. That’s why we’re able to minimize the dangers of the movement of the soldiers on the ground. ‘Cause they were always wary about the sniping conducted high up in the buildings.

This is a new war actually. It is covered with — Kung ito lang sana ‘yung open plain kagaya ng insurgency sa mga barangay, sa bukid, madali ‘to.

But itong nangyari ngayon, ang cover nila is ‘yung semento pati bakal. And you have to use bombs to penetrate your advance to a longer stretch.

Wala ‘yung… wala akong sinabi na — Nagtataka lang ako kasi ‘yung pagkatapos ng China ruckus, the next publications that we saw, there were already arms around the islands.

So it is not wrong for me to tell China. Look, you have — You know, already placed the heavy artillery there. So it puts us in a wary, worried and wary because we are also using the passage.

Now, we are friends. But what is the rule here for everybody that’s applicable to us. That is also applicable for ASEAN because I am the Chair of the ASEAN.

And I have to carry the voice of ASEAN. Hindi ako pwedeng mag-ano diyan. Mag-parry-parry ng… I have to tell the truth that everybody is worried.

So that is the ASEAN — Hanggang saan ba ngayon? Up to where are we supposed and to what extend would be the use of thatpassage?

The best way is to have a written code of conduct. So just you read it and you’d know that you are not crossing boundaries because as of now, it is a contested claim. See?

Q: Sir…


Q: Are you excited about your bilateral meeting with President Trump in the Philippines?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes, of course because I feel that we share so many ideas along the same line of problems of governance.

I know that I’d have an interesting time with him.

Q: Sir, tuloy po ba ‘yung sa Saturday na bilat with China? Tuloy na ‘yun sir ‘no?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes, I have a bilateral. I think it would be on the last day. So that I’d have to postpone my departure about two hours because that’s the last activity and China asked for it.

And because we are friends, I’m ready to listen to China.

But of course, sabi ko sa kanya. I will tell him straight. You know, Mr. President, the whole of the ASEAN is worried about how we should behave in the seas that are now militarized.

Eh takot baka magkamali diyan tapos mag ka — Sabihin niya, puputukan ka na lang niya. Those arms and they are not there for any other purpose. They are not decorations.

They’re there because China would need them. For what purpose, I really do not know.

But if it is for war against us, then forget it. I’m not interested to go to war with China. I’m interested in the friendship.

But I said again, I have to ask him questions reflecting the sentiments of the ASEAN countries.

Q: Sir, just one short. Do you want China to remove those arms in the demilitarized… militarized islands?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ganito ‘yan eh. If I tell China now, “remove it” and he does not want to remove it. Or I said, “Do not remove it because it’s good, you keep guard there and keep order.” And he will remove it.

So when things are already in existence and it’s just a matter of discretion, you need — you know someday, there will be a change of the political landscape of East Asia and Asia itself.

There will be a change in the geography of the places here. You know, sabi nga nila, wala daw akong alam geopolitics. Well they…

Sabihan nila ako kung anong alam ko ng konti. Might is right and right is might.

And the ever changing geopolitics of this world would also rearrange geography in the process.

Just like the Middle East, you choose to be one Middle East and known as the kingdom of what. After they left Second World War and created the state of Israel, it changed the entire geographical situation. Africa is another thing.

Dito. I cannot dwell on too much about Malaysia and — But you know, it is to the best interest also of Australia to be very active.

Kasi ‘pag nagsara ‘yan, the passage between the [garbled] within the countries of Malaysia and you know…

The imponderables of life. ‘Pag ka ‘yan ang nagsara, ang Australia will have to travel almost half of the world to reach anywhere, including the Philippines.

That is the consequence of geopolitics. It changes the landscape, including geography.

Siya pala sir. Isauli mo ‘yan sa kanya. Kay nauna man siya diyan.

Q: Hi, sir. Good evening po. Sir, Maricel Halili po from TV 5. Sir, may we have your reaction because I understand that the chairman and co-chairman of the House Committee on Human Rights of the US Congress wrote a letter addressed to President Trump urging him to bring up the issue about their concerns on the extrajudicial killings in the Philippines. What do you think of this, sir?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: You know, that’s one page. I suggest that you look at the other, what is at the back. And there includes the misery and agony of the Filipino people, including extrajudicial killing.

Almost all, halos lahat inosenteng tao. You know, kung bright talaga ‘yang Congress na ‘yan. If they are really worth their — And they said that it is a social problem, then it would be a grievous error to just look at the statistics of how may criminals died.

Turned the page back and see how many innocent people and how it destroyed the country and how we have a problem now of addiction. Millions of Filipinos, talagang mahina.

Q: Pero sir, ano po ‘yung expectations ninyo doon sa meeting with President Trump? How will you respond just in case na i-bring up niya ‘tong issue na ‘to?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Lay off, sir. That’s my business.

Q: [off mic]

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I never criticized whatever happened to — what, for whatever reason there sa America. But I criticized the State Department and Obama.

Q: And sir, tomorrow will be your first meeting with President Trump?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I don’t know. Is he here already? I’m here.

Q: Tomorrow sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Oh well, maybe a good handshake and — Pero ‘yung mga advisers niya, not a problem.

If you want to help, help. If it’s also your problem, then look at it in the aspect of a social problem, then you begin to dig why how many were… how it blossomed into something out of control.

That is the way how to look at it. Sila na rin ‘yung may sabi it’s a social problem. So extrajudicial killing blah blah blah.

So do not just look at the figures of those who died. They are not even…

Sino doon? There are thousands. You mean to say that all of them died extrajudicially? What was… What day was it? Where? How?

Tapos, the guy with a sweeping statement. O, this is the figure given by the… itong yellow and the left. Meron lang ipapakita sa’yo. Eh kung ipakita ko ‘yung listahan doon sa cemetery sa Davao. Ilan na nilibing doon. Maniwala rin sila?

It’s a very dangerous — Cliff hanger ka diyan to say na 7,000. Wala nga sila dito. No record of the burial in the cemetery. No police record. No nothing.

And you just conclude that it is extrajudicial killing. Whatever happened to the rule of law of your country? Are you not supposed to find out? Are you not supposed to give the suspects due process? And you just say outright, “Ah, extrajudicial killing.” Is that how you behave?

‘Yan ba ang tinuro nila sa atin? Our Constitution is copied from your Constitution. It provides everything — Due process; the right to be heard before you make the accusation in public; the right to ask me before you reprimand me like what Obama did.

So… Tingnan mo. What he got in return was a… was a very sarcastic.

Well, you know, just because you are President of a — You do not have the right to just conclude things and criticize people.

For after all, we all have our sordid histories in — We have our own massacres to remember.

And the passage of time does not make it right. When it was wrong then, it is still wrong now.

Q: Sir, sa meeting niyo po with President Trump. Paano po kung ma-bring up po ‘yung position ng US naman sa South China Sea na magkaroon ng freedom of navigation sa area ng South China Sea?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, dito sa ASEAN, we all just wanted a Code of Conduct so that we would know. I said because China by now should realize that they have really militarized the area.

So ano ‘yung pagkakamali, what are the things that we should avoid so that we can avoid also the missiles that would follow us.

So what are the things that would irritate you? The Code of Conduct is very important. I’m not criticizing China. I’m just telling them that it is high time for us to have that Code of Conduct of the Sea.

So alam namin kung papaano. Now, I do not have to start claiming the islands there. Sabi niya, pinaalis kayo diyan sa ano…

Because of this movement, when they heard it, sabi ng Taiwan, they would also start building. Then you start a ruckus which you cannot control anymore.

Q: Sir, paano po kung ang sabihin po ni President Trump kung kailangan niyo ng tulong bilang ally namin sa defense, tutulungan namin kayo sa West Philippine Sea?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, I told them what kind of help because — No, I will not ask military help to wage war against China.

China is a friend. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Hindi mo naman mapaalis diyan except to go to war.

We are not — I said Philippines… ready for that. In the fullness of God’s time, maybe we’ll have an interesting arrangement there.

But it would depend on the people of China, how far they would go. But we are asking for the minimum.

Kaya nga while we were looking at the evolving threat dito na sa ano, nawala tayo then suddenly the island sa… the cluster of islands are full of military batteries. Battery is actually the arms.

Q: Hi, sir. Good evening po, sir.


Q: Bukas po nakatakda din po ‘yung bilateral meeting niyo po with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Aside po sa follow up meeting niyo po noon pong bumisita kayo sa Russia and chance din po na magbigay ng pasasalamat sa tulong ng Russia sa Marawi crisis. May iba pa pong particular topic of discussion sa inyo pong pagpupulong?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Wala. Actually, I was planning to go to Russia for just a few hours and to thank them for their help, the timely help.

Kasi maski na sabihin niya, it came during the days when there was the waning of violence. Still the replacements — Kasi ‘yung mga gastado na ‘yung mga baril natin.

And the new guns are really a welcome sight so that we can replace the guns who are really ‘overfired,’ if I may use the term. Sobra na ang dumaang bala sa bore.

Every time… when ano ‘yan, it’s supersonic speed. It melts the — And if you do it in automatic brrrt, it eats into the… metallurgy nga ‘yan.

Q: So you intend to go back to Russia?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No, hindi na — But I was planning. But… Kasi I was planning after that. Just a few hours to say, “President Putin, salamat po.” ‘Yun lang.

You know, they should know that we nurture gratitude. Tayong mga Pilipino. So same with China, and America, and Israel. Ito ‘yung pinagkautangan ko ng loob. Ito ‘yung kinausap ko. Ito ‘yung nagpahiram sa atin ng mga equipments.

You know, the things that can see the enemy far beyond the clouds. Parang ganun.

Those were just borrowed items. It’s back in their possession now. But they allowed us. But the most important thing also is that the United States had allowed us to use the modern equipment of warfare.

Wala… wala akong ano. As of this time, I would say that I am okay with everybody. With China, it was not a criticism. It was just a warning because marami na kasing baril. There are so plenty of guns there and they must have a use. And the use is really is very obvious.

So if they are there, we would know. We should know what is the conduct that they would like to be.

If it is an imposed one, then we will say just, “Can we just talk it over and make it a friendly settlement there? Anyway, we don’t intend to harm,” I said.

No war at this time. Sabi ko, wala eh. ‘Pag nakuha natin ‘yan, ang Taiwan na naman ang problema natin.

China magsabi sila, “O sige, bahala na kayo diyan.” So mag-away tayo ng China then same with Viet Nam. Then we’ll have to… I’ll have to negotiate with Malaysia and then Indonesia. They’re all our friends.

What am I supposed to do? Start a quarrel that I cannot control? You know, ideas are great, especially people who also — who make pillows out of their books. ‘Yung tinutulugan nila ‘yung libro nila. ‘Yun ang ginagawa nila ng unan.

Okay ‘yan sila. Hanggang diyan lang ‘yan. Paggising sa umaga, nandiyan ‘yung libro, nandiyan ‘yung utak nila.

Pero sila ang papuntahin mo. You have to make practical decisions now. I cannot be reckless and say, “O sige, giyera tayo.”

Can we afford it? No. Lives? No. We’ll not… Bakit ko sayangin ‘yung buhay ng Pilipino? Maghanap ka lang ng away para…

Q: Hi, sir. Good evening. It’s about the globalization na binabanggit po ninyo kanina. How is your administration going to help ‘yung ating mga kababayan para mas lalo silang makipagsabayan sa global competitiveness? Do you have any marching order to your Cabinet secretaries, especially DOLE, DOST, DTI?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ganito ‘yan eh. We are promoting small and medium… small industries. Gumagastos tayo.

Then sa value na ‘yan, ‘yung sa papunta kung saan ‘yan na it’s a raw material or perfected, they should be taken into account sa value chain and they must have access sa markets nila.

And of course, they can improve on the tariff. ‘Wag nila masyadong pantayin because as of now they enjoy the West more privileges than we in Southeast Asia.

Meron nga sa kanila pumapasok na eh. And even on visa, libre sila pasok dito but makes it hard really for us to go anywhere. We have to get visas. Except for Israel. Israel is really a true friend of the Filipino.

Punta ka ng Israel, wala kang visa. You can go… Southeast Asia. But on all others, restricted ka. But as of now, I would also rather caution you not to go far down to Africa baka masali ka sa bakbakan doon.

Q: Sir, last question. Sir, any possibility that you will visit the United States after President Donald Trump have a meeting with you?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Alam mo, you might also include Australia. There were both instances, I said, I will not visit those countries while I’m being… while being the President of this country.

Ayaw na… They will, dalawang senador, they will protest… they will lead the… when I go there.

Sabihin ko sa kanila, you are too presumptuous. What made you think that I am even planning or thinking about visiting your country?

And I’d like to know their names also because I can include them in the Immigration barred list. [laughter] Totoo.

If you think you protest my coming into your country, why? Would you think also that I’d like to [garbled].

You are also prohibited from entering mine. Or I will protest if that is the farthest that I can go.

Then, I’ll meet you in the airport. Somebody should tell me they’re coming. And I will just see you. You, son of a b****. You can come here because we have existing agreements. But I really do not like you also.

If you do not like me, I do not like you. We’re even.

Q: Thank you, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ganun lang ‘yan. Bakit ako magpalugi…

[Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque: Last question because it’s been a long day. Ay naku. Meron pang humahabol. Anyway, tanong natin si Mayor]

Sige ho. Okay lang.

Q: Maayong gabi, Mayor. Philip Tubeza po sa Inquirer.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: When I am among beautiful ladies, Harry. I’m really inspired to talk until morning time.

Nandiyan si Peng. Bakit ka nakarating dito? Who authorized you to be here?

Q: Maayong gabii, Mayor. Kahapon po nag-issue ng statement si VP Robredo quoting Defense Chief Lorenzana and AFP Chief Guerrero saying that the military daw po would not support a revolutionary government in the country. Could we get your comment, sir?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Tama siya. Tinanong ko ang military. Sabi nila, “Hindi kami susuporta ng revolutionary government.”

Sabi ko, “Why?” Sabi nila, “Dahil sabi ni Vice President Robredo.” “O bakit?” Sabi niya, “Mas gusto namin siya. Babae at saka hindi nagmumura.” Ganun.

Ako, “O sige. ‘Di hindi tayo mag-revolutionary government.” Tama, tama siya.

Q: It’s off the table na po, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Correct, siya. Ha?

Q: It’s off the table na po?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Sino ba naman mag-announce mag-revolutionary ka? ‘Di mag-revolutionary ka na diretso. Bakit ka pa mag-drama-drama?

Q: Thank you, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Pero tama siya. Ayaw ng — Gusto ng military siya ang… Dapat sundin si Robredo.

Q: Hi, Mr. President. Si Alvin Elchico sa ABS-CBN.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yeah, of course. Oo.

Q: Sir, aside from the meeting with US President Trump sa ASEAN, what will be the highlight of the ASEAN Summit? Anong ipu-push po ninyo bilateral meetings with other countries?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Sa bilaterals? Sa Russia, I would like to have a small window to export our products. But this has to be done by… siguro ‘yung DTI natin and some other guys, ‘yung mga bright guys natin.

Dominguez would also be a key player there. ‘Yung… Just a small window muna where we can start maybe our exports there.

And find out what are really exportable and saleable.

Para sa akin, pure negosyo man ‘to kasi wala naman tayong — Except that Russia, if nagustuhan nila, they can always support us.

They have to replenish the arms that were used in Marawi and I need to have the new rifles and some armaments that — if they are willing to share it with us.

I can pay but it could be something… Not really a grant but it could be something like a soft loan with enough years to earn the money to pay them.

‘Yun lang? Sa America. Well, I would like to say that if the issue of really human rights and I said, “we’ll just talk about it later.” We should have a summit only on human rights. But we should call all.

Not zero in on me. Bakit ako lang? There are so many violations of human rights, including sa United States, including the continuous bombing in the Middle East killing civilians. Pati mga bata, eskwelahan nila.

And ‘yung namatay along the way. And those who are responsible for it in the countries that did the bombings there like America, then you have recently, France and Russia.

So mine is just a small list. So let’s have a summit of how we can protect the human rights for all human race.

And nandito na lang rin tayo. Bakit pag-usapan natin ‘yung Pilipinas? What makes the death of people in the Philippines more important than the rest of the children in the world that were massacred and killed. ‘Di ba?

So we could… we should call a summit. And I can… I will volunteer to make the Philippines the venue.

But, I would call first Callamard. I have not heard you comment on the so many killings, the victims of bombs and of violence there in the Middle East.

What have you been doing all the time? Why are you so fascinated with drugs? And you also should take note that there are plenty of Americans who died because of drugs.

You need not really zero in on the police. But how about the doctors who prescribed them? The [garbled] epidemic.

They are responsible now for those guys who are really reckless. They should also be investigated by the human rights.

You must crazy. They are the ones who did it. You cannot get it without a prescription. So who’s the culprit? See.

We.. You know, we live in a very incongruous world. At least for once, Callamard and the rest should be decent enough to accept it.

Let us investigate all violations of human rights committed by all governments.

I said, just because it happened 40 years ago, it happened 100 years ago. When it was wrong then, it is definitely still wrong now.

Q: Hi, sir. Good evening. Sir, following the defeat of ISIS-inspired groups in Marawi City, sir have the government or security forces monitored any possible threats because Manila will be hosting ASEAN Summit next week. Can you give us insights of the government with…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, this is only… I cannot tell you about the preparations, where and what. But I can tell you that the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police are ready to meet the challenge.

Q: Sir, just a follow up question.


Q: Clarify lang po natin. Meron daw pong proposed summit on — Sir, ibigay ko na po…


Q: Sir, ‘yung summit on human rights. Is it for real o when do you like to host that summit?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I will consult first the heads of states.

Q: [off mic]

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: The heads of states. ‘Yung ano…

Q: [off mic]

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: All. World summit on human rights. Kita mo, lalabas lahat ‘yan diyan. And all the victims of human rights violation are invited to come and air their gripe or grievances.

Q: Sir, will you invite the UN to monitor the summit or at least…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: UN is — I’m more comfortable with a panel of lawyers. Kasi maintindihan nila kaagad eh. The legal implications.

And maybe experts in the science of medicine. And the destruction of the human body. ‘Yan ang bomba.

Well, [inaudible] ‘yung maniwala kay Callamard, when he brought… when she brought in rather that black doctor and said na “use of drugs is not harmful.” Doon ako nawalaan ng respeto.

[Saan na ‘yung…]

Of all the drugs characterized by this document of the United Nations, the precursors…

United Nations, the report is 2014. Kopyahin mo ‘yan. Bigyan ko kayo pag ano. Cannabis is depression, everything.

Ecstasy, overdose would kill you; cocaine, same, mixed with alcohol pero walang…

Dito, ayaw kasi maniwala ng g*** eh. Heroin is… users risk overdosing on heroin, which can lead to coma and death through respiratory depression.

LSD, the physical effects are small compared to the psychological and emotional effects. Still in the brain.

Methamphetamine. Ito, tingnan mo ang side effects —Methamphetamine’s use can sometimes trigger aggressive, violent and bizaare behavior, among others.

Eh sabi ko sa inyo, lumalaban talaga ‘to. Ayaw nga maniwala ng mga g*** eh. And here comes Callamard with that American doctor, he’s black, and he had the gull to announce before the Republic of the Philippines, he must have assumed that we are stupid. Sabihin ba naman, “Drug abuse will not harm…”

This is… bigyan mo na lang sila, Bong. You get your copy tutal matagal pa naman kayo dito and we still have a long way to go. But I’ll give you a photocopy.

Tapos sabihin mo kay Callamard ibalik niya ‘yung doctor dito, ‘yung kulot kasi gupitan ko ‘yun sa airport. Totoo.

We don’t allow such kind of hairdo for men. You have to have a haircut like a man. G***. Talagang g***. And Callamard. So bakit ako magpa-imbestiga kay Callamard? Anak ka ng.

I must be crazy. Why will I submit to her for an investigation? Nagdala na nga ang g*** dito ng doctor, nagsabi na walang effect daw ang… stupid.

Kita mo ang kag****han ng mga u***. Ako pa ngayon ang kontrabida. Bigyan mo nga. Bigyan ko kayong lahat. Binigay na sa inyo? O sana ma-adik kayo para… [laughter]