Media Interview of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte following the National Heroes Day Commemoration

Event following the National Heroes Day Commemoration
Location Libingan ng mga Bayani, Taguig City

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: You know… So… You care to listen I am giving you the answer.

Sa lahat diyan sa Civil Service, sa military, pati sa — everybody — seniority and parang conveyor. First kung sino ‘yung nauna, siya ‘yung…

And it will be the same for all justices, not only de Castro. Lahat ‘yan sila. Unless of course, they refuse or maybe they would opt to retire o konti na lang panahon.

Pero kung lahat sila tatanggap, talagang train ‘yan. Lahat sa military ganun walang singitan.

In the Civil Service, no political colors included. Bawal ‘yan. So merit system.

Q: Sir, just to set the ano — parang clarification lang. Sinasabi po kasi nina Congressman Alejano na baka parang reward ‘to kay Chief Justice De Castro because of the quo warranto petition?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I have yet to hear those guys state something without malice. They always say the worst… People, kagaya nila, judge best when they condemn.

And they have nothing to show for their time there except to blabber their mouth.

Kaya nga eh you have Pamatong, you’d be suprised why he was able to survive UP. With the highest standards sa Pilipinas in an educational institution, you’d be surpised Pamatong is a lawyer from UP.

And for Trillanes to survive PMA given his character, his mouth and his low IQ.

Q: Sir, would you care to address po ‘yung sinasabi rin nila na your trip to Israel daw is not — is going to be for your medical purpose?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Eh kung operahan nila ang utak ko doon eh di mas maganda. Wala mang problema.

No, I would be going there with some of the retiring military and police officers. Marami kami. That is my gift to them for serving the country well.

Q: What will you do there with them?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Makipag-practice doon sa Sinai ng barilan. No, it’s there — I’m there because of the 28,000 Filipinos. And it’s getting hotter there.

And also on the Lebanese front, there is something abrewing there. And in Jordan, we have 48,000 Filipinos. That’s why I am bringing Cimatu to prepare for that eventuality and just in case war breaks out there.

 Q: Sir kay Chief Justice…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: And then I can have my stomach open, my chest open and my brain.

Q: Sir, baka malisyahan nga nila ‘yan na may gagawin ka nga sir na medical procedure pagka ganyan ang statement.


Q: Sir, ‘yung sinabi niyo na bubuksan ‘yung tiyan, baka malisyahan talaga sir na may medical procedure ka?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Eh di ipakuha ko nalang ‘yung ano ko dumi, i-reserba ko sa kanya.

Sa awa ng Diyos po kaya ko pang umibig. [Pero may asawa ka naman ‘di ba? Si Ina wala pa. Hinihintay ko nakaprepara na ako pagka ninong ko.]

Q: Sir, kay Chief Justice De Castro, it doesn’t bother you po na after two months she is set to retire?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, natu — eh train ‘yan eh. Kung sino ‘yung naunang pumasok, siya ‘yung unang ma-promote. And that would go for everybody in the…

Q: Sir, what do you expect the new chief justice to accomplish in less than two months?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I am not familiar with any of them actually. Wala akong kakilalang justice na ‘yung personal. Truthfully, I have never talked to anyone there.

Wala akong kilala. Hindi ko nga… They are all strangers to me. Remember that hindi naman ako practitioner ng Maynila eh.

Q: Sir, sa next cycle si Chief Justice — ah si Associate Justice Carpio will be eligible for an automatic nomination, so he is going to be the most senior.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: He stated publicly that he is not going to accept it. So why force the person to accept a task that he does not want? This is a free country and you can…

[Closer please I could not hear you.]

Q: Sir, there’s a proposal by the NHCP to rename the Mactan Airport daw as Lapu-Lapu Airport. What can you say to that?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes, why would…? Alam mo Magellan was the first invader to set foot here in the Philippines. It was Lapu-Lapu who fought them. Why is he more honored in this country?

May Lapu-Lapu Hotel, may — tapos isda lapu-lapu, that’s crazy.

Itong si Lapu-Lapu fought for our country, he died. Somehow, they say after that battle he was able to kill the supremo of the expeditionary force.

Q: So you will rename sir the airport?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes. Bakit ko ipangalan doon sa mga hindi natin kadugo? At pumunta dito para mag… Ah I just don’t know.

Q: You will sign an EO, sir? When?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Pareho sa iyo eh mestiza ka, Español ka eh. Eh I will not hurt you.

Q: Sir, because of Joma Sison’s recent pronouncements some are wondering how are you feeling especially because you also mentioned few weeks ago that you’re feeling tired. How are you?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I am tired of listening to Maria Sison. Look at how degenerate he is. Wala na siyang ideology.

Sige niya bantay na doon sa mga sakit ng tao. I mean, is he… If that is the way you are fighting the revolution, nagbabantay ka lang kung sinong mamatay, kung sinong may sakit…

[Siguro ikaw anak ka ni… Baka ikaw illegitimate daughter ka ni Magellan.]

— END —