Media Interview with President Rodrigo Roa Duterte

Event Inauguration of the New Communications, Navigation, Surveillance / Air Traffic Management Systems Development Project
Location Philippine Air Traffic Management Center, Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines Compound, Old MIA Road, Pasay City

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Questions? Rappler? Your articles are rife with innuendos and pregnant with falsity. We do not intervene in the affairs of the Armed Forces.

We are just an office that receives complaints or papers for reference and we transmit them to the proper agency. We do not get any money. We are not interested in that. Para sa kaalaman ninyo, you can stop your suspicious mind from roaming somewhere else. But since you are a fake news outlet then I am not surprised that your articles are also fake.

We can debate now. Tell me where is our lies and I’ll tell you where are yours. Anybody?

I am asking you, where are your sense of values going?

Q: Sir, earlier in your speech, you were saying that the issue with the SEC ruling is not an issue on press freedom, but — ?


Q: Okay, sir. Sir, earlier in your speech, you said that the issue on the SEC ruling against Rappler is not an issue of press freedom. But at the same time, during your speech, you were giving comments about the media and about Rappler and Inquirer na sumusobra na kami. So what does that mean, sir? You say that this is not attack on media. But you also have attacks on media in your speech following [overlapping voices]?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Let me give you an example. Huwag na tayong lumayo. You’re inquisitive mind goes beyond its normal proportion. [Bong, ayan oh]

You know, I’ll just… Tingnan ninyo ‘yung — a daily dose of your medicine. Bong Go intervenes in the 15 billion… Who gave you idea he can intervene? Where is his signature? Where is your statement? And where is your — even a point of reference? Dumadaan… Ang dami [inaudible] but look at…

Alam mo, hindi ako mag-yabang pero bilyonaryo ‘to, sa totoo lang. Punta kayong Davao, tanungin niyo kung sino ‘yan. Itong mga ganito…

It seems to appear na intervening because of what? Money? The things that you are telling here never happened. ‘Pag magtanggap kami ng ganun, ipasa namin doon sa proper — if it’s the Justice department, it goes to the Justice department. If the subject matter here is about transportation, it goes to Tugade.

Q: Sir, first of all you’re digressing from the question. Secondly, we also got SAP Bong Go’s side before publishing the story. So…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Kaya nga but even if… Even if I know or I do not know that you [inaudible], tingnan mo ‘yung — tingnan mo ‘yung headline mo. Is that really a —

Q: Sir, hindi po ako nagsulat…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: — a work of a sensible person? He’s not a military man and he interve — what? You think, you think you can convince Lorenzana and the guys there, you can bribe them? Or you would think na sila papayag na kami ang mag-bribe then the way I talk, the way I’ve been firing people?

Tapos, tingnan niyo ‘yung ano… What do you know about also the boat that Bong Go has to intervene?

Q: Sir, as far as we’re concerned we’ve already addressed the issue of fairness on that article. Can you just answer please the question?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: [inaudible] Hindi kita maintindihan. Ano?

Q: [off mic]

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: What’s the question?

Q: [off mic]

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I am now explaining even with your article. Find a way na magsabi ka ng totoo nag-intervene kami. I’ll give it to you.

And if you can find, I will ask Bong to resign tomorrow. Work on it tonight. Let me know tomorrow and I will fire him if he did intervene, even for one word.

Kasi kayo tingnan ninyo ‘yung article ninyo. Maligaya kayong gawain niyo sa kapwa tao ninyo ‘yan araw-araw.

Just because you have the power of what? Press freedom. The issue here is not press freedom. The way your masters, the elite, ‘yung may-ari niyan.

And you’re not even constitutionally allowed to go into the media. With the pretext of ano ‘yung depository. What kind of a [inaudible] which is not — ?

Q: [off mic]

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Wala technicality. The Constitution does not really allow your company of which you are a worker of that company.

You are a Filipino who was allowed to abuse our country. And you are an active participant of that. ‘Yan ang mahirap. In the name of the holy grail of press freedom.

‘Yan ang totoo talaga diyan. Sumobra kayo. Pati ako, ilang… You’re not only throwing toilet paper. You’re throwing s*** at us. Sumobra kayo. Talaga…

‘Yung amo mo, anong kaso niya? Why do you… You do research about people, why don’t you research about your own company you’re working with.

It’s known to be a group of companies, Lopez before. They borrowed billions from the — itong bangko na DBP. They never paid. You know what happened at the end of the day? It was condoned by the powers because they are the elite. ‘Yan ang ano sa inyo… Dapat kayo ang kalaban ng mga komunista, hindi kami.

Inquirer? How long did you hang on to that G** d*** Mile Long? 50 years. Nag-expire na lang they were continue collecting the rentals there when it was no longer theirs, money of the people.

Tapos mag-sabi poverty and poverty, poverty sulat it’s poverty. Kayo nga ang nagnakawan diyan.

So it’s not a question of press freedom. It’s a question of abuse and protection by the elite of this country who hold the power. It’s about time that kayong mga mayaman, p***** i** huminto kayo kaka-abuso ninyo. Ginagamit ninyo ang media eh.

Nagpapakalinis kayo Inquirer eh, ‘yun pala mga magnanakaw kayo. Ito naman si Henares, from a billion taxes… Why don’t you trace that up? Na pagdating kay Henares naging 8 million na lang. Kaya sabihin ko kay — sa BIR, ipakuwan ko nga. Karami niyong skeleton in the closets. It’s a — it can contain almost a thousand warehouses.

Eh bastusan, eh ‘di bastusan tayo. Pero kayong mga mayayaman, hindi kayo makakalamang sa amin. Wala kami… Wala kayong makuha sa amin. Tingnan ninyo, one of these days, I’ll file a plunder case. ‘Pag finile (file) ko plunder case, you will go to jail without a bail. Tingnan ninyo. Mga g*** kayo.

‘Yung inyong mga reporter, they will be allowed to criticize us. But you go to jail for your crime or crime. Pero kayo you continue being employed. Hindi naming… Hindi ko ipasara ‘yan. Bakit ko ipasara? Ni hindi ko kilala ‘yang p****** i** SEC na ‘yan. Puro Aquino ‘yang trabahante diyan. Bakit kami ang — curtailment of press freedom? Katagal na ninyo lume-le**** sa amin. Pati t** na nga itinatapon ninyo sa amin. Kayong — Ngayon pa kayo magsabi ng “curtailment of press freedom.”

Huwag masyado ninyong abusuhin ‘yan. It’s a privilege in a democratic state. You have overused and abused that privilege in the guise of press freedom. Hindi nga kayo — you did not know that you were working for a government.

Who owns the property? It’s not a Filipino [anong pangalan niyan?] Hindi na kayo nahiya? Who was that?

You would know that it is being funded. Maski sabihin hindi — not owner eh. You were funded by — you are funded by foreign money. Are you not ashamed of that? Ah no, nandiyan sa newspaper.

Hindi voting, hindi mo naintidihan ang corporation law mo. I am not saying that they are… They are investors but their share as non-voting but it does not say voting, the law does not say that.

It is in the investment, ano ka man. Whether your share votes or not, that is immaterial.

You have the money and that ‘yung Rappler mo was being funded by a foreigner and you had the gall to attack people using foreign money.

‘Yung sweldo ninyo, galing doon ‘yan. Basahin mo uli ‘yung article ngayon. Today’s newspaper.

Anong hindi… Bakit ka mag-voting? No need to vote, you can influence.

Eh kung sabihin mo, “I will withdraw my exposure.” O, saan kayo magkuha ng sweldo? ‘Di magkausap talaga kayo.

“Bakit? What do you want?” You know, you can always go into a horse deal. No need really to p***** i** ‘yang kumpanya mo, pera ko ‘yan.

Although I do not have a say in the management of what Pia Ranada says but I can cripple your company by just withdrawing my investment in your corporation.

Q: Hi.


Q: Hi sir, good evening po. Sir, meron na po kayong napipisil na ipapalit kay dating CHED Chairman Licuanan?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Not yet. I am calling for an emergency meeting sa… We have a problem with actually law and order. They are all coming in very fast.

So but one of the important agenda is itong sa CHED because it’s a very important, it’s a sensitive…

I might just get one of them there, kung sino ‘yung pinakamahusay nila. The existing… If I don’t find the right person there —

Q: Sir, si Commissioner Popoy de Vera po?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I really do not know. I — my administration is always — consultation with the Cabinet.

I always hear the Cabinet before I decide on anything that is important.

I have not made any major decision for this country without consulting the Cabinet. Ganun ‘yan.

Even if they are not connected with the Defense department, it’s an open topic for everybody except to the communists before who were members of the Cabinet.

Q: Thank you, sir.

Q: Sir, how are you? Sir, pasundot lang, ‘yung nasabi niyo kanina na fa-filan (file) niyo ng plunder? Sino po ito?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Hanggang ngayon hindi sila nagbabayad?

Q: Sir, sino po?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: If it’s billions and you are not paying, what is that? Non-payment of taxes? Billions? Ayaw mong bayaran?

Kaya mabuti’t binitawan nila ‘yang Mile Long, kay talagang yayariin ko sila diyan ng plunder.

Q: Inquirer ba ‘yon, sir?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Pareho ‘yan sila eh. They seem to be a — the elite and — company.

Noon pa ‘yan, noon pa ‘yan, estudyante pa kayo, sumosobra talaga ‘yung mga may-ari noong ano — mga may-ari ng wine company, may-ari ng ano, puro sila…

Sino ang mga may-ari niyan? Mga may-ari ng — marami ano.

Q: Sir, baka kasi ma-libel kami kung kami magpapangalan.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Gusto mo pangalanan ko?

Q: Yes, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: You wait. Pero tatandaan mo. I want you to have a copy kung sino ‘yung may-ari ng mga — itong PLDT, Globe, lahat.

Itong mga malalaking kumpanya, mga department store. Hindi ninyo alam ‘yan? And they have media access because they owned it.

Ako lang ang… Ako lang ang nag p***** i** sa kanila kasi sabi ko, “Wala kayong makuha sa akin.” May hindi ako sinali?

Look, sabi ko, even if it is true or not, you got it illegally, you cannot use it as evidence.

Whether it’s true or not, ‘yung sabi bilyon-bilyon. Whether I admit it it is true and it is not, hindi niyo magamit ‘yun because you stole it from the equipment of government.

That is not allowed by law and that can only be done by people who are running this country because they are backed up with money and the media to destroy it.

Yeah, media can destroy you but if — kaya sabi ko, kung ganunin ninyo ako, p***** i**, bababuyin ko kayo kasi alam ko.

O ngayon, nakita mo kay Prieto. Alam ba ninyo ‘yung kay Rufino? Noon pa ‘yan. But did you know na wala ng rental eh sila-sila pa rin.

But they were criticizing government people as if we are the villains.

Q: Sir, pasundot lang ng isa. Tama bang —

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Hindi ako papayag ng ganun. Bababuyin ko kayo nang bababuyin, p***** i** ninyo, mga l**** kayo.

Q: Sir, tama ba ang perception po ‘yung sinasabi ng iba na —

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Huwag kayong ma-insulto. Hanggang sweldo lang kayo eh. Hindi nga ninyo alam kung saan.

Q: Sir, tama po ba ‘yung perception na sinasabi ng ibang kritiko na if a media entity is very critical of you, you can and you will run after — ?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No, sa lahat. Lahat ‘yan. Si — especially Erap. Meron pa doon si Erap na dumapo ‘yung langaw, nakuha ninyong picture, pinalaki ninyo.

What kind of a son of a — Where were your sense of fairness there?

Eh kung ‘yung muta ng may-ari ng ano ninyo, hindi niyo nakikita eh.

Eh ‘yung langaw, dumapo lang sa inyo, pinalaki pa ninyo. ‘Yung mga ganun na style.

Q: Sir —

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Kaya gusto ko silang makita minsan. I hope that I will meet them by accident or — buti at… Mabuti ‘yang nandiyan kayo.

I’m not threatening anything but I would relish the moment kung makita ko ‘yan sa harap-harapan at sana nandiyan kayo para makita ninyo kung ano ang asta ng mga amo ninyo.

Q: Sir, just one last. What is your position or what do you think of critical reporting on your administration?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Sanay ako diyan, adre.

Q: Okay.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Alam mo, ang kalaban ko noon, alam mo sino? Si Nograles. Siya ang nag-umpisa niyang DDS, DDS na ‘yan.

Every time sa Davao may mamatay, maski sa aksidente may magkuha ng picture and they compiled it.

Alam ko ‘yan but I never filed a case against them.

He filed a case several against me, pagdating ng Supreme Court, bagsak because I, I… Hindi, hayaan mo para matuto ang lahat ng Pilipino. Sino ka?

Q: [off mic]

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Hindi naman ako kasi hindi totoo. Hindi naman totoo. Alam mo bakit mag sakit ba ako — ?

Look, I cannot run again. I won by nine — by a margin of six million. Ano pa bang hintayin ko?

Why would I mind a critic there sa newspaper, wala namang bumibili niyan. Wala namang nakikinig diyan sa mga radyo.

Alam ng tao hindi totoo eh. At saka ako pag sinabi ko, gagawin ko.

Pag sinabi ko, ilan lang — corruption o buto lahat. Drugs, o ‘di, sabi ko na ubusin ko, kayo naman ang — puro file nang file itong mga…

Sabi ko, I will deal with the enemies of the state. O ito, kita mo ‘yung nangyari sa ano, sila na ang pumupunta. Wala. But I continue to talk with the MI, MN because I do not want a war in Mindanao.

Kung walang mangyari kasi diyan, puputok ang Mindanao. I’m telling you now. For the information of the public, if nothing happens there, if we cannot concede a certain concession either territory or powers over their resources, nauna sila sa Mindanao, sila ‘yung mga tao doon.

Ikaw, pagka Kristiyanos ka, you are not from Mindanao. You are a descendant of a Christians who ventured to Mindanao a very long time ago. ‘Yan ang totoo diyan.


Q: Hi, sir, good evening. Sir, I just want to be clear on your narrative that media entities in the country is — especially those who are critical of you — are being controlled by their owners, the oligarchs who are out to get you? I just want to be clear on that, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No, hindi… I am not critical but it’s — ‘yung mga… Ito nga, ito, ito. Akin na. I-research mo nga mabuti kung saan nakuha nag-intervene si Bong.

‘Yan. You prove it to me one word and I will tell him to resign.

Pero for your information, mayaman ‘to. They own the biggest printing press in Mindanao, may newspaper rin ito.

Kaya kung sabihin ko, atakihin ko, sa probinsya, patay kayo.

Dito lang kayo sa Maynila, sa probinsya binabakbakan ko kayo. Ah ‘yan wala ‘yan, pabili lang ‘yan, ganun. ‘Yang doon, kung anong sinasabi namin totoo, dito totoo?

Well, I said I won the presidency, wala akong tao, wala — pati kayong media kalaban ko, puro basura kayo — ibinigay ninyo sa akin.

Oh now, ngayon ayaw pa ninyong matalo, nananalo na ako, sige pa kayo, eh ‘di ipalabas ko ‘yung baho natin lahat, ‘wag lang amin. Meron kaming itinatago… Ladies and gentlemen of the media, we all are, we are thick of clay, tao tayo.

Ilabas ninyo ‘yang sa mga amo ninyo, kasi ilalabas ko ‘yan. Ganun lang ‘yan. And they are, you know, what are they protecting? Their business. Do not give me that s*** about, truth about improving the Philippines.

How do you improve the Philippines by what? Establishing a newspaper then hanging on to a property of government for so long? Making money out of it, paying no taxes? Is that what you want for the Philippines?

Ganun lang ‘yan eh. Lopez, simple. Tanggap ka ng pera, sige ka tanggap nang tanggap because you are crazy with money but you do not even honor the other guy’s money by giving him for what he paid for. Tapos ikaw pa ang masama.

Kaya anong tawag ko sa’yo? Eh ‘di p***** i** ka, mukha kang pera. Ako na ‘yung nagbayad, hindi mo na ginamit tapos ako pa ang masama, pinapalabas mo.

Ano kang l***** ka? Sabi ko, gusto ko nga kayong makita na — I would relish the day, I would be very happy, magkita tayo nang isang because I’d like to ask you one simple question.

What that question is? Why are you a son of a b****? Oo. Sabihin ko, ‘yan ang tanungin ko sa kanila. Why are you a s******* son of a b*****?

Presidency? It is a hanging — hanging. You come up with the federal setup, because that is what I promise to the Moro people.

Q: Sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Tapos, ‘pag may eleksyon na, you elect a President, that is my advise, you follow the — or whatever, and you call an election and I will step down.

Hindi ako hangal na sabihin mo na itong mga ‘to na mga g***** ‘yan na hindi raw ako bababa. Sino may sabi sa inyo? Bakit ganun ako ka—? Palibhasa itong mga p***** i** na ‘to nasanay sa gusto nila.

Q: Sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: ‘Yung mga — lahat ng mga magbubukid, mga — ‘yung mga mahirap, wala kaming prinsipyo, sila lang. Anak ng p***** i**. You pretend to be the intellectual giants.

Q: Sir, last question na lang, sir. Sir, is this a message also to other news outlets in the Philippines?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Kung sila ang nag-Presidente, pumutok ‘yung Marawi? Siguro maski buntot ni ano magpakita doon. Sige, ma’am.

Q: Sir, is this a message also to other news outlets in the Philippines that if you continue to be critical of the ad…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Tanggalin mo na lang ‘yan, nagba-bounce eh.

Q: Sir, is this a message to news outlets in the Philippines that if you continue to be critical of the administration, the same thing will also happen to you, like what happened to Rappler?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Look, why should you complain if I am critical against media? Are you not critical of me? Kaya nga, kung kayo mag-criticize, okay, kami hindi?

Kagaya nitong… Itong komunista, sige, revolt, sige, revolt, mass liberation, whatever. Kung ang magsabi — kung ako ang mag-revolt, revolutionary government? Everybody starts to yak until kingdom come.

Huwag muna. Ito panahon ko na… Every time… Hindi kayo, alam ko alam mo deep down, after all has been said and done, deep down sa pagkatao natin, magkita tayo, I can embrace you, I can shake your hands. P**** i**, sampal ang makuha mo sa akin.

Magkano lang man ang sampal? 25 pesos. T*** i**. Tayo alam natin eh. Hindi man tayo nagmamalaki na mayaman — mahirap o mayaman. Pero galing tayo doon. Kung saan ‘yan pare-pareho lang tayo lahat. Kaya nagkakaintindihan tayo.

Kaya ako hindi ako nagpapakaya. Kaya if you are critical, if Rappler is critical and doing about… Sabi ko nga eh, let’s do it with honor.

Prove it that he — investigate Lorenzana and company and all of the Navy and military if they got even a call. ‘Pag naprove mo ‘yan, he resigns. If not, I ask you to leave Rappler, and we will organize a new publication.

Ako hindi pero marami na akong kaibigan na… Alam mo na pagka-Presidente ka suddenly marami kang kaibigan mahirap o mayaman. Hindi ka President ‘pag mahirap lang ang kilala mo.

Yes, ma’am? Hindi ka man mayaman? Hindi ka rin mahirap? Maganda ka lang. [laughter]

Kasi kung mahirap tayo, wala tayo dito ngayon. Mahirap tayo? Hindi tayo aabot dito. At this hour, nagtatrabaho pa kayo? Doon na kayo sa pamilya ninyo or nasa shopping mall kayo.

Q: [off mic]

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ally? Hindi naman lahat eh. Lahat ng ‘yan na ‘di ko binanggit, lahat akin ‘yan. In the sense that they just tell the truth.

Sa akin naman, you want my friendship? Yes. Have I ever, ever asked anybody of you in my entire life na, “ito pag-usapan mo ‘to, explain mo sa kanila na ganun.”

Have I ever done that? In my life including nasa Davao pa ako na may sinabi ako na, “O sige ako ang naga gastos sa ano mo, atakihin mo ‘yan si ano.”

Ako sinabi ko sa kalaban ko, “p****** i** ka ‘pag nakita kita sasampalin kita.”

Alam mo kung sino ‘yan? “Kung hindi kita mabaril p****** i** ka.” Hanap siya ng areglo. Eh kasi kung makita kita sa airport or dito eh sampalin kita.

Madali man lang magtakbo diyan, maliit man ako na tao, siya ang mahirapan kasi malaki.

Ang aking ibig sabihin is do it moderation — do it with moderation and do not use words that tend to cast aspersion on the character. Kasi ‘yang mga ‘yan may mga anak ‘yan, may mga kaibigan.

And just because we are in government, did they think that — itong media, they think that we are already hungry for money that ganun, ganun, may mga hindi kami dineclare (declare). That’s our business.

Hindi naman namin ninakaw ‘yan. Ngayon sabihin ninyo magkuha kayo magwara-wara kayo. Saan ninyo kinuha ‘yang basura na ‘yan?

Someday it will come, maybe after my presidency. Ako naman abogado. May nagkamali akong centavos diyan? Okay. I plead guilty, probation.

O less than six years, you go out of prison. Walang — walang problema sa akin. I can mix it with the — mga preso or doon babalik ako sa kahirapan ko noon.

Alam mo kami walang mayaman na mayaman pumuntang Mindanao, puro mahirap ‘yan.

They just do not believe na you are not — para bang palabas nila na wala kang pag-asa kaya ikaw taga Mindanao o mahirap ka, hindi ka na makukuha ng at least a comfortable things in life.

Why would my father and mother — father — my mother is a Mindanaoan. Why would he ventured there — we had to practicality hack the forest of Davao.

Eh ‘yung magdahan-dahan ‘yang mga ganoong na salita na intervenes lalo na ‘yung sale ng barko, baka sabihin ng mga tao na, “Oh p****** i** korapsyon na naman ito”.

Kaya ko kayong bastusin ‘yang p****** i** ABS, ‘yang Rappler, pati kung mayroon ako.

I do not have to cover anything because you can dig the entire cemetery of lies and you will not find anything.

Thank you.

— END —

Source: PCOO-PND (Presidential News Desk)